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  1. I did not have issues finding other players for dystopian wars, for the air and sea, but I don't know anyone who cared for the land part/variant. And I liked the stuff shown, it's been a few years. Time has passed, design and production capabilities have moved on. The past is the past, let's enjoy that we see a renaissance for games that have been dead before and that we have an engaged and determined owner for dystopian wars. The past will not come back, and it would not make sense to wish it would come back, as apparently, it did not work out. Now let's have a look at Warcradle, they have a plan, they have experience and capacities, so be happy that they are taking care of this. Will some changes be painful for long time players or veterans? Yes sure, but you have that with any change of edition in any game. I'm for one am a happy trooper and look forward what's coming. And I do own a Blazing Sun, British and Prussian fleets, never got around to Antarctica and federal states, unfortunately, I'll just continue to use these minis and in time they will possibly just gather more dust on the shelf, but that is life... Be positive lads, we're such a small community currently, that tbqh it will not matter if you leave, but instead of being so negative, if you're not happy with what's happening or coming, accept that you'll not be able to change it and just move on with your life, ti will be more positive for everyone. I for one prefer to enjoy my hobby instead of hating it.. and if it does no longer fit my taste I move on.
  2. Game Sizes?

    Usually, you'd go with several posses with bigger games, you really need those precious fortune points. However, I'd say whatever your gaming group's meta is and what you guys prefer will fly. The game is amazingly scalable and fairly easy to get the basic hang of it, however remembering all the special rules and possible effects of bosses and faces on hands etc is the tricky and tactical part. kind of like earlier Warmachine and Hordes or good old confrontation 3.5 come to my mind there. And terrain yes We're moving to using more scatter terrain, though I currently have all the old houses, I'll probably pick up the new ones in a month or two.
  3. Introducing Nakano Gozen

    Don't know if her sponsor would like that (E.... G....) But she liked the mini
  4. Introducing Nakano Gozen

    Picked up two at Salute one for myself and one for ElectricEve (she's a twitch streamer, used to do painting vids before Duncan for GW)
  5. Model availability

    True, but Molds are also not free, especially ones for plastic. They're way cheaper then they used to be, but still it is a costly exercise to create a mold
  6. Model availability

    For removing paint: Aceton > Metal (DIY store or pund/euro /dollar store nailpolish remover Try isopropyl alcohol for plastic and resin. (pharmacy medical cleaning supplies). You may also want to use a jewelery soundwave cleaner in combination here. With resin i'd be carfelu as resin is not = resin tehre are very different compounds and they can react different to chemicals. Best of Luck.
  7. It's probably something that was overlooked by mistake. I'm sure someone from Warcradle will chime in soon and let us know.
  8. Introducing Nakano Gozen

    Really love the mini. But I'll have to model some more armor over her skin (boobies and leg, as I'm personally not a fan of the boob and leg showing female minis suffer that much from, especially in such a close combat oriented pose. I'd love however to see her in a femme fatale /Mata Hari -esque dress for those occasions when she uses diplomacy and infiltration as well as a mini Any chance for that?
  9. Optional and Campaign rules Ideas

    Glad you liked it. If you have any questions lmk. In general, I think and from my experience campaigns work best if limited to a maximum of 8 players and minimum 4-5. That's my sweet spot between being able to handle everything and keeping single players from dominating the campaign early on. For fewer players or especially two. I'd suggest utilizing a decision tree based campaign. I.e. have a mission tree drawn up. basically, you always get 2+ missions to select from after a game > winner selects. This can also be visualized on a map, think of RTS games on the computer where you have to decide which area to invade next, like Starcraft or the C&C series.
  10. Optional and Campaign rules Ideas

    Yep, this has been discussed a few times. At the moment there is nothing official. However, you may want to search the forum for the past threads or utilize a non-game specific system or framework for running campaigns. But a word of advice, campaigns are and require a LOT of work and dedication. You can find a general framework on my blog if you're interested.
  11. The new Armoured Clash

    I did not direct my comment at you Also great Username reminds me of something And I. totally understand your feeling of buying heavily into a game system to have that changed up (Confrontation and Warhammer Fantasy coming to my mind, though that situation is vastly different from the one regarding Spartan legacy games), however, I don't think in general frowning upon these things helps, it's just one of these things we can either accept or move on from. negativity, in general, will neither help oneself nor the people still liking that game. And yes judging from Wild West Exodus I'm more than excited as well
  12. He'll not be the only one being very happy with this update
  13. WWX @ Tabletop Network Treffen 2018

    Leider zu weit weg für r mich, aber super das du das machst Viel Erfolg!
  14. Download ‘Badlands Adventures’ NOW

    Great stuff, more than excited to test this But a quick question ( I already posted that on facebook but I guess it makes sense to have it on the official forum as well.): Have you guys considered making a boxed set for this? I.e. the document printed out, a number of civilians, the mob, a K9, Hexbeasts, and markers and bases in plastic? I think that would be a great expansion Box for the game Otherwise, it's 2 XXL Oval bases, 2 XXL Round, 4 Small Round, 2 sets of Civilians, 2 sets of Angry Mob 5 Hexbeasts (for which there are currently no miniatures afaik) and 1 K9 Attack dog. Am I right?
  15. WWE - how to sell the game to local community?

    Great Sales pitch Personally, I'd mention: That the manufacturer is well known, been around a long time, investing a lot into the game. Great and easy mechanics. Low entry cost. 50GBP for a starting set including all rules and necessary gaming material. Or the starter set which will only cost you 35 GBP for two factions and all necessary Gaming Material. Lots of different great looking miniatures readily available. You can have a fully fledged table including terrain and a Gaming mat for less than 150GBP. Great and developed Background. The company is very engaged with the community and steadily supporting the game.

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