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  1. While we are at it How about a Grizzlegator
  2. I would li,e to make a request. Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
  3. There is a model w/heavy electro coil in the store. I think it might sell better if the unit was moved to active.
  4. My first line does list impervious. I agree fate weaver is good situational but good. For me node of power is the biggie.
  5. I feel Wild West Exodus is far easier and less rock paper scissors than Malifaux. As to kill team I think you are seeing the effect of using the same rules 40k has had for well 40k years. So using the same mechanics between thew two is a great thing imho. There is a learning curve because its rules are not 40K. Malifaux has a steep learning curve lots of interaction problems with SA. I do find I play WWX differently than other games. I tend to play a lot more like a western than a war game. I think the rules are good but can be better. a cheat sheet with all SA would be great.
  6. Opinons Marie Laveau A. Savoia Maria Torres Villa Raider Gunmen Raider Cuttthroats Misty Mimms Raider Gunmen All raider units of 3. will add 3 g guns if facing Absolute power 1060
  7. I know the enlightened still have an electro coil . Wanted to be sure thanks.
  8. The model for the Hex with the Heavy Electrocoil, since the weapon is not available to the hex. What do you use it as?
  9. I see him listed under Merc but he does not have a Merc Descriptor. I bought the model when he was Jake Mattia. The sprue was stamped Mattia. No real problem with him being a different person. I needed a Merc. He is much more useful Than Jake. In order to run with Hex I need a Merc.
  10. I agree with most of the points made. He is a beast. Shrouded and Impervious make him a real tank. I disagree with the take on TS. It is a hail Mary. Against characters you only have a 10 percent chance of attuned going off. otherwise your PRC is 1. If I am playing this wrong please tell me . I have gotten more mileage out of Hex bolt. I have his Posse he is worth every on of his 250 points. The posse comes in at 1020 points and is an excellent buy. It allows you to touch most other factions. It is also a good stand alone for most scenarios. Board control is weak as you have too few models. all other points made are excellent.
  11. Will JEB Stuart or Nathan B Forrest be making appearances? More crown down the Road?
  12. I think this was started before Stonewall was upgraded.
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