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  1. LeonTrollski

    Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition

    The fleet action rules for tfts are a bit simple for my tastes, but seem to solve a lot of the issues with activations and the like and streamline the whole affair a goodly bit. It wouldn't take but a couple of additional options/changes to dispel the simplicity issue, but even without that, I would be quite satisfied to see a similar system in 3.0.(which it kind of sounds like is the plan?)
  2. LeonTrollski

    2.5 template size question

    The game basics section of the 2.5 rulebook lists the size for the energy template as 3 inch diameter and the size for the small effect template as 1.5 inch diameter. Yet the pictured examples for these templates are the same size. Moreover, the pictured examples are neither 1.5 or 3 inches, instead both being 2 inches(presuming they are in scale with the 4 inch template example) What are the correct values for these templates?
  3. LeonTrollski

    DW 2.5 Fan FAQ

    Nice work. This will be quite helpful. I did find an faq errata though. You have the "fuel reserves" MaR incotrectly listed as the "raging fires" MaR.

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