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  1. Its December, 2020 has been a write-off for most so we wanted to do our bit and spread some table-top joy. So push the turkey to one side this Christmas, and make room on the table for us to provide you with some socially distanced magic! We wanted to give our community an insight into what is coming up from Warcradle Studios. Showcasing sneak-peaks and teasers from some of our biggest miniatures games titles. Such as Mythos, Wild West Exodus, Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars. Join us on the Warcradle Studios Facebook Page with our countdown to Christmas, where we will open the doors to the Warcradle Advent Calendar starting today, continuing on the 8th, 11th, 14th, 16th, 18th, 22nd and finally, on Christmas Day. We are looking forward to seeing what you all think of these never-seen-before sneak peaks. Make sure to head to our community pages, including the The Sturginium Lounge, The Hidden Ones, The Dark Council and The Black Ocean, where you can talk to our team and many other community members about these upcoming teasers from Warcradle Studios. View the full article
  2. Some know how to summon and bind him, others know how to entice him and sometimes he will simply arrive and join the fray on one side or another. Available throughout December, Morozko is the first special edition miniature from Warcradle Studios for Mythos, and the forth festive character to join the seasonal collection. You can purchase this miniature from Wayland Games and your FLGS from today. View the full article
  3. Are you ready to play an excellent boardgame and conquer time itself? Well, Bill & Ted's Riff in Time requires speed and teamwork, if you're up for the challenge: choose your character and take on San Dimas! You've the choice of Bill, Ted, Joanna or Elizabeth. There are a few ways you can choose who to play on the board: pick your favourite colour, go with your favourite actor from the film franchise (whether it be Keanu reeves, Alex Winter, Diane Franklin or Kimberley Kates), or choose based on the unique ability a character has in the game. Find out more about each characters special ability, head to the Warcradle Studios blog. Looking to purchase your own copy of the Bill & Ted's Riff in Time boardgame? Find an FLGS near you or shop online at Wayland Games. View the full article
  4. Get ready to set the tabletop scene with new plastic scenic bases and sets of super buildings initially only available in the Super City Downtown bundle. All available to pre-order from today, with your FLGS and online at Wayland Games. New Plastic Scenic Bases With the new miniatures base sets from Warcradle Studios, your force will not only look the part as you move into position on the tabletop, but they'll stand out from your opponents. While both of the new miniatures base sets are incredibly detailed, there are a few unique and interesting differences between them. There are two base themes inside each of the sets, for use with or without the iconic Warcradle Plinth bases - also included! Mesa & Frontier Town Base Set The Mesa & Frontier Town base set provides a textured, sandy terrain option, with a mix of highly detailed features varying from pistols and skulls and to the remains of foes. It also includes highly detailed old-school wooden flooring as a second option, with remnants of battles previously had, scattered RJ bottles and Wild West "Wanted" posters. If you've been looking for the perfect base inserts for your Wild West Exodus miniatures, these bases will more than suffice! Available in small or medium. Medium Enhance your miniatures with these highly detailed plastics base accessories. These can either be used as toppers for the Warcradle Plinth bases or as stand alone bases for any miniatures. Price: £20.00 Swamp & Industrial Base Set The Swamp & Industrial base set brings out the best of a murky bayou with exposed roots ravaging the muddy waters, rotting wooden planks, and the skulls of those that dared to venture ahead. The second theme for this set provides a platform for sci-fi, pulp/horror miniature figures and features a host of pipework and congregated metal flooring for your miniatures to stand atop - with some more RJ canisters thrown in for good measure. Not only is this set fitting for the Hex in Wild West Exodus, but it's also compatible with many more miniatures games. Available in small or medium. Medium Enhance your miniatures with these highly detailed plastics base accessories. These can either be used as toppers for the Warcradle Plinth bases or as stand alone bases for any miniatures. Price: £20.00 Basing helps to tell the story of your army, so make sure to pre-order these basing sets for an excellent selection of stand-alone base options for every model in your collection. Both of these textured miniature base sets are available to pre-order from your FLGS and online from Wayland Games, due for release at the end of