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  1. gentleman_dingo

    Galvanic Mysteries posse

    Lol, my bad. In that case why not replace her with an Apex Hellion? Or if you're growing to 1500 then there's always Caym.
  2. gentleman_dingo

    Galvanic Mysteries posse

    Is there anything wrong with that purpose for Mantis? I find that all of the factions have a flight model or two that really just seems to excel at that. It is a game breaker if both sides clash over a single point. You can have your 18" zip over to the other point and hold it seeing if they'll divide the forces.
  3. gentleman_dingo

    WANTED dead or alive, the results of your varmit kickin'.

    I told you I'd start doing it!!! Here's some lists: Legendary Viridian Alpha 2x Onyx Beta Greay Elite with standard load out. Pack of 3 Chigoe. 6x Greys (4 pulse, 2 Deconstruction Rifles) 3x Greys (2 pulse, 1 Deconstruction Rifles). List came to 1485. ----------------------------------------------------- Wild Bill Hickok - 220 Grace Myrtle - 130 Calamity Jane - 160 5 Ranger Minutemen - 200 3 Ranger Interceptors - 255 3 Ranger Gyrocopters - 255 3 Ranger Blackjacks - 255 1 Booby Trap - 20 TOTAL - 1495pts
  4. gentleman_dingo


    For the most part the only time this would be an issue is if the original model has a smaller base and is in base to base contact with another model. Otherwise it would be exactly as it says, You literally replace the model where it stands with another model (center point of the old model matches the center point of the new model) But in the case of the original model being a smaller base and in base to base contact with another model or terrain then there are plenty of examples within the rules to follow a path of least resistance in placement. Obviously there are going to be WAY to many edge case scenarios for them to adequately describe every situation with a specific always correct answer. but who knows, Warcradle may have a better answer.
  5. Edge Case Scenario: Multiple units are in a building. A tainted single model unit gets shot, fails his grit check, then critically fails his tainted check. What happens??? Rules: A unit can't enter a building that contains opposing forces. So does the Hex Beast now controlled by the opposite side get ejected? If so how far? Base to base or displaced? Does it blow up auto-hitting everyone inside? (X-posting to Dark Council FB)
  6. gentleman_dingo

    Is Amedo Savoia a Merc?

    He is an Outlaw that is available for both Mercenary and a Conquistador posses.
  7. Alright, like it or not, I may take it upon myself to record all of the lists used at Adepticon. I suspect you no good liver lickin' varmits ain't postin' yer battles to keep your lists RJ1027 level secret. Well. Well screw you, Anti-Carpathians!! That ends in March! Gonna give y'all a list whippin' or two after the convention.
  8. gentleman_dingo

    Regular Unit on Reavers Headhunters?

    Answered on FB. "A single model in the unit may replace a Ranged Weapon with a weapon from the Special Issue section of their Faction Armoury at the indicated points cost. If it does not have a Ranged Weapon it may replace a Melee weapon." by Stuart Mackaness on August 27, 2018
  9. gentleman_dingo

    Regular Unit on Reavers Headhunters?

    Has anyone noticed that there is a rule hole in the Reavers Headhunters card??? The Regular Unit rule says you can REPLACE a Ranged Weapon... but they don't have one. Am I wrong in thinking RAW would make Regular Unit useless for this unit? At last check the Reaver Headhunters were the only Hands unit with only a Melee Weapon and Regular Unit, but I may have missed one... https://www.warcradle.com/images/wildWestExodusImages/factions/main-cards/WEX171013003-1_REAVER_HEADHUNTERS_card.jpg
  10. gentleman_dingo

    Convention Demos

    All great advice, the only down side is there will be no way of purchasing minis through us... since we're neither retailers nor distributors nor actual Trailblazers/Warhosts, we don't have stock to sell. We're just trying to whip the civilian base into an unruly mob. Our FLGSs are Objective Tokens that can only be held by Civilian Units.
  11. gentleman_dingo

    Convention Demos

    Hey folks, What's your experience with doing WWX demos at events? The few of us that play WWX in the N W are volunteering to run demos at the Orcacon convention this January in Bellevue, WA, US. Sooo what's a good point value to make little demo lists? Between the three of us we have enough to field at least a 1000 points with any faction or allegiance and not share models between the lists. What are some of your wins and misses? Any advice?
  12. gentleman_dingo

    Seattle/PNW area players!!!

    Anyone else in the PNW looking to play some games? Since @Valander and myself reacquainted ourselves with WWX at the 2018 Adepticon, we've been reinvigorated by the wily charms of this western styled minis game. @Valander tends to stick to the Lawdog side of things but has been known to venture into the realms of mechanical Enlightenment. Our friend Drew, come on boy join the damn forums, is currently kicking our collective meta asses with aliens of grey, green, red, and various colors. We have another friend who needs to assemble some of her armor clad zealots but she'll be quashing our revelries soon. I, myself, fancy an Outlaw model who isn't afraid to bend the rules of law a bit or a lot depending on the need. If I have an attack of conscious, I can always make my peace with the Warrior Nation. How about you? Anyone else out there dabbling in the Dark Arts of gambling and dice rollin'? We could use some more players. Hell, I'll even bring the sarsaparilla if yer willin' to throw down. *spits*
  13. gentleman_dingo


    As per some of the Dark Council Facebook page comments: SPIRIT != SPIRIT WALKER in terms of use for SPECTRAL SUMMONING At the moment, SPIRIT WALKER is a unit trait only used for inclusion/exclusion of a few theme lists(Bass Reaves, Raging Bear). Correct?
  14. gentleman_dingo

    Beacon and Unexpected Arrival

    I'm for the simplest solution: All rules are applicable. part1... Beacon: You place the model on the closest point to the target model. part2... Unexpected Arrival: You have to place the unit within 6" of any play edge. part3... Reserve Deployment rules: It also can't be withing 6" of an enemy model. Summary: (beacon)You place the model on the closest point to the target model ... (from unexpected arrival)within 6" of any of the edges... (reserve deployment rules) and adjust for enemy proximity.
  15. gentleman_dingo

    SPECTRAL SUMMONING vs Reserve deployment

    Situation: enemy is within 4" of a Greater Totem making it so that any point along the base of the totem would be within 6" of an enemy... -- SPECTRAL SUMMONING states "The summoned unit must be deployed in base contact with a model with this rule and is available to Activate as normal this turn." -- Reserve Deployment states "Models cannot be deployed within 6" of an enemy model." Does this mean you cannot summon a model to this location? If so does this mean you cannot use SPECTRAL SUMMONING to immediately pass a Reserve Check which requires summoned units to be base to base with the SPECTRAL SUMMONING model?

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