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  1. Following on from our overview of the Imperium, we’ve had more than a few of you asking for a look at another of the Great Powers of the Dystopian Age. This time we thought it would be of interest to look at how military might and commerce have uniquely shaped the Imperial British Crown and her Dominions. One of the most venerable and dominant global powers of the past three hundred years, the Imperial British Crown spread from a small island grouping in the Atlantic Ocean. Establishing colonies and annexing nations as it grew in strength, at the height of its power at the dawn of the Eighteenth Century the Imperial British Crown claimed almost 25% of the population and landmass of the world. What was even more remarkable was that much of this dominance has been maintained despite losing control of the thirteen colonies that would later form the Union of Federated States. But the bitter cost of holding onto such power has defined much of how the Crown appears in the Dystopian Age. Vessels such as the Victory Class Carrier allow the Crown to project her military might across the oceans of the world. The major territories (known as Dominions) that comprise the Crown are the homelands of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, Australia, Canada, the Indian Raj, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papa New Guinea and over fifty islands, realms and colonies scattered across the globe. Because of this, the Crown enjoys the ability to project its military and economic might to an unparalleled degree across every region of the world. This has resulted in a series of alliances and agreements that hold the Great Powers of the Dystopian Age together in an uneasy and often fractious peace, known (often ironically) as Pax Britannia. For two hundred years Pax Britannia saw the Crown hold the expansive Russian-led Commonwealth, the wealthy Ottoman Sultanate and the isolationist Celestian Empire at bay. Between these four mighty blocks were consolidated the lives of almost a billion souls and the destiny of the world. The secession of the thirteen American colonies coupled with the subsequent rise of the Imperium and the Latin Alliance at the heart of Europe proved the Crown was no longer the unassailable power of the age. By the time the technologies of the emergent Covenant of the Enlightened began to proliferate the battlefields of the globe, Pax Britannia was over. From the view aboard an Avalon Skyfortress, the sun never sets over the Crown and her Dominions. The line between mercenary and soldier of the Crown is a blurred one. As the Crown’s power and control began to wane towards the end of the eighteenth century, a greater reliance was placed on the services and successes of enterprising military commanders. Nowhere was this more clearly seen than with the dominance of the East India Trading Company (EITC) in the Crown’s foreign affairs. During the seventeenth century, the focus of the EITC was establishing trade in India. Company interests turned from trade to territory during the 18th century as the EITC and the Crown forces deployed with them fought against their French equivalents, the Compagnie Française des Indes Orientales (CFIO). Battles between the two groups resulted in a victorious EITC in control of Bengal and a major military and political power in India. In the following decades, the Company gradually increased the extent of the territories under its control on behalf of the Crown, bringing the majority of the Indian subcontinent into the Crown Dominion of the Raj via local puppet rulers under the threat of force. Though still reliant on the British Crown for naval support, by the dawn of the nineteenth century, the East India Trading Company had a private army almost twice the size of the Crown’s own land forces and was the de facto representative of Her Majesty’s interests around the globe. By acting as agents of the Crown in this matter, the EITC accumulated vast wealth and personal fortune for its officers and board members, such as the corpulent Benedict Arnold III (great-grandson of that famous Crown patriot). This position continued to be enjoyed throughout the century, though the declining influence and fortunes of the British Crown has caused serious consideration by the British Government into passing an Act that might bring all the wealth and might of the EITC into Parliament’s direct control. There is a concern that this state of affairs has been allowed to continue for too long and that even Her Majesty may now lack the authority to bring the Company to heel. Elsewhere, this mix of nations, commerce and military prowess has legitimised groups such as Captain Rani Nimue’s band of privateers. Operating from the legendary submersible, Nautilus, this largely Indian crew raids shipping and settlements around the globe under license from the Crown. These exploits take them as far away as the streets of Lagos, the Gold Coast of Australia and even the Antarctic interior. In Wild West Exodus, a surprise attack from the Nautilus crew makes for exciting allies to the Outlaws and a thorn in the side of the Law and the Union. Each of the Great Powers in the Dystopian Age has a unique character and structure to them. Hopefully, this gives a sense of how the Crown is represented across Dystopian Wars, Lost World Exodus and Wild West Exodus. But there is so much more to the Crown and future Studio Diaries will delve deeper into the nature of her Dominions as well as the other Great Powers of the Age. Until next time! Stuart View the full article