October 2020. Super City Scenery Kits We're also helping to keep tabletops action-packed by releasing each of the Super City buildings separately! If you've been looking for marvel crisis protocol terrain or waiting to get your hands on the Mystic Mansion, Tower Block or the scatter terrain pieces (Quantum Van or Construction Site), you're in luck. They are all available to pre-order individually from today. If you're ready to make an impact, these scenery kits offer a selection of pre-painted MDF buildings, compatible with 35mm - 40mm scale games, and many more. From miniatures games to RPG's, building the ideal comic book or contemporary city, the possibilities for this series of scenery are endless. All of the Super City tabletop scenery kits are available to pre-order from your FLGS and online from Wayland Games, due for release at the end of October 2020. Super City - Mystic Mansion Price: £30.00 Super City - Tower Block Price: £30.00 Super City - Tower Block Extension Price: £15.00 Super City - Construction Site Price: £12.00 Super City - Quantum Van Price: £10.00 If you like the look of next months releases, be sure to pre-order from your FLGS or online at Wayland Games today. Due to be released at the end of October 2020. View the full article
  5. Jim from our Games Design team in the studio has had a vision of the future! He has witnessed many things, but nothing as bodacious as what just happened! He reveals all… How's it hanging, game fans? Today when I was in the studio, I had the pleasure of seeing the final production proof of our new board game, Bill & Ted’s: Riff in Time. Let me tell you, it's quite an exciting experience holding onto the physical evidence of my work (if not a little scary!) Before I even opened the box, I had to stop to appreciate the vibrant artwork that the Graphic Design team have so lovingly created. The colours really highlight that late Eighties, early Nineties vibe we were trying to achieve. With the box open, I hastily started to remove the game components - the rule book, punch board, figures, cards and dice all went to one side so I could get to the star of the show - the board! It was exactly as I’d imagined all those months ago, with the swirl of the Time Circuits surrounding the gold-recessed Historic Locations. Next, I examined the plastic player miniatures, each one superbly sculpted by somebody with a heck of a lot more talent than I could ever hope to possess. After that, I unwrapped the cards again admiring the vibrant artwork before I gave them a very satisfying shuffle. Lastly, I scooped up the dice and rolled them all most triumphantly (and loudly) across my desk. Although I’m not sure the clatter of dice and subsequent air guitar and cheering from me was appreciated by everyone else trying to work in the studio. As I type this blog post, mass production is in full swing so it won’t be long until you too can get your hands on your own copy of Bill & Ted’s: Riff in Time. There’s really only one word that sums up my feelings right now, Excellent! Jim P.S. I maybe shouldn’t be telling you this but I’ve also had a look at the first expansion for the game - Rufus’ Remix. This adds, not only everyone’s favourite dude from the future; Rufus as an optional 5th player, but also outstanding plastic miniatures to make your games even more triumphant! View the full article
  6. What does the month of September have in store for fans of Wild West Exodus, Mythos and those who enjoy building the perfect tabletop setting? A whole host of goodies. Wild West Exodus: Legendary Cloud Runner For fans of Warrior Nation, September sees the release of Legendary Cloud Runner. She and her enormous hawk, named Oniya, assist forces as aerial scouts, looking for signs of invaders and interlopers, and directing warriors to where they are most needed. Regularly calling upon other great spirit energy beasts, such as the Fire Eagle (or Great Thunderbird) to serve during battles, helping to bring Death from Above. The Great Spirit manifests itself in many different ways. Spirit Walkers have the ability to alter their physical form into that of a hybrid between man and animal. Some in the Warrior Nation are blessed with the ability to move and control the flow of their life energy like Shaman such as Chief Raven Spirit. Read the full description here. Price: £25.00 Mythos the Game: Odani Travellers For followers of Mythos, September bestows the gift of a new faction: Odani Travellers. Embodying everything it means to be a real "freak of nature", the Odani are dangerously charming - not only for those confronting them on the tabletop. Skilful misdirection is one of the Odani's strengths, if you didn’t plan on collecting these miniatures for your games, prepare to welcome this enchanting mix of miniatures into your painting projects lineup! The future may not be read with impunity. The threads of destiny for a person are wrapped through the days of their lives, known only to the omniscient