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  1. Can you give a page reference?
  2. Well, the character cards are available individually. For example Lawmen: https://www.wildwestexodus.com/factions/lawmen You can add them to a Word File and print out your posse on pages (say four to a page) or individually on (6x4) photo paper..
  3. Greetings as well from the other end of the world.
  4. I use Great Womble Chaos Black spray as primer on plastics and resins (I do use Humbrol or Great Womble white spray where the final colours are lighter). If there is an option to spray the base colour, I will take it. For MDF I tend to use Halfords grey spray primer. I do not have an airbrush.
  5. Nice job. That will come as a relief to the characters ^__^ You might want to distress the ends of the roof a bit, they do look a bit machine cut. For door dimensions, and window heights, you will need to refer to actual figures. For a normal door, the standard base size plus a bit will be a good width. I have a building from another manufacturer that appears to have compatible dimensions (bought for another magical steampunk style game). I will measure the door and window dimensions. There is a photograph of the unfinished building with Doc Holliday on this link. http://ultravanillasmurf.blogspot.com/2018/05/ttcombat-streets-of-venice.html I did not photograph the finished building with WWX figures, and not sure about posting photographs of other manufacturer's buildings. The building on the link is 17cm X 12cm x 14.5cm(w,d,h).
  6. Looks good (sorry I have not had a chance to look before).
  7. The question here is that the bases are not visible, but the figures are. I do not have the rules to hand, but it does mention the model has an effective height of the width of the base. This would imply that there is a volume effect.
  8. Not sure why yours are pixelated, is that on the screen or on a print out. My print outs are clear.
  9. You make a good point that the two appear to be simultaneous, but they have to occur in an order. If the fortune chips were replenished before the hazard check, you would have two lots of fortune to use in a turn. As this does not sound right, my assumption is that the fortune chips are replenished as the last act of the activation. I am sure that Our Gracious Hosts can give a definite answer, but in the meantime I would suggest that you suffer the consequences of spending your fortune ^__^
  10. My thoughts are: 1 - you choose the point you make the action, so you can choose the range: gun or pointy stick. Not sure about torrent weapons. 2 - I can see why you could use Veteran Instincts to react to an unexpected attack, but I would say only with a weapon you could use in melee. 3 - Yes. 4 - the sequence is grit check followed by a the fight check - the qualities are acquired at that point.
  11. The rules say at the end of its activation. I would assume that was after everything was completed including rolls for conditions.
  12. @dzikki: the splitting of the action deck was suggested elsewhere, as was the removal of the non balanced cards. It does mean that the action deck gets reshuffled more evenly. I originally suggested Frank leave Sophie at home for better balance, however looking at the points value (not always a good measure outside the design game size), this does make less sense. @ekun: for the first game, minimum rules makes it easier. If the box had contained human "Hand" figures I would have suggested one each to begin with. A game involving Bosses should be the "End Disc Boss Level" once the basics have been mastered
  13. My point is that often a starter set is the buyer's introduction (or re-introduction) to gaming and so it is reassuring to have effectively someone talk you through it. If you are going to introduce the game to non-players or to convince players of other games you do need to be on top of the basic rules. At a club I used to play at years ago you often only got one go at introducing a game to the group. The Great Womble has introductory rules in their box versions of their games as does another company with their tank and SF games. The other magical-weird west-steampunk game has a starter set with introductory rules (but you have to download the proper rules rather than have a nice shiny book like WWX). Even if you started with WRG sixth edition, things have changed over the years. With the Red Oak Starter set, a good start would be a "Face" off between Doc and Frank (Frank might have to leave Sophie at home). They might need to have more generic stats to make it fair. Introduce the necessary rules to have the two fight over a minimum set, I would suggest they both start in cover that is out of maximum range for their pistols. Add some cover between them.
  14. On a more serious note, as had been noted elsewhere, the action cards cannot be split equally, there are an odd number of outlier cards. The action cards deck needs to be edited before splitting (there is the post about someone using the two halves as supplied and wondering why they kept getting less action points) [Edit] A quick look on the download page makes it look like there are an odd number of "two action" cards and one "five action" card in the deck.
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