  2. Join Warcradle Studios at AdeptiCon in 2020! The Warcradle Studios Team have enjoyed their experience at AdeptiCon so much that we are heading back in 2020. If you're looking to join our team, and over 100 exhibitors who attend AdeptiCon every year, you'll want to stay tuned for more information about our Booth. When will we be there? We'll be at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois from the 26th to 29th March 2020, giving demos, sharing tips and showcasing our latest releases and games. Registration for the event opens in November, so be sure to bookmark the AdeptiCon website, especially if you want to join us at the event. Staying Up-To-Date: AdeptiCon 2020 Keep your eyes peeled to find out about the US Gunslinger Masters at AdeptiCon. Following us on Facebook and Twitter will ensure you never miss an update. We've set up a dedicated Facebook Event for AdeptiCon 2020, and you can join it now. If you're not on social media, you can sign-up to our newsletter or check the community calendar on the Warcradle Studios forum to see information about events we're attending View the full article
  3. After announcing that you could help claim the 2019 festive miniature for your faction by playing our New Campaign: The Great Train Heist and collecting Clues, submissions came in thick and fast. Now, as the campaign has officially ended, it's time to announce the winning faction. Drum roll, please. The winning faction is: Outlaws Claim The Loot! As Outlaws collected the most Clues, they are the faction that will host the 2019 festive miniature. Will you see a jolly Jesse?A festive Felipe or bauble sporting Billy? You'll have to wait a little bit longer to find out which Wild West Exodus character it'll be this year. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the miniatures of Christmas past, returning this December. Kyle the Red and White (2017) Kyle the Red & White was the special edition miniature for the festive period in 2017. This merry version of Kyle the Black also comes with "Max", Kyle's faithful K9 Attack Dog curiously sporting his own festive reindeer horn. Krampus Rex (2018) Krampus Rex was the special edition miniature, for the festive period in 2018, and can be used as an alternative sculpt of Carcosa Rex in games of Wild West Exodus. Leaderboard Summary To see how close your faction came to claiming the 2019 festive miniature, check out the leaderboard updates below. Continue The Adventure Although the campaign has ended, your adventures can continue. We've released The Great Train Heist campaign and added it to the Wild West Exodus website as a free downloadable resource - you'll find it on the Resources page under Extras, here. Don't forget; you can also play and enjoy the Badlands Adventures (extension to the five Common Adventures provided in the rulebook) and the Gunslingers OP (designed for new players / for learning the models in their force at a reasonable pace). You'll find these on the resources page too! Wild West Exodus Events If you're looking to take part in Wild West Exodus events, be sure to check the Wild West Exodus Facebook page to find events hosted by official Warhost Volunteers. If you’re interested in becoming a Warhost Volunteer and running Wild West Exodus events, you can register your interest today to find out more about the programme. View the full article
  4. At Adepticon this year we announced Lost World Exodus, the exciting sister game to Wild West Exodus. While the game is due for release after Dystopian Wars next year, we promised that players would be able to see the first releases for the game from this year. So how does that work? Lost World Exodus (LWX) uses the same compelling and fast-paced rules set as Wild West Exodus (WWX). Not only does this mean that a Force from one game can be played against a Force from another, but that compatibility even extends to units being usable between each game too! There are new unit types in LWX such as Commander and Specialists, but in many ways, these units can act like units that are recognisable in WWX. Rani Nimue, for example, is a Legendary Face in WWX as well as a Commander in LWX. Expect to see many more products like these released in the run up to the LWX Gubbins Box and rulebook next year. So when it comes to our forthcoming releases, we are able to begin exploring the Lost World Exodus setting early with the release of a number of units that can also be directly taken for Wild West Exodus. There are several reasons for doing this. We want to keep the interest and excitement for LWX in the gap between announcement and eventual release (in the same way a movie might use trailers!). It also means that when Lost World Exodus eventually arrives, there will already be a number of units available for players to get stuck right in straight away. A couple of years ago, in the development of Wild West Exodus, we began to push the boundaries of the setting to try and explore some of the wider Dystopian Age. As we realised that this was removing the ‘Wild West’ aspect from WWX, we knew that there was another Exodus story to tell elsewhere and that led us to the Lost World. That journey had developed a number of exciting ideas that seemed to resonate with the community as we revealed them. Once we had decided to release Lost World Exodus many of these concepts actually made a lot more sense to have LWX as their main home. Of course, as there were narrative reasons for them to pop up in WWX, so we wanted to make sure that the game would support that too. Below you can see the concept art for the Soul Hunters, as conceived for Wild West Exodus. Now you can call them into battle earlier, thanks to Wild West Exodus! Detachments are specifically designed for Lost World Exodus, but as these special groups of units can also be found in the Wild West, we created a Theme Posse card too! The other reason for releasing these gorgeous miniatures now rather than waiting until later next year is the fact that they are, well . . . gorgeous miniatures! We just couldn’t bring ourselves to keep them in containment up any longer. As we continue to weave the rich tapestry that is the Dystopian Age, every new set of miniatures we release adds another layer. So don’t forget to check out the descriptions on the website, as each one gives you more information on the factions and world as a whole. Keep your eyes peeled for more Lost World Exodus detachments and miniatures over the coming months that you can use in Wild West Exodus. Chris View the full article
