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  1. Makara has ROA 2 on her melee weapon. If she uses Forceful Strike, which says it "doubles the piercing value of a single strike action", does this mean the Forceful strike is applied to both dice as the ROA on her weapon is 2, or is the ROA of the weapon dropped to 1 as the wording refers to a "single strike action". We had this in a game last night and assumed it applied to both of her attacks, as the single strike action is with her weapon, and the weapon has a ROA of 2, but we just wanted to ask and make sure if this was right. Thanks in advance for your advise on this.
  2. Hi There, looking for some clarification on a few points which I hope someone can help me with ..... 1. when you use Carpathogen to bring back models it says they come back with 3 inches of the model using Carpathogen ... does this mean the models that come back have to be completely with 3 inches or just that part of their base has to be with 3 inches ? 2. when you use Carpathogen to bring back models, can you bring models back into buildings or vehicles with transport capacity if they are within 3 inches of the model using Carpathogen, as the rule does not seem to limit where you can bring the models back, other than within 3 inches ? 3. when using rules like Dark Council or Compel is there a limit on the number of times a model can successfully try and use the ability, or a limit on the number of times you can use the ability on the one unit ? Just wondering if I could for example have a model with Dark Council successfully use the dark council ability on a unit of Brutes multiple times, get them to shoot for free each time, action points permitting, or is there a limit as I could not find one. Thanks in advance for you help with the above.
  3. Thanks for the reply, that is a shame but hopefully they will become available as individual models sometime in the future.
  4. Looking to expand my new Enlightened force and wanted to add Wendel Lee, but when I search I can not see this model available as a stand alone purchase, I can only see it available in the Dixie Resurrection Posse. Can someone advise if it is correct that I can only get it in the posse, and that it is not available as a stand alone model ? Thanks in advance for your advise here.
  5. Just wondering if there are upgrade weapon packs available for Wild West Exodus, and if so where can I find them as I could not see any in the store ? I am asking because for example if I wanted 2 Brutes with Gatling Guns do I need to buy 2 box sets, as I believe they contain 2 Brutes but only 1 Gatling gun weapon option (the other being a flamer i think), or can I buy the one box set and a weapons upgrade kit which includes the Gatling gun bits for my Brutes. (same for gun dogs with Gatling guns I believe) . Thanks in advance for your help and advise here.
  6. Hello, I am new to the game and have purchased the Farther of the Enlightened set. I was checking the cards for the models against the current ones on the website incase of changes. When I looked at the downloaded cards section where all the cards are shown I can see Brutes as 70 points ( https://www.warcradle.com/uploads/wwx-pdfs/enlightened_allstatcards_v1.08.pdf ) , however when I move further down the page and look under the specific section for support units, then click on Brutes, the points cost shown on the card there is 80 points ( https://www.warcradle.com/images/wildWestExodusImages/factions/main-cards/WEX101013001_BRUTES_card.jpg ). So just wondering which is correct, are Brutes with Flamethrowers 70 or 80 points ? Just on another subject, the cards in the box set have Brutes with Gatling guns but I could not find any cards for that on the website, so I assume you simply add the 20 points for the Gatling gun onto the points cost for the Brute with a Flamethrower, as opposed to adding 5 points to the cost for a Gatling gun Brute, the difference between the cost of 15 points for the flamer the brute already has, and the 20 points for the Gatling gun. Am i right that you should add the 20 points for the Gatling gun, or should it be only the difference between the 2 weapons points costs ? Thanks in advance for your advise here.
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