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  1. Probably a mistake. I've put it to attention ;] Thanks.
  2. If you see a model's base, even party, that means you see it. Of course, if something is on the line of sight the target is Obscured.
  3. In that case, you decide - first Tough or Mettle. Remember that this unit can be a target of an attack by others so if you pick up Tough and You are Stunned you get -1 to all attributes - also to Grit.
  4. Carpathogen brings them to life. How they look after - now that's a different story. They've got Reanimated to present its poor state. Number 2 - you decide but remember that after activation you cannot use this unit in this turn unless with a help of Compel or Dark Council. So if you shoot with 4 model on six available the rest loses a chance to shoot. Sometimes it's wise to do it ;] for example, if one of the models has got grenade launcher or thermite grenades and the whole unit is shooting to an enemy too close to them. Then it's better to leave this one who can by accident bring more harm than good.
  5. First of all Marcus is far better boss than Stonewall.
  6. I just copy what I've written in a different place ;] I hear from time to time voices "Tough is too Tough". This is only partially true. Yeah, You can reroll "1". But most of the units, who got this ability do not have Mettle or Quick&theDead. This is their line of defence. Usually, they are not even fast enough, they often have Limit 2. Wendigo has got reach of 10" with his gun - like a revolver ;] And his ROE 3 with PRC-2 ? Bandit Outriders cost 100 points less and have ROE 4 with PRC-2 ;] and range of 15" So for one Wendigo you can buy two of deadly bikes who can place a hail of bullets. Some people say "yes, but they have high grit and only with weapon PRC -4 you can kill them". Seriously? I've lost Wendigo and Vaquero Heavy Buggy because of an unlucky roll of dice and to the unit, who I couldn't kill with my "tough" ;] unit because he used q&td and mettle. I could just get stunned;] and die. And if you are attacked with high ROE weapon chance of saying bye bye to Kansas is not much higher than a typical unit.
  7. Most of the units who get Tough it's their last line of defence. Without the ability to reroll "1" you can just throw away Wendigo, Lokees, Vaquero Heavy Buggy, Judgment, King Scarab, Great Elk etc.
  8. You don't need to split the Action Point deck. Just draw from one dack and place used Action Card under the deck. If one of the players draws "5" ... it's a life, some are lucky some are not. WWX is a game of chances. You can plan, rethink your way, next move etc and then you draw "1" and boo hooo ;] Ultravanillasmurf - Frank doesn't have to leave "Sophie" at home. It's like you would say "Wyatt can't use Bunker because..because" ;] It's a little more difficult but thanks to it new players understood that running in the open over 15" is not the best idea, because there are always guys, who can shoot them. You can show them, how important is cover for their grit checks, how to pick the best approach, which ability use etc.
  9. Give'em Hell costs Fortune but gives you instant replay for every ACTION against your unit. On the Look Out has to be set during an activation of the unit for 1AP, but you can use it for free. It's a replay on COMBAT ACTION - both strike and aim against your unit. Both can be used only when they react to something - they cannot give you free action to shoot an enemy.
  10. I've sent PM to you @Warcradle Gary Here's a hint about a campaign. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1502069660036705/permalink/2100892590154406/
  11. When you nominate the different model he just got shot instead the first target. He must be in range 3" from the target model and in the range of attack. You got no benefits other than original target - so Yes, your number "3" answer is correct.
  12. I'll start with "braves" - yes, You need 3 to make one of them with heavy. Zarelda is not going to work with all above - she can be in Outlaws posse as a face or in Waywar Eight Posse. Just like Flowing River. Ghost Wolf is a good boss. I've attached two posses where he can be a boss. Here are the selections posse for Warrior Nation - read carefully which units you need to put in each slot. They must go one, by one. Each posse needs different boss. http://www.wildwestexodus.com/themes/community-theme-16/downloads/rules/posses-warrior-nation-v1.07.pdf Here You've got all the card for Warrior nation http://www.wildwestexodus.com/content/75-warrior-nation-stat-cards If You have more questions just ask.
  13. Chris so misses from the first roll are re-rolled by Linked and they do not need to be re-rolled from Moving Target?
  14. Probably there will be some units in the future.
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