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  1. Gunslinger Events have launched! It’s time to start your journey into Wild West Exodus with our easy to follow organised play events. Starting with Warcradle Studios Gunslinger League, you can begin learning the game with the posse set for your chosen faction, and then expand your collection over the course of six weeks to take part in 1500-point force dust-ups. The Gunslinger League not only rewards your in-game victories but also your skills with a brush! In fact, if you're an eager hobbyist you can enter the league and score points just for assembling and painting your models. As part of the Gunslinger organised play experience, two Gunslinger tournaments are available to play: The Gunslinger Posse Challenge in which players use models from a single Posse set, up to 700 points in total. Gunslinger Most Wanted in which players face off with their recently completed 1500-point forces using their week six list from the Gunslinger League. All Gunslinger events are designed to be easy for players of any skill level to participate in and track their results. There’s no need for complicated tables or charts to run or play in a Gunslinger event. All you need is enthusiasm, creativity and a group of players with the desire to destroy foes! Gunslinger Awards: Players have a shot at winning three Gunslinger awards during a Gunslinger Event; Murderous (Most Gunslinger Points), Prodigious (Best-Painted), and Largesse (Most Sporting). Download the Organised Play PDF NOW View the full article
  2. Now for something a bit different! We are pleased to announce we will have a limited edition collectors pin available exclusively during Adepticon 2018. We hope to bring out a series of these collectors badges with a new one available at each major show we attend through the year. You will be able to purchase the badge either from our stand at Adepticon or through the Wild West Exodus website for the duration of the show. Measuring almost an inch in diameter, this year's Adepticon exclusive pin will feature Unger, an Enlightened Creation and is strictly limited to 200 copies. Watch out for other iconic characters from the Dystopian Age coming soon! MISSED OUR ADEPTICON ANNOUNCEMENT? READ IT HERE View the full article
  3. We are very excited to announce that 24th February 2018 sees the first release of terrain from Warcradle Studios! There are five new buildings available for pre-order including the Red Oak Residence, the Red Oak Cartwright's, the Red Oak Jail, the Red Oak Metal Smith, and the Red Oak Post Office; all of which are supplied primed for easy painting. With these buildings, you can further immerse yourself into the Dystopian Age and add a special dimension to your Wild West Exodus tabletop gaming experience! Alongside the release of the new Red Oak buildings - great for setting the scene when playing Wild West Exodus - the highly anticipated Fortune Chips & Dice set including four special ten-sided dice is also available for pre-order! The Fortune Chips & Dice Set, released 3rd February 2018, includes four special ten-sided dice, each featuring their Critical Success and Critical Failure values, and a stack of ten Fortune chips that let you keep track during your games as you tempt fate, push your luck and bend Fortune at will. RED OAK RESIDENCE These homes are of a common design found throughout the settlements of the West. Cheap and plentiful timber is supported with steel joists and copper conduits so that homesteaders have access to all of the modern conveniences that the RJ-powered Dystopian Age can offer. These modern homes are always in demand, so act quickly to secure your very own piece of the West! This Wild West Exodus Scenery kit contains: 1x Red Oak Residence Building Assembly Instructions RED OAK CARTWRIGHT'S The advent of the Iron Horse has been a boon to the scattered settlements of the American Frontier. Of course, even these wonderous technological marvels require maintenance and recharging from time to time. Cartwrights, like this one, offer affordable services to the good folk of Red Oak - certainly preferable to dealing with the Enlightened as their assistance often literally costs an arm and a leg... This Wild West Exodus Scenery kit contains: 1x Red Oak Cartwright Building Optional signage for a Red Oak Delivery Office Assembly Instructions RED OAK JAIL This distinctive structure is ideal for securing ne'er-do-wells and other miscreants in secure surroundings. The Jail makes a superb strongpoint for Lawmen and other agents to uphold the Law in Red Oak and beyond. With the Jail in your town, you can be sure that Outlaws can be kept out of sight, but never out of mind! This Wild West Exodus Scenery kit contains: 1x Red Oak Jail Building Assembly Instructions RED OAK METAL SMITH Steel and steam are the foundation of the Dystopian Age. Businesses like this