beings known to their followers as the Fates. The secrets of the Fates are hidden from the eyes of mere mortals and only those with the gift of Mythos may begin to lift that veil. Read the full description here. Price: £35.00 New Terrain: Gloomburg Sprawl Set If you're a fan of fantasy and historical wargames, you're going to love the new tabletop scenery set, coming out at the end of September. The new Gloomburg Sprawl Set offers six new charming pieces of 28mm full-colour scenery - for spending less time setting the scene, and more time gaming. The mists curl and eddy around the dark village as a gentle breeze disturbs the deserted streets. The only sounds are the crows who gather on several roofs. Shadowed figures move in the darkness, hollow-eyed inhabitants of a once-thriving market town. What evil could have wrought this change? What will you find lurking in the gatehouse at the edge of town? Read the full description here. Price: £100.00 Legendary Cloud Runner, the Odani Travelers faction set and the Gloomburg Sprawl set are all available to pre-order now, and are due to be released at the end of September 2020. Be sure to use our store locator to find an FLGS near you or shop online at Wayland Games. View the full article
  7. Given the unforeseen circumstances that this year has had to offer, local games stores and retailers, across the globe, have been forced to face considerable challenges in response to the unfortunate COVID-19 Pandemic. It is therefore of utmost importance, at times like these, that we can lean on each other within the industry and share our knowledge and experience wherever possible. Recognising the struggles forced upon those within our industry, the Warcradle and OnTableTop teams have joined forces to support both the industry and the community by offering a FREE Support Package to every independent store and gaming venue. It's easier to get by with a little help from friends! Included in this support package will be three CE Certified Face Visors and six Unbranded Floor Decals (in two different designs) to help prepare the opening of stores and social spaces, for social distancing best practises. Claiming a Free Support Package: If you are an owner of a gaming store or if you're a community member wanting to help your local store reopen sooner, claiming the FREE Support Package from Warcradle Distribution is as simple as getting in touch with our sales team here: salesteam@warcradle.com. We hope these support packages provide some relief for independent stores and venues during these difficult times and help to bring the wider community closer together. Be sure to share this article with anyone who you think will benefit, and help to spread the news - we will bring the community back together! View the full article
  8. With the recent announcement that the studio has returned to work (albeit in a slightly reduced capacity for the present), we wanted to announce the current developments for our various settings and projects. We’ve already talked about some of the new card games in development as well as the plastics for Dystopian Wars. Let’s see what 2020 holds for Firestorm Armada! The global pandemic caused the greatest disruption to the studio since Wayland Games founded us in 2016. It wasn’t just our products and services from China and the United States that were affected. To protect our staff, our in house development and manufacturing facilities were closed for many months, including our fantastic state of the art resin and plastic injection departments as well as the studio itself. This caused us to rework our plans for the year quite drastically. We lost six months, but completely shutting down certain projects has actually caused a knock on effect which has disrupted things well into next year. In order to get things on track we have to look at our production schedule and consider what is important to develop and what needs to wait for a year or two before we can deliver it properly. So we looked at Firestorm and knew that there was no way it would be: Yes, I know it’s a cheap shot putting something like that in an article like this. While some games will have to enter an extended period of ‘Development Hell’ being removed from our current release schedule (Planetfall and Uncharted Seas) and others will see themselves looking at delays into late 2021 and beyond (Lost World Exodus and Armoured Clash) as we open up space in the schedule to make certain we can support Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada in the right way. I’m delighted to confirm (again) that the Firestorm Armada Beta will launch on Wednesday the 9th September 2020. The Beta will run along similar lines to the successful Dystopian Wars Beta Test. Full details of how to get involved will be revealed in the coming weeks along with all the latest Firestorm news here at the Black Ocean - The Official Firestorm Armada Community Group. Not only will you be able to share your Beta Test discussions, but also you’ll find a wealth of sneak peeks, concept art and background material as the game takes shape. Find it all here. We are excited to venture out into the Firestorm universe with you. See you on the Black Ocean! Stuart View the full article
