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  1. Hi guys! Very excited to be jumping into Wild West Exodus. My gaming buddies and I all picked up starter sets and a huge amount of Wild West terrain at Salute this weekend and we're going to have a blast with those I'm sure. Looking ahead to the future, though, I'm curious if there's a community standard for 'normal' game sizes. The starter sets will keep us busy for a while I'm sure, but it never hurts to plan! Obviously in the core book there's the 3 categories for 0-999, 1000-1499 and 1500+ - I'm mostly curious as to how the game changes at higher points values, beyond the probably-obvious 'game will be longer'. Looking at my Tribal Retribution posse, for instance, it looks like I could easily fill out 1500+ points in there if I wanted to because of the large number of Hands and Support slots available; but again, I'm wondering if that's actually a sensible move or if you want to be trying to get multiple Bosses in big games so you've got more Fortune points. I guess that probably comes down to whether you want board control or rerolls for your guys?
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