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  1. 1. Soul Strike allows you to ignore parry with a critical hit. It basically is a rule that blocks other rules. 2. Not sure I get you, but with Mettle you can avoid a Wound by instead becoming Disordered. You cannot use Mettle again as long as you are still Disordered. So if the Third Man gets hit by a weapon with Disorder again, it becomes Lethal instead. If the Third Man fails his Grit Check for the first hit, he is dead or he can re-roll the Grit Check for one Fortune. If the re-roll is again a failure, he is dead. If it is a success, he is safe since no re-roll can be re-rolled. Lethal plays no role. If the Grit Check for the first hit was a success, The Third Man must re-roll it because of Lethal. If he fails, he is dead and cannot re-roll by using Fortune. If it is again a success, he is safe. But the same starts again for the second hit.
  2. They are just big guns ;p I might not care enough about weapons tbh. It's one thing if the special issue weapon is a flamethrower or so, but with these two I don't really feel like to bother to replace one gun with another. The looks are a really nice bonus, but I care more about playing the game. I wouldn't like someone replacing a face with a wrong miniature if he doesn't have the right one and for myself it bothers me to have a model that looks completely differnt (classic Flowing River, wrong colors) compared to the card. For Hands this means just that I want them to wear the right armor, I honestly don't really mind the equipped weapon, it's just a cool bonus. Regarding big weapons, I mostly meant cases were you have the armory only. Like without this Trooper, I would have no idea what a Heavy Slugger looks like.
  3. Thanks for your response. How do you now what weapon to give them, though? I have seen the Gunmen models with Juiced Shotgun and Juiced Sniper Rifle and kinda think you barely see a difference, it's just another big Gun. And with the bigger weapons (like on the heavy Confederate trooper) I wouldn't even be able to tell what that is supposed to be. Or how to add it to a normal model.
  4. I aim to use the models for both factions and will go with something inbetween colorwise. I was told that you are free to colorate miniatures the way you want anyway? I don't care too much about the replaced weapon. Sure, I prefer the model to be accurate, but since many models don't really have the shown weapons, it's kinda unimportant to me to be completely accurate. Gunmen get the big gun and the others Pistols, but I think I will simply add a Skull or so on the Base to identify the upgraded model. That said, my tabletop group is chill in that regard, I wonder if others have a problem with that attitude? Currently Bandits have Outriders (two different models) which are secondary Faction Hex. Union has Iron Horse Cavalry, Enlightened Constructed Uhlans, Dark Nation Reaver Berserker. Then there are Bandit/Ranger Interceptors, Bandit/Deputised Dustcutter and Bandit/Ranger Blackjack. These have only one model for both Factions in the store currently. For the Interceptor the Unit Cards looks both similiar and are driving the same Iron Horse. I hoped to use Flowing River's old Model, she is the only one interesting me in the Wayward Eight Posse, but that's a big resculpt, not even the same Base size.
  5. Thank you, I was wondering about that, too. Any way to counter it?
  6. 1) So this Theme Posse is one of the few that doesn't say there is only one boss allowed. So could I use Megan's Underboss Special Rule to add her as a boss into the Posse? 2) If I add Automata through John's Sic Em, do they gain the Posse Bonus as well? 3) Does "unit with the Dark Council rule" include Francis Tumbelty and Burson Carpathian?
  7. Thanks a lot, that already helped answer many things. 1/2) So basically I can just go with the basic model and getting myself extra weapon models or modeling the fitting weapon is optional? Also, what does proxied mean here? 4) I am still rather confused. There actually exist unit cards for Hex Gunmen & Cutthroats, Bandit Gunmen & Cutthroats and Raider Gunmen & Cutthroats. But there are only boxes for Hex/Bandit Gunmen & Cutthroats and Hex/Raider Gunmen & Cutthroats. (2 boxes). I understand this so that for Hex Gunmen you can use both the models of Bandit Gunmen and Raider Gunmen. Did I understand this correct? I also wonder if union Rifleman could be used as well as they show up in the unit card for Hex Gunmen. 7) Actually there is no physical difference. I chose the Interceptor as example as the model is named Bandit/Ranger Interceptor in the WWX store. You can buy other heads for it and the rider looks different on the unit card. So I wonder if you really can use the same model for both factions. Thanks again for reading.
  8. Hey there, I recently started with the tabletop hobby and decided to go with WWX. I love so far what I have seen. I have a few questions regarding the hold weapons and the faction armory. 1) Is the hold weapon purely cosmetic or do I require to give the model the weapon I chose from the armory? 2) Where do I get these weapons? Is it allowed to model them myself as long as I use the warcradle miniature and the unit remains clearly identifiable? 3) If the hold weapon is only cosmetic, can I use in the case of a Hands unit for example the Bandit Cutthroats models also as Bandit Gunmen models? 4) In the store there are both the Raider and Bandit Gunmen considered also Hex Gunmen. The unic card furthermore shows Union Hands. So which models are all allowed for the Hex Gunmen? I also have some more questions regarding models, especially the Classics. 5) Will all of the Classic models with a unit card remain playable or will there be more like Dark Seneschal and Tainted Looks Walking? Or will these two also get new unit cards in the future? 6) Will most of the older single Classic models get a new Posse in the future? 7) Can I simply use the Lawmen/Bandit Interceptor for both Factions? 8) Will there be more Civilians in the future? I like their concept, but there are only three model and I don't like the way they look too much. 9) Why are there so many missing miniatures like Legendary Burson Carpathian? My retailer still has him available but he doesn't show up in the official store. 10) What does Legendary even mean? Is it simply used to state that a unit is special? 11) What is the story with all the mounted faces/bosses? Will they be added in the future? 12) How is the Angry Mob of use? Many Units allow you to have another Angry Mob with you after all, but with the Berserker Special Rule they seem to be more of a disadvantage... Thank you for reading through all of this!
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