  9. 'Pull on the new flesh like borrowed gloves and burn your fingers once again.' Warcradle Studios are proud to announce an ongoing collaboration with Richard K. Morgan on a range of games based on his thrilling Altered Carbon setting. As fans of the novels we are excited to be able to explore and expand on this imaginative and unique universe. There is so much to explore between the pages of the books, from the dark and seedy underground of Bay City to the wartorn and politically turbulent Sanction IV and even across the alien archipelagos of Harlan’s World. Others planets like Sharya and beyond have been hinted at - it's a great big galaxy that we are exploring with Richard K. Morgan as our guide. "Having spent time with the team at Warcradle Studios, I’m delighted to see them take on the Altered Carbon universe. These are true enthusiasts from the ground up, both of the tabletop gaming medium and of my books (so clearly, men and women of very fine taste indeed! :-) ). Frankly, I couldn’t wish for a better home for the IP and I can’t wait to see where they take it!” - Richard K. Morgan We have had a team working on this within the studio for some time now and they are ready to reveal the first game to be released later this year. For this first foray into Altered Carbon we showcase the brutal and frenetic combat of Carnage’s savage Fightdrome arena. Altered Carbon Fightdrome is a fast-paced combat card game where two players slug it out in the infamous Panama Rose arena. Each player will have their fighter’s digital consciousness (known as a stack) placed in an engineered or augmented body (known as a sleeve) for each bout. Your card deck will be customised depending on which combination of stack and sleeve you are using. Try to outwit your opponents to get in the killing blow and become the champion of Panama Rose. “Welcome to the Panama Rose!” - Carnage Of course, Panama Rose is only the first in a planned series of Fightdromes that players can test their mettle in. Expect even more brutal arena combat powered by Altered Carbon tech! Panama Rose for Altered Carbon: Fightdrome will be released later this year. For more information please visit the website and register your interest. Chris View the full article
  10. “May this deed of Prince Thun be an example to all the kingdoms of Mongo…Death to Ming!” Today is the 40th anniversary of the cult classic space opera film, Flash Gordon. This seemed like a great opportunity to make an exciting announcement. In partnership with King Features Syndicate, Warcradle Studios is delighted to announce a range of tabletop experiences based on the fast-paced duelling card game titled "Flash Gordon: Death to Ming!" In Flash Gordon: Death to Ming! each player takes on the role of a well-known hero or villain from the motion picture. Immersed in the story through stunning high-resolution images drawn straight from the film itself, players will go head-to-head in Ming’s throne room to determine the fate of Mongo. Through heroism or treachery, players will customise their card deck with weapons and abilities unique to those iconic characters. “I like to play with things a while…. before annihilation!” Flash Gordon: Death to Ming! is planned for release in early 2021. For more information please visit the website. Stuart View the full article
  11. We’re back! After several months of being shut down through this ongoing pandemic, we have confidence that we can reopen the studio. We’ve put safety measures in place to protect our staff and invested in technology to ensure we can get back to the business of making games! We’re going to produce a series of diary entries regarding each of our games to give you an update on where they are right now and give you a sneak peek on what’s being worked on too. We’ve also got a heap of announcements we are looking to make which would have been made earlier in the year, but things changed somewhat from our original plans! Let’s talk about Dystopian Wars, our upcoming game of naval battles set in the Dystopian Age. Originally intended for an April launch, the issues with shutting down our in-house manufacturing teams and the massive disruption to materials supplied from China meant there was no realistic way we could launch them. Dystopian Wars isn’t just one product. It is an ongoing commitment to release a range of miniatures and supporting products for a whole game system. The launch of Dystopian Wars will begin with the release of the two players starter set - Hunt for the Prometheus. This will include a sizeable fleet for both the Covenant of the Enlightened as well as the Russians from the Commonwealth. In addition to those incredible miniatures it will also include the brand