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  1. Thanks for the update. Information on FSA has been fleeting. So I will certainly look forward to the beta when released.
  2. Hmm. If memory serves, I recall that at the end of 2018, FSA was suppose to have an update later in the year of 2019. Now its moved back again to later in 2020 or more than 3yrs after acquiring the game. Sorry to be a pessimist but the repeated push backs does not bode well for the return of the game. It appears to be on the back burner. However, I would love to be proved wrong.
  3. There is something to what he is stating. Whether Warcradle will take it as constructive criticism is yet to be determined. As for me I am very disappointed in how Firestorm Armada has been handled. Its been over 2 years and going on 3. Silence in this case is not golden. Hopeful 2020 will bring an end to that. The ball in your court Warcradle.
  4. More than a little disappointing. A beta version of FA was suppose to happen this fall (so Warcradle stated last year at this time). Silence. Classics of FA take months to be delivered ( I also have 2 orders in). A few sketches of their new version of FA are suppose to appease us? Its been more than 2years - going on 3! A bit more candor would be appreciated. At this point, I am skeptical that FA (or other Spartan games) are returning. I would loved to be proved wrong but the silence is athunderous.
  5. Well the Firestorm Classics went on the store in December 2018 but most still show in restock as of this date. I have an order in since December that has not been filled as of this date. Wayland Games (the store) has sent me multiple emails indicating they are not getting stock. That's 2 months now and counting. Warcradle what is the status of the Firestorm Classics in the store? Why put them on the store if they are not available? I sure hope we do not have to wait for them until the Beta to comes out in the fall. That's 2 years from from acquiring Firestorm from Spartan Games. It is hard to keep the interest going when the models are not available and the game re-do keeps being put off to the sometime in the future. Please give a better update than the 31 January 2019 gloss over. Thanks.
  6. This past April it was reported that that some model casts would come out this year. As it is now mid November, with no update on this, is this even a realistic expectation? Or will be next year sometime? It would be helpful if a periodic update was given on FA progress and model availability to keep interest alive.
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