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  1. Warcradle Studios are returning to Indianapolis at the end of July to join thousands of gamers at Gen Con 2020. If you're thinking of attending, make sure to come and see us and check out the games set in the Dystopian Age (including Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars) and much more besides! At our booth, you can have a demo of Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars, and get hold of our new card game. Fog and Friction: Western Front. Find out more about Fog and Friction here. You’ll also be able to chat to our studio team about the future of all Warcradle Studios games. We’ll have spectacular miniatures on display, our latest releases available to purchase and a few exclusives too - you won't want to miss out. We will be sharing our booth number and more information about what you can expect at our booth as we get closer to the event. Stay tuned. Badge Registration opens after January 26th. If you're thinking of joining us at the event head to the Gen Con website when registration opens: https://www.gencon.com/ Staying Up-To-Date: Gen Con 2020 You'll never miss an update if you join our Facebook event for Gen Con 2020 or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Not on social media? Check the community calendar on the Warcradle Studios forum to see all of the events we'll be attending throughout the year. View the full article
  2. Valentine’s Day is usually associated with absurdly large teddy bears and dozens of roses, yet Valentine’s Day 2020 brings an eerie, macabre force that is lurking overhead. This year, Friday 14th marks the date of the first pre-orders for Mythos! The desolate world is in dire need to regain its’ footing after the reckless damage done by the Great War. The butchery and havoc caused has ensured that the vacant dark gods of ancient power and of distant memory are ready to emerge, and to be awakened from their absence. Disciples and followers have come into fruition causing rival cults and factions to be formed, and now they move amongst an unpredictable world, preparing for the cosmic deities to return to the battlefield. Engage in twisted head-to-head confrontations in casual play or create epic campaigns using the narrative guide, as the competing factions wage a shadowy war against each other and the wider world. Originally devised by Paranoid Miniatures, in a true bone-chilling style. All of this month’s pre-orders are set to be released at the end of March. These items are available to pre-order from Wayland Games and your FLGS - find your closest store with our store locator. Mythos Rules & Gubbins Box The Mythos Rules and Gubbins Box contains all the tools you need to play. Just grab this box and your favourite Faction Starter Set (or two) and you are ready to start exploring the dark, mysterious world of Mythos. Read the full description, here. Price: £20.00 Mythos Starter Sets The Priory Faction Starter Set Knowledge, as they say, is power and the knowledge of humanity has been guarded and increased down the generations by those who retain, record and create it. Shamans, soothsayers, skalds and scholars hold the keys to this power and use it wisely, brought together by a shared experience of having glimpsed behind the curtain and having retained their sanity. Read the full description, here. Price: £35.00 The Hidden Ones Faction Starter Set Servants of the Sunken Pantheon (Dread Father Dagon, Deep Mother Hydra, and their progeny), the Hidden Ones make their home in coastal towns and villages around the world. Through corruption and interbreeding, the Hidden Ones irrevocably link their community to the sea and to the ancient deities that they worship. Read the full description, here. Price: £35.00 View the full article
  3. When we think about wargaming our first thought is usually about the miniatures we play with rather than the tables we play on. But the terrain is just as important for helping set the scene, bringing another facet to the hobby to get excited about. With Wild West Exodus we wanted to create a range of scenery that works perfectly for the setting and scale. The town of Red Oak was our answer to that and has been a very popular product range. Chris from our studio has thoughts on the world beyond Red Oak… It can be a real challenge to get enough terrain out on the table to make a good game, particularly if you want it to be specific to the game you play. Way back in the mists of time when I started wargaming I would use a Subbuteo pitch with books layered underneath to make hills. I recall having a resin church and I had made some gravestones on some spare bases I had. Finally, I had a handful of trees from the local scale model shop and that was the extent of my terrain collection. Today hobbyists have so many great options for terrain in a variety of different materials and I am a million miles away from that poor terrain starved Chris from the early ’90s. MDF has proven to be popular because you can create some very cost-effective and visually impressive products from it. The town of Red Oak, Wild West Exodus’ default location for the past two years, has been expanded with almost every building you could find in a frontier town in the Dystopian Age . Continuing an expansionist policy after the end of the Ore War, the Union now occupies states as far south as the demilitarised zone beyond the state of West Columbia and New Peru. But the Union of Federated States is a vast territory incorporating over sixty states many of which were once proud independent nations with their own rich history, culture and architecture. So it was time we moved beyond the Arizona territory and explored another iconic location in the Union, this time travelling further south beyond Texas to look at the more recently admitted states. The adobe-style buildings predominantly found in the states of Senora, Durango and North and South Mexico were distinctive enough from their Red Oak contemporaries, while at the same time gave players a space to tell the important stories of Mexican independence and occupation - key themes for many characters hailing from those southern states. Welcome to Rio Sonora! Having concept art and references from our Art Director Roberto Cirillo gave the Studio a great direction, the challenge lay in bringing these gorgeous illustrations to life. The team were up for a challenge and I hope you agree that they’ve done an outstanding job. These buildings are not only the start of a continuing range for Wild West Exodus, but also feature fully detailed interiors and, for the first time, are in multi-coloured pre-painted kits. Once assembled there is no additional painting necessary! Rio Sonora - The finished Product This new range gives players a diverse selection of pre-painted buildings to collect and use in their games. New stories can be woven around the town and Rio Sonora might start featuring in the narrative that weaves throughout Wild West Exodus in the product descriptions for each Posse we release. Here is a closer look at each building. We are very excited to start exploring Rio Sonora with you, so make sure you pick up your set and join us there. Until next time! Chris View the full article
  4. Part of the appeal of a tabletop skirmish game is that different factions often provides players with a range of play styles to choose from. In Mythos this is certainly true, for while factions such as The Priory are a force of near equals, for our latest faction focus, we see that the Path of Chroniozon are very much a different story… Mythos - coming to a tabletop near you in 2020! It is a great and noble thing to devote a life to the pursuit of knowledge. Some are obsessed with knowledge for its own sake and push the boundaries of understanding within their chosen field of study. However, there are those who seek the power to dominate others through their knowledge. Chester Barreman is a man such as that. Even in his youth, Chester had an interest in history, more specifically in ancient civilisations and their religions. He was fascinated by the various interconnected beliefs of people across the globe stretching as far back as the written word, hieroglyphs or even cave paintings allowed. It was only as his studies matured that he realised he was at the beginning of a very dangerous path. A path defined by a single word: Chronozon. Chronozon is the dweller in the abyss. The demon of time and chaos was said to be the last great obstacle between the adept and enlightenment. Barreman knew at that moment that he couldn’t just know more about Chronozon. He had to know everything. The young scholar’s obsession with this powerful demon became all-encompassing and acts that would have been abhorrent to him only months earlier were now acceptable in his journey down the path. The sacrifice of his sanity was so subtle that Chester was not even aware that he had crossed the line. It became the norm for him to barely recognise his own reflection, instead seeing Chronozon staring back through dark soulless eyes. The demon of dispersion made manifest through Chester Barreman. As Chronozon’s mark settled on him, Barreman became more strong-willed and charismatic than ever before. His sanity returned for periods of time long enough to