new rule book, action dice, critical damage dice, plastic templates, tokens, Victory and Valour cards and much more! We’ll go into the full details a little closer to the release towards the end of this year, but let’s talk about the miniatures and what the delay in the release has meant for us. The original intention was for the first wave of ships for Dystopian Wars to be in resin, in the same way that the classic game had been served. While we had intended for plastic miniatures to be added to the range over time, resin was felt to be the best place to start in order to meet the April launch window. Of course the global pandemic meant that this was impossible, but rather than just delay our plans for six months to a year, we decided to make use of the time with the limited resources we could still muster. The plastics team moved forward with their efforts and, though it has involved a huge amount of effort, we are delighted to announce that the vast majority of the miniatures in the Hunt for the Prometheus set will be plastic multipart kits! Let’s take a sneak peek… Above you can see the design of the plastic sprue for the Russians. From the parts provided you can build a cruiser sized vessel in a number of different configurations (cruiser, heavy cruiser, fast cruiser or monitor). It also gives you two frigates and all the generators and turret options you need. And of course those turrets and generators are compatible with many of the other ships in your fleet, meaning that each plastic kit will allow players a wide variety of custom options. We’ll have much more to reveal on the contents of the forthcoming two-player set as well as confirm the release date. Our plastics are produced in house as part of Warcradle Studio’s investment in manufacture. As soon as we have the plastic sprues in hand, we’ll announce the date and you can begin to plan for your first games. A new two-player set and a range of plastics? That’s only the start of how exciting Dystopian Wars is about to become. More information coming soon. Stuart View the full article
  12. We've got new releases lined up for Wild West Exodus and Mythos so without further ado, let's have a look at the miniatures due to be released at the end of August! Wild West Exodus: Legendary Morgan Earp The youngest of the Earp brothers has had a legendary makeover. From today, you can pre-order Legendary Morgan Earp for Wild West Exodus. Resculpted and emboldened by his new mechanical body, courtesy of Nikolai Tesla, he stands proud, taller, and poised for tabletop action. His miniature embodies everything it means to be a superpowered man of steel. With extraordinary guns fused to both hands, this miniature is the perfect addition to any Lawmen Posse. You may be thinking, who's that is with Morgan? Well, in true Scarface style, say hello to Morgan's little friend! Assisting this marvellous mechanical man in every tabletop battle is his trusty HWK Automata, Hawkshaw. Designed to repair machines, Hawkshaw also acts as a decoy, flushing out enemies for Morgan to shoot and destroy. What happens if you pair them with a few K9's? You get a force not to be reckoned with. Of course. Be sure to pre-order this dynamic duo to quite literally bring some Armoured Justice to the town of Red Oak. You can find an FLGS using our store locator or shop online from our website and Wayland Games. Due to be released at the end of August 2020. Looking to collect more of the Earp brothers? You'll find the notable Wyatt in his legendary form here, and the well-respected Virgil alongside Kyle the Black in the Meat Grinder Posse. Mythos The Game: Silver Venators Have you succumbed to the madness that is Mythos? Do you hunger for more factions to collect? Then we have good news. It's time to introduce another faction joining the Shadow War and the miniatures that form: the Silver Venators. The Venators arrived around the same time as the Custos Crypta. They're a coven of masked huntresses who travel the angles of time as their master's demand. Each Venator is entrusted with a silvered key, an object attuned to their masters and own Mythos energies. Exploiting the powers of portal travel, they're able to emerge at preordained points in time to destroy followers of the Old Ones. These powerful women of wonder are protectors of destiny with one aim: restore the flow of time and bring order to the chaos caused by the Shadow War. At. All. Costs. Their miniatures are purposely cloaked, disguised by dark hooded robes and reflective silver face coverings to evoke anonymity and unease. Intensified by the large, brightly polished weapons that they wield. The addition of two Tyndaly'th Hounds completes the Silver Venators Faction Starter Set. Once a victim has been marked by the Venators sword, they can call on these dreadful and difficult beasts. But, only ever as a weapon of last resort or they risk falling prey themselves... Be sure to pre-order the unrelenting Silver Venators from your FLGS or online at Wayland Games to add them to your Mythos miniatures collection. Due to be released at the end of August 2020. View the full article
