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  1. MagicKarl

    Tainted Stonewall

    Looks really good, is that water effects on the base?
  2. MagicKarl

    Stonewall and Scouts

    Hi, after looking through the rules, I’ve determined three things about confederates: -Rebel Scouts are awesome as objective grabbers, holders, and killers. -Stonewall Jackson isn’t. -The only way to take Rebel Scouts is through Stonewall Jackson’s Posse. Ive had a few practice games with Stonewall, without much luck in using him effectively. Has anyone found a way to make him worth his points in a game? -edit- never mind, I’ve seen the new preorder for Dixie Resurrection, Annabelle is Stonewall but better in every way! Enlightened, but I can still take Scouts as option 6.
  3. MagicKarl


    I’ve subbed, excited to see what you do with those hex!
  4. MagicKarl

    Help with Marie Laveau

    I interpreted her as a support type boss, working with a snake or two for some extra power to your main force. If you were to go down the route of generic posse, you could convert some similar scale zombies as hex beasts?
  5. MagicKarl

    Introduce Yourself

    Which games produced by WarcradleStudios do you play? Wild West Exodus is the only game so far How long have you been playing these games? WWX only a few weeks, wargaming in general about 14 years Where do you play? Stoke on Trent, Guys that Game. Which fleets and armies do you own? Which fleets and armies do you plan to add to your collection? Outlaw Confederates right now, but will likely be buying into more factions later What is your favourite Warcradle Studios model? I don’t know if I’ve seen enough yet, but legendary Jesse James is the best I’ve seen Anything else you would like to tell the Warcradle Studios Community? Im trying to create a posse builder right now, should be interesting!

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