attract followers and instruct them in the way of the demon, though at times the abyss walks free of Barreman’s soul and manifests itself in terrible glory. The followers of the Path wear masks bearing the symbol of the abyss, all the better to purge their own identity. Barreman has taught them that Chronozon’s function is to destroy the ego, which allows the adept to move beyond the abyss of occult cosmology. Chester has refined a ritual that allows, through a sacrifice of a servant’s lucidity, a Spawn of Chronozon to be brought through to this reality. This demon of dispersion recognises Chronozon’s mark on Barreman and follows instructions as well as those whispered from the abyss by its master. A creature of the umbra, the spawn is the abyss in cold bestial fury, sweeping through any environment in a blur of vorpal teeth and claws. As Chester Barreman walks the Path of Chronozon assisted by demagogues like his protege, Lydia Heron, he has become aware of the larger struggle between the awakening gods of old and their mortal pawns. This Shadow War is fought not between armies and nations like the conflicts of men but as something more subtle and insidious. In such a struggle for supremacy, how can the erudite servants of Chronozon fail? Even vassals of a dark god need a good seneschal. Lydia Heron is such a woman. The Path of Chronozon are your classic faceless horde of cultists, each clamouring to appease their dark master by carrying out his will. Unlike Followers in many of the other factions, the servants of the Path of Chronozon are utterly expendable! This makes for a very different and uniquely enjoyable experience when compared to more individually valuable mortals such as those of The Priory. Look forward to seeing these abyssal servants later in the year. Until next time. Stuart View the full article
  5. Warcradle Studios will be attending Salute 2020 in April, joining Wayland Games at ExCEL London. During Salute, our amazing demo team will be hosting games for Wild West Exodus, Dystopian Wars, and more, for your entertainment. If you think you're tough enough to take them on, of course. In addition, there'll be a whole host of gaming delights available to purchase from our booth; from miniature sets, terrain sets and accessories, to the latest releases and show exclusives. We'll have spectacular painted miniatures on display too. Some coursey of our very own studio painter, and others of Angel Giraldez himself - you'll be able to catch more than a glimpse but will you spot the unreleased ones? More information about what you can expect at our booth will be revealed as we get closer to the event. Stay tuned. If you're looking to attend and partake in hours of tabletop gaming, make sure to head to our booth on the day. Tickets for this event are on sale now. Visit the Salute website to get yours: http://www.salute.co.uk/salute/salute-2020/ Don't forget; you'll be able to talk with members of our team about any of Warcradle Studios games on the day of the event as well. About The Event: Salute is the biggest independent one-day wargaming and gaming event in the UK. The event is held at the ExCel London and is run by The South London Warlords, who aim to promote the very best in the hobby. The South London Warlords is a Wargames Club that caters to both traditional wargaming and modern tabletop gaming interests. They're an active group of gamers who meet-up regularly to play games and often found hosting demonstration games at shows. For the official South London Warlords and Salute Facebook page, please see: https://www.facebook.com/SLWarlords/ Staying Up-To-Date: Salute 2020 Never miss an update by joining our Facebook event for Salute 2020. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or check the community calendar on the Warcradle Studios forum if you're not on social media. View the full article
  6. Warcradle Studios will be returning to the NEC in Birmingham this year, joining everyone attending UK Games Expo 2020. Join us to take delight in demos of Wild West Exodus, Dystopian Wars, and Fog and Friction: Western Front, inspire your miniature painting by gazing upon the miniatures in our display cabinet or immerse yourself in the story of the Dystopian Age and more by speaking to our team! When you're ready, you'll find a selection of gaming delights available to purchase, including the 2020 event miniature and all of our latest releases for Wild West Exodus and Warcradle Scenics, with a few surprises too. You'll have to wait for our update closer to the event find out more about the products that will be available at our Booth. Tickets are already on sale for UKGE 2020. If you're thinking of joining us at the event head to the UK Games Expo website to get yours: https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/shop/tickets We'll be at Booth 2-702 during the event! Join us for the FULL Warcradle Studios experience. View the full article
  7. One of the defining features of the Dystopian Age are the eight Great Powers whose influence spans the globe. One of the oldest and most accomplished of the Great Powers is the Immortal Celestian Empire. Their fascinating history is revealed in part here as this pan-Asian alliance has sat in dignified isolation for centuries, until now… The Celestian Empire is not so much a single entity but rather an enduring partnership of some of the most powerful nations in the Eastern hemisphere. Established by the famous Jade Pact of the late 14th Century, the Celestian Empire includes the Seven Realms of the “Immortal Emperors”: the Chinese Empire, the Empire of Japan, the Joseon Kingdom of Korea, the Ayutthaya Kingdom of Thailand (Siam in Western parlance), the Toungoo Dynasty of Burma, the Empire of Dai Viet, and the Confederation of Madja-as. These seven states remain distinctly separate countries, although are bound by incredibly rich cultural and commercial ties which have been carefully nurtured over centuries of isolationist co-operation. Recently forced to reappraise their approach to the world after the ill-fated Anglo-Russian invasion of Korea, the Celestian Empire is determined to achieve a lasting peace, through total global domination if necessary. Battlefleet Ning Jing sweeps forward to engage the enemies of the Empire. In 1370, it is said that a group of monks arrived in the Chinese capital one cold morning unmarked and unnoticed. China had overthrown the domination of the Mongols a decade earlier and Emperor Ming was still establishing his dynasty. How the monks penetrated the Emperor’s private apartments changes with each telling of the story. In the young Emperor’s presence, the monks revealed themselves as members of the secretive Tian Shang – those who guarded an enlightenment they claimed was far more tangible than that offered by Confucian and Buddhist scholars. The monks presented an artefact to the Emperor, discovered many thousands of years ago by the founders of their sect. It was said that the man sized shard of unearthly material had come to Asia from the sky; whereupon it had been discovered and guarded by the Tian Shang. Shielded from outsiders by a cage of pure jade, the shard had amplified the spiritual awareness of the monks. These blessings they now sought to impart to the new Chinese ruler, so that his dream of a more perfect Dynasty could be realised. Emperor Ming accepted the tutelage of the monks and the power that they offered without hesitation, and for many months remained closeted with them in the halls of his palace; permitting no entrance but to his closest relatives. After this period of enforced seclusion, Ming embarked upon an ambitious plan, with the Tian Shang at his side - The Jade Pact. The first to receive the emissaries of the new Emperor was the Kingdom of Korea, once a tributary state of the Chinese Empire. The Korean ruler, Sun Li, was greeted by Ming as an equal, not a vassal, and the two finally met after a year of negotiation at their mutual border. At this meeting, Sun Li was introduced to the artefact by the Tian Shang and was quickly convinced of the benefits of Ming’s plan and the knowledge on offer. These two rulers placed the first signatures upon the documents that would become known as the Jade Pact – pledging assistance and mutual support to one another in the face of foreign dangers and internal problems. Ming’s diplomatic endeavours, however, did not end there. Travelling swiftly, his agents contacted the rulers of Vietnam, Thailand and Burma. Each was offered the chance to join the Jade Pact as equals; participants in a new order that abandoned vassalage for common partnership. The most difficult to persuade was the Empress Shinzua of Japan, who was only finally convinced by the phenomenal powers of the artefact. Once imbued with a portion of its power, the seven rulers of these kingdoms were able to communicate across vast distances through the Dream – a meditative state permitting telepathic communication. Nobody fully understood the process and yet the Dream was all the more beneficial for its side-effects, particularly that within the Dream, no lie can be spoken. Unable to dissemble or deceive, Emperor Ming and his allies could expect their proposals to be accepted at face value. The final member of the Jade Pact, the islands to the south of China