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  1. Ultravanillasmurf

    Hands units "On Lookout" question......

    The "Give em hell" reaction text in the version 1.07 (pdf) rules states "unit" throughout (page 30). My reading of that is that if a unit is declared as the initial target of a combat action, the unit must "give em hell" unless it makes a Mind check. "Veteran instincts" takes two fortune to put the unit "On Lookout" and straight into "Give em hell" out of activation. The unit does either need to generate"Fortune" or be the recipient of "Largesse".
  2. Ultravanillasmurf

    K9 Gun Dog upgrades

    Hi, I have just started looking at building posses from the Gunfight at Red Oak set so this is all new for me. The card for the Gundog has the Special Issue rule that allows ranged weapons to be upgraded. http://www.wildwestexodus.com/themes/community-theme-16/downloads/WWX2_Cards_new/WEX201113030_31-4_K9_GUN_DOGS_card.jpg The Gundog has a built in flamethrower, is the upgrade cost the full price listed or the difference between the flamethrower and the Gatling or grenade launcher?
  3. Ultravanillasmurf

    Posse selection question

    Hi, I am still assembling the Gunfight at Red Oak figures but I am looking ahead to what else I need. From my reading of the rule book (1.07), for Wyatt Earp there are only two potential posses: the Lawman Faction posse (Wyatt Earp) and the Tombstone theme posse. The Lawman Faction posse requires one Face unit before you can select Hands or Support. If you want three support, you must have one Face unit and two Face or Hand units. The Gunfight at Red Oak has the required Face (Doc) and a Support (Interceptor) plus a Hand (K9 attack). A Deputy box would give me two Hands units and I could use the K9 Gundog for a support. The Tombstone needs three Face units before selecting a Hand unit. Are my assumptions correct? For the Outlaws it looks easier, but more varied, as you can start with Mercenary units from the first slot (plus there is Frank's own posse to play with). A Cutthroats and Gunmen boxes looks like a good start, which do people recommend, Bandits or Raiders?
  4. Ultravanillasmurf

    UVS work in progress

    At Salute 2018 I bought the Gunfight at Red Oak starter set. Slowly they are getting painted. Doc Holliday (and the two K9 attack dog automata). Frank James.
  5. Ultravanillasmurf

    Looking for Advice on Modelling

    Sounds like a good plan. I assembled mine and based them before undercoating them (I use a water based glue to fix the model railway ballast and the undercoat allows me to paint over it). I black undercoated all of them (I use black spray on most of my figures unless they are going to be white or light coloured) and used a "Dust" spray on the four humans. I used greenstuff to fix an assembly issue with Jesse's head (BYLB!) And add larger rocks on the bases. I did have some adhesion issues between the base and the feet, I ended up drilling and pinning with plastic rod on a couple of them.
  6. Ultravanillasmurf

    Where to look up 2nd edition fluff?

    Thanks, I look forward to reading it.
  7. Ultravanillasmurf

    Trailblazer And New Player Support

    I picked up the Red Oak set at Salute, having read the free pdf rulebook, so I have not yet even played (painting in progress). Please could you put a sticky at the top of this sub forum with the action deck suggestion (something like Red Oak Starter set action deck - small games). It did confuse me about there being one deck in the box but the rules talking about a deck each (I found the posting on a Google search). Any chance of some introductory scenarios, limited area, figures, progressive rule use for beginners? I find it intimidating starting any game, and trying to introduce it to others more so. Thank you for your time.
  8. Ultravanillasmurf

    Where to look up 2nd edition fluff?

    As a newcomer to the game, some background of the characters would be useful, there is information about the world (universe?) background in the shiny new rulebook, but with the exception of the opening text introducing Helena Miller there is nothing about any of the characters (fictional or based on historical). I understand that there is limited space in a book and you felt setting up the world was more important. Even a brief thumbnail of the characters on the webstore would be useful, most have generic faction information only. I of course understand that that takes time as the range expands. Now back to painting the Red Oak set figures.
  9. Ultravanillasmurf

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, I am new to any of the Warcradle games, I bought the WWX starter set "Gunfight at Red Oak" at Salute in 2018 and I am slowly working my way through the figures (Doc and the two attack dogs so far).

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