  5. Visuals are really important to people when playing a tabletop game, especially one with miniatures. Often just as important as the models in a game is the table and terrain to match them. We are quite fortunate in the studio that when we develop a range we have the talented creatives on board to design and develop terrain for our games. Becca and Curtis from our terrain team take a look at the forthcoming Dunsmouth range. Although primarily designed for our 1920’s horror setting, Mythos, it is useful for hobbyists in a wide range of other games. Mythos - coming to a tabletop near you in 2020! Becca: When Curtis and I were first given this project brief I was excited to have the opportunity to work on a new set of terrain that can be used with our new Mythos game. After receiving the project brief, we started by researching existing artwork and photos to gather reference images. This helps us imagine the general style of the range and we can start designing from there. Curtis and I decided to split the range between us, into the dockside buildings (which Curtis designed) and the street buildings (that I designed), so that our own creative ideas could come through in the two sections of the terrain. However, we still made sure the overall theme of the range was coherent so it would look great on a gaming table when used together. When designing my buildings I envisioned a 1920’s town, but with a hint of something tall, dark and creepy. Inspired by some Lovecraftian themed artwork, I enjoyed adding the subtle details of thin pointed edges and menacing tentacle-like curves. Saying that, I feel that all the products in this range could be used in a variety of different games. Out of all them, the favourite building I designed would probably be the Clock Tower, because it has a nice amount of detail and could be made to be an interesting focal point for the town of Dunsmouth. On a more practical note, I love how the clocktower comes in two parts that stack together, making it easy for access during game play. This was an idea I’d previously used when designing the Tower in our Gloomburg range, so I knew it worked well. Curtis: My goal was to create plausible working relationships between each separate product within the range, so that once a gaming table is laid out, everything becomes much more exciting and believable. For example, the very first piece I designed was the ‘Fisherman’s Hut’ which helped me set the tone for the rest of the range. My train of thought from here was, “well if there are fishermen…there needs to be somewhere for them to buy fishing equipment” and so the Tackle Shop was created next. My favourite part of this building was designing the logo found on the side of the premises. If you look closely, you can see it has also made its way onto the barrels found as scatter with this building (and a couple of the other products too). The fishing community of Dunsmouth obviously have to make a living, and they do so by selling their catches at the ‘Dunsmouth Market’ (If you take a look at the sign you’ll find there's something fishy going on here!). The Angler stalks the shadows in Dunsmouth… Lastly, the ‘Traders Gear’ pack provides the fishermen with a 1920’s pickup truck as a means of transporting their goods, plus there is a passenger vehicle for those members of the public looking to buy at the market. A lot of the smaller pieces such as crates, lobster cages and anchors help flesh out and finish the Dockside scene by grounding the buildings, giving players something to interact with, other than their miniatures themselves. Scatter terrain is an important part of any tabletop skirmish game. We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek at the terrain coming for Mythos as well as an insight into our process for designing for the Warcradle Scenics range. There are regular releases every month so we’re sure to have plenty to reveal to you in another diary in the future. Becca and Curtis View the full article
  6. In the name of Science! Introducing new eccentric misfits and a GIANT serpent. The long-awaited Soul Hunters and Legendary Opie: Creation VIII are now available to pre-order - let's take a look at the miniatures. Warwick Hudson, the leader of the Soul Hunters, is confident in his belief that all things can be explained by applying the scientific method. Convinced that the reports of strange and mysterious happenings from the untamed lands in the “Wild West” and the interior of Antarctica are wildly exaggerated or simply misunderstood, Hudson and his Soul Hunters are venturing forth to follow up reports of ‘spectral etherics’ around the globe, armed with an array of esoteric and highly experimental weaponry. The Soul Hunters are not only the first Detachment for Lost World Exodus but they can also be taken as an Enlightened Posse for Wild West Exodus! Pre-order Soul Hunters from today. Legendary Opie: Creation VIII is a new ferocious creature for the Hex - a giant armoured serpent so large he’s capable of swallowing even Nazombu whole… Creation VIII remains the first and greatest of its kind. At his mistresses command, Opie is unleashed against her enemies, entertaining the