known as the Confederation of Madja-as, brought the total number of Jade Pact signatories to eight. The Empire has refined diplomacy to a high art form. There is nothing that can be learned from Wenxiang that he does not wish you to know. To speak of a uniform government within the Celestian Empire is a misnomer, for no overall structure exists. Rather, a network of treaty obligations, unwritten agreements and competing obligations enforce a partnership between these seven different states, each with its own governmental structure, law and customs. To examine all these in great detail in a single volume would be the work of a lifetime, but there are notable commonalities. Each nation is a monarchy, although in practice the degree to which the monarch wields power individually over their dominion varies considerably. The Celestian Empire was closed to foreigners within a century of the formation of the Jade Pact. Whilst initially travellers from abroad were welcomed into the realms of the Immortal Emperors (as long as they followed local laws and customs and respected the traditions of their host country) this was found to bring too many problems. Some foreigners, it transpired, were more interested in the illicit trade of banned substances than in good business, while others engaged in the smuggling of arms and equipment to rebel groups that threatened the peace and stability of the Empire. A number sought to abuse their position and exploit the labour of Asia for their own profit. Better to ban all than to allow just one of these unscrupulous characters disturb the peace. More troubling, at least for the Immortal Emperors if not their subjects, was the presence of individuals displaying a disturbing aura. This aura was visible only to those connected to the Dream. These creatures appear as a slick of foul oil upon the placid and cleansed waters of the telepathic network, tainting the pure energy of the artefact with something dark and horrific. Such beings were removed at once wherever they were found – even in the highest ranks of foreign dignitaries. Such trespasses have since become astonishingly rare, especially after the last incursion was dealt with summarily by watchful Shinobi agents. Whatever foul intelligence guides such creatures has surely learned that to enter the borders of the Empire is to invite death. Only one region within the Celestian Empire has permitted free access to foreigners for any length of time, and even then, only to specific areas under close watch. These are the Merchant Ports – the cities and harbours in the Confederation of Madja-as where the wealth of a continent is bartered, bought, sold, traded and invested by the merchants of a hundred nations and more. Only trading houses with the wealth to pay the necessary fees and also possess the patience to navigate the paperwork can hope to hold down a presence here – but the riches to be made at this single opening in the Empire’s curtain walls make it worth every penny. The servants of the Datu are therefore considered as something approaching diplomatic experts within the Empire; it is their expertise which has periodically ensured that necessary resources (particularly RJ-1027, of which the Empire has no indigenous source) continue to flow into the wider economy. They have tense, but close, relationships with a hundred merchant companies; in particular the East India Trading Company. The Imperial Armed Forces (IAF) is the most unified of all the branches of the Celestian Empire. From the time the Jade Pact was formed, each element of the military has been under the control of a single Immortal Emperor, the Speaker, whose Court and Bloodline act as the central administration for that branch even as they work across national boundaries. Each has its own national contingent and HQ branch, but supreme authority is ultimately vested in the strategic councils of their chosen Speaker. The Army, the largest entity (numerically speaking) within the IAF and one of the largest globally, is under the command of Thailand’s Emperor Anuman. Whilst not the biggest contributor in manpower terms, Thailand boasts the most well equipped and well-trained forces within the Imperial Army and, as such, Thai troops function as the Empire’s equivalent of elite guards regiments. The rest of the Army is predominantly Chinese, raised from the burgeoning populations of Emperor Ming’s extensive domains. Specialist divisions are recruited specifically from other nations, such as the Viet famed artillery corps and the Japanese naval assault troops. Senior officers from all nations must meet the exacting standards expected of Thai troops, and many serve rotations with Thai formations before returning to their own units. The Imperial Navy, meanwhile, is the brainchild of Empress Shinzua, who as Speaker of the Fleets quickly moved to control all aspects of nautical warfare in addition to her originally more prosaic areas of responsibility. The Celestian Empire is considered a naval Great Power, especially after their stunning victories at Tsushima and Myeongnyang during the Anglo-Russian Invasion of Korea. All of the coastal nations of the Empire design, build, and crew their own warships, but all ultimately serve the Blazing Sun. Imperial warships are a source of great pride within the Celestian Empire, and the chance to now use them more visibly with the borders opened has been welcomed by nobles and commoners alike. That said, there is an element of friendly competition amongst the Immortal Emperors about their own nation’s naval designs, with many considering their own warships far superior to their comrades’. Further tests in battle are unlikely to settle these disputes. The Imperial Air Hunters are the preserve of King Sun Li, the Cloud Dragon. Originally Speaker for the Hunters, referring to literal hunters as well as cattle farmers and more, Sun Li has achieved unprecedented influence within the Forum since also claiming all air technology as his responsibility. As such, the Imperial Air Hunters are under Korean command. Once again, these are formed of the many different national air-forces, but all bear the sigil of the Cloud Dragon. Much to the chagrin of Empress Shinzua, the Forum decreed that the Cloud Dragon is also responsible for all aerial units and support elements wherever they operate. As such, all aircraft carriers and their support elements are officially part of the Imperial Air Hunters and not the Imperial Navy. This has become something of a bone of contention between these normally close friends – especially as Sun Li has begun commissioning combat vessels as “aerial battlefleet support units” Diving down on their foes, the Korean Doksuri are a deadly adversary in the Dystopian Age. Recent events, however, have led to a shift in the Immortal Emperors’ thinking. Despite the protestations of the Commonwealth’s Mongolian subjects, the Tsar entered into a secret agreement with the British Crown to seize the tempting target of the “Hermit Kingdom”, the domain of the Cloud Dragon, Joseon Korea. The Anglo-Russian Invasion initially met with success but was then brutally repulsed by the combined might of the Empire’s united military. This was the first such action from Celestian Empire in the Dystopian Age and the other major global powers took note that the Empire’s long-held stance on isolationism appeared to be at an end. This campaign, whilst vindicating the planning and approach of the Imperial armies, also made the Emperors reappraise their foreign policy. If isolation still invites attack in this modern age, they rationalised, then a more open but more guarded approach might achieve the same objective. The finest negotiators from Madja-as are now inviting their trading contacts to consider opening offices and warehouses in new Merchant Ports – one for each of the coastal powers of the Empire. This has the advantage of providing several other opportunities for trade, but also exposing more foreigners to the true might and wealth of the Immortal Emperors. One further point must be mentioned – the relationship between the scientists and scholars of the Celestian Empire with the Covenant of the Enlightened. There are those Burmese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese scientists and scholars who are members of the Covenant. Free to travel beyond the borders of the Empire to learn and study from their Enlightened Peers, they are forbidden from returning with any assistants or counterparts from outside the Empire. Celestian born Enlightened such as Jingfei Sun maintain Promethean Complexes of their own throughout the realms, in particular in Vietnam and Burma. They are, however, not closely involved with any of the wider organisations and groups, or major projects pursued by some of the Enlightened, instead applying what they know in service of the Jade Pact first. Each of the Great Powers in the Dystopian Age has a unique flavour to them. Hopefully, this insight into the Empire has helped you understand more about this first and possibly greatest of the Great Powers. But there is much more to be revealed about the nations of the Empire and future Studio Diaries will delve deeper into Japan, Korea and beyond. Until next time! Stuart View the full article
