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  1. As you say, you can play with one set of Action cards and one set of Adventure cards. With the action cards you can split them randomly between the two players or you could remove the 5 point card and one of the 2 point cards and give each player identical half decks. I think the easiest way to do it would be for one player to have even numbers and the other odd numbers (going by the card number at the top left). The same with the Adventure cards; either split at random or divided into two more or less identical half decks. It also occurs to me you could tailor the Adventure deck by selecting certain cards for one side, to reflect the nature of the force or the scenario - though I'm not sure how that would work out! As Stuart says you can do what you like when you are playing a casual game with friends. The Red Oak box has everything you need to do that (except the fortune chips!). Although like you I have bought a second set of decks - it saves sorting out the cards!
  2. One of the great things about WWX is that all the materials to play are free on line; you can play with proxies without buying any WWX figures (you would have to spend quite a lot on printer ink). Some of the Dystopian Legions figures can slot straight in and some could be used with a bit of imagination. I would love to see a North West Mounted Police posse using Britannia riflemen. Having said all that it would be well worth your while to get one of the starter sets and there are some very good deals on line.
  3. I went for the Bandits simply because I liked the figures more. I am also thinking of using them in a Lawman posse as deputies in plain clothes; just using the deputies cards with the Bandit figures. I think your reading of the Lawman posse rules is correct - but I could be wrong!
  4. I like the idea of using some DL figures in WWX. The Kingdom of Britannia riflemen could be NWMP - stats would be the same as Deputised Sharpshooters?
  5. Thanks for the advice Ultravanillasnurf - I saw your pictures in the gallery and was very impressed. I doubt I will reach your standards!
  6. I am still building my first posse but I also looking ahead to what I might get next. I like the look of the Rebel Scouts and Dixie Snipers, but as I understand it they can only be included if you have a Confederate Boss ie Stonewall Jackson or Quantrill. I have Outlaw Boss Jesse James - is there any way he can have Rebel Scouts or Dixie Snipers in his posse?
  7. Yes, I thought the idea of splitting the action deck between two players for the starter set was great; it means you can play a game just using what is in the Red Oak box. You could probably mention it in the rulebook as well! I am still assembling models as well so still waiting to play. I got the Red Oak set and a box of hands. I am starting with the hands and the K9s so I can build myself up to tackling the characters. I really want to do them justice when it comes to painting!
  8. I just wanted to say thanks to The Battle Hammer for putting these videos together. They are a fantastic resource for learning about WWX and how it is played. I like your style guys!
  9. Wolfgang, Overread, thanks for your replies - this is just the kind of advice I was hoping for. It has been a long time since I last assembled plastic models so I just wanted to make sure I hadn't overlooked anything important!
  10. I am just getting started with WWX and have the Red Oak starter set and a box of Bandit Cutthroats and Gunmen. But before I start to assemble the models I just wanted to check if I am doing anything wrong. The plan is; 1. Assemble models with polystyrene cement. 2. Spray paint undercoat (white or black?). 3. Simple paint job. Washes to bring out detail. Drybrush highlights. 4. Simple basing . Sand and glue , drybrushed to bring out texture. Does anyone see anything drastically wrong with this approach? Is there anything obvious that I am missing? Any and all advice appreciated! Eric
  11. Hello, I am currently getting started with Wild West Exodus. I did dabble in Dystopian Legions - loved the models but didn't like the rules. But after watching the Battlehammer videos I am very excited about WWX. I love the figures and the rules look like a lot of fun and easy to follow - time will tell! I am hoping to find somewhere local (North London) to play WWX. I have the Red Oak Starter set and a box of Bandit hands so should eventually be able to put together about 1000 points worth of Outlaws. I look forward to hearing more from WWX players on the forum! Eric.
  12. Hi, I am new to the game too so I am no expert but as I understand if you take a hands unit for the first slot it would not count towards the total for any other slot. But each hand unit can be only 3 figures and a support unit can be just one so you could fill the list above with just 12 figures plus the boss to make a total of 13 figures in 7 units. And remember you are not obliged to fill every slot - you just fill them in order until you reach the points total agreed for the game you are playing. You could also take more than one Boss and reach your points total with no hands at all. Hopefully someone can confirm if this is correct or not!
  13. As suggested I just looked up Nellie Cashman. An amazing story; I'm surprised she is not more widely known. Thanks for introducing me to her! And another great piece of writing from Sarah Cawkwell by the way!
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