Metal Smith ensure that both are in plentiful supply - especially for a fair price! From simple repairs to steel-shod shelters to more advanced metalworking, the Red Oak Metal Smithy is always busy! This Wild West Exodus Scenery kit contains: 1x Red Oak Metal Smith Building Optional signage for a Red Oak General Store Assembly Instructions RED OAK POST OFFICE While for the very wealthy, near instant communications can be achieved through radio and other more esoteric means, for most the Post Office represents the only means of communicating with the world outside the town limits. Typical delivery was between a month and ten days, depending on the importance of the letter or package and of course the cost. The Post Office is an important place to not only send and receive messages but also for the local community to meet and share news as it arrives from the Union and beyond. This Wild West Exodus Scenery kit contains 1x Red Oak Post Office Building Optional signage for a Red Oak Doctors Assembly Instructions FORTUNE CHIPS & DICE SET Fight the battles of Wild West Exodus with these superb dice and Fortune chips. This set includes four special ten-sided dice for use with Wild West Exodus. Each die features their Critical Success and Critical Failure values with easily recognisable symbols. The stack of ten Fortune chips will let you easily keep track during your games as you tempt fate and push your luck by bending your Fortune to your will. This product contains 10x Fortune Chips 4x Dice ASSOCIATED PRODUCTS View the full article
  4. Your miniatures looking a little bit too neat and tidy? They are supposed to have been through the wars, after all, yet they look a little too pristine... Watch Lewis' Worn Fabric tutorial to add some much-needed wear to those clothes! Enjoy! Miniature used: Marie Laveau from Wild West Exodus Music: www.bensound.com View the full article
  5. Avid fans of Wild West Exodus, The Battle Hammer, have created some handy 'How to Play' videos in their own interesting (and very engaging) style. If you fancy learning a little more about Wild West Exodus (and don't mind a little NSFW content) then these videos will be right up your street. Please note: NSFW has been added due to some use of swear words in Parts One, Two and Three. A higher volume of swear words is used in Part Four. In Part One, The Battle Hammer look at the rules and stats from unit cards as well as some of the general conditions which could affect your units! What you'll like: Overview of how to read the unit cards and what all the different acronyms mean. Explanations of different weapons, rules and conditions. Straw and Parker (what's not to like?). In Part Two, The Battle Hammer look at the rules regarding the Action Adventure Deck, how it works, and they investigate the use of Fortune (using some very cool looking Fortune Chips which will be released from Warcradle Studios very soon) in the game. What you'll like: Break down of the use of the Adventure deck in regards to Guts (one-off effects) & Glory (end of game VP) How to use Action cards What the use of Fortune can do for you References the rule pages from the rulebook (excellent shout). In Part Three, The Battle Hammer looks into Faction Posse and Theme Posse cards, as well as information about Faction Armoury cards. Trust me, if you don't have this information, you'll be glad to have watched! What you'll like: Explanation of the different posse types Find out how to fill your posse Benefits discussed Take a look at some cool conversions! In Part Four, Straw and Parker put all their knowledge together to play a full game of Wild West Exodus! What you'll like: A fun and very real game (and conversation) between mates. If you enjoyed this then make sure to check out their youtube channel for other Wild West Exodus goodness (and Dystopian Wars, in the future, by the sounds of it too)! What did you think of Straw and Parker's 'How to Play' videos? ASSOCIATED PRODUCTS FREE DOWNLOADS AVAILABLE Rules Action Deck Adventure Deck Unit Cards Posse Cards and Faction Armoury Info are all available from each Faction Unit Card area. View the full article
  6. Painting wood effects can be a tricky beast to handle... Watch as Lewis paints up wooden bases and get some ideas for your own work while you're at it. Those bases won't paint themselves, after all... Enjoy! View the full article