Nazombu Queen as she listens to the victim’s bones crunching as they are slowly crushed and digested within the Titanoboa. All of next month’s releases are available to pre-order online now and from your FLGS - to be released on the 26th October 2019. Legendary Opie: Creation VIII When Marie Laveau first brought her beloved titanoboa, Opie, to the fleshcrafter Augusta Byron, the aim was to save the creature's life. Having been mortally wounded in a clash with Dylan Callus, this rare creature now lay dying on Byron's surgical table. Such an unusual biology caused Byron to relish the task ahead of her. She laboured long into the night, pausing mid-procedure only to replace one of her own hands when the confused and poorly sedated serpent lashed out and severed it. As the surgery entered its second evening, Byron was satisfied that not only would Creation VIII live, but that the improvements made would substantially increase the creature's strength, speed and resilience. Read the full description here. Price: £28.00 Soul Hunters Detachment Warwick Hudson, leads all manner of discussions and theorising into matters ephemeral and improbable. Like the club's founders, Hudson believes that all things can be explained by applying the scientific method. He maintains that they are in an age of Industrial 'super-science' and that any reports of strange and mysterious happenings from the "Wild West" of America or the "Lost World" of Antarctica are simply exaggerated or misunderstood by unreliable witnesses. As a Peer of the Covenant in his own right. Hudson and his Soul Hunters (as the lurid press would daub them) follow up reports of 'spectral etherics' around the globe. Major expeditions are underway to both the Badlands of the Union as well as the Antarctic interior. Read the full description here. Price: £35.00 Released at Spiel 2019! We’ll be attending Spiel '19 for the best four days of gaming that Germany has to offer. If you’re heading to the Messe Essen too, you’ll be able to pick up October releases and more from Booth 6I102 - see you there! Check out our Spiel announcement blog for more information about our Booth and how you can stay up-to-date - you’ll find the blog here. NEW WILD WEST EXODUS WALLPAPERS AVAILABLE View the full article
  7. Build your own Moon Base Outpost Attica It’s another exciting and packed month of Warcradle Scenic pre-orders, there’s not one but two brand new ranges in Outpost Attica and Battlecry, as well as an addition to the incredibly popular Tech City range - now you can fill the battlefield with scatter terrain in the form of futuristic vehicles. Outpost Attica is an exciting new range that can help you build a labyrinth of corridors and rooms and cover your favourite surface game mat to create your very own Moonbase! We’ve also got a full token set for Warcry and a beautiful MDF Tracker that covers all of your Warcry needs. Click the links below to jump the ranges: Tech City Battlecry Outpost Attica Warcradle Scenics: Tech City Tech City - Vehicles This series of Sci-Fi buildings are ideal for use with any 25mm - 32mm skirmish wargames. With modular buildings and walkways that can all be fitted together, you can build your city the way you want it. All doors open and the walls and ceilings are all removable so the action can continue inside each building - no matter how many levels or how large your structure is! This modular 28mm scale Tech City themed Scenery kit contains; 1 x Hovercar 2 x Tuk Tuk’s 2 x Roadsweeper Price: £10.00 Back to top Warcradle Scenics: Battlecry Battlecry Tokens This set of tokens are ideal for use in your Warcry games. Cut from 2 ply acrylic these tokens are very high quality and can be used to track wounds, activations, treasure, objectives and much more. This token set includes: 24 x Activation Tokens 24 x Wait Tokens 20 x 1 Damage Tokens 20 x 3 Damage Tokens 16 x 5 Damage Tokens 16 x 10 Damage Tokens 1 x Initiative Token 8 X Objective Tokens 8 x Treasure Tokens 10 x Identification Tokens Price: £18.00 Battlecry Wartracker This MDF Wartracker is ideal for use in your Warcry games. It will keep track of your Ability dice, turns and victory points as well as holding your faction cards for easy reference. The tracker is layered allowing for interesting painting schemes to match your Warband. Price: £8.00 Back to top Warcradle Scenics: Outpost Attica Outpost Attica is all that stands of an ancient defence network used in a now-forgotten conflict. The corridors, bunkers, warehouses and communications equipment speak of a well designed and effective complex that could be hastily erected and would withstand most destructive weaponry. The fact that it remains intact and still standing is a testament to its strength and design. This modular series of defences is ideal for all types of 25mm - 35mm Sci-Fi miniature games. Every time you use it the set up can be different and is ideal as use for objectives and use in narrative campaigns. Outpost Attica - Satellite Dish This modular 28mm - 35mm scale Outpost Attica Scenery kit contains; 1x Satellite Station, featuring 1x Ramp 1x Door Price: £14.00 Outpost Attica - Warehouse This modular 28mm - 35mm scale Outpost Attica Scenery kit contains; 1x Warehouse, featuring 2x Door 1x Sliding doors 1x Ladder Price: £14.00 Outpost Attica - Barracks This modular 28mm - 35mm scale Outpost Attica Scenery kit contains; 1x Barracks, featuring 3x sliding doors 1x Ladder 1x Walkway Price: £12.00 Outpost Attica - Cross Section This modular 28mm - 35mm scale Outpost Attica Scenery kit contains; 1x Cross Section, featuring 1x Door Price: £8.00 Outpost Attica - Hallway This modular 28mm - 35mm scale Outpost Attica Scenery kit contains; 1x Hallway Price: £5.00 Outpost Attica - Hexagon This modular 28mm - 35mm scale Outpost Attica Scenery kit contains; 1x Hexagon, featuring 1x Ramp Price: £10.00 Outpost Attica - Junction This modular 28mm - 35mm scale Outpost Attica Scenery kit contains; 1x Junction, featuring 1x Ramp 1x Door Price: £8.00 Outpost Attica - Platforms This modular 28mm - 35mm scale Outpost Attica Scenery kit contains; 2x platforms, featuring 2x Ladders Price: £8.00 Back to top View the full article
