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  1. Yeah, Thank You. I read in errata that Veteran Instincts gives "On the lookout" now instead of simply "triggering reaction". And you can't go on lookout while engaged in combat. And about fourth one, maybe Stun weapon was't good example since it does not drop limit but let's say it became disordered. Although dropping statistics with stun condition via reaction is pretty great too
  2. Thank You for answer but I don't mean the "Walk it off" action but a re-roll thing. What if I failed the grit check for hazardous condition and I have no fortune to spare before "end of activation" and I REAAAAALLLLY would like to re-roll that check. Is there some kind of sequence? like first check for conditions at end of activation and then fortune chips reset? Or can I actually reroll that condition check and save my model with "maybe-just-restored-fortune chips"?
  3. About 4, I found that negative conditions are applied immediatly. It seems now that Give'em hell with such weapons can be devastating for charging opponent. Dropping the Limit to 2 or even 1 is just WOW. I would really like clarifications with first two examples though. Namely we had reaction with Legendary Octopussy torrent since it said "at any point during an attack" they assumed that it might be while warriors run toward her. And second is just... aaagghhh... As Warrior Nation player I really really hate Iron Horses and if they can drown me in bullets and then react too...
  4. Hazard - The model must take and pass a grit check at the end of their Activation or they are wounded. Page 33 Chips - Remember, every unit with a Fortune rating receives Fortune chips back up to that level at the end of their Activation. Page 17 That is why I ask for help and clarification. I can't find anything about some kind of "model resolution/end step" before "end of activation" in rulebook. We play a lot in our local game store, and since english is not our first language, guess I was delegated to get te rules right.
  5. My model has hazard condition and no available fortune chips. Then when I end my activation what happens first? Regaining fortune chips or making check for negative condition (hazard) ? It's relevant becouse I might need to reroll that dice check.
  6. I have some issues with that reaction thingy. 1. Rules state that "At any point during an enemy unit's combat action". Does that mean that I can use both firearms if enemy unit is charging from distance or I can choose to slash them with sabres before they do? What about using torrent weapon when someone tries to charge and you activate Giv'em Hell? - If the torrent weapon doesn't reach charging models at the start of combat action I mean' 2. You can't Go on Lookout while engaged in combat BUT you still can activate reaction via fortune chips? If so, then what if Iron horse cavalry is stuck in combat and another unit charges it? Boss uses his/hers fortune chips making cavalry unleash gatling fire on the charging party while still being in combat? 3. Does always Give'em Hell reaction comes before enemy attack? 4. If my weapon has Tangle and I hit charging model via Give'em Hell reaction. when does inflicted negative condition go active? I mean: failed check stuns enemy - does that mean that it automatically decreases limit by 1 and unit cannot make another action this turn (lets say it had 2 more and chose to charge)?
  7. Złoty


    From what I understand totems and their rules... Small spirit totems are basically Warrior Nation portals. You place them via dispersed deployment rules (after everyone deploys their stuff but before trailfinder models make their move, and at least 6'' from any unit and table edge) To use it at least one model from moving unit must be in base contact with totem and the rest within coherency of 3'' from the totem base. The moving unit must make a mind check and if they pass they are teleported to designated spirit totem and again must be placed in 3'' coherency of its base. If they fail the mind check I guess nothing happens, it's not really specified in rulebook under "portal move". The enemy can use your portals but has a penalties for doing so, -1 for every non-friendly portal on the table if he/she wishes to exit via non friendly one. Of course, you need a unit with "totemic" rule in your posse to put that many totems on the table. I use Ghost Wolf and Alcon, the Sky Spirit I hope I got it right. What I do not know is: Can you focus portal move? It would be reeeeaaaaaallly useful for the Plain Warriors. Becouse man, when they jump out of portal and charge it's almost sad for those poor union soldiers waiting for that incoming rain of tomahawks
  8. I played few more games without Walks Looking or any model from tribal retribution posse box. And i must say... Totems are absolutely the way to go. I won games with Union and Enlighted quiet easily with 6 totems on the table. Ghost Wolf is great and Irontooth, besides being nasty kitty, becomes a real threat for any boss if you have +1 Mind guts card Also I just noticed that Sky Stallions have Mettle. Maybe I should give them one more chance.
  9. I'm a man with no use for a name Live in Poland and play in local game store over here I play only Wild West Exodus for now but I'd like to play Dystopian Wars with Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Forces I've been playing WWX since start of 2nd edition My army? Warrior Nation!! But I'm about to order Dark Nation models soon Best model? THE. GREAT. ELK.
  10. I guess people learned how to play against me now and just rip me a new one before I'm able to get to close. Although I'm absolutely in love with Irontooth. In fact, that was the first model I bought besides Tribal retribution posse and Hands packs. It is absolutely amazing, he just ate Grant and Leah Kingston my last game and even though I lost it was totally worth it.
  11. Yeah, I get that they must have some use for 80 points per piece. But from statistical point of view I personally would rather take 6 Brave Hunters (180points. If needed I can add this one crossbow for that -3 piercing for +15 points) than 3 Sky Stallions (240points) and shot 12 times with piercing -1 than 3 times with piercing -3 (Also, I've never found Spirit Aim ability really useful, maybe it's just the way we set up the table and play). And they have same limit and weapon range too. Of course, that is for taking out hordes as I tend to play against Union a lot. And I have same issues with Kaga brothers as they have same exact stats as hunters. In fact, they are basically brave hunters with crossbows (additional cost included). Maybe against creations they would be good with that "built in durable" thingy on those (Creation rule). But still, for holding points and scoring those VPs I'll take Hunters over Satllions any day. Just my personal experience.
  12. I'd like to see hordes of Mexicans on the tabletop. And I hope they'll be able to conquer Union becouse my Warrior Nation is getting stomped by them recently.
  13. I used to run Walks Looking posse as I like to get up close and personal but since last errata that removed meele range on tomahawks, got mu butt handed to me twice in a row . I just got murdered by iron horses gatlings and grenades. I don't see a point in running Sky Stallions now and they're even more expensive than iron horses. Also, in my opinion Kaga brothers are probably the biggest waste of points in the game at the moment. Now I plan to run Ghost Wolf for 1000 points list: Ghost Wolf (boss) 245p Alcon, the Sky spirit 145p Irontooth 215p 3 Plain stalkers 105p 4 Brave hunters 120p Either 2 Firebringers or Great Elk 170p/145p Posse not enabled becouse I love charging with Irontooth waaaay too much and oooh, the treasure hunter ability. With 6 totems on the table I might have a chance to seize some control, score some VPs and hopefully avoid spontaneusly changing into colander without doing much harm to my opponents.
  14. I absolutely need some guidance for this faction. I picked it becouse noone else wanted to (becouse let's face it, they're not the most interesting in a steampunk universum) and i enjoy playing underdogs. But darn, i can't really do much against things like iron horses and gatlings in general. And last errata that lowered meele range on tomahawks to zero didn't help either. Also what purpose do Sky Stallions now have without torrent attack? I don't want to complain, but they don't really excel at anything in comparison with iron horses units. In combat 1 vs 1 it's 4 shots from gatling + reroll of misses becouse of LINKED + brutal automatic hit with -2 piercing Vs. 1 shot with maximum -3 piercing. And stallions are at least 10 points more expensive than bikes now, so there has to be some reason for that.
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