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  1. Bad Idea Comics

    An example of Vector Movement

    Have you ever tried a vector movement system? I don't want to have to explain all the mechanics - I'd rather you make your own decision based on your own experiences, which is what I stressed several times. Predictability comes from inertia. Vector movement basically breaks down to a series of triangular calculations. It's VERY predictable as inertia plays a part in movement. Just try it. See for yourself. I've been poking around with starship combat games for 30 years - I've tried just about everything. You may find you like the predictability - you may even find it less predictable than I have.
  2. Bad Idea Comics

    An example of Vector Movement

    Actually, that has zero bearing on whether you use vector movement or not. The actual speed scales the game, not whether the movement is vector or cinematic. Really, try it and see for yourself. Vector movement is predictable and reduces tactical maneuvering viability - you can always be nose on target. It changes how ships get designed because you no longer need turrets because the ship IS a turret.
  3. Bad Idea Comics

    An example of Vector Movement

    My response was based on experience, but I encourage you to create your own experience as well. Give it a try, for sure. If you want to try something really different, look for "With Hostile Intent" - it incorporates both vector and 3D movement, including angle of movement and z-axis turrets. It uses a rather clever system as well. Another interesting game is the new Battlestar Galactica starship battles game. It's for fighter combat only right now, but it's built around vector movement as well. Again, in my experience, these movement systems add nothing and actually make games boring, as movement becomes so predictable that the game breaks down into who has better dice rolls and nothing more. Cinematic movement actually has tactical value. That's completely negated when you can just turn your ship around.
  4. Bad Idea Comics

    An example of Vector Movement

    Both of which are boring. Vector movement is extremely predictable. It makes for a slow circle of death as you fly in at high speed and then start turning in to face your opponent and they do the same - then you spiral towards each other. It's meh at best and downright annoying at worst. Cinematic movement is actually fun.
  5. Bad Idea Comics

    Firestorm SpecOps designs

    Yep, I tell every aspiring artist that to draw well you have to draw A LOT. Draw every day and get feedback from other artists, preferably ones better than you. I had my greatest recent growth while posting on Penciljack.com. It's a great site and Paul Smith is a regular poster there, spitting knowledge like you wouldn't believe. He goes by "Smitty" on PJ. Give it a look if you're really trying to grow as an artist. Get in on the competitions once you feel strong enough - that was where I had my biggest growth spurt.
  6. Bad Idea Comics

    Firestorm SpecOps designs

    Thanks Stivo! As mentioned earlier, it was a shame the Spartan guys got so sidetracked by Halo, but it seems Warcradle has their priorities straight. I'm looking forward to what they come up with for the Firestorm universe. First things first though, I NEED MORE STARSHIP MINIS.
  7. Bad Idea Comics

    Firestorm SpecOps designs

    I forgot I had this drawing lying around - some fun ideas for gunships. They're for my own universe, but I thought they'd fit in the Firestorm universe as well. I was really focused on making certain they had very different silhouettes - each faction should always be instantly recognizable, with themes carried over from troops to vehicles.
  8. Bad Idea Comics

    Notes from Stuart, part 2

    I love the concept of a player-driven narrative for games. I personally try to create a "story" for each game I play - it's simply more fun to think of a game within a context, so flexible backgrounds are something I crave.. On the flipside, many players, I've found, like to be spoon-fed a storyline (there's nothing wrong with that if that's your thing) - they crave a clear structure and it seems this is what FSA was originally based upon. I think your described approach could actually feed both beasts, with enough structure for the old die-hards and enough flexibility for the schmucks like me.
  9. Bad Idea Comics

    Notes from Stuart, part 2

    @RageofAeonsYour thinking here is limiting you. I'm talking about a setting that encourages variable alliances or possibly expansions that change alliances. There are SO many ways to make this more interesting than the original version. In any case, I'm looking forward to what the Warcradle guys come up with. Don't judge anything until you've seen it. That's like salting a dish before you've tried it. Give them a chance to impress you. Keep an open mind and enjoy what comes up next. And make pew pew noises. They make it all worth it.
  10. Bad Idea Comics

    Notes from Stuart, part 2

    Dude...LASERDOLPHINS. I love this idea. Let's make that happen! The game should have a group of fun factions to play with that all feel different. I know this next concept won't happen, but I'd love for them to not all have the same size and classes of ships as well - again, I know that won't happen, but it would be refreshing to not have that typical homogenization. Two major alliances was boring. I mean really, who cares? I want to get the ships that look cool and play the way I like and fly them around making pew pew noises the whole while. I hope there's a means to form alliances. Maybe the humans gang up on the aliens or the fish folk gang up on the air-breathers or the lizards gang up on the warmbloods. Maybe they don't even have to be that specific, but the idea of putting the storytelling in the players' hands is far more appealing than some arbitrary "these guys are on the same side" nonsense.
  11. Bad Idea Comics

    Notes from Stuart, part 2

    I don't mind this news at all. I'm not married to the old universe and it always seemed odd to have the two alliances instead of just encouraging every faction to duke it out and possibly form other alliances. I look forward to seeing what they come up with.
  12. Bad Idea Comics

    Firestorm SpecOps designs

    Here's a few of my own doodles. Different ideas for my own universes, but ones that could easily fit into the Firestorm universe. I hope they toy with RPG ideas down the road - the Firestorm universe is diverse enough to make for some fun adventures. Hint hint.
  13. Bad Idea Comics

    Model availability

    I love Star Wars: Armada bases, both for ships (dials for shields on all four sides, plus firing arcs and ship info printed on the card insert) and fighters (dial for remaining fighters and activation "switch", plus info printed on the card insert). One of the most clever parts is that all of the bases can simply have the card insert swapped out so you can slap any ship on any base of the correct size and you're ready to rock'n'roll. That's something to keep in mind for the base design team - swapability means players with existing fleets have less expenditure so you receive less internet vitriol. Personally, I just want ships. Gimme ships. Lotsa ships. I wanna paint 'em up and make "pew pew" noises.
  14. Bad Idea Comics

    Future FA rules

    LOL! Did you see my initial sketch of their troops? I gave them the highest shoulders ever! I personally like the silhouette variation in ship design - it makes each fleet distinct. Someone mentioned the Aquans were all over the place - really, they're distinct because of their organic feel and their specific texture being different from all the normal hi-tech nubs poking out of every other ship. I think this makes them very distinct, though I'm still not a fan - that's just my own personal taste. The later releases were really starting to introduce some interesting models. I love the new Sorylians. The cruisers and battleship are gorgeous models and the heavy cruiser option works beautifully. The Ryushi are also beautiful models and I like a lot of the RSN and some of the Terran stuff. Quite frankly, I don't care about the rest of the universe - just give me cool models and possibly a fun game system to play with them. I was never truly attached to the old background. I liked it, I suppose, but not more or less than anything else I'd seen for backgrounds. I always played with my Sorylian ships as an entirely different faction of my own design, but then, I think too much.
  15. Bad Idea Comics

    Firestorm SpecOps designs

    Infinity looks amazing and I love their design aesthetic. I'm getting some of their models just to have them - that's how much I like them. The rules look fascinating as well - very interactive. I also bought into Star Wars Legion, which is great if you're a Star Wars fan - the models are excellent and SO simple to assemble, yet look fantastic with loads of details. It's more than a skirmish game, but very fast and easy with a lot of interesting mechanics. It's also surprisingly affordable.

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