  8. One of the strengths of the Dystopian Age setting is that it allows us to expand and develop concepts in ways where it simply wouldn’t be necessary for a single game. To illustrate this, let’s take a look at the mighty Imperium, one of the eight Great Powers of the era. The Imperium is a relatively young power in the Dystopian Age, having been formed in the early nineteenth century by the political and economic unification of Prussia with Austria, Bavaria, Bohemia, Croatia-Slavonia, Denmark, Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway, Serbia and Sweden. This, in turn, caused conflict with both French Republique over the Alsace region and the Russian Commonwealth over Finland. The Imperium is often referred to by outsiders as the Prussian Imperium due to the dominant influence Prussia has in the group of nations, however, it is never referred to as such by member states (with the exception of the Prussians in private of course). In the eyes of their rivals, the people of the Imperium have a reputation for hard work and industry. They are seen as pragmatic, though somewhat arrogant and favouring austerity over artistry. Of course, although the Imperium itself is newly founded as an institution, the nations that comprise it have centuries of history and culture to draw upon. An individual is no more humourless, austere and artless than a Frenchman, Turk or an Irishman. But as the Imperium strives to establish a single identity for the world stage, the individual nation’s cultural richness is beginning to be eroded by the dominant Prussian-centric propaganda. It is too early to say whether this strategy will unify or divide this Great Power in the coming decades. In Wild West Exodus, because the narrative and game take place within the Badlands of the Union of Federated States, the reach of the Imperium is limited mainly to the pernicious Kaufmann brothers. The chisel-jawed Bavarian twins Dieter and Shultz are allies of the Enlightened Peer, Burson Carpathian. Along with their older and perpetually put upon brother Siegfried, the Kaufmann brothers are a lesson in how the industrious and pragmatic traits that built the Imperium can be subverted into selfish and arrogant agents of chaos. For more reputable examples of the Imperium, you need to look at the forces leading expeditions to the Lost World… The Scions of the Reich Detachment for Lost World Exodus really capture that pragmatic and determined nature in the Imperium. The proud history of Prussia can be seen in the stylings of the armour and uniforms, while small details like the helmet plumes, eye pieces and facial hair add to that national identity. The iconography using both the Prussian eagle and the Teutonic Cross helps tie the Detachment into the wider faction. The Scions of the Reich are designed to lead units of Grenadiers into battle supported by Vierling fire teams. If you then compliment those with Totenkopf Huntsmen and Junker Luftlancers, you have a potent force indeed to claim the Lost World for the Imperium. There will be much more revealed for the faction in the lead up to Lost World Exodus’ launch in the coming year. The Teutonic Cross is displayed on the flank of the mighty Stark-Imperium Skyfortress. A powerful symbol of the ascendancy of the Imperium in the Dystopian Age, this vessel calls on classic imagery from the original range. The prow of the ship visually ties into the lines of Dystopian Wars’ Elector class battleship as well as the forthcoming Teutonic Knight Armigers from Lost World Exodus. The tiny fighters that launch from the underslung bays below the airship are not only to be seen here… As you can see below, the Messer class fighter will be realised in superb details for Armoured Clash. Though this game is not due for release until sometime after next year, the gift of having such a rich world to develop means that we can explore these corners of the Faction’s design space, so that when we do launch Armoured Clash, the range will feel a natural and integral part of the Dystopian Age. Coming full circle, it also is within the realm of possibility for a re-fuelling Messer or crashed Messer to be an objective or terrain piece for a future Lost World Exodus Adventure. One setting with countless possibilities. I hope this short example demonstrates the exciting potential that the Dystopian Age offers to players. If it is of interest, please let us know and we’ll try to show more in future Warcradle Studio Diaries! Until next time! Stuart View the full article
  9. Here at Warcradle Studios we love miniatures games, board games, roleplay games and, of course, card games! So when we saw an opportunity to develop an expandable card game set in World War Two, we leapt at the chance. Fog and Friction: Western Front. The war starts here! We first began to work with Jeremy and Tom, the original developers of Fog & Friction, a couple of years ago. Not only did we enjoy working with the two of them, but we also really enjoyed the game they had created. Even in those early days, Fog and Friction had an intuitive set of rules that offered real tactical depth without being too complex. We worked together finalising the designs, and here we are ready to bring it to your friendly local gaming store. Simple to learn rules and clear cards make this a very accessible game I asked Jeremy and Tom to put things into their own words rather