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  1. Ulfast212


    Sounds correct but I´m pretty new to the game so I´m not 100% sure.
  2. Ulfast212

    Where to look up 2nd edition fluff?

    More background is always welcome. As a new palyer too I´m also looking for more info about this game and the rich background.
  3. Ulfast212

    Status of the game and perhaps a new player?

    i promise to make a report when i get the box. So far I´m still waiting for mail But i´m really looking forward to the game and the box seems awsome. Looking at other game companies (no name mention) I notice that it really need so much to start a game while here you only need the Red Oak box and you get all, both rules, miniatures for two teams, dices and more. Awsome. Next step for me is to buy a couple of terrain pices.
  4. Ulfast212

    Status of the game and perhaps a new player?

    Now i have orded the Red Oak box and is waiting for it to arrival Shall be fun to paint them up and then start to game with them.
  5. Ulfast212

    Status of the game and perhaps a new player?

    I´m really liking the rules and I have watch several videos on youtube for battlerports that make the game looks really fun and intersting. I´m hoping that if I start with some the Red Oak box I can try to get others to play with me, see how fun it is and hopefull jump on the wagon I will also try to get some nice terrain so the game feel much more alive. I have also desided that before I run any test game I will paint up everything! I´m usually bad in geting paint on the models but with only around 10 models in Red oak it should be possibly and it would make the minature and game more attractive. Good to hear that you like the rules and that they seem fun. The miniatures are grsat and the new one looks awsome. Guess it will be hard not to buy new ones
  6. Ulfast212

    Status of the game and perhaps a new player?

    Thanks Valander for your very good answer. It really give a lot for me to think about. I have joined the Facebook group and it seems more active then this forum. My plan right now is to buy the Red Oak box and start there. Later on I will do warrior nation, they look so cool so I can´t not buy them. And I´m not a powergamer, I always beleive that collest models wins
  7. Hello fellow WWX players. I have for several years been thinking to start up this game but never had the money (or time) to do so until now. But i have some question I´m hoping you can help me with before I start: 1. How popular are this game? It seems to me itsn´t so popluar and that will make it harder to find opponents. Proof is that my local gamestore is not selling it and this forum is pretty inactive. 2. Is the gunfighat red oak a good box to start with to get some miniatures, try out the game and perhaps share with a friend? Or is it better to start with a posse right away? 3. Is all the diffrent posse (factions) fun to play? I´m myself intersting in the warrior nation but understand that they want to mostly be in melee and this game favors shooting. So that is perhaps not so fun...? 4. How is the internet store for warcradle working? Those it take long to get items send to you? (I live in Europe, Sweden). 5. Any good recommendations or advice around this game that is good for a newbie like me? thanks in advance for some help. i really want to try this out as the miniatures looks great and the backstore seems very intersting together with a intersting rules.

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