  7. Today was truly a clash to behold, Lukes creepy creations of the Enlightened facing off against William and his band of Outlaw Bikers... Mission: Supply Run Points: 600 Special Rules: One Boss, one Posse Luke the Construct King - Enlightened (Legendary Carpathian, Creation VII, Unit of 2 K9 Attack Dogs, 1x K9 Gun Dog) The background of The Enlightened and the look of the models really gels with me. The weirdness and options for originality are what I tend to go for in an army. I chose Legendary Carpathian as my boss because who can say no to a tank with an Atomic Mini Gun? Also, his offensive firepower is frightening which more than makes up for his lack of survivability. Creation Seven came next as his two options for both ranged and combat makes him incredibly versatile. He can be a little unreliable with Action Cards but his coolness makes up for it! For Carpathians personal guards I chose Attack Dogs as they are also great at capturing objectives with their incredibly high speed and Rapid rule. The Gun Dog fills a gap in points nicely and brings a Durable Gatling gun to the table. The plan was to lock down hard hitters with the Attack Dogs whilst Carpathian and Creation Seven can move up the table without worrying about reprisals. The Gun Dog is more of a distraction for the enemy to ignore at their peril... Will the Interceptor Kid - Outlaws (Marcus Wayward on Interceptor, unit of 2 K9 Attack Dogs, unit of 1 K9 Attack Dog, Unit of 2 Interceptors) For a start, I really like the interceptor models so they were a must-have. Marcus Wayward is a character I just had to take as he suits my playing style - fast and shooty. He’s reasonable in combat and provides multiple benefits to my entire posse such as Treasure Hunter and Inspirational. Not to mention his Peacemaker is Piercing -4 and Brutal. I then put him on an interceptor for three reasons - firstly they’re cool, secondly, he gains extra firepower, extra speed and a virtual extra life in exchange for quick and the dead, thirdly, no-one in the League has used Wrangler yet… and it works... The Attack dogs went in to fill up the Hands slots and fit the theme of my list - I like the idea of a pack of Robo-Dogs keeping pace after my bikes. The plan was to take out Lukes chaff and then knowing how much he loves to take Carpathian and Creation Seven, I could focus on killing them individually whilst using the automata to distract and claim objectives. Turn One: Forces from both sides moved at top speed into the town. Following tactical protocols above all else, the Enlightened Gun Dog ran to claim the objective in the centre of the table but was met by a ferocious hail of fire from the pair of Bandit Interceptors and Marcus Wayward. Unsurprisingly, the Enlightened Gun Dog was annihilated. Seeing his plan falter, Carpathian sent his Attack Dog to contest the objective recently captured by the Outlaw Boss and locked Marcus Wayward down in combat. Carpathian nodded to himself in satisfaction as this ploy would buy him time to bring his nightmare creations into play... As Carpathian fought the K9 attempting to drag him from his Interceptor, Marcus took note that one of his own K9’s had seized another objective in the town's only saloon and that his other Automata were perfectly positioned to press the advantage... End of turn Victory Points Outlaw - 2 Enlightened - 0 Turn Two: With attack protocols clacking in their machine brains the two K9 Attack dogs Marcus held back from the fight charged their Enlightened counterparts and quickly turned them back into their component parts... Now free to pursue his plans, Marcus Wayward kicks his Interceptor into high gear and tears around the flank of the town, only to be met by the hulking Creation Seven spooling up his Rj powered arsenal! With no time to evade the Interceptor is blown out from underneath Marcus, throwing him from his saddle. However, as no stranger to an opportunity, he landed hard but with his gun up and blew both of the hulking beasts brains out all over the soft summer grass. But, even as Marcus dusted himself down, the remains of Carpathians monstrosity began to coalesce and a mewling Hex Beast took its form from the leftover flesh. Carpathian couldn't use his Carpathogen to keep his Construct alive as he was just out of range... Enraged at his lack of foresight and under fire from the Outlaw Interceptors, he unleashed the enormous firepower of his Atomic Minigun, putting down Wayward in spectacular fashion. End of turn Victory Points Outlaw - 4 Enlightened - 1 Turn Three: Still following their most recent attack protocols the two Outlaw K9’s attempted to rush the newborn Hex Beast but they were Intercepted by Carpathian himself, allowing time for the grotesque amalgam of body parts to extrude boney spikes and blades ready for combat. At a nod from Carpathian, the Hex Beast charged into the fray and destroyed one of the Automata. The remaining Outlaws powered up their Hyper-Velocity Rifles and riddled a pustule ridden beast with large bore fire leaving the Legendary Boss as the last Enlightened model standing. In an almost dismissive gesture, Carpathian crushed the remaining K9 and hosed down the daring Interceptors, leaving only a pile of smouldering ash representing their prior existence... End of turn Victory Points Outlaw - 5 Enlightened - 2 Turn Four: As the fog of war began to clear from the battlefield the last Outlaw