  8. Recently we had the launch of Fog & Friction; our exciting new card game where players fight over worn-torn battlefields in WWII. We thought it was a good time to look a little deeper at the tactics of this fast-paced game. You may have seen our “how to play” video for Fog & Friction (if not you can find it here) and while that tells you how to play, it doesn’t tell you how to win! I will be running through a few things you need to consider when playing games of Fog & Friction that will help you defeat your opponents. One of the most important parts of Fog & Friction is Deployment. Placing troops onto the battlefield with the right support cards is vital, as is matching the correct cards against your opponent’s troops. Taking note of what your enemies deployed troops can do is essential. Deploying cards that can’t be depleted by opposing forces is a great way to ensure you can keep a foothold on a battlefield while awaiting reinforcements. Let’s take a look an example battlefield below: In this situation, the PAK38 can do some serious damage against armoured targets, but are not effective against enemy infantry. The Riflemen will not be affected by the PAK38 attacks as they are infantry, but they are also able to deplete the PAK38. This is a simple example though, but let’s see what happens if we expand on it: We now have a Panzershrek, Grenadiers and an Anti-personnel Minefield added to the Axis side of the battlefield, opposed by a Vickers HMG, M4 Sherman and a 5.5” Howitzer. This brings us nicely to my next tactics tip. Artillery can choose to either attack the front line cards or the support cards. If you manage to take out the front line cards you also take out its support, but there are times when you need to deplete or destroy support cards so that you can damage the front line with your own front line troops. In this example, we will need to use the Howitzer to destroy the AP Minefield (the Howitzer gains +1 damage while in a rural battlefield). That will then give the Allied Infantry a better chance of destroying the enemy front line. If you had fired the Howitzer at the front line instead, all of its damage would be absorbed by the minefield. Special Rules - Always pay close attention to the special rules written on some cards because they can, in the right situation, make all the difference. For example, the Paras are able to deploy to a battlefield in the second friendly deployment phase, even if you did not deploy troops to that battlefield in the first deployment phase. This allows some great misdirection and really helps to simulate the kind of events that occurred during WWII. My final note on tactics is regarding resources. Tanks, men and bullets are all a finite resource and to simulate this in the game if your deck runs out, you don’t get any more cards. Winning battlefields with overwhelming numbers definitely works, but at what cost? You could win the battlefield and end up losing the war if you squander all your cards early on. Holding cards back between rounds will give you a lot more options in following rounds. I hope you all enjoy plenty of games of Fog & Friction over the festive period and don’t eat too many mince pies! Over and out Chris View the full article
  9. Embrace the Hex. Marie Laveau is supreme. At long last, we welcome the self-proclaimed queen of the Nazombu, Marie Laveau, and her companion’s to Wild West Exodus! She holds sway over hundreds of families, not as a dictator but as a mother, sister and friend. The form she wears is but a glamour, a product of her ‘Magick’ that allows her to interact with outsiders without them running in abject terror from her monstrous true nature. Court Of The Nazombu is the name of her Posse, a new set for the Hex, consisting of the queen herself, her now-dependable husband, a devoted voodoo priestess and oracle, and finally, the master of the dead. Laveau and her Nazombu Warriors often take safe-haven in the swamp-lands of the Nazombu Bayou, thriving among the Rotten Jetties and Abandoned Shacks, drawing power from essence embued Hexaliths. Today also sees two new support units available to pre-order; Raider/Hex Sharpshooters and Deputised Support Team. All of next month’s releases are available to pre-order online now and from your FLGS - to be released on the 25th January 2020. Don’t forget, our seasonal miniatures (and Max) have returned; they’re available to purchase from the Wild West Exodus webstore and from your FLGS now, until the 31st of December. The Court of Nazombu Posse The power of the Hex can be a subtle influence on those who only occasionally draw on its energies. To those like Marie Laveau and her coterie who fully embrace the entity, they wield awesome power. Across the bayous of Louisianna, the self-proclaimed queen of the Nazombu, Marie Laveau is supreme. She holds sway over hundreds of families, not as a dictator but as a mother, sister and friend. This has been the way for generations, ever since a strange egg was found deep in the swamps. Read the full description here. Price: £35.00 Deputised Support Team The budget and funding to supply Deputies is sporadic, to say the least. Most deputies typically bring their own shooting irons with them if they are called up, but some situations call for the big guns to be unpacked. Read the full description here. Price: £15.00 Raider / Hex Sharpshooters While revolvers and rifles are commonplace throughout the West, heavier, more specialist weapons can be difficult to come by. Many outlaws simply steal the weapons they need while others carry relics from the Ore War that have been lovingly maintained over the intervening years. Read the full description here. Price: £15.00 NEW WILD WEST EXODUS WALLPAPERS AVAILABLE View the full article
  10. Bill: You know how to play, Rufus? Rufus: I play a little. As we hurtle full speed into the holiday season, I thought I would take some time out from playtesting secret projects, to bring you up to date on the latest information about our upcoming most bodacious Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time boardgame. Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time is a cooperative game for 1 to 4 players, with each player taking on the role of a Wyld Stallyns band member. Something most heinous has happened to time and Personages of Historical Significance (such as Billy the Kid or Socrates) have become scattered in the wrong points of history. Throughout the game, players will be required to locate these displaced personages and return them to their correct time periods - closing any time rifts they find there. At the end of each turn, time cracks a little bit more and the biggest rift, that just happens to be in San Dimas, opens wider with dire consequences to the players. View the full article
  11. AdeptiCon is one of the biggest tabletop gaming events in the world, and in 2020, it will be the location for the Wild West Exodus US Gunslinger Masters - this most prestigious event will take place on Saturday 28th March! Prepare for a fun and furious competition. Among other prizes, the winner taking first place in this tournament will receive something very special indeed; not only their name in the Hall of Fame but the famed Gunslinger Champion Plaque - not available anywhere else. Spaces are limited, so for the chance to win glory for your Faction, be sure to get your ticket from the AdeptiCon website. You’ve got to be in it to win it, after all. For more information about Gunslinger tournaments, you can check out the Gunslinger OP PDF. Now, on to the event! The Tournament: Gunslinger Most Wanted Players taking part in the US Gunslinger tournament at AdeptiCon will face-off with 1200-point forces. All Gunslinger events are designed so as players of any skill level can participate and focus on taking home the glory. To stay up to date with the event, be sure to join the official US Gunslinger Masters event on Facebook, here. Prizes include pin badges for the top three players, in bronze, silver and gold, as well as special gold poker chips for every participant, and more. It’s time to gather your miniatures and build your Posse if you’re looking to participate! As this is an official Gunslinger event, there are also three award titles up for grabs including Prodigious, Largesse and Murderous. You'll find out more about Most Wanted tournaments, awards and rules in the Gunslinger OP PDF. Event Summary: Type: Tournament. Capacity: 32 participants. Table Size: 4 x 4. Experience: Some. Rules: Version 1.09 - uses current Gunslinger OP document and Errata. Format: 1200 points. Ticket Price: 20.00 USD (approx. £16) - available to purchase from the AdeptiCon website from the 8th December 2019. When: Saturday 28th, March 2020. Time: 10:00 am until 18:00 pm (CDT). Where: Renaissance Schaumburg, Convention Center Hotel, 1551 N. Thoreau Dr. Schaumburg, IL 60173 USA Get Your Ticket, Be The Champion If you think you have what it takes to be the next US Gunslinger Champion and claim victory for your faction, tickets for the tournament will be available to purchase from the 8th December 2019, once registration opens. Head to the AdeptiCon website! Prep your Posse You’ll find information for your 1200-point list in the latest version of the rulebook. Make sure to check out the Painting guides on the Warcradle Studios blog as you’ll find lots of step-by-step guides to help you get your miniatures ready for the tabletop. Make sure to join the official US Gunslinger Masters Facebook event to stay up to date with the event. Your Tournament Organiser Mike, one of our Warhosts, is the tournament organiser and will be acting as a referee during the event. With years of experience running and organising tournaments, as well as playing and demoing Wild West Exodus, you can rest assured you’ll be in safe hands on the day. View the full article
