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  1. TableTopTerror

    Indomitable Class Battle Carrier

    Yes I also love this ship hopefully they had a mold and it was saved.
  2. TableTopTerror

    Model availability

    An update would be nice on the status of FA.
  3. TableTopTerror

    Model availability

    It's been well over a month where are they?
  4. TableTopTerror

    For sale section?

  5. TableTopTerror

    For sale section?

    Anyone have an extra zenith class carrier?
  6. TableTopTerror

    Firestorm Painting Group

    Nice can't wait to get mine done.
  7. TableTopTerror

    Firestorm Painting Group

    I have an iwata hp-cs thats why i asked. Whats the needle size .3 or .35?
  8. TableTopTerror

    Anyone have an extra syndicate patrol fleet

    Pm me please
  9. Looking to buy or trade for one have quite a bit of stuff. Or can anyone help me find one. Thanks, Corey
  10. TableTopTerror

    Firestorm Painting Group

    Those directorate ships are nice what airbrush do you use?
  11. TableTopTerror

    May 4th Q&A discussion

    Where did you see stuff?
  12. TableTopTerror

    Model availability

    The old sets will still be compatible right? I have bought a fortune the last couple of weeks and hope it wasn't for nothing.
  13. TableTopTerror

    Firestorm fluff

    The lore is what separates this game from others. It brings character to the factions and stories of the brave crews who man the ships. I hope whatever happens i still feel like I'm on the bridge reliving the battle ahead.
  14. TableTopTerror

    Firestorm fluff

    I tell you one thing whoever wrote the stories in the books needs to be rehired. I found myself loving the Valhalla scenario book stories and it left me wanting more.
  15. TableTopTerror

    Firestorm fluff

    Oh I can't wait. Will you guys be using any of the old molds or making new ones?

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