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I've been in the Tabletop hobby since I was 11, so about 24 years by now. I have a plethora of Game systems, including some obscure ones and several dead ones. I mainly like sci-fi and steampunk, some Fantasy. I have terrain and tablespace and do host regularly Boardgame nights at my place. looking to extend that to tabletop wargaming.

I also own 2 dogs and 7 Cats. No kids. 

If you're ever in Dublin pm me if you want to catch a game and a few good pints of craft beer or cider. (I'll let ya know where to get it, BYOB;):P )

I have about 1500 pts Lawmen and Outlaws, plus a small Confederate force for WWE, I have Prussian Empire for Dystopian legions, and Prussians, British and Japanese fleets for Dystopian Wars (Air and Sea, no land). I have a bunch of other systems as well and also a huge collection of board games.

I speak Dutch, German and English on a Native level. 

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