than using my own and here is what they said: “Our original desire when designing F&F, was to create a World War Two card game (we like the genre and there aren’t many of them on the market) that focused on the use of combined arms and the unpredictable nature of warfare. We wanted it to explore some of the challenges a real world commander would face; limited resources, an imbalance of forces, and the unknown strength or composition of the enemy. Players would also have to consider their overall strategy, weighing up where best to attack, defend or even capitulate, as players would be constantly fighting across two fronts simultaneously. Importantly for us too, we wanted an element of bluff and ‘poker face’, where the game would become a battle of wits as each player tries to read their opponent and anticipate what they will or can do. It should have a fundamentally simple system with regards to the rules and maths required to play, but with enough nuance, expandability and depth to allow more seasoned players to really get stuck in and explore different possibilities, decks and strategies. With that as our underpinning framework, we worked through many iterations of the rules and the design of the cards in order to meet our artistic and gameplay goals. Many playtests later and here we are with the base game published thanks to the good folks at Warcradle Studios! We just hope everyone else enjoys it as much as we do.” This exciting two player set contains all you need to play. Fog & Friction is a highly strategic card game that does a great job of simulating the unpredictability of war. You are never sure what forces your opponent has and where they will be deployed, but they are of course, in the same situation. The result is a fast paced, yet surprisingly deep game with an exciting historical theme. Various types of units are deployed to the battlefields and will interact with the enemy in very different ways, meaning that every move needs to be carefully thought out. Use a host of different units to secure victory The core box also contains an expansion allowing players to customise their decks and therefore allowing a greater level of replay value. The great thing about Fog and Friction is that it gives us a great base to bring out further expansions and even entirely new theatres in the future. Keep your eyes peeled for Fog & Friction in your local gaming store and online as it will be released very soon. We have all had a lot of fun developing the game and hope you will enjoy it as much as we have. Chris View the full article
  10. The Gunslinger Masters Tournament Returns To the UK The Official UK Wild West Exodus Tournament is back for its second year this October. Gunslingers from across the country will meet in combat to see who will become this year’s champion in the one day event held by Southampton Sluggaz. The event will be run at 1200pts for 3 rounds, and the time table for the day is outlined below. 9.30 - Sign in 10.00 -12.00 - Round 1 12.00 – 13.00 - Lunch 13.00 – 15.00 - Round 2 15.30 – 17.30 - Round 3 17.30 -18.30 prize giving Location – St Denys Community Centre, Priory Road, Southampton Hampshire, SO17 2JZ (Sat nav, SO17 2HS) Book your place here: https://www.facebook.com/events/291970481713682/ Lists must be submitted to the following email address by the 5th October – Ishibei@aol.com or can be posted on the event page on facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/291970481713682/ Any questions regarding the event either email Ishibei@aol.com or post on the event page https://www.facebook.com/events/291970481713682/ Round Scenarios Scenarios will be advised for each round all tables will play same scenario. Contender Bonus After being paired up for a game, if one player has a force that is ten or more points under their opponent’s points total, then they receive an additional Adventure card in their hand for the first round only. Scoring During a Gunslinger Tournament, a player gains 5 Gunslinger points for a win, 3 for a tie and 1 point for a loss each round VP will be used for tie-breaking (Late List or payment will confer negative points on this) Conversion and Proxies Conversions will be allowed as will proxies assuming they are a suitable model and are made clear to your opponent. Any questions on the legality of conversions please contact the Tournament organiser There will be prizes for Murderous (most Gunslinger points) Largesse (Most sporting) Prodigious (Best painted) Tasked (lowest-placed) View the full article
  11. Ever get the feeling that something strange is happening in town? Is there a weird fishy smell? Are all the locals wearing oversized clothing and manipulating objects even though you can see that their hands aren’t moving? I guess it’s time we look closer at another faction for Mythos, our forthcoming 1920’s horror skirmish game… Mythos - coming to a tabletop near you in 2020! Servants of the Sunken Pantheon (Dread Father Dagon, Deep Mother Hydra, and their progeny), the Hidden Ones make their home in coastal towns and villages around the world. Through corruption and interbreeding, the Hidden Ones irrevocably link their community to the sea and to the ancient deities that they worship. Typical of such tainted communities are the fair (but fishy) folk of Dunsmouth, Rhode Island. The authority on almost anything in town is The Dunsmouth Witch (as depicted below). Steeped in ancient wisdom, none know of her true origin, but the Witch has certainly lived in Dunsmouth for over a century. Popular gossip has that a century earlier, a much younger and fairer looking woman, mourning her stillborn son, walked into the sea in the hope of swift oblivion. She returned carrying a crying baby boy, a gift from the Sunken Pantheon. That son grew up