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  1. Hey all, This is a pretty distinctly noob question, but I'm having trouble figuring out infantry transport capacity v. infantry cadre sizes. They seem like they don't match up all the time, so I think I'm missing something. The example I'm thinking about is the Dindrenzi Charon command drop pod, which in the ORBAT I downloaded a couple of weeks ago looks like it has a transport capacity of 16. That refers to the number of stands of infantry, right? Most Nyx infantry cadres are 4 stands, but the Charon transports a grand battalion of 7. So, still plenty of transport space, right? And the Charon can't carry more than one squad? So here are the big questions: 1. Why does this transport have a capacity of 16 stands of infantry? Is it actually possible to get that many guys in the vehicle? Even if I upgraded every single stand to be a sweeper or a gun team or an officer, it'd still only take up 14 transport capacity. When the transport capacity of a vehicle doesn't seem to QUITE match the number of infantry in a normal cadre, is that just for fluff purposes? 2. A transport can only ever carry one squadron, but does it have to carry a squadron from its own helix? Can I use some infantry from a core helix to board a drop-pod from a recon helix? 3. This is a super-noob question, but is there any limit to the number of infantry cadres I can upgrade? I think I understand that WITHIN one cadre, I can only upgrade 0-3 stands as sweeper teams, for example, but if I've got three or four cadres of infantry in my army, is there any limit to the number of cadres that can be upgraded? Thanks for any clarity you might have!
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