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  1. Correct, I just meant -2 and below doesn't effect them. Thanks for the help, got my first game in yesterday and loved it.
  2. Ok so they're "immune" to -2 and below. Gotcha. Thank you Stuart! Any word when 1.09 hits?
  3. The Cor Caroli trait protects them from hazardous and other things EXCEPT when hit with -3 weapon. Does that mean now they DO get minuses and hazardous when hit by those weapons? Do I have to track what they're hit by and whether they're suffering a minus or not? Seems micromanage-y
  4. RoXors

    ARCANE on Alcon

    Would love for an official ruling. Will ARCANE (as seen on Alcon's card) Nulify the COMPLEX -2 as he's using his mind attribute now? How about obscure or shooting into melee minuses?
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