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  1. The biggest problem I have with the current rules is that FSA feels kind of a mix between a skirmish game (like malifaux or Warmachine/Hordes) and a battalion wargame (like WH40k/Age of Sigmar). We can move each model independently and each of them has different stats and can help others + we have to activate 1 "squadron" at a time like shirmish games. On the other side, the size of the battles quickly means we have quite a lot of models on the table and it takes ages to finish a turn (and we all know no ones like waiting). 3.0 should either: - simplify what each model can do if they are in a group and create the same "grunts (simple stats but more models) / hero (game changer but single focus)" differentiation that exist in skirmish games - remove individual stats from squadrons and use them as 1 entity in term of firepower/abilities (allowing for bigger games and more models) Or we can do a combination of both (thought a lot more complex) by creating 2 separate games at "less than X points" ==> skirmish rules / "over X points" battalion rules
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