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  1. missing this part would explain why in my first game I always drew lower than my opponent! lol
  2. yes! I did mean action deck!
  3. Thanks again for the fast replies! you guys are great! It does beg the question though, Is there a reason that based on this, why adventure decks are sold with 2 initiative decks? This results in players having 2x as many initiative decks as needed unless im missing something?
  4. I'll just keep adding questions here instead of starting a new thread unless someone thinks i should, but Adventure Deck, most vids ive watched it appeared that both players had their own adventure deck to draw guts/glory cards from, but is this the case (since starter sets come with 1 adventure deck and 2 initiative decks) I bough a second deck thinking I need 2 but if I dont I would like to find out while I have time to return it and maybe pick up another box of models. Thanks for the quick replies!
  5. That's perfect! I completely overlooked that button. Thank you!
  6. Thanks for the reply! I get that and it doesn't really hamper my excitement for this game, but if it's at all considered to happen, even as an "alternate" version, I'd love to put Geronimo or another historically named native american on the table as that is my heritage and a large part of why I'm excited to play them. One more question, where can I find Posse cards? I'd like to see what kind of themes I can build but the only posse cards I've seen are the ones in the Gunfight at Red Oak set.
  7. Hello! I'm super excited to get into WWX as it looks absolutely amazing but I had a few questions. 1) after researching I saw that the warrior nation bosses used to have historical names like sitting bull and geronimo but not anymore. Why did they change if we still have Jesse James and wyatt earp? 2) I know some of the models are being reprinted after the change of hands, but what about all the models that have cards that are not listed in the store? (Such as Raging Bear or the Fire Bringers) I know both questions are tied to warrior nation but that is only because they are the ones I've spent more time looking into and am not certain of examples for other factions if any. Thanks!
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