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  1. Careful, Threatnecro incoming XD Since I didn't play that much games with the Bosses from the Warrior Nation I ain't got that much experience with them. So it is just my rumbling along my thoughts. - Walks Looking. I only own the basic version. Not the Legendary. But she gets the job done. Also with the 1.09 update on the legendary one. It is amazing. I can play her in the Hour of the Wolf. That will be nasty!!! She gets shrouded, that will be a huge bonus! - Ghost Wolf. The legendary one is a beast in melee. Everything he looks at got a huge problem. But sadly with the Theme Posse you won't get that many Hunting Wolves or Spirit Walkers. The normal one is more of a support. His posse helps you to deliver your big hitters. And you are able to take more of them. Win-Win. - Raven Spirit. I really enjoy him. He is a beast. Good supportive abilites, hugh Fortune pool und good weapons. He is all about bringing more Spirits on the field. That is an amazing ability? - Alcon. Well... the flying circus. It sounds like so much fun. It emphazies hit-and-run tactics. And also probably the nicest models in the range. I mean those huge birds. What is not to love. So the other ones I don't know about. But every of our Bosses got a really different playstile. I am having a difficult time to decide what to play^^
  2. There is still no app out there. But if you own BattleScrybe you can get a template for WWX. But I am not sure how up to date it is.
  3. It is described in the ruelbook on Page 30. For your question about Units. As they are performing a single Action. The target is only able to perform one reaction against that one action. If your Unit does target different units with a combat action, every different targeted Unit is able to perform one reaction. Well for the other stuff. I don't know yet.
  4. Schade, dass ihr so weit weg seid. Sonst würde ich gerne kommen =)
  5. Die Platten sehen klasse aus! Woher hast du die Schienen?
  6. Hi, personally I would recommend the Theme Posse of Raven Spirit. But then you got the problem with some really big Hands units. Alcon will be included, also the Spirit Apparations. But you can switch out the Hands units for some of the Face units you want. However you will lose some options to deploy totems.
  7. Hi, One of my reasons is the wide range of unique miniatures. You can play Cowboys vs. Aliens. Or a Raider Force against the native people of America, the Warrior Nation. You got historic figures like Abraham Lincoln, Wyatt Earp, Jesse James and so on. So every stile you like is supported. You got cowboys, Aliens, corrupted beasts. Everything! The rules allow for some really fun moves. Ever saw a unicycle riding up a building and shooting down that sniper? The look on your opponents face is worth the try! The game itself is pretty fast paced, fun and quick to learn. The best moment I ever had was Oron shooting Jesse down, then Jesse did his dying breath move, killing Oron. Then Oron got his revenge with killing Frank James through dying breath. Until that moment I was losing the game. After that the whole game changed with my victory! Unlike Warhammer or some other big games, nothing is decided until the end of the game. Because one good activation can change everything. So there are many reasons to get into the game. I got nearly the same problem in my club than you. I did several demo games, to get people into the game. And well, some started playing the game. You need to at least provide a fun demo game, Then everything else depends on how you display the game and the miniatures. So I hope, I could be of help to you.
  8. But there is something I don't understand about the mounted trait. What benefit do I get? Also will the mounted model dismount, even if it doesn't have the wrangler trait?
  9. Simply said. Yeah, that's right.
  10. They discontinued the Crown. Nimue is now a part of the Outlaws faction. Her Theme Posse represents the old faction Crown with the Nautilus trait. If I remember right from the Enlightened the Boss Annabelle Hamilton was also Crown aligned. But I am not sure.
  11. Die hatten da ne ganze Menge Modelle zur Schau ausgestellt, die erst noch kommen. Zum Beispiel die Cor Carolli der Order.
  12. Uff... Ich hab gegen die gespielt. Das waren der Veridian Alpha mit der Unit, und ich glaube noch einem veridian face. Aber beim letzten bin ich mir nicht sicher.
