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  1. Hello there! Some years have passed now, and i am here to bring news. Sadly, the launch of the Neuschwanstein was delayed, most probably a treacherous act of the Teutonic Order, as it got bombed during construction. But this incident gave King Leopold II just the support within the Reichstag to gain the right to establish his very own airship fleet. And now, after the Neuschwanstein is rebuild and nearing completion, and the first prototypes of the Bavarian airfleet are constructed, designed and named after the kings most beloved knights and heroes of his favourite operas, forming the new "knightly order" of the swan, i can finally present you the mighty airforce of the bavarian kingdom: Tristan Class Small Airship Siegfried Class Airship Lohengrin Class Heavy Airship And the reworked Neuschwanstein Class Sky Fortress The stats are the same as the prussian ones, its more like a skin than a new as of now. Hope you like it. If not, watch the skies ;P
  2. Ah, I see. I totally forgot about the obscured thing. I really don't plan to make it a game breaking thing. A quick idea I have would be to limit it to height band 1 and deny it to get obscured. And maybe add some sort of vulnerability to critical hits, as it is not really designed for combat. After all, it is more or less just a heavy retro fitted castle. You are right, it is very difficult to board, as it is intended, but the actual reward is too low. A successful boarding action against it should provide enough victory points to win the game in 90% of the cases. But I thank you both very much for your input, as I really want this model to be enjoyable for everyone.
  3. Ah, okay. I just wasn't sure about the beam. I hope you don't mind that i changed their names to main turret as they are also called at the Vauban. But i am very glad you see them as improvement.
  4. Yeah, it kinda bothers me too, but it is not easy to change it now. So, i thought "well they got sturginium and stuff, they could make that thing fly", although i may add something, but extra baloons are to fsa, rotors are eobs or kob, not much left i could do. And it is already quite wide in comparison to other prussian airships, so i guess i have to stick with its overall size.... One idea i had is to add some sort of jet engines to the lower half of the ballon, as sort of balancing device. But im still not sure about that. But im still adding wires and stuff to it, so its still nothing really final^^ But thank you very much for your feedback, i really appreciate it.
  5. Hey, sorry, we had a few problems with the internet provider. I like your stats, but i have a few questions, most of all, why beam turrets? Or am i just translating it wrong? Beam like laser ? And i would increase the AA to 9, maybe 10. In fact, i would increase most stats, as i thought of it as an unique airship version of the Vauban, with about 350-400 pts. So weaker than the Ice Maiden, but nevertheless a flying monstrosity. I would change the weapon arc of the Lion Cannon (i kinda like that name, its not so complicated like "super sonic wave emitter") to fixed channel, and increase its attack dice to - 14 12 9, maybe even 15 at rb 2. With this said, i'd like to explain how i imagine the role of this airship. While it has significant firepower, it lacks the broadsides of the other ships. So its focus lies not in dealing damage, but more in staying alive, and inspiring other airships. The Lion cannon is compareable to the earth shaker cannon of the Elysium, with the same carrier capacity for just 170 pts. The Vauban has compareable firepower, same carrier capacity, but far better survivability as the Neuschwanstein with your stats for 300-340 pts. So here is my proposition: Prussian Empire Neuschwanstein Points 360 Large Sky Fortress Crew Type : Elite Massive Aerial capital model Minimum Move: 2" Turning Template: 45-Degrees Turn Limit: 1" Squadron Size: 1 RB 1 2 3 4 DR CR MV HP Lion Cannon (P) ~ 15 12 9 8 12 6" 14 Main Turret (P) 11 9 6 3 AP AA CC IR Tesla Bombs (6) 6 ~ ~ ~ 12 9 6 6 MARS Area bombardment (Tesla Bombs 1, Lion Cannon 1), Carrier (6 1x5 Wing), Fuel Reserves, Specialised Defences (3), Strategic value 150, Terrifying (12"). Unique (Spotter? Because of the towers? Maybe?) Options: This Model has an Internal Tesla (8") Generator Weapon Arcs FOUR Main Turret (S) have offset 180-degree Fire Arcs respectively The Lion Cannon (P) Fixed Channel Forward Fire Arc THREE Tesla Bomb Bays (T) have a 2" Range and 360-degree Fire Arc Special Rule: The Lion of Bavaria - All friendly aerial models within 12” of the Neuschwanstein are considered to have the Fearless MAR So, what you think? Oh, i am planning to 3d-print the model, i will post the results as soon as i have it^^
  6. Ah, okay. Well, i am curious what stats you would see fit. Please share your results with me. ;D
  7. I thank you! @David Yes, i designed it myself, but its inspired by the castle Neuschwanstein, though not the unfinished one we you can visit in bavaria, rather the by the original plans of king Ludwig II. @RuleBritannia As the Bavarian military would mainly, if not even entirely, consist of aerial forces (as Prussia controls all the landships and stuff), i erecommend it to be only planes. I even think of the capacity to be smaller or equal to the Imperium, as it is no dedicated carrier. But i can't set any definitive stats right now, as i wait for 3.0 and any upcoming changes that may appear. If you are interested, i can upload the file for you so you may 3D-Print it.
  8. Hey everyone, allow me to briefly introduce myself: I am from Bavaria, Munich to be precise, and followed Dystopian Wars for years now, without buying anything, until a few weeks ago. With Warcradle reworking the game, i thought it is the best time to finally begin collecting. About the models, i absolutely fell in love with the Prussian and Eclipse Company airships. Only Problem: Bavaria and Prussia never really liked each other, but no german kingdom really liked any other, so thats quite usual. Anyway, i came to the conclusion to paint my airships in a Bavarian style, and even wrote a story about how it came to be. I also modelled their unique legendary flagairship. So i present to you: The Kingdom of Greatbavaria How they play: Due to their isolated location in south Germany, surrounded by allies and the Alps, their forces mainly consists of airships, with the few ground divisions being under Prussian control. Their airships are the standard Prussian ones, with a few additions (see below). I have no idea how to set the stats of the new airships, for i could not manage to find any players here, so i am absolutely unexperienced how effective or ineffective some things are. The new airships: 1. The Neuschwanstein: The massive flagship of the Bavarians, even larger than the Imperium-Class Skyfortress. Equipped with four heavy battleship turrets, a hangar, and an unique fore weapon, that ignores armour and shields. Ideas: 2. The Donner-Class Bombard-Airship: Idea for a long ranged airship. Using the bombard pushes the ship 1'' back because of recoil. 3. The ?-Class Medium Airship: A medium sized Airship with two turrets and focus on broadside attacks. All these Airships have no Tesla-Weaponry, as the reactor energy is needed for the stabilizers, preventing the Airships to tilt resulting from the recoil (or massive castles upon them ^^). The .pdf file explains the history of Greatbavaria as well as its unique weapon system. Hope you like it^^ Kingdom of Greatbavaria.pdf Edit: I added a few picture of the Neuschwanstein
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