Attack Dog switched to survival protocols and made a break for the edge of the town denying the Father of the Enlightened a total victory. End of game Victory Points Outlaw - 6 Enlightened - 2 Afterthoughts: Luke the Construct King: That was an incredibly exciting, fast-paced and cinematic game, I thoroughly enjoyed facing a themed force such as this one, and Marcus Waywards Piercing -4 Magnum Peacemaker was definitely a challenge for the muscle of the Enlightened. The speed of my opponent was crucial in picking up those vital early Victory Points and in the end; brain had beaten brawn. I will be adding more speed in the shape of Constructed Uhlans and a touch more firepower with Creation Five ready for round two. Follow Carpathian, for only he can set you free, until next time you dastardly K9s! Will the Interceptor Kid: K9 Attack Dogs are amazing! They scored me the lion's share of the objective points whilst executing my initial plan well. I was a little over eager with Marcus Wayward which ultimately led to his demise but he was epic anyway. Moving forward I need to plan how to deal with high Grit models with Tough. I’m thinking of adding Amadeo Savoia to my list for the next round as he has an RNG 20 rifle with Ammo Clip, this will allow me to support the rest of my troops and deal with any big nasties I may run into further down the League. View the full article
  8. Following on from our live Q&A earlier this month, we have highlighted below some of the key questions and expanded on some answers in greater detail. QUESTIONS ON THE DYSTOPIAN AGE: What is the Dystopian Age? The Dystopian Age takes place within a generation of the American Civil War. The ingenuity of humanity has unlocked secrets that they were unprepared for. Now mighty empires clash as super science and alien technologies bring the world perilously close to annihilation. In the Dystopian Age, the world is at war in all but name, but the awesome power of the technologies unleashed means that the fallout of a devastating global conflict has moderated some of the more apocalyptic ambitions of the powers. And so the various factions achieve their goals with a mix of subterfuge, diplomacy and military. Under threat of domination or invasion many of the nations of the world have over time become affiliated with one of a number of power blocks (our factions). While there are times of uneasy alliance or peace between them, at other times there are clashes and conflicts over resources, territory and the actions of individual commanders in the field making the right (or wrong decision). It is an age where all it will take is the official declaration of war between any two of the faction for a chain reaction occur, and the world is plunged into a costly and ultimately unwinnable world war. Diplomacy is a fine art with a network of ambassadors, diplomats, bannermen, marshals and emissaries crisscrossing the globe smoothing over the countless brutal and bloody 'misunderstandings', sabre rattling, land grabs, insurgencies and declarations that are a daily occurrence in the Dystopian Age. Though each nation is part of one of a number of alliances and pacts across the globe, tensions and infighting frequently happens. For example, while the Emperor of China and Empress of Japan usually settle their differences politically (after all they have been allies for almost a thousand years), their generals and admirals might show less finesse and respond to the rivalry with bloodshed on occasion. Such conflict between allies is regrettable but, unfortunately in the Dystopian Age, unavoidable. The Dystopian Age is a tragic place for the average fighting man and woman as their actions and sacrifices can all too often be conveniently ignored or mischaracterised by their nation for the good of a greater objective. To achieve a very real objective and secure greater glory for their people, the governments will use every tool at their disposal and while military is by far the most satisfying (as the vast armies around the globe in the Dystopian Age attest to), the factions can be pragmatic (and some would say downright cynical) at times. For the soldiers and citizens of the Dystopian Age there are very real and very motivating reasons to fight (fabricated or not by their governments if necessary). A loss in battle represents to the governments and monarchs a loss of face and prestige, which is far more troubling than the destruction of material or manpower. Despite (or perhaps because of) the efforts of pan-global institutions such as the Covenant of the Enlightened and secret societies such as The Dark Council the status quo is maintained, albeit with a daily eruption of fighting on dozens of fronts. But how long those regional conflicts can continue until they escalate and the world is engulfed in a terrible all-consuming war is a question that haunts all the halls of power (and