tall and strong, the blessings of the deep apparent beneath his rain soaked sou’wester. Any threat to the Hidden Ones is sure to find The Dunsmouth Witch or her son, The Fisherman, close at hand. The Fisherman is a gruff and violent man. Never seen in town except when the tide is high and death is at hand. All too often the spectre of The Fisherman is the last thing a victim sees before a gore-encrusted boat hook sweeps down to serve them to their doom. The Angler is both a child of Dunsmouth and progenitor from the deep. Those who are steadfast in their devotion to the Sunken Pantheon are often blessed with offspring touched by the abyss below. These hybrids pass for human except when confronted with fire or certain words of power. There are some children of the Hidden Ones who are not of such mixed heritage. The Angler is one such creature, born to a human mother but with no trace of mankind in its flesh. A true Deep One. The Angler stalks the shadows in Dunsmouth… Click-Clack is a fearsome creature born from the dark caverns of the deep. An immense crustacean, it is often found clung to the underside of the town’s fishing boats, journeying out to their hunting grounds and feasting on its tithe of the catch before returning to the town each night to answer the call of the Dread Father and Deep Mother. Often tasked to bring the titanic crab to serve The Hidden Ones, Molly Malone, is honoured to find such favour. The Malone family have served the Sunken Pantheon for generations. Youngest of twelve siblings, Molly feared that there would not be a way in which she herself could bring further honour to her lineage. She thanked the stars for that night that the Witch sought her out and gave her this important duty. Click Clack must be lured out from the harbour each night he is needed. The pails of human offal that Molly must acquire for such a purpose is her privilege to collect from the sleeping homeless and itinerant visitors to their fair town. Grim as they are, there is more coming for the Hidden Ones as their shadowy schemes play out in the wider Mythos setting. Stay tuned for more before the tabletop skirmish horror hits stores in early 2020. Until next time. Stuart View the full article
  12. It's wonderful being able to develop so many rich and varied properties in the studio. With Dystopian Wars there has been an opportunity to dive deeply into the various cultures that make up each of the Factions and draw on them in new and interesting ways. The Japanese have a strong naval culture in the Dystopian Age. As part of the Empire, Japan leads the way in naval warfare (leading to no small amount of jealousy from their allied nations!) In classic editions of the game there was a certain aesthetic to the Japanese that needed to be respected, but the new edition and setting gives us the opportunity to unify and expand upon the visuals for the nation. Battlefleet Kongo showcases the elements that make Japan a respected power in the Dystopian Age. Their armoured hulls display a mastery of steel-work rarely seen in the other nations and their aggressive stylising emphasise the vessels’ speed and firepower. As a major nation in the Celestian Empire, look for more on Japan in the future as they dominate above and below the waves! Of course it’s not just concepts for Dystopian Wars that are being worked on in the studio. The great part about having a large and hard working team is that they develop different settings and games in parallel. So while one team was designing Battlefleet Kongo, another was working on something very different… The Dindrenzi Federation are one of the two main human civilisations in Firestorm Armada. Settlers from the beautiful colony world of Dramos, the Dindrenzi evolved an expansive and martial culture in the wake of the colony’s obliteration in a terrible war against Old Earth. Find out more about this exciting faction in the forthcoming Firestorm Armada Open Beta coming later this year. I hope this small glimpse of some of the things we have going on at the studio has been of interest, you can expect lots more in future Warcradle Studio Diaries. Until next time! Stuart View the full article
  13. Guilty as charged. Guilty, why? Because Judge Kingsley Stern says so… Lawmen, Warrior Nation and Hex players, you’re all in for a treat this month as there’s a new Posse set, a Legendary Boss and Support Unit available to pre-order! The Lynch Mob Posse is an entirely new set for Lawmen, focused on bringing justice to the wild west, one Outlaw at a time. Once Judge Kingsley Stern reaches his verdict, his ‘hang ‘em high’ approach to the law means it’s only a matter of time till those convicted face his Gallows or his deputies - ruthless town folk, eager to prove their worth and enforce Stern's way. Pre-order the Lynch Mob Posse from today. The taint of The Hex is a powerful force indeed but nothing can stand in the way of true love. This month sees Legendary Lucretia and Tituba available to pre-order. The arrival of this powerful yet gruesome twosome, bound by the gift of the Hex, calls for more Hex Beasts! And finally, for Warrior Nation, a pair of spectral warriors! Only a few have seen them for more than a fleeting glimpse and even fewer have been able to study them to any reliable degree but from today, you can pre-order a set of Spirit Apparitions for force and more besides. All of next month’s releases are available to pre-order online now and from your FLGS - to be released on the 28th September 2019. Lynch Mob Posse Judge Kingsley Stern is a senior Lawman serving in the territories. He is best described as a roving one-man courtroom, utterly convinced of his own righteousness. He believes that at the heart of each law-abiding man is an outlaw just waiting for his chance. In contrast