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  1. While I don't disagree with the idea, there's a cost-benefit ratio for rebranding or renaming WWX. The Wild West portion has a draw in itself and an area of under represented genre in the minis world. By removing the Wild West portion you'd lose that draw while marketing to a set of customers that are already customers. I think Warcradle is doing a pretty darn good job at maintaining the line while integrating the IP into the larger scheme of products they are and plan on releasing. Lost World is a good example of this. I could see several sets of regional based games that integrate into a larger world of Dystopian Worlds. Personally, I'm curious to see how they handle the Firestorm games they acquired. Watcher Wars?
  2. Greetings!!! I'm no where near Australia but always good to see new faces!
  3. For example, Confederates only have one model that acts as a Heavy weapon (gatling gun). There are also no models for the Rebel Support Team. I am currently using non-cloaked Dixie Snipers for the Juiced Sniper Rifle models and the Confederate Heavy for the Flame-thrower/Gatling gun version. Hexed versions of Bandit Gunmen and Cutthroats are just Bandit versions painted slightly different. I haven't seen anyone use Union riflemen for this as they look decidedly different. But I can't see anyone giving you too much guff as long as they're painted like Hexed folk. My bad, they used to be different. There were different outriders for Bandits, Lawmen, Dark Nation and Union. Each had different heads and bike handlebar decorations. If there's no physical difference in the models then it just comes down to how you paint them? You know what, I believe I have some Lawmen Ironhorse/Outriders at home. I'll take some pictures when I get home.
  4. Counter? The only one I can see is keep models next to each other. If the model is near other models either in the same unit or another unit, then when they are compelled/Dark Council'ed they immediately start engaged to the now unfriendly unit. An engaged model can't use ranged weapons and therefore can't self-destruct. Other than that, most compel/DC range is 8" - 12" inches, so if they don't get you then they're pretty much dead anyhow.
  5. Hmmmm... are you going for a theme? Tournament-wise, this list would get shredded. The only thing going for it is lots of hands. I find that people are shooting for a combo of some of these things: Hi Grit, Hi ROA, -4 Pierce, and/or Hi model count.
  6. 1>. semi-cosmetic. They have some of the heavy weapons models available but not all. 2. See above. There are some weapons that have to be proxied. 3. There are different models for for each (cutthroat/gunmen). While it really all depends on how your opponent/LGS feels about it. In tournies. In tournaments, other than the heavy weapons you should have the appropriate model for the represented unit. 4. There are a couple of answers for that and they depend on the situation. There are models for each and should be used accordingly. For Hex and Enlightened, you have multiple options but the correct model should be used for the selected option. This is not true with other factions. They're usually limited to 2 types of basic hands and 2 types of veteran hands. 5. The card remains playable until it is delisted from the Warcradle Unit Cards site. Both the classic models and the resculpts are playable with those cards. 6. I believe so? Warcradle will have to chime in on this. 7. There are physical differences in the sculpts but I don't think anyone will be upset if you mod them to represent the correct faction. I've seen a couple of folks do this wit the Gyrocopters since there is no Bandit gyrocopter out there. That being said, the Bandit Gyrocopter is currently listed as 'unreleased' so they couldn't be used in tournies. 8. Warcradle will have to chime in on this. 9. Stores will often have stock of the older models. Warcradle's online store, from my experience, will sell it until it's out. If it's scheduled for a resculpt, they remove it from the online store. But the Classic models are all still useable. 10. Legendary usually means there is a bad-ass version of another model. Legendary is also an Unique model. Legendary adds to the unique keeping you from having both the regular version and the legendary version on the board at the same time. 11. Warcradle will have to chime in on this. 12. Some of us like the chaos. I love my Hex Berserkers. Caveat: I do not work for Warcradle and I may be off on any of these answers.
  7. Thank you for the clarification. To be included in the FAQ? Or waiting for 1.09? Or both?
  8. Question... about Reserve deployment. "When deploying your Force, you may choose to keep back up to half the number of units in your Posse." (p.24 in v1.08) If you have two posses both with five units each within your Force, how many of each posse can you put in reserve? Please clarify if any, some or all of these situation are correct... A. Only 2 of 5 units of each posse can be placed in Reserve. B. 1 of 5 units of the 1st posse and 4 of 5 units of the 2nd posse can be placed in Reserve. C. All of the 2nd posse (5 of 10 units total) can be placed in reserve. x-posted to Dark Council FB and Discord
  9. Now that I'm the proud minis-father of a Haupt Heavy Borer, what is the point of having a weapons line for the Industrial Buzzsaw? The Borer doesn't have a Fight attribute (F - ). There's no buzzsaw interaction with Unexpected Arrival. And the Ram Special Action has it's own rule for hitting and pierce. So why include it? Additionally, why not remove it if all the weapons listed on the card are being used to calculate point values? (as per Chris Pond stated on Dark Council FB on January 26 at 9:02 PM)
  10. Answered via Dark Council FB page: This is as intended.
  11. I'm so sorry folks... I can't tell if this is intended or a flaw with Suicide weapons. Suicide weapons state the model is "remove from play" with no mention of Destroyed. This would circumventing both Tainted checks (no failed grit check) and Carpathegon skills (requires the model be Destroyed). Grit checks specifically stated a failed check is "the model is considered Wounded and removed from play as it has been Destroyed." Therefore using the suicide weapon or compelling a model to use the suicide would effectively remove the model from play with no chance of reanimating the model. This is vicious if you're playing Enlightened against a Dark Council member. Is this intended or does the wording in Suicide need to be changed to include Destroyed?
  12. Lol, my bad. In that case why not replace her with an Apex Hellion? Or if you're growing to 1500 then there's always Caym.
  13. Is there anything wrong with that purpose for Mantis? I find that all of the factions have a flight model or two that really just seems to excel at that. It is a game breaker if both sides clash over a single point. You can have your 18" zip over to the other point and hold it seeing if they'll divide the forces.
  14. I told you I'd start doing it!!! Here's some lists: Legendary Viridian Alpha 2x Onyx Beta Greay Elite with standard load out. Pack of 3 Chigoe. 6x Greys (4 pulse, 2 Deconstruction Rifles) 3x Greys (2 pulse, 1 Deconstruction Rifles). List came to 1485. ----------------------------------------------------- Wild Bill Hickok - 220 Grace Myrtle - 130 Calamity Jane - 160 5 Ranger Minutemen - 200 3 Ranger Interceptors - 255 3 Ranger Gyrocopters - 255 3 Ranger Blackjacks - 255 1 Booby Trap - 20 TOTAL - 1495pts
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