more than a few mess halls) as these powerful alliances battle each other looking for a decisive advantage in this Dystopian Age. Regarding the miniatures will they be made of plastic, resin, metal or some combination of the three? Also, will flying models still use the same clear plastic bases, or will Warcradle be developing something different?" Warcradle currently makes miniatures in resin and plastic. We are looking at how best to create new products and bring back existing ones. Will the Japanese still be a major power or will they be rolled into the Chinese? The Immortal Celestial Empire is a powerful alliance that has lasted over a thousand years. It was formed by the dynasties of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, Siam and Burma. Though each nation has its own proud traditions and aesthetics, there has been great prosperity and advancement in their Empire as they work closely on matters of trade and defence. It was the unwarranted invasion of Korea by the British Crown and the Russian Commonwealth a decade ago that caused the Empire to change its policy of isolation from the affairs of the rest of the world. We are looking to produce fleets and miniatures representing each of those nations over time. Will Sturginium ore and characters from Dystopian Wars lore be appearing in the setting? As we detail the setting over the coming months we hope you will be pleased to see a number of familiar names appearing in the Dystopian Age. Lord Barnabas Draynes Sturgeon is one of the main leaders of the Covenant of the Enlightened and head of the Integritas Philosophy that operates out of Antarctica. Sturgeon’s Enlightened are obsessed with safeguarding the technologies of the Enlightened, especially those developed from the alien Vault that lies beneath Antarctica. One of these discoveries was the superconductive Element 270 that the wider world knows as Stirginium. Will original DW background be rewritten? Is ‘X’ nation still around in the Dystopian Age? The nations of the world are all present, though the Dystopian Age places some in new and exciting factions. Narratively the background will change, so while a great deal will be familiar to you, there are bound to be some changes to how things tied together in second edition. DW is a science-fiction based game, WWX is a science-fantasy based game, what was your overall reasoning on merging them both? The two settings have a great number of similarities (more so than might at first be believed). It is important to keep in mind that much of Wild West Exodus is based on how those factions interpret the world they see around them. So where they might view it in mystical or supernatural terms, the Enlightened or the Teutonic Knight-Luminaries would have another, more scientific, interpretation. Will there be available (either on webpage or purchase) more on the background of the Dystopian Age and how it relates to the world and how the new factions came to be? Definitely. What we did with WWX was to release short stories and blog posts during development and leading up to release. We will be doing the same for all games in the Dystopian Age. The new forum is a great source for the updated background material too. Are there any plans to bring any of the Dystopian Legions troops or units back into Wild West Exodus? While Wild West Exodus is part of the Dystopian Age, it is not intended to be the home for any additional factions. Rather than shoehorning factions like the Prussian Imperium into Wild West Exodus we are looking at a new game for those factions. It will not be called 'Dystopian Legions' but will certainly be a home to many of the forces that would have featured in that game. It will use similar rules to Wild West Exodus but will be focused on larger units and a more militarised structure (as would befit the factions within). As it uses similar rules as Wild West Exodus it will be compatible with factions from that game for tournaments and casual play. There is no release date planned for this (as yet untitled) game. As and when we have more news we will announce it. QUESTIONS ON ARMOURED CLASH: With the scaling changes, will you be making any add on or upgrade packs? We are looking at all sorts of add ons and accessories for modelling that would be suitable for scenery building as well as detailing your miniatures in Armoured Clash. With the land combat miniatures scale now becoming 10mm, would it be wiser to switch to 6mm scale? 