  12. Warcradle Studios are attending PAX Unplugged 2019 right now in Philadelphia, USA. So what does it mean for the Studio to participate in shows around the globe? Chris Pond gives us some insight in his Diary entry. We here at the Studio attend several gaming shows every year across the globe. There is a lot of work involved in arranging the logistics, people, equipment and the stock needed to get us all there and to build an appealing stand with demo tables and lots of goodies to sell. As I write this I am 30,000 feet in the air on my way to PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia to run demos of Wild West Exodus, Dystopian Wars and Fog & Friction, leaving the work on our upcoming and existing games in the capable hands of the rest of the Studio for a few days. So why do we do it? What does our attendance at these shows mean to our games and our existing and future community and fans? Gaming conventions are a great place to meet and greet our customers from all over the planet. In today's age of social media we engage with a lot of our customers digitally on a daily basis but meeting up face to face and talking about the games, rules, events, etc is a great way to improve on that relationship. We also get the chance to meet new customers and to introduce them to one, some or all of our games. There are many ways to attract new players to your games. Have awesome miniatures is one thing, but actually giving players the opportunity to have a demo is so much stronger. Getting them to experience how the game plays means that they will walk away already knowing the fundamental basics of the rules and hopefully a hunger to play it more. I am touched at how readily most people who play a demo of one of our games are happy to pick up a starter product to take back to their friends and their club to show it off. Hopefully, many of those players will start communities as others pick up the game and start playing. There are many repeat customers that we see at every event, some of them are regular community participants (you know who you are!) and it is great to see them regularly, form friendships based on a shared interest and to have some in-depth conversations about the games we love! We also get the chance to speak to new distributors or retailers and show them our games in the hope that they pick up the range and increase the exposure to new customers. Conventions often have a footfall of thousands of customers and we, therefore, have the chance to present our products to as many of them as we can. We have a fantastic community of Warhosts and each and every one of them give 100% to every demo they run and to every chat with a new customer. As ambassadors of the games we produce they do a cracking job and the shows wouldn’t be the same without them. My plane is coming in to land and I now have the inevitable fight to get my luggage but I hope to see you at the next show. Feel free to seek me out and have a chat about your favourite, or possible least favourite parts of our games. This coming year we have a lot of extremely exciting new releases to show off and conventions are a great way to unveil them, so I am looking forward to a busy 2020 bringing all those lovely new shiny games to you lucky people. Over and out. Chris View the full article
  13. From the fairy lights around her mechanical steed’s neck to the present filled sack on her back, Madre Navidad is not only bringing a highly flammable pudding to your tabletop; she's bringing a whole lot of Holiday Cheer. This very merry alternative sculpt of Madre Monica Perez is the Outlaw claiming this year's festive crown. If you successfully guessed the 2019 festive miniature from The Countdown clues, congratulations! Now, let's take a closer look. Introducing Madre Navidad Dashing through the snow on her heavily armoured 'reindeer', Madre Navidad can often be seen delivering toys to well-behaved children in the farmsteads around Rio Senora. The thunder heard late at night is said to be the Madre destroying Hex-Beasts and other abominations with her explosive puddings. Can’t have that cake and eat it, Hex! The red eye-lights of her mechanical steed lead the way through even the darkest of nights taking her to wherever she is needed most - this is one 'reindeer' you'll want to join in on all of your Wild West Exodus games. Only available throughout December, Madre Navidad is the third special edition miniature from Warcradle Studios, for the festive period. It's the return of Kyle, Max and Krampus! Alongside this cracking new model, Kyle the Red & White with his beard so snowy white, and Krampus Rex with his horned shadow bringing fright also make their return. Not forgetting Max, the particularly quirky K9 Attack Dog. If you're looking to collect all three seasonal miniatures and Max, they'll be available to purchase until the 31st of December. View the full article
  14. “Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire . . . is . . . soooooo . . . delightfuuuuuul…” - Bud “Scorcher” Hutch It’s that time of year again folks! The evenings are drawing in and the chill of winter is starting to creep into your bones. It must be time for the Warcradle Festive Miniature! As a reminder of years gone by I would like to begin by taking a look at our previous offerings. Our first Festive Miniature was Kyle the Red and White. This lovable old rogue would slide down your chimney and steal all your presents, but he will also act as an alternative boss for your games of Wild West Exodus along with his little helper, Max the K9 Automata. Ho! Ho! Holy mother of . . . Who is that?! Last year we treated you to this tasty little morsel - Krampus Rex. This particularly nasty looking chap will definitely add some spice to your Christmas punch. Again not only is Krampus Rex a great miniature to paint and collect, but you can also use him as a Boss in your Wild West Exodus games. Ice creams! Lollipops! All free today… For our third Festive Miniature, we ran a campaign that finished at the end of October, the outcome of which decided the faction we would choose the miniature from. This means that you, the players, could affect the outcome by playing games with your chosen faction. The winning faction for that campaign was the Outlaws, so we picked an Outlaw Boss to re-invent for this year’s Festive Season. After some (not a lot actually) deliberation we decided on Madre Monica Perez to be this year’s miniature and we’ve named her Madre Navidad. Of course, we needed to add a little bit of Christmas Magic so we have given her a Christmas Pudding packed with explosives, a festive wreath for her shield, fairy lights, a Santa hat and a sack full of toys (with another little surprise inside). We also converted her Blackhoof into a reindeer with some RJ powered antlers. Madre Navidad - ready to spread Christmas cheer and shrapnel We hope you like Madre Navidad and if so keep your eyes peeled for the official announcement tomorrow. Stay tuned for next week’s Studio Diary, Chris View the full article
  15. Calling all civilians. Fog & Friction: Western Front is officially available to buy. That’s right, you can buy your very own copy of this exciting new World War Two themed card game. The demos of it at Tabletop Gaming Live and Spiel this year have already proved popular, and now is your chance to play the lively and fast-paced game for yourself. Fog & Friction: Western Front is focused around the use of combined arms and the unpredictable nature of warfare. This is your opportunity to try something different, so be sure to give it a go with your gaming friends. Check out the WW2 themed game box. One of the best features of this new game is that it is inclusive. If you’re a historical gaming newcomer then perfect, the rules are simple enough for you to pick up quickly. If you’re a seasoned veteran then fear not, Fog & Friction: Western Front also has enough depth and replay value for you to really sink your teeth into. It will be suitable for a whole range of people. Take on the role of an Axis or Allied commander and lead campaigns across multiple battlefields, all inspired by real historical locations from World War Two. Finished your first game? No problem. The expansion pack included allows players to expand and customise their decks, giving each commander control over the forces they bring to battle. Play it multiple times and try a different combination of forces to see which one leads you to victory. See what’s in store for you inside the box This amazing game serves as the perfect base for future expansions, meaning you could be playing this game for years to come yet. Fog & Friction: Western Front is here, be one of the first to get your hands on this incredible new game - available to order online at Wayland Games and from your FLGS.
