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  1. Living in rural Vic here but give me a bit of warning and I'd be happy to get down to the city for a game or two.
  2. Sorry about the delay, "real" work got in the way. Have made some significant changes based on suggestions, many thanks on your input and more criticism and ideas welcome please. Overall I'm sticking with both players drawing from the same Action and Adventure deck, I can see the glaring negatives but to bring back to play as close to out of the box as possible I'm sticking with it. Simplifying every scenario AND cutting back on confusing waffle about who loses/wins getting more/less. 1st Scenario: Cut right back on the model count and left the boss out, using Ultravanillasmurf's idea to bring it down to just a "face-off" (I like what you did there) Stats are fairly even, the conversation over Frank starting with/without Sophie Rifle to me gets balanced by Doc having Quick Draw: one gets shots in at range, the other gets more lethal the closer he gets to his target, and after playing it I can say it is a LOT more lethal. 2nd scenario: Now introduces more models. Odd scenario but figured it needed to change the pace from the first and focus on giving players a look through the adventure deck to get their VP score rather than holding objectives. 3rd scenario: Points balanced battle with whole starter set: introducing bosses, Largesse etc. with a building objective in the middle to draw folks in for a fight. Gunfight at Red Oak v2.pdf
  3. Had been my plan with having one obstacle in the middle of the table and VP pressure driving both sides towards it rather than a shootout. Using bosses just meant that spending Fortune on other units got explained (and more targets). I see the strength in just having Faces so will put it on the table when I get back. Terrian wise I really held back after I saw another post querying just how little terrain could be used in a first game. But yeah the more terrain and cover the better, it's a highlight of most wargames and cutting it back doesn't work.
  4. I had seen similar but didn't want to get too bogged down with instructions on sorting cards, do you think something like "You may want to redraw 5s and 1s" would address it without getting too fiddly? And yes, just play the damn game is solid advice, I'll try and put it in more folksy way!
  5. Been playing around with a teaching scenario while I've got some downtime in the UK so I can hopefully get my starter set to the table a little more easily - my gaming group likes shiny things. Anyway - criticism and ideas please! Hoping my cannibalism of official Warcradle releases is taken in a positive spirit of my love for this game. I know the fonts are cattawumpus so if anyone knows the rulebook main body font or a free alternative please let me know and I'll sort it Thanks y'all Ekun Gunfight at Red Oak v1.pdf
  6. Was going to try this conversion but the new mounted cards only seem to be on Iron Horses. Going to give the Outlaws both Attack Dogs and 1 Gun Dog with Grenade launcher to get the points matching. It doesn't fit the Outlaw posse card, which is such a small rule to break it shouldn't bother me but if I'm teaching the game to others I want to be able to limit the rule bending and resulting confusion. Any better fixes?
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