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  1. Sea Lion

    Gun Dogs

    Thank you. That does make the gun dogs expensive as the 60 point dog becomes and 80 point dog.
  2. Sea Lion

    Gun Dogs

    The gun dogs card says they can replace their flame thrower with a weapon from the armory. If I do that do I subtract the points the flamer thrower costs and then add the cost of the new weapon to come up with a new cost for the gun dog or does the new weapon cost get added to the cost on the card? Example for the first is gun dog is 60 points with the flame thrower which is 15 points in the armory. If I take it out and add the juiced gatling gun at 20 points the figure now costs 65 points. The other way it would cost 80 points just adding the cost to 60 figure even though you no longer have the flame thrower.
  3. Sea Lion


    I played my second game the other night and was in melee with an opponent. He missed his first roll to hit and used fortune to re roll it, which then hit. I wanted to use my parry weapon to make him re roll. He said I couldn't because the rules say a die can only be re rolled once. When I went back and re read the rule after the game it says a friendly die can only be re rolled once, this leads me to believe that I could have made him re roll as I was not friendly to him. As a second part to the question, I was using Wyatt Earp, he has two parry choices does he pick one or can he use both? Thank you for your help.
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