to High Marshal Earp, Stern is more than eager to give his judgement on any subject and how it pertains to his rigid and unyielding interpretation of the law. Read the full description here. Price: £38.00 Legendary Lucretia and Tituba Bridgetown, Barbados was, until some years back, presided over by Governor James Walker, a deeply religious Scotsman who believed it was his duty to lead his God-fearing residents to a prosperous future. He had several children who enjoyed a strict and puritanical upbringing guided by an evangelical Minister known as Papa Trinity. Walker’s youngest daughter, Lucretia, rebelled strongly against this oppressive lifestyle in her late-teens and found intimate companionship form Tituba, a native Barbadian girl a couple of years her senior. Lucretia would revel in any activity she believed her father would object to and was soon dabbling in fortune-telling and other decidedly non-Puritan activities. Read the full description here. Price: £20.00 Spirit Apparitions In the Dystopian Age, so-called Spirit Apparitions manifest many forms. There has been much speculation both in scientific journals as well as in the penny dreadfuls and newspapers as to the origins of these strange forces but few have seen them for more than a fleeting glimpse and even fewer have been able to study them to any reliable degree. Read the full description here. Price: £18.00 View the full article
  14. Welcome to the Funland. Fighting in Arkham, Malifaux or even The Other Side? The Funland terrain would make a perfect addition to any of these games. This range of 28/32mm scale terrain has everything you need to complete an entire tabletop Funland. If you want one big coaster you can always combine multiple Roller Coaster kits to really give the customers a fright, or use one kit to make multiple smaller elements. You can fence off parts of the Park, add an entrance, and add a couple of mini-games to your miniatures game allowing you to build funtastic tables and enjoy all the fun of the fair! Funland Rollercoaster The Rollercoaster contains 1x Funland Rollercoaster 3x Carts 1x Ticketbooth/Archway Price: £25.00 Funland Ferris Wheel Ferris Wheel Kit Contains: 1x Funland Ferris Wheel 6x Carriages Price: £18.00 Funland Entrance Funland Entrance Contains: 1x Entrance Archway 1x Bin 1x Small Carnival Game Price: £5.00 Funland Stalls The Funland Stalls Contains: 1x Cotton Candy Stall 1x Hotdog Stall 1x Ticket Booth 1x Fortune Teller Booth Price: £8.00 Funland Fencing The Funland Fencing Contains: 9 Fences including, 2 Clown Faces 2 Funland Signs 12x Fence Bases 2x Bins 1x Test of Strength Carnival Game 1x Hammer Price: £5.00 View the full article
  15. Greetings my excellent friends, my name is Jim and I’m currently working on several projects here in the Warcradle Studio, one of which is the most triumphant Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time board game. Since we announced the game was in development, I and the rest of the boardgame development team have been busy refining the rules. I’ve taken a quick break between rules writing and playtesting to share with you how the game is developing and share with you a some behind the scenes images. Bill and Ted’s Riff in Time. The spirit of the material is really important when designing a game based on a licensed property, especially one as iconic and beloved as this one! After repeated viewings of the first two movies (no sneak peeks of the third one yet!) we decided that the characters of Bill and Ted were best suited to a cooperative style game. The idea behind Bill and Ted’s Riff in Time is that something terrible has happened and has caused time and space itself to fracture, with players taking on the roles of the Wyld Stallyns - Bill, Ted, Elizabeth and Joanne. This gave us an ideal ‘race against the clock’ scenario that would immediately engage players and get them working together towards a common goal - saving the universe! After I had made the first prototype (out of blank card, pasted up playing cards and some spare dice) I realised the players would soon have their work cut out for them as the initial draft of the game was exceptionally tough to beat and all too often the rifts would quickly spiral out of control and destroy San Dimas. Most heinous! While a good game should be a challenge for players, repeatedly losing a game on the second turn was definitely not the experience we wanted. Playtesting can be a complex process, but working for a company made up of passionate gamers certainly makes finding people keen to contribute to test sessions a breeze! Because of this (and several visits to the drawing board), we now have an exciting and fast paced game, with players racing through time and restoring various figures from history to their correct time and place! Historical Characters? Did I not mention them before? The amazing artists and sculptors here in the studio have been using the movies as their inspiration to design, draw and sculpt some truly triumphant miniatures that has just blown me away. Not only have they faithfully depicted the Wyld Stallyns as you see above, but they’ve also captured the likeness of some of the iconic historical figures Abraham Lincoln, Socrates and Napoleon Bonaparte. There are many more such characters to be found in the game as players journey from ancient times all the way to the far future! As soon as I have more news or images to share, you can be sure you’ll see them here first. Until then, I leave you with the immortal words of the two great ones; “Be excellent to each other and, party on Dudes!” Jim To stay up to date with all the Bill and Ted news sign up to our newsletter here: https://www.billandted.game/ View the full article
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