  13. Today we welcome characters ready to embrace their new abilities onto the tabletop. How will their miniatures fare in the warfare of Wild West Exodus and Mythos? Let's get into it. Mr Ears When we first previewed this sculpt, it was wildly popular, and now he's finally joining the frontier. Introducing Girauld Eres, a Parisian naturalist with a real passion for animal physiology. Blessed by an impossible solution to a previous accident, he now identifies as ‘Mr Ears’! He's not only a great ape, but he's also a killer gorilla whose miniature is full of character (look at that hat) and intent. Wielding the technology of the Enlightened, this intriguing primate is available to pre-order from today. Mr Ears is almost ready to embark on his journey to Antarctica, but first, he's to reunite with his old friends Katherine Holst, Warwick Hudson and the rest of the Soul Hunters in the Wild West. Girauld Eres was one such associate, a Parisian naturalist who had developed into a minor celebrity as he toured Paris society with his collection of primates. Girauld’s real passion lay in animal physiology and his personal menagerie was home to some impressive specimens. Showing a talent for specimen capture, he was approached by Warick Hudson and earned a sponsorship into the Covenant as an associate following his collaboration on the spectral containment technology with Hudson and Katherine Holst. Read the full description here. Price: £23.00 Brotherhood of Belial Starter Set It started with a mission to rid the streets of a small gang of deviants, responsible for a series of unspeakable crimes. But now has manifested into a rebirth of hosts for the ancient power of the chiropteran god, Belial. Winging their way into the Shadow War, the Brotherhood of Belial - the sixth faction to be released for Mythos - is now available to pre-order. Jim Dugan, accompanied by sergeant Maria Marquez, Oliver Driver and Florence Delaney and the monstrous Dan Flack complete the Brotherhood. These officers carry the curse bequeathed to them, their miniatures sporting demonic claws and lesions caused by tainted energy. Harnessing their newfound power, they continue to serve the city, unwittingly nurturing the dark embrace of god Belial. For better or worse. Augusta, Maine was a sleepy city with a low crime rate that was dealt with at a leisurely pace by the municipal police department. That is until one winter, when a spate of vicious crimes hit Augusta leaving a bloody trail of destruction in their wake. Murders, beatings, rapes and numerous muggings were perpetrated by what appeared to be a small gang of deviants. Read the full description here. Price: £35.00 You can pre-order Mr Ears and the Brotherhood of Belial Starter Set with your FLGS, just use our store locator to find your closest one, and online at Wayland Games now - these pre-orders are due to be released at the end of July 2020. View the full article
  14. The rise of the Custos Crypta began 700 BCE, at the height of the Kushite Empire when the Pharaoh Neferkare Shabaka’s authority was never challenged. Shabaka was considered to be blessed by the ancient Egyptian Goddess: Khepera. And in Khepera’s name, the people were ruled. From Nubia to the Nile Delta, a daily blood sacrifice was provided as a tribute: tribute and service of the Custos Crypta. Custos Crypta are a sentient insectoid species that act as both guardian and custodian of Shabaka and his following. Yet the politics of humankind spilt into Shabaka’s grand plan, resulting in his overthrowing murder at the hands of his nephew, Taharqa. The existing Custos Crypta were entombed alongside their Pharaoh in the pyramid at el-Kurru, there to remain for the rest of eternity… Or so they thought. The Crypt Guardian was the last of its kind when Shabaka was overthrown. Presumed dead, the Guardian entered into a state of cryptobiosis and its desiccated body was interred alongside the slain Pharaoh. When the pyramid at el-Kurru was explored by George Reisner and his team in 1919, the Guardian was taken as a curio back to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. It was not until one late night, that Sara Heriot (a researcher), in the midst of research accidentally spilt her glass of water onto the Guardian’s inert form. Although at first glance, it seemed as if no harm was done; the next morning the Guardian had appeared to have vanished. Now, returning to enact the will of Khepera to make sure her servants are triumphant in the Shadow War. This crafty Crypt Guardian has the ability to influence humankind by converting them as servants mentally. Sara Heriot and her colleague Victoria Taylor were unwillingly brought under the control of the Crypt Guardian on its resurrection. They have been manipulated to dedicate the sole following to the will of Khepera. Any ideas or thoughts