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  1. I like to print them out but the quality of the cards is really bad. I really wish they had a higher resolution (or the text would not be pixelated) so especially the black text is easier to read.
  2. Hi. I and my store are new to this game and I really like the Greys. Unfortunately, I am not a big fan of the look of the rest of the Watchers. I was kinda disappointed that the starter for the Watchers is Viridian based instead of the Watcher Bundle from the Kickstarter which would be perfect for me. (After adding the Grey Elite Face. ;) ) Even worse, the Alpha is only available in the Posse or Starter box. :( Since it now on me to order the miniatures for my team and I don't want to waste unnecessary money I really would like some feedback from experienced players like you. Is it stupid to want to play the Greys and not the Viridian or any of the other Watchers? Is the Legendary Alpha a feasible replacement for the normal Alpha? Am I overlooking anything? Have you got any other recommendations or tips for playing the Watchers? Thanks in advance, Myrikenes
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