  16. The Dystopian Wars Beta test saw hundreds of players from all over the world contributing thousands of points of feedback this past year. But what does this mean for the release of the actual game itself? The studio has been hard at work putting the final polish on the game and further developing the rules based on feedback and additional in-house testing. The first wave of fleets is in production and some of you may have already seen the contents of the Britannia Battlefleet at Spiel in Essen last month. One if by land, two if by Sea… The British are coming! The new Dystopian Wars launches early next year (we promise to give a specific date when the first products go up on pre-order). The initial releases accompanying the Britannia Battlefleet include the Constitution Battlefleet for the Union. The Britannia and Constitution Battlefleets are typical of what you can expect for these releases. A large vessel (in this case each includes a battleship) accompanied by a pair of cruisers and four frigates. The frigates and cruisers will then be available in following months as separate boxed sets to allow you to build your force easily, without having to buy lots of the larger sets just to get some additional frigates or cruisers The Gubbins and Rules Box is designed to get existing and new players of Dystopian Wars into the fight as quickly as possible. Each set contains the full rulebook, a set of Action Dice, a set of Critical Damage Dice, a Turn Template, a set of damage and condition markers plus a Victory and Valour deck. Everything a player needs to join the fray (except for miniatures of course). The Russians rain destruction down on the Enlightened for the glory of the Tsar. But the first month is the proverbial tip of the iceberg and we have a packed schedule of releases throughout the rest of the year. The most exciting of these is the all-new two-player starter set: The Hunt for the Prometheus! This thrilling narrative set tells the story of Markov, a trusted Enlightened scientist who is revealed to be a spy for the Russians and their Commonwealth. Markov has fled the Enlightened’s base in Antarctica with the experimental Hypatia class generator ship Prometheus. Now he evades the pursuing Enlightened fleet as he makes a desperate dash to the coastline of Russia and the waiting Commonwealth navy. This massive boxed set includes everything for two players to get into the game, including terrain, two fleets, a narrative campaign book and all the rules, cards and tokens you need to enjoy this pivotal moment in the Dystopian Age! There will be lots more detail to come about this exciting boxed set, as well as the dozens of other releases of the first few months of Dystopian Wars’ thrilling return to tabletops everywhere. Until then, Stuart View the full article
  17. I believe that one of the most important aspects to any faction in a game, is that which that gives you something you can identify with and makes you decide that above all the other factions, this particular one is for you. In a game like Mythos we've already seen the very human-looking Priory and the slightly fishy Hidden Ones, but how do you empathise with something wholly inhuman? Let's take a look… Mythos - coming to a tabletop near you in 2020! The story of the Custos Crypta who roam the world of Mythos in the 1920’s begins in the year 700 BCE at the height of the Kushite Empire. The authority of the Pharaoh of that era, Neferkare Shabaka, was considered absolute. Shabaka was said to be blessed by an ancient Egyptian God known as Khepera. It was in Khepera’s name that Shabaka ruled from Nubia to the Nile Delta. For this service, the Kushite Empire was gifted the service of the Custos Crypta, a sentient insectoid species that acted as both guardian and custodian of Shabaka and his people. But time and the treachery of humankind are the only constants in this world and when Shabaka was murdered by his nephew Taharqa, the Custos Crypta were entombed alongside him in the pyramid at el-Kurru, there to remain for the rest of eternity. At least that was the plan… The Crypt Guardian was the last of its kind to survive the overthrow of Shabaka. Though thought dead by the primitive priests at the time, the Guardian had instead entered into a state of cryptobiosis and its desiccated body was interred alongside the slain Pharaoh. When the pyramid at el-Kurru was excavated by George Reisner and his team in 1919, the Guardian was taken as a curio back to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. It was late one night that a researcher-made the mistake of spilling a glass of water onto the Guardian’s inert form. Though initially, it appeared no harm was done, by the following morning, the Guardian had vanished, revived and now enacting the will of Khepera once more. Crypt Grubs are the larval form of the Custos Crypta and the most numerous of the creatures to be encountered. Usually tasked with all manner of menial tasks, when fed a specific blend of proteins and secretions they rapidly evolve into their required final form. Evolved for long-distance infiltration and observation, the Crypt Sham has a passing resemblance to a human silhouette when at rest. When in low light or illuminated by solitary street lamps, a Crypt Sham can stand in such public spaces and observe a target for hours without arousing suspicion. The Custos Crypta extends its influence through the human cattle by way of mentally compelled servants. Victoria Taylor and Sara Heriot are former research students from the Museum of Fine Arts that were brought under the control of the Crypt Guardian on its reawakening. Though utterly dedicated to the whims of Khepera, regrettably any initiative or higher reasoning is stripped away by the process which limits the Custos Crypta’s use of such enslaved pawns. As you can see, by tying what would otherwise be personality-less insects to a wider narrative, drawing in mortal servants and expanding on their formidable biology, the Custos Cryptos are as exciting and compelling a faction as any other. Some might even argue that they are more interesting than others! See them in action yourself when the tabletop skirmish horror of Mythos arrives at your friendly local gaming store early next year. Until next time. Stuart View the full article
  18. We’re counting down to the reveal of the 2019 Festive miniature, what could it be? Just like the spoiler alerts you see for upcoming Wild West Exodus releases, we’re sharing sneaky peeks of pieces of our festive miniature for 2019 throughout November, for you to guess which character will be taking centre stage this December. Head to the Warcradle Studios blog to see when each clue will be revealed! The first clue is: Can You Guess The Outlaw? Head to The Dark Council to if you think you know the identity of this year's seasonal character. Find the post and add your guess to the comments section. You’ll have to wait until the end of November to find out if you’ve guessed correctly though!
  19. Warcradle Studios will be attending GAMA 2020! Next year, in March, our team will be visiting the Peppermill Resort in Reno, USA, to discuss all things Wild West Exodus, Dystopian Wars, and more. At the GAMA Trade Show on the 11th and 12th March 2020, you'll have the opportunity to talk to the Sales team about Warcradle Studio's plans for upcoming releases and new products and find out more about the other fantastic ranges we distribute. Whether you’re looking for advice, looking into Wild West Exodus, Dystopian Wars or Lost World Exodus, or would like to know more about Bill & Ted's Riff in Time, Fog & Friction and Mythos, we want to see you at our Booth! If you're attending as a member of Trade or Distribution, one of our existing stockists or someone interested in finding out more about our products, stop by and say Hi to the team. We'll be announcing our booth number closer to the event. Stay tuned. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Book in Advance: To secure a particular time slot during the event, at a time convenient for you, we strongly recommend you book in advance by contacting your account handler or by following the link below. Book in advance GAMA 2020 is the perfect event to get advice and recommendations to fit your business needs. You’ll also be able to explore the trade packages we have available for retailers and distributors. Get in Touch: Interested in stocking Wild West Exodus or one of the ranges we distribute? Contact our sales team today - find out more about the packages available for retailers and distributors and get recommendations for your business before GAMA 2020. View the full article