otherwise within their vessel is to be stripped down, to stop any hindrance that might be caused to jeopardise the Custos Crypta and their plan. Crypt Grubs are the larval form of the Custos Crypta and the most numerous of the creatures to be encountered. Usually, they are tasked with low-grade and inferior tasks but when fed a very specific blend of necessary proteins and secretions - they are able to evolve into their final form. This final form is not done on a whim and needs to be calculated, to ensure the perfect strategy to fight within the Shadow War. The Crypt Sham has an uncanny resemblance to a human when in a resting state. Their skills allow them when in low light or slightly illuminated by solitary street lamps, they are able to observe a target for hours without arousing suspicion. This Crypt Sham is crucial for infiltration and plays a pivotal role in the stealthier aspects of the Custos Crypta’s final goal. Restore the natural order and balance by manifesting the power of the Mythos with the Custos Crypta Faction Starter Set - available from Wayland Games and your FLGS. Find your closest store with our store locator today. View the full article
  15. Today we announce new miniatures sets for Wild West Exodus and Mythos, and a tabletop city fit for Super Heroes. Don't delay, to find out more about the miniatures and terrain available to pre-order from today; keep scrolling. Wrath of the Nautilus Detachment Everybody's favourite captain: the legendary Rani Nimue* now has a crew of her very own. She and her highly skilled team are ready to impart the ‘Wrath of the Nautilus’ as Outlaws of the Wild West. This exciting new Posse not only embraces the classic steampunk look but exudes Pirate-Esque charm. Pre-order now to embark on your next tabletop skirmish in Wild West Exodus. It's only a matter of time before the Crown sends the instruction for Wrath of the Nautilus to head north, the Enlightened Soul Hunters won't be the only detachment investigating the Lost World! Born under the Raj in Delhi, Rani Nimue had a turbulent childhood. Her English-born father worked for the diplomatic service and moved across the country to wherever Her Majesty required him, his wife and only child dutifully following. At the height of the Indian Mutiny, Rani’s mother was killed and her father was faced with the difficult task of raising his daughter alone. Read the full description here. Price: £35.00 *Looking for the legendary miniature of Captain Nimue? Head to the Wild West Exodus store to order Legendary Rani Nimue. Custos Crypta Faction Starter Set From the depths of the dark, mysterious Crypt to the streets of Dunsmouth, welcome the gruesome grubs and unworldly creatures that form the Custos Crypta. Today, under the control of the Crypt Guardian, these skin-crawling characters join the shadow war of Mythos. The Custos Crypta extends its influence by mentally compelling humans, drawing in mortal servants and expanding on their formidable biology - some may say they’re the most “encaptivating” Mythos faction to date. Be sure to pre-order the Custos Crypta Faction Starter Set, to see how these elusive insects fare on the tabletop. The story of the Custos Crypta begins in the year 700 BCE at the height of the Kushite Empire when the authority of Pharaoh Neferkare Shabaka was considered absolute. Shabaka was said to be blessed by the ancient Egyptian Goddess Khepera. It was in Khepera’s name that Shabaka ruled, from Nubia to the Nile Delta and a blood sacrifice was made daily in his name. Read the full description here. Price: £35.00 Super City Downtown Set Finally, we finish on something marvellous: the Super City Downtown Set arrives as a unique Warcradle Scenics product, scaled to fit the awesome Marvel: Crisis Protocol. The set offers a series of pre-painted MDF buildings, compatible with 35mm - 40mm scale wargames - ideal for creating tabletop cityscapes and recreating superhero scenes. Included in the set are two huge multi-level buildings, the Mythic Mansion and Tower Block, as well as several other smaller buildings and scatter terrain. The Mythic Mansion comes complete with full inner details, removable damaged walls and a staircase and multiple removable levels. The Tower Block also comes with interior features and optional NYPD or HOTEL signage. Beings from another dimension, Super-human arch-villains, deranged cyborgs created by the government - whatever your nemesis, you can rest assured that they will take their fight to the streets, in broad daylight to maximise any collateral damage! It is your job, brave heroes, to defeat them without levelling half the city. Good luck! Price: £100.00 That's it for now! The Wrath of the Nautilus Detachment, Custo Crypta Faction Starter Set and Super City terrain bundle are all available to pre-order now from your FLGS and online at Wayland Games - due for release at the end of June 2020. View the full article
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