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  1. You guys are great! Thank you all for taking the time to review and answer. Playing another WWX game this week. I've only had a chance to play my Absolute Power posse twice so far (often wrong...still learning...).
  2. It kept changing my "capital b and right parentheses" to an emoji with sunglassess... Please view this as a B...
  3. Great answers, so more questions... So, when a multi-figure Hands group shoots at a character with quick and the dead, would it proceed as: A) First figure in unit shoots at character, who chooses QATD. QATD passes and therefore no hit. 2nd figure, and subsequent figure in unit, shots are also auto-misses from original QATD save. (Pass QATD for first figure and whole unit auto-misses) --OR-- First shot from unit misses from QATD save, but all other attempts to shoot by the 2nd, and onward, figures from multi-figure unit, would be as normal and the target would be 'Hunkered' for them. I am guessing it is "B", since you technically resolve each shot one at a time, right? Just looking for clarification to make sure I'm not crazy, since the voices keep saying otherwise... Tried to find example in some youtube game reports, but it was driving me nuts... Thank you!
  4. Sci Fi City in Knoxville Tennessee has tables with plenty of terrain available. In addition, a number of groups take advantage of the sit down tables for card games, role-playing, or board games. Plenty of Miniatures, board games , rule sets and Comics available there.
  5. Wow... That airbrushing technique sounds great! I do not have an airbrush and will rattlecan it. Thanks for the reply
  6. What are you all currently using (brand, pros/cons, colors, technique, purchase location/price, number of coats, best month/day/hour/humidity, which side of your mouth you stick your tongue out, etc.) for: 1) Priming resin 2) Priming std plastic Thanks, Kazimierz
  7. Great clarification. Thank you!
  8. Q&tD scenario/question: Player "A" makes a shooting action on Player "B". B decides on quick and the dead and passes quickness check, therefore, all shots from that Action miss, regardless of RoA of weapon, and B is now Hunkered. However, A has enough Action points, and allowable actions based on their Limit stat, to fire again with the same figure and chooses to do so. Am i correct in interpreting the situation such that B now has the -1 to hit and +1 Grit, since it is in a Hunkered state, but cannot make a Quick and the Dead check, since it had already done so for a different Action already this Turn? (Same figures, but the 2nd action of Player A figure is an Action that is distinct and separate from the 1st Action of this same figure. ) Thank you in advance for your time and attention. Kazimierz
  9. Kazimierz Knoxville, TN, USA First game of WWX scheduled 2/15/19. T-3 days to first game... Sci fi City in Knoxville, TN. Great place for all types of games and comics. I'll let you know what my favorite miniature is later. Starting WWX with Hex. No other Warcradle games at this time. Currently playing various historical games. GW refugee; played 1 GW game in the last 14 years, but can't get rid of my figures. Will play historical, fantasy, scifi, whatever...
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