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  1. Lynch Mob - 250pts. - 1x Kingsley Stern - 160 - 9x Angry Mob - 90
  2. I made a nice spreadsheet to show which models can be taken in each posse and which posses can be taken in each faction, based on currently released models. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kwljAzezYJLOMbMEqJw8YidGpDeEg65fhQf4QLBijME/edit?usp=sharing Let me know if there are mistakes or issues.
  3. Luckily for you I had some saved in a spreadsheet. Discordant Symphony - 430pts (asuming dogs with phonic blasters) Infernal Investigations - 855 Dark Nation - 635 Bloody Espinosas - 640 Conquistadores - 640 The Faithful of Calistila - 465 EDIT: The Cowboys - 695
  4. For the moment I was thinking of doing Marie Laveau 4x Hex Gunmen 5x Hex Cutthroats Nazombu Snake Which nicely totals to a 680pts for starter level games. Though maybe using reavers might be better as I plan to pick up the Wiscani set in the future, which would allow some crossover.
  5. Thanks! So group up with a unit of Cutthroats in front, Marie & Longtree behind em. Then have some other slots as flankers? Any opinion on Hex Beasts/Juiced Hex Beasts? Also thanks of the FB links in your sig
  6. Hmm, so get her, a snake or two, Vor Khet (when he ever gets released) for a big dudes posse supported by some Hex Beasts?
  7. Hey Everyone, One of my favourite models is the Legendary Marie Laveau. Rulewise she also seems interesting, being a big angry monster with magical tricks. Now, what would be a good way to expand her? It sadly appears there aren't many Nazombu's yet, so that would mean a regular posse. What are interesting choices to build around the fair lady of the swamps?
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