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  1. Well done and a really striking looking fleet!
  2. I think he refers to the release post... oh, and this paranoia is taking a whole new form here...
  3. You have any close-up's of those models? It's hard to see any detail on the current picture.
  4. First and foremost, nice painting you guys! I voted for Capn Blackheart. I was in particular searching for color variation and I found BigTroy's fleet not standing out very much. At the very least I would like to see different colors for deck plating and ship hull. The sails however are stunning! Capn Blackheart did pick out details in different colors to accent them and it turned out nice overall. It makes for an interesting fleet to look at. Once again : nice work guy's, now onto the battle reports with nice looking photo's of both fleets in action!
  5. I ran an introduction game for four players once. Should work for three also. Terrain: Put a big island in the middle and some small ones to block line of sight here and there. Fleets: Fleets comprised of a squadron of three Cruisers and a squadron of four Frigates. Objective: The aim was the dock at the island with a capital ship for a round and then leave via your deployment zone... Deployment: All started in a table corner. Was a nice and bloody match
  6. Well, it was already mentioned as such in the previous edition rulebook ...
  7. Thanks for your input guys, I think I'll just try out the method I described first (because I already have the necessary materials) It's roughly the same method I used to magnetize turrets on my Shroud Mages fleet, so magnet polarization will never be an issue. Gluing magnets at the bottom of the mast always has the potential to come loose at some point. Two very different materials and such, but I could use some gel based super-glue which is more elastic.
  8. Hi all, I'v been pondering to magnetize ship sails for my Orc fleet. It would make transportation a whole lot easier. I was thinking to cut done the mast part below the sail and replace it with an iron nail. (cut to length, has a small head) In the intended hole of the ship I would drill out and glue in a magnet. Has anybody done such a thing or knows of a good approach? Any thoughts?
  9. It was quite tough to cut through. I measured 1mm more than I needed to accommodate for deviations in cutting. I then filed and sanded the cut-out edges until they became smooth enough. It is a lot less effort then trying to recreate a water surface base and then having to paint it. (which probably would not match other gaming surfaces then your own)
  10. Hi there, Thanks for your feedback! I got those bases off an eBay shop Arcane Scenery -> auction Clear plasticard. I tried the thinner version (0.5mm thick) but was not strong enough. Shown here is the 1mm thick version as in the link provided. Obviously I cut them to shape and because one lot comes with two sheets, you will last a long time with one purchase. Happy painting!
  11. I went for weathered old/rusted metal look for my ships. Then again, the new sculpts are more appropriate for that. See my signature for gallery images. (and my post in the painting section for my choice of pallet)
  12. BloodEyes

    Inks And Washes

    I mostly use washes and I agree as above about its usage. However, I would like to add two more usages of washes : - I use washes all the time to help blend parts of the model into each other, so transition between two different colors joins more smoothly. - The other wash usage is to tone down(dull) bright paint. I use brown- and black wash a lot to create some weathered look. (See my sig gallery link for example) Inks on the other hand only fill up recesses and leaves a clear shine onto areas. That why I don't like working with inks. In the end it will be you who must find your way to work with both mediums, so I would suggest to just go out and paint something ! ps do post pictures Happy painting!
  13. I did see some rules about fortified walls (with points) and fortified towers. So I guess that the Harbour is covered in the new book just fine. I did also see a big emerging sea creature with lots of tentacles, the size of a battleship I wouldn't mind buying one of those to paint up!
  14. I agree that by using White spirit and oils, you would receive the best application. However, as for acrylics washes, all just seem strongly diluted paint to me. So no reason to go out and buy an acrylic wash in my book.
  15. I'm also phasing out of GW paints. The old pots are getting empty and the new pots dry out way too fast for my taste. I went to Vallejo and was never happier . Now for washes it always astounds me no body just dilutes their favorite paint color, say with 90% water, and thus creating instant wash! In the color you want, and not one the manufacturer chooses to make! Happy painting
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