10mm gives us a great scale for detailed armour miniatures and visually distinct infantry. Will I still be able to use my models in the new system? Or will the new models and terrain be significantly bigger? The physical size of the core models will remain similar to existing miniatures however their 'real world' size will have reduced so that the common battle tank is roughly the size of a battle tank from the middle of the last century. There will of course be larger war machines such as land ships and battle automata in the game. We will have more to show on this next year. As you can see from the renders below, many of the new models will be of a similar size as some miniatures players may already have in their collections. Of course the new sculpts take advantage of the details we can add at 10mm scale but it does means that players can represent some units with models they already own when playing a game of Armoured Clash. With a change of scale in the land game how will the air units cross the scale change? There are different air units for Dystopian Wars and Armoured Clash. You could use existing models in your collection to count as air/robot units in Armoured Clash, but they will be representing a different unit. Sky Fortresses and the other truly gigantic flying/skimming machines will be only in Dystopian Wars, however. There will be equivalent (but representing smaller machines) in Armoured Clash that you can use them for. So the Vabaun in Dystopian Wars could be used to represent a Castellane Super-Heavy Skyship in Armoured Clash. You stated that armoured clash is going to have a focus in Africa what about the factions that are not really involved in Africa? Africa is a key narrative battleground for Armoured Clash, but it will feature land from battles all over the world. The land battles between the Union of Federated States and the fledgling Socialist Union of South America is another key narrative, especially as the other factions see the conflict as a way to leverage their own grab for power or territory on the South American continent. Since Mobile Carriers have gone will SAS still be represented in Armoured Clash? There are no small aircraft tokens in Armoured Clash, however there will still be carrier type vehicles that can launch smaller craft such as gyrocopters and units like jetpack troops. Will Armoured Clash be a new rule set, or will the old rules be adapted to the new scale? New rules for a new Dystopian Age! The game engine for Armoured Clash is in development but separately from Dystopian Wars. They don't share rules, but will be developed by the same team in the studio so that factions behave in similar ways and feel like they are part of the same universe. QUESTIONS ON DYSTOPIAN WARS: Any plans to introduce bases for the Dystopian naval forces? Turning and establishing fire arcs always massively annoyed me due to the non-square edges. We are looking at it just as we are looking at a lot of possibilities. If we think it is justified by the rules we will include them but it won't be an arbitrary decision. Do you plan to rewrite the rulebook? Truth is, it's hard to read, hard to get into the game and could be shorter. The rulebook will be laid out so that players can easily understand how to play. While we are not looking to reduce the game to a couple of sides of A4 there is still an aim to slim down the core rules of the game somewhat from 200+ pages. Will there be Two Player starter Box? Eventually, yes. Is that Physeter Construct concept (the cybernetic whale) used by all of the Covenant? Has Sturgeon started dabbling in biotech? One of the key tenets of the Enlightened is the sharing of knowledge within the Covenant. Obviously, there are some members who are less inclined to share (such as the Traitor Tesla) or would rather make a quick buck off their innovations such as Edeson or the Traitor Markov. So within Philosophies you will find comparative technology, however, each tends to have a preferred method of achieving similar goals. Doctor Carpathian and his Praegressus Philosophy make more use of RJ-1027 fuelled Constructs and Creations whereas Lord Sturgeon's Integritas instead would more likely use Automata to achieve the same result. Of course there are Constructs and Creations in the forces based out of Wells Chasm in Antarctica and Automata in service to the Praegressus Enlightened based out of Payson in North America too. View the full article
  9. Over the next few days, I will be painting the Tribal Retribution Starter Set so I’ll be recording my progress in a series of blogs. Today is all about skin. Here’s a very rough and ready painting guide I put together whilst on my lunch break! You’ll need the following paints: P3 Paints Idrian flesh Khardic Flesh Ryn Flesh Umbral Umber GW Paints Reikland Fleshshade Seraphim Sepia Step 1 - Basecoat Basecoat your model with Idrian Flesh, then give it a generous wash of Reikland Fleshshade to set the basic skin tone. Step 2 - Creating Volume We’re going to add volume to the muscles by highlighting them with Khardic Flesh... Step 3 - Adding Definition Now we're going to add definition by highlighting the uppermost surfaces of the muscles using a 50/50 mix of Khardic Flesh and Ryn Flesh. Step 4 - Adding Further Definition Further definition is added with pure Ryn Flesh - once again, concentrate on the edges and uppermost surfaces of the muscles. Step 5 - Creating Contrast Time to add some contrast now. Water down Umbral Umber 4:1 and use this to shade the recesses and undersides of the muscles. Step 6 - Tie our highlights and shades All flesh areas are given a glaze of Seraphim Sepia to tie our highlights and shades together. And that’s it - Job Done! This will look great on the tabletop but after I’ve finished the whole Posse, I will go back and add subtle nuances to the flesh tones for a more individual look. ~ Daz View the full article
