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  1. Thanks for the help. They usually try to run them as catch all units and find themselves over stretched. Good to know they've just been playing them wrong.
  2. Not a CoA player (Prussian/Denmark) but two of the people in my group are and after a game we were going through the roster and I'm not sure it's cause I'm used to mine being my bread and butter but I noticed that your guys mediums come off as lacking. How do you get around this? I'm wanting to get better games from the rest of my group and would like to help them to the best I can.
  3. Yup, that's an annoying drawback of it. I'd like a more Marine version of it but *shrugs*
  4. With the Kickstarter incoming and talks of custom units from Spartan to top backers I figured this would be a fun topic. Valkyrie Based off a buddies kitbash of the venerable Metzger with a spare Me-262 model kit he had laying about this would be a fun choice especialy since the hochmeister introduced the giant robot sword. Fluff: A joint project between Prussian and French scientist and engineers it's a medium flying assualt robot. Moves between 8-10. In it's right arm a lightening rod sword and in it's left is a tesla cannon not dissimilar to the one's on it's land based cousin the sheildtrager. 4/6 rugged. 4 Hp, 4 AP, and low level flyer for those pesky battleships. Any further thoughts
  5. Dang, I mean, they're still op and broken but I'd still like to see some new stats before the power creep catches up and they become next to useless. Spartan's pretty good about keeping things balanced but in games like this power creep is an inevitability.
  6. Do they get to respawn lost squadrons? As in a torpedo bomber sas gets wiped out, do they get to use their carrier points to put a new sas on the board or is the carrier just stuck?
  7. When are they getting an update?
  8. The triple battleship list has made me the most feared player in my group. Especially when they have to choose between shooting the Skags or the rags. The CoA player made the mistake of letting them get within rb 2 of his battleship.
  9. My group did that with mine as kind of a boss battle at the end of a narrative campaign. It has the firepower at rb 4 to do some nasty damage.
  10. Recently got the danish naval battle group and I'm curious if in a 1000-1500 point game is the triple battle ship list feasible. I'm curious how it would work as well since I've found Danish work well with a pincer formation using the cruisers to come in and pin but would a battleship work just as well in that or am I spreading too many points around?
  11. Didn't mean in vacuum like that. Meant with a list of 350 or less against it that'd tie it down or wreck it's day.
  12. Had an interesting query come up while me and my group were discussing the Restitution's stats. What's the best way for me, a prussian player to kill it in vacuum for 350 points. Other than going air spam and hoping to survive it's long range volley's while dive bomber's hammer away at it. What list would you make to kill it or at the very least render it non operable. Given how if robot's ap runs to zero they die as well prussians should be able to come up with some interesting solutions given how almost everything has lethal strike.
  13. To be honest they thought about the last war. Something the french made as a mistake from the first world war. In which 100k+ casualties from them showing up in brightly colored uniforms marching across open fields in line formations. Machine guns treated them quite horribly.
  14. General Bunnahabhain, sorry if I mispronounced that, but surely they've seen our Metzgers and most recently the HochMeister. Certainly at least one of our officers was on the design board for helping them with their first combat robot? Certainly they had other ideas things that bounced around? Why'd they choose this...art project as their weapon? Zahariel, That's a statue on a gravity engine with a single motion arm.
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