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  1. well in WWX it is less science and more "power of the spirit" but it would be interesting to see that influence Darwin. WWX already has Tesla Edison and Eifel so why not have Darwin? I mean, he would at least be interested in why there would suddenly be a giant fire breathing Eagle in America.
  2. So, as I am a Warrior Nation player in WWX I am wondering, will there be a faction for them/affiliated with them in either Dystopian Wars or Armored Clash? Because honestly, after reading the fluff I want giant elephants and other Animals from around the world that might represent the various parts of the warrior nation from around the world (think also kangaroos jumping on tanks and kicking infantry units) I have a lot of head canon for this now and was just wondering where Warrior Nation will fit in. I know it is early in development yet but I was curious.
  3. skaroreg


    Thanks Chris, can we get that official in the rule book or FAQ so this way there is not room to debate it? That would be helpful
  4. great clarification as I believed from the wording that they could gain the conditions from a pierce 3 or greater.
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    ok, so here is my general follow up to that question. What in the rules tells us that "replace" means the center of the old model and the center of the new model must be the same point? The problem is if you are going to be getting into this game and want to play more than just super friendly games this needs to be clearer. for example Malifaux, which has TONS of wording issues in its current editon, when a situation like this occurs you place the new model base to base with the old one. if it does not fit, you do not get to put it out. that covers 99% of the situations. "replace" with no other information on what "replace" means leave way too much wiggle room. Putting a definition of what replace means will solve the majority of potential issues with it. and yes, there are other examples of using least disturbance, but there is no evidence that i have found in the rule book that they would apply to this situation, I mean even saying something like "replace the model with the new models base within the footprint of the base of the old model. use least resistence if other models are in the way, if the model can not be placed it does not enter play" or something like that. it covers most of what will happen because even if you are center to center a small base model in melee cant be center to center with the new model. As of right now, anything related to how "replace" works is fully speculation because of the lack of a game definition of replace. I only push on these things because I enjoy the game and want the rules clear. I am also glad facebook cleared up the crit fail in the building
  6. skaroreg


    In the rules for Hex Beast it says to replace the model with a hex beast. in game terms, what does replace mean? is it Base to Base contact? is it anywhere in the footprint? do you path of least resistance models around it if the model turning into a Hex beast is a smaller base? Some FAQ or additional wording on this would help clear things up especially for competitive play where you do not want to have these types of vague wordings.
  7. Can you also throw in a recommendation on round times
  8. Ok I’ve asked and others have asked on Facebook and warcradle has remained silent. What is the recommended terrain density for gunslinger events? An official comment or a change to the OP document would be super helpful.
  9. Am i missing these? I have become low on disordered tokens and was glad to see on the webpage that you could find tokens under the resource page. I do not see a file for these. Is there one and I am missing it? I would love to be able to print more tokens as I seem to keep losing them.
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