  20. Casual games are easy enough to arrange with friends, but how do you meet and play with people in the wider community? At the Studio, we have worked hard to create resources like the Gunslinger Organised Play Kit for Wild West Exodus. They are a great way for clubs and store communities to learn the game and challenge each other in friendly competitions. Events like the UK Gunslinger Masters are highlights of the Organised Play scene. With Leagues, players are encouraged to begin learning the game with a small starting force for their chosen faction which is usually based around the purchase of a single boxed set. Participants will then expand their collection over the course of several weeks and eventually play games with a significantly sized force featuring around a dozen units. We felt it was important that Leagues rewards both the player’s in-game victories as well as their skill with a brush. In fact, eager hobbyists can enter the League and score points just for assembling and painting their models! Painting fine details is always easier when you have young eyes! Once players are familiar with the rules for the game, either through casual play or from a League, the next step could be to try a Tournament. There are all sorts of Tournaments available to players through Organised Play. For example in Wild West Exodus, the Gunslinger Posse Challenge uses models from any Posse set up to 600 points total, while the Gunslinger Most Wanted has players face off with larger 1200-point forces. Organised Play events are usually designed to be easy for players of any skill level to participate in and track their results. You shouldn’t need complicated tables or charts to run or play in a Gunslinger event. All you need is enthusiasm and a bit of creativity. Hopefully the fence is Sturginium enhanced… The main purpose of Organised Play is to give communities an excuse to meet each other and play games. Of course, as an added incentive there are often fabulous prizes available for different awards. In Wild West Exodus’ Gunslinger Events, players have a shot at winning three Gunslinger awards: Murderous (Most Gunslinger Points), Prodigious (Best-Painted), and Largesse (Most Sporting). Often an Event Organiser will add additional prize categories and awards as they wish, such as for dressing as characters from the game, writing a fiction piece based on your force or even baking a themed cake! The aim should be to reward fair play and effort. Glittering prizes await players who get into Organised Play… Here at the Studio, we have just recently updated the Gunslinger Event Kit based on community feedback. Of course, that is not the only game our Organised Play Team have been working on. There’s something rather exciting on the horizon after all… Coming to a tabletop early next year! Dystopian Wars will have its own Organised Play system when the game launches next year and you can be sure that Lost World Exodus will too (as well as rules for combining the two ‘Exodus’ games in Tournaments and Leagues. There’s even talk of an overarching Organised Play Kit to allow Event Organisers to run campaigns that feature all three games (with room for Armoured Clash and more besides). But that’s a little further off. Watch this space for more details. Until next time. Stuart View the full article
  21. Spiel is over for another year, our team are back from Essen, and now it’s time to take a look at what they got up to at one of the busiest gaming conventions in the world. Here’s our Spiel 2019 highlights. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for photos of the Warcradle Studios team at Spiel. Oh yes, we’ve got group pictures, we’ve got demo photos and best of all, we’ve got pictures of our display cabinet. The Team Once our Booth was assembled, the whole team were eager to get going, as you can probably tell by the picture. In addition to some of the Warcradle Studios team, we were lucky enough to be joined by a few of our incredible Warhosts too. Markus, Pierre, and Parker couldn’t have done a better job of talking to people and giving demos! (more info on Warhosts here: http://bit.ly/Warhost). Our Display We were delighted to be at Spiel for yet another year and even more proud to show off our new ranges and demo tables. Take a look at the finished Booth before the crowds descended on us. Which of our wonderful ranges did we have with us? Well, of course, we had Wild West Exodus Posse sets, terrain and all of the latest releases, a brand new Dystopian Wars demo table, our newest game Fog & Friction, and an entire selection of Warcradle Scenics sets. Not to mention the discounts and event specials (find out more about those in our announcement blog for Spiel). During the event, it was amazing to see both familiar and new faces stopping by the booth to delve into demos, chat about their armies and how they plan on expanding their collections. Demos One of our demo teams favourite things about events is introducing our games to people who are unfamiliar with them and seeing their eyes light up as they come to love it. From the 24th to 27th October hundreds of you took the opportunity to come and have a go and get to grips with Wild West Exodus, Dystopian Wars and our new game, Fog & Friction: Western Front. Many of you enjoyed trying Fog & Friction out and it was great to get to chat to so many of you. We hope you enjoyed your first experience of our games. Keep your eyes peeled for news on all of our latest releases. Miniatures and games Now, for the bit you’ve all been waiting for; let’s look at the miniatures in our cabinet and the gameplay snapshots from our demo tables at Spiel! So that’s Spiel done for another year, thank you to everyone who came and visited us at our stand, we hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. With any luck, there will be even more Warcradle enthusiasts amongst us now. Here’s to Spiel 2020. Don’t forget, we’ll be attending PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia from 6th-8th December, we hope to see some of you there! View the full article
  22. For centuries the Order of the Allshard has waged their Crusade against the Hex at the fringes of human civilisation. Only in recent years has the Order’s technology and influence grown to the point that they can now look to root out the Hex’s malign influence in Great Powers of the Dystopian Age. When creating the background to a game, we get snapshots of a culture as required through the miniatures and rules. The Dystopian Age is a more complex proposition in this regard as it requires a narrative to act as the setting for multiple games. Let’s look at the Order of the Allshard as one such narrative link. A primary faction for Wild West Exodus the secretive nature of the Order (as they are more commonly known) means that their presence beyond the Badlands of the Union is rare to say the least. More on that a little later though! In Wild West Exodus, we have established a range of miniatures to support those parts of the Order that might be encountered on the Frontier. The Order are seen to be stepping up their offensive against those who would stand in the way of their sacred Crusade. Part of the difficulty that the Order have faced is that agents of the Hex can be found throughout the social and military structures of the Union and have been able to travel the country with impunity. Now those same self-serving agents of chaos find themselves hunted by an implacable and resolute force. Recruiting predominantly from the indigenous tribes, the Spica Iapetus are the ultimate trackers and hunters of the tainted. Iron resolve matched with the weapons and wargear entrusted to them by the Allshard, Sicran Dylan Callus leads his hunters to use every tool at their disposal. In addition to hunting those touched by the Hex, the Iapetus are entrusted with the handling and training of the various animals that aid them in their Crusade. The Dhyre Lurchers and Helio Raptors are two such species, specially bred and conditioned over the centuries to be able to track and attack those marked by the taint of the Hex. Though their true mission is obfuscated beneath layers of doctrine and parables, the Order has remained a fringe religion in the wider world. Only in the Ottoman Sultanate have the Order found a strong foothold outside of their Bastion in North America. This was made possible in 1867 when the Order, monitoring Greek separatists with links to the Hex, witnessed an attack by the separatists on the city of Edirne. While conducting observations, Sircan Callus was in a position to save the life of an imperilled young man. In this apparently selfless act, Callus won the gratitude of the young man’s father, a senior member of the Sublime Porte of the Sultanate. Soon after this Callus was summoned to Istanbul to meet with the Sultan himself, and it is thanks to Callus’ persuasive words and sharp wit that the Order now enjoys an unprecedented level of access and open influence in the Sultanate. The Order of the Allshard are one of the recognised religions in the Sultanate and have influenced both within the Sublime Porte and in the Sultan’s court itself. The Sultan enjoys the protection of a pair of Cor Caroli as ever vigilant bodyguard and an entire regiment of fearless Spica Janissaries who are trained to fight and die for the Sultanate. The Order’s growing influence is resisted most strongly by Grand Vizier Pasha who has continued to frustrate some of the Order’s more dramatic reform proposals. He blocked their latest request for parity in the religious councils of the Sultanate, and frustrated the Order’s carefully orchestrated plans to place faithful observers within the halls of each of the Emirs and Satraps who govern the outer provinces of the Ottoman domain. While the Order have access to their own unique and advanced technology, they lack the resources of even a small nation and cannot field substantial armies or fleets of their own. They are growing in influence and confidence in this area however and already their Retaj class Portalships along with the patrolling Cor Carolus destroyers are proving to be a boon to Sultanate naval operations. Though the Order usually only deploy a handful of these vessels to any given campaign, it cannot be long before their influence in the Sultanate provides the necessary shipyards and workers to rectify this. The technologically advanced Retaj class Portalship. A rare but impressive ally to the Sultanate in their naval ambitions. Mysterious and lethal, these silent hunters have no discernable crew on deck and never respond to communications from other Sultanate vessels. The Order are but a small element of the Sultanate faction (virtually a niche within a niche!), but their very existence in Dystopian Wars helps draw the narrative threads of the Dystopian Age together into a rich tapestry. Expect to see a smattering of Order units supplementing the Sultanate’s varied forces in Lost World Exodus as well as Armoured Clash in the years to come. Stuart View the full article