  10. Sneak Peek - Wayward Eight

    It's what you've all been waiting for: a sneak peek of the updated Wayward Eight posse! Make sure to catch a peek at this posse created for Wild West Exodus' Outlaw faction. Which character are you looking forward to getting on the table? Let us know in the comments below! Features: Marcus Wayward Hicks Kincade Zarelda Kincade Kay Free Jake Mattia Sierra Icarus Sun Totem Flowing River View the full article
  11. Want to get a nice warm glow on those RJ Enhancements for Wild West Exodus? Or maybe you have another model waiting in the wings who could benefit from this quick guide? Watch as Lewis add's some much needed 'glow' to his miniature, and maybe pick up a tip or 4 while you're at it. Enjoy! Music: www.bensound.com View the full article
  12. # Tesla’s defection to the Union over a decade ago was not the deathblow to the Imperium’s technological developments that perhaps he might have assumed. At the direction of the Kaiser, Tesla’s facilities in Graz were commandeered by the Knight-Luminaries of the Teutonic Order. Over the next few years, a variety of inventions emerged, some ultimately proving to be stunning (and at times explosive) failures. Others, however, such as Heinrich Ruhmkorff’s refinements to Tesla’s arc coil technology have revolutionised the military might of the Imperium. One of the most impressive (and resource intensive) wundertech was from the Knight-Luminary Karolina Sanders. Sanders, a specialist in the construction of fortifications and other major architectural projects, and her proposal drew upon this expertise. Taking the Imperial council outside to the large fountain, she demonstrated a scale model of a supermassive vessel. This craft, which she named a ‘super assault carrier’, was built to carry nearly three Commanderies’ worth of Armsmen and war-machines, not to mention supporting weapons and even a supply train. It would be one of the largest vessels ever conceived, let alone built, the ship came to be known as the Eiskalte Schönheit or Ice Maiden; the name was coined in jest during Sanders’s demonstration, but Karolina herself found it appealing, ignoring the jibe, and so the title stuck. Though only the Ice Maiden herself has been confirmed in action, seen taking the fight to the Russian Commonwealth, there are rumours that she is but the first of a number of near-identical super assault carriers that the Imperium is planning to deploy across the globe... The Prussian Imperium: Ice Maiden Super Carrier Miniature is a goliath measuring 260mm in length. To ensure the highest possible quality the main body of the ship is cast in a single mould, which eliminates any pesky mould lines. This product contains 1x Prussian Imperium: Ice Maiden Super Carrier Miniature Multiple customisation options Key Features Length: 260mm Components: 15 parts plus additional optional add-ons. Available to Pre-Order NOW here. View the full article
  13. So, you want to know how to get a copy of Dystopian Wars Third Edition rules for free? Great, let's get you registered! You will need a copy of the Dystopian Wars rules in order to register for Third Edition. How do you get the Third Edition and what will you be getting? What you get The current plan is for us to send a beautiful colour softback rulebook to your local FLGS for you to collect or to your home address. It will contain all of the rules for Third Edition, along with some background and hundreds of photos/artwork. Registering for this promotion also registers you for the New Edition of Armoured Clash. This rulebook will be released at a later date and you will receive more information about this addition at a later date. How you get it 1) Share a photo of yourself with a Dystopian Wars Rulebook (at least one, but more is great). 2) Post your photo publicly on social media and tag us in the photo with @warcradlestudios (Facebook and Instagram) @warcradlestudio (Twitter) and @dystopianwars, make sure to use the #dystopianrules. 3) Tag in your local gaming store where you would like to collect your book from (if you have one). No FLGS? No problem, we will send it directly to you. 4) Fill in the form here. Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming out each week! View the full article
