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  1. Here is a more complete picture of the fleet
  2. Thanks I'm not quite sure if I got the glow right :). I think, either it is too dark, or too bright. But it's actually quite easy, even if time consuming a bit. After the ship is ready, I take thinned down VGC Livery Green and start applying that in several layers on an around the places I want to glow. The farther I get from the glowing point, the less layers I apply. That what you see on the last picture is like 3 layers. At the brightest points I also add a bit of white to it.
  3. Here are a few pictures of my CoA fleet, I hope you like them: There has been a lot of time between painting the first and the last modell, therefore there are differences, mostly on how I experimented with the energy glow.
  4. Thank you. I started off with VGC Plague brown and mixed that with VGC Sun Yellow. That looked too clean to me for a ship, it wasn't battered enough, so I applied a layer of Liquitex Transparent Raw Sienna towards the bottom and patches of VMA Olive Green for a kinda mossy feeling.
  5. In the summer I started to paint up my Chinese fleet, which has been gathering dust in my drawers for quite some time. They are exc ellent models and it was a good fun to paint them. Here are a few pictures:
  6. Yes, we have been playing the beta as well and the core mechanics worked quite well, even preventing one friend of mine to completely jump off the DW bandwagon. He didn't like the complexity and slowness of the old rules, which is better in the beta. But it's desperately missing the faction diversity. I do agree, leaving the playing DW generation behind would be foolish and arrogant. I also have a large amount of painted minis in several fleets. Those ships look great and I'd like to see them in the new DW world as well. I could use most of them with the beta rules, so I'd expect it to stay like that. I don't actually need separate statistics for them, I just would like to have the same categories being kept, so I can still use most of them. It's not about introducing new models, but rather keeping the old ones, just like they kept a good portion of the rules as well.
  7. While I'm excited to see what the new version of DW by Warcradle is going to look like, I'm quite concerned about my amassed DW fleets. I don't want to throw them away and I would really like to be able to play them with the new rules. I know, if they do choose not to support them anymore, I can keep playing the old rules or come up with house rules. But I still hope that's not going to be the case.
  8. Is the beta still alive? There are no updates since July. A sign of life would be encouraging
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