  13. Where does it stand, that the unit needs fortune for the give them hell reaction? I searched the rulebook and the FAQ. Did'nt find anything on that topic. Normally on the look out triggers, when the unit is declared as a target for the charge action. He declares the target of the charge, you declare your give them hell. Then the charge is will be done. That is the order as I think it is correct. Maybe someone knows his stuff better than me^^
  14. Ich kann dich so verstehen^^ Ich habe leider von dem Spiel erst mitbekommen, als es kurz vor der zweiten Edition war. Ich kann dir die zweite Edition nur empfehlen. Das Spiel ist der Hammer. Ein einziges Modell kann den kompletten Ausgang eines Spiels ändern.
  15. Yeah. The Thumbler is Agile. So he automatically passes climbing tests. In the rules I did'nt found anything that hinders that movement shenanigans. The Pillar is something I plan to get my hands on. But not now.
  16. Hey ShiDono, i moved your post to the Order Factionforum. I think it is more suited to the faction Forum. I am playing the Order. My experience is that our Hands, the Spica, are pretty powerful. They are an allround equiped Unit with descent stats. So I always try to include at least one or two Units containing at least 3 models. I got great games with Nura. She is a true melee Monster. So everything to support her is welcomed. On Aeron and Siraj. I can't tell you anything, because i don't own them at the moment. Helios is great. Flexible and excels at running missions, or picking up lone Faces to meet their end. The Tumbler is surprising. At first he doesn't look so promising. But the look in your opponents face, when he climbs up a buildings wall to wreck havoc on that lonely sniper or support piece. Janna is great support for Portalmovement. Having two portals on the field is great. And with up to four portals you can move your pieces around as you want. Overall I think you list sound fun to play. But I would personally include one Hands unit. I hope I could be of help
  17. Ja da hast du recht. Bald kommen für die Order die Nahkampf Monster. Mal schauen, dann wird sich vermutlich in meiner nächsten Bestellung die Warriors Nation Posse befinden^^ Danke euch beiden
  18. Das Red Oaks set habe ich schon. Das nutze ich immer für Demo Spiele. Aber das hat es definitiv nicht besser gemacht. Beide Seiten machen Spaß. Diese Box hat mir bis jetzt 3 neue Spieler eingebracht und zwei die es sich überlegen. Das klingt aber gut. Dann werd ich wahrscheinlich erst mal die ausbauen. Aber die Warrior Nation....
  19. Meine lieben Mitleidensgenossen, ihr Cowboys kennt es doch alle. Dieses Gefühl, wenn man abends in der Bar an der Theke sitzt und man sich einfach nicht entscheiden kann, weil alles so verlockend ist. Der peinliche Blick in die Geldbörse. Der Blick zu den wunderschönen Modellen hinter dem Verkaufstresen... Und dann dieser Moment. Wenn sich jede Vernunft abschaltet und man einfach nur noch diese Minis will. Das hier ist ja jetzt nicht mein erstes TableTop. Aber mit Abstand das erste, bei dem ich dieses nagende, nicht zu befriedigende Bedürfnis habe mir die Minis zu holen. Jetzt habe ich ja schon die aktuellen Modelle der Order. Aber es gibt ja noch die Lawmen, Outlaws, Warrior Nation... Dieses Mitleid, dass ich mit meinem Geldbeutel habe. Aber genug des Vorgeplänkels ihr Revolverhelden. Habt ihr Empfehlungen, für eine zweite Fraktion, die vom Spielstil her eine schöne Abwechslung zur Order stellt? Ich schwanke zwischen Ponca de Leon, Jessi James, Bass Reeves, Wyatt Earp, Morgan Earp, Walks Looking, Ghost Wolf, Raven Spirit. Ach diese Qual der Wahl =( Grüße
  20. Stuart Mackensie quotet that there is no armory because of the fluff. The doctrine states your weapons. So there is no indivuality allowed^^
  21. Since Battlescrybe is, well complicated, I will try out Army builder. I tried excel but mine does not work. I can't do the formulas...
  22. Okay. That's something. At he moment I am trying to create a roster for the 2nd edition. But that is kind of difficult because there is no guide available how to do it. I am experimenting but it is frustrating....
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