  14. What's this? A sneak peek at the new Deadly Seven posse? Correct! Check out this new posse created for Wild West Exodus' Outlaw faction. Which character are you looking forward to getting on the table? Let us know in the comments below! Features: Earle Shepherd Black Blood Brutus Razors Li Idina Vannez Alan Knox Kodiak Faraday View the full article
  15. Unveiling the Dystopian Age

    Lee and Stuart from Warcradle Studios have some exciting news! Check out our latest video to hear all about our new setting: The Dystopian Age. We are excited to announce the launch of the Dystopian Age - a rich and expansive setting for a range of science fiction games from Warcradle Studios. The Dystopian Age takes place in an alternate 1870s. It is a world where the heroism, greed and ambition of humanity is matched only by a scientific genius that has changed the world forever. What does being part of the Dystopian Age mean for Dystopian Wars? Having a larger canvas means that we can take concepts and designs from Dystopian Wars and explore them further. We have made the factions as outlined in Dystopian Wars as the starting point for our work in this new setting, so that means there will be a great deal of material that is immediately very familiar to Dystopian Wars players but at the same time there will be some new twists that we hope will surprise and delight. What does being part of the Dystopian Age mean for Wild West Exodus? Wild West Exodus is great at defining in huge detail the frontier. Now we get to see what the rest of that exciting world looks like. Not everything that is a focal point in WWX is necessarily as important or influential elsewhere in the world, so don’t expect to see Warrior nation fleets for Dystopian Wars or Lawmen tank battalions in Armoured Clash! In the Dystopian Age, there are many fantastical and wondrous machines, creatures and marvels that defy explanation. But we will make sure that there is an explanation for them. Not a case of just waving hands or shrugging shoulders with things just explained as ‘magic’ Let's look at some of the games we will be developing in the Dystopian Age. Dystopian Wars is 1:1200 scale game of naval battles pitching eight factions against each other in a struggle for supremacy on the open seas. All factions make use of a mixture of aerial support as well as powerful warships, cruisers and frigates to sink or drive off the enemy fleet. There are eight factions for Dystopian Wars which represent superpowers or alliances of smaller nations who each vie for dominance over the other: The Immortal Celestial Empire The Union of Federated American States The Russian Commonwealth The Imperial British Crown The Covenant of the Enlightened The Ottoman Sultanate The Latin Alliance The Prussian Imperium There are a range of new miniatures in development for all the factions and we hope to show you some of those in the near future, but in the meantime here is a sneak peek at what the studio is up to... Armoured Clash is a 10mm or 1:160 scale game. It is a game of land battles as the mighty empires of the world clash in the varied landscapes of Africa as they attempt to establish colonies, conquer enemy territory and claim the riches of the land for themselves. Though Africa forms the main focal point of the narrative battles, Armoured Clash will feature flashpoints all over the globe as the great powers grind against each other. The eight factions from Dystopian Wars are also present in Armoured Clash. Armoured Clash will feature new rules and a new scale for land battles, but a popular one with a range of scenery already available. Players with existing miniatures can still use them, though a whole host of exciting new miniatures are being developed. To accompany the Beta test, we will provide a detailed ‘counts as’ guide so that players know exactly how to use all the models in their collections in this fantastic new game. There are a range of new miniatures in development for all the factions and we hope to show you some of those in the near future, but in the meantime here is a sneak peek at what the studio is up to... Wild West Exodus is a 35 mm (1:48) scale game of brutal skirmishes in the American Frontier. There are eight factions for Wild West Exodus, and all these factions are currently available. We have a host of exciting releases planned for the game throughout 2018 and beyond. Being part of a larger world mean that some of the future plans we had for WWX are now going to be reworked. From a factions point of view, it will mean that the Crown and Celestials will now move out of WWX and the game will remain with the current eight clearly defined factions. Of course there will be Posses and units that can ally with those factions, but the factions themselves will find a new home ‘elsewhere’ in the setting, but we’ll talk about that another time! View the full article

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