  23. On Saturday 19th October, 14 players from across the country congregated in Southampton with the sole aim of fighting for the UK Gunslinger Masters, it had all the makings of an exciting and enjoyable tournament. Now is probably a good time to mention that this is only the second year that the event has run, however, it had the attributes of a far more well-established affair, one that I hope will grow and continue to run for many years to come. We were fortunate enough to have attracted a good mix of players. We’d hoped for a range of factions, so we were pleased with the final numbers, with the players finalised, we were ready to begin. We were all eager to get going, and so dived straight into three rounds of games without hesitation, all of which lasted for 2 hours. Firstly, we got started with a ‘Stake a claim’ scenario, next up was ‘Send a message’ and finally, we finished up with ‘Supply run’. Experiencing a mix of posses really gave the games something special in my opinion! I particularly enjoyed seeing a Union armoured division and also the Christmas themed Wendigo Carcossa posse, and to make matters even better, not a single boss was duplicated. Regardless of any results, it was great to see all of the scenery and miniatures and lovely to spend some time with other Wild West Exodus enthusiasts, it isn’t something many people get to do every day. Annie Mozee is definitely a worthy recipient of ‘star face of the day’, not only did she feature in three of the posses, but she also managed some horrifying shots, like the one where she managed to shoot Stonewall Jackson from the middle of a pack of Gun dogs and Dixie snipers. Alongside Annie, David Richardson and Ben Clouder deserve a special mention for helping to set up. Last, but by no means least, a big thank you to Chris Pond for coming down to help and chat with the players! Leaderboard Summary Of course, a special congratulations is also in order for those players who made it into the top 5, however, in my opinion, congratulations should be extended to all those who took part in the tournament. Take a look at some of the results below. Overall, it was an action-packed day, where everyone seemed to have a brilliant time, and for those reasons, it will definitely be an event to remember. If you’re a fan then take a look at some of the results, and if you haven’t already, be sure to give Wild West Exodus a go, you never know I might see you at another event sometime in the future! ~ Alex, The Warhost The Warhost Volunteer Programme Whether you're looking to take part in Wil West Exodus events or become a Warhost Volunteer and host them, you can register your interest today and find out more. View the full article
  24. Introducing the Only God Forgives Posse, lead by Giulianna Starr; those in the group visit The Cat House, Madam Starr’s most prized possession, frequently and help to protect its success, ensure favours are honoured, and secrets kept. You can pre-order this Posse from today. Next. A set of Union Pacifiers / Confederate Terminators! As the name suggests, this set accommodates those looking to add armoured support units to their Union and Outlaw forces. There are enough parts in one box to make two Union Pacifiers or two Confederate Terminators. All of next month’s releases are available to pre-order online now and from your FLGS - to be released on the 30th November 2019. Only God Forgives Posse If the Cat House isn’t the most popular and most patronised establishment in Red Oak then nobody would dare say it within earshot of Giulianna Starr; proprietor and Madam extraordinaire. She has built the business up from nothing over the last decade and while business is booming she has to keep tight control over the whole thing or it will unravel before her eyes. Read the full description here. Price: £35.00 Union Pacifiers / Confederate Terminators The heavy infantry weapons used during the Ore War increased in lethality and portability throughout the conflict. At the end of that bloody struggle, the Union had moved to use the devastating Frag Launchers, while the Confederate troops favoured the Terminator Blasters. Units of Union Pacifiers armed with Frag Launchers are still seen in support of the regular line infantry, clearing fortified positions with their high explosive rounds and even taking out light vehicles. Read the full description here. Price: £18.00 Warcradle Studios at Spiel 2019 Don’t forget, if you’re at Spiel, head to Booth 6I102 in hall 6. There are plenty of event-exclusive miniatures to purchase including Jadzia Kosciuszko, our promotional miniature for 2019, as well as up to 20% off RRP on some of your favourite games systems. We're also giving out free The Army Painter paint with every purchase! Find out more in our Spiel announcement blog. Coming Soon: 2019 Festive Miniature Since announcing that Outlaws claimed the Loot in The Great Train Heist Campaign Results blog, our Studio has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on the 2019 Festive Miniature for Wild West Exodus. We’ll be announcing the character taking centre stage on the 30th November, in the interim, why not head to the Official Wild West Exodus community group, The Dark Council, to speculate on which Outlaw it’ll be. NEW WILD WEST EXODUS WALLPAPERS AVAILABLE View the full article
  25. Even in the modern world of the 1920’s there are still foreboding forests and dark corners of the countryside that are best left unexplored - especially at night! Let’s see what unnatural horrors lie in wait for Mythos players… Watch out, watch out, there are Wyldborne about! Mythos - coming to a tabletop near you in 2020! Naturalists and biologists will say that Nature is a living thing in perfect balance. But what they do not realise is that such harmony has only been reached through the influence of the ancient force known as the Wyld. This power was worshipped in its own right in ages past and even today can be found in the roots of many more… civilised religions. The Wyldborne still remember the old ways, however, and all the raw power that comes from those who walk in its shadow. Dorothy Good was raised in the Old Lore along with her sister, Mercy. Her mother would have had it no other way. When Dorothy was of age she began to listen to the Wyld in the forest. As the woodland willed her to, Dorothy laced the family soup with the fungi she had foraged the previous night. All of them fell deathly ill and, as promised, her parents quickly succumbed to the toxins. But for Dorothy and her sister, they awoke changed. Now the forest speaks to her every night. The Wyld has such plans for the Wyldborne… The serpents Blood and Nadrageel visited Good home the night after her parents died. Nature wastes nothing. Once the reptiles had fed, the sacrifice Dorothy had made to the Wyld bound the snakes to her service. Blood has become virtually inseparable from Dorothy, while his sibling (mirroring Dorothy’s relationship with her own sister) prefers to hunt independently and alone. Even so, at a glance, Blood and Nadrageel know when their mistress needs them to hunt down and hold someone fast… and when to feed. A literal avatar of the Wyld, Sernos is a terrifying amalgam of beast and nightmare. Known in antiquity as ‘the Goat’, Sernos has stalked the shadowy forests since before mankind could form words to name him. Waxing strong as the Wyld is nourished by the 20 million dead from the Great War, now that Dorothy has begun to gather the Wyldborne, Sernos answers the call. Sernos the Goat in all his feral majesty. The barrow-witch Mercy Good might be the older sister but she lacks the temperament to lead the Wyldborne. Mercy is all aggression and primal fury. She revels in murder and bloodshed wherever it might find release. Only the call of the Wyld compels her to serve alongside her sister, though the same voices that drive Dorothy to plot and scheme do nothing but fuel Mercy’s rage. Loren is a Nuckalavee. These mythical creatures have a rapacious hunger which causes them to hunt deer and other prey in the deep forests. Stepping between shadows and preferring to hunt by moonlight, Loren is nonetheless a capable member of the Wyldborne. Strong and perceptive, Loren understands the power of the Wyld all too well. As long has her voracious appetites are sated she can be relied upon to fearlessly attempt any task that Dorothy Good may require of her. The Wyldborne are much more than a force of nature. They are servants of the ancient force that dwells in the shadowed corners of the world. With bestial guile, they make their move out into the wider Mythos setting. Stay tuned for more before the tabletop skirmish horror hits stores in early 2020. Until next time. Stuart View the full article
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