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  1. “I just want to see how it works.” If any man can lay claim to a true mantra, that would be Viktor Beitel. One of the earliest memories he could bring to mind, heavily featured the antique clock on the mantel. He remembered it vividly; an exquisite model encased in lovingly polished wood and wound meticulously by his father every night. The ticking was steady and precise, soothing even. He was often to be found in the drawing room where it presided grandly over the fireplace like some elderly retainer. He would sit on the carpet and stare at it for inordinate periods of time. Early memories they were and fond ones, indeed. One of his later memories was the scolding that he’d received because of the clock. He couldn’t have been more than four years old, but the memory was always revisited in perfect clarity. His father had caught him with the beautiful timepiece, removed carefully from its pride of place and with its innards meticulously spread out on the floor in front of a fascinated child. Cogs were arranged slightly obsessively in order of ascending size, springs were laid out and the clock’s hands were being held up for deep scrutiny. “I just wanted to see how it worked,” had been his juvenile defence. It hadn’t stopped his father from administering a good thrashing, although all things were relative. Isaac Beitel was fond of his precocious child and it was more for the look of the thing than any actual desire to harm the boy. It satisfied Viktor’s strict mother well enough. Later, when his wife was out visiting friends, Isaac sat down with his son and showed him how the clock fit back together. The immense satisfaction that Viktor had known when the clock resumed its steady rhythm had been tangible. The understanding that came with seeing how the clockwork mechanism worked fired his natural desire for learning and he became an avid student of exactly how it was that things worked. Isaac indulged him in his curiosity, finding him simple items to strip back and study. When the family’s carriage was serviced, Viktor was allowed to crawl beneath it and learn about the axel and how it connected to the wheels. It was not surprising that he excelled in the sciences at school, although his teachers often murmured that it was always best not to seat him beside a window for fear he would ‘be off, flying with the birds’. However, this desperate desire to understand did not always meet with approval. When he’d been eleven, his father had needed to step in and stop him from dissecting the family dog after it suddenly died of old age. “I just wanted to see how it worked,” he’d protested. Isaac quietly despaired. “The boy will be a doctor, or an engineer,” was the general consensus. As he grew older and his notions frequently veered toward the fanciful, his mother fretted that he was likely to become a wastrel. He was always buried in his books, always trying to build something, rarely succeeding, but demonstrating an indomitable spirit that kept him going forward. Both of his parents had died before he had completed his schooling and while he had only ever had a stiff and formal relationship with his mother, he grieved her loss. In part, the devastation it caused his father meant the man never fully regained his will to live. He followed his wife into eternal rest soon after and left behind a broken-hearted son. • • • When his father had passed on, the clock had become his. It was the greatest comfort he possessed and a means by which he could always remember where his furious desire to know how the world worked had originated. Viktor wound it every night. When he was frustrated, he turned to its solicitous ticking for comfort, in the way that others turned to crime, or to madness – or to drink. In the wake of the death of his parents, he’d spent his share of time contemplating the world from the bottom of a bottle of bourbon, but it had given him little insight into universal truths and had gifted him with entirely too many bad headaches. So he had sobered up and hunted gainful employment in the form of a sequence of increasingly unsatisfying apprenticeships. Nothing ever seemed to fit. He’d worked for a clockmaker for a short while, but it was evident that he was more keen to take the things apart, than he’d been to put them back together. A stint in a carriage works followed, but that similarly failed to hold his attention. Then came the glorious times. The age of RJ-powered technology. It was the time to be alive and Viktor grabbed at it with both hands. He learned the process of distillation and refining working in a poorly-ventilated room with a handful of others. Producing the end product that was shipped out to fuel generators, weapons and vehicles in the United States and beyond. But Viktor would never be happy with that. Not when the raw material had so much potential. It had to have potential. He knew that. It was just a case of… taking it apart. Seeing how it functioned. Interest turned to fascination and, over the years, fascination slowly turned to obsession. Obsession led to, often unsuccessful, experimentation. But every failed attempt to understand what he believed to be the deeply hidden transformative properties locked within the core of the miracle substance was met with the same eight words, “I just want to see how it works.” View the full article
  2. Broadcast

    UK Games Expo 2019: Recap

    Warcradle Studios attended the UK Games Expo 2019 for all three days this year, resulting in a memorable weekend jampacked with a whole lot'a tabletop gaming. We ran demos for both Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars at the event, and our fantastic Warhosts showed off thrilling scenarios and beautiful table setups for both games. We were also privileged to have Parker from The Battlehammer join us once again as a Warhost and if you are interested in becoming one Click Here to find out everything you need to know. Below you can see our demo table gallery from the event for both Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars. Here is a peek at our display cabinet including event exclusive Jadzia Kosciuszko - Winged Hussar Captain and the upcoming Amber Clade and Death from Above posses. A visit from OnTableTopLive Our good friends over at OnTableTopLive visited us at our stand to talk all things Wild West Exodus, Dystopian Wars and of course the anticipated Lost World Exodus. Check out their interview below with Chris to find out what is coming up for the Dystopian Age and a close-up and personal look at our table setups. View the full article
  3. Broadcast

    Vignette #18 - The Price

    “Well Doctor? What is to be done about the High Marshal?” Thomas Edeson demanded. Doctor Burson Carpathian looked around the polished mahogany table he was seated at. Across from him were a handful of his current allies and agents, each eager to hear what solution Carpathian proposed to their collective difficulty. The Lawman Wyatt Earp. Carpathian finally spoke. “How many of you have been having the same difficulties as Thomas has with the Lawmen in the territory?” Jedediah Smith and Annabelle Hamilton nodded in agreement. The others did not signal dissent. Everyone in the room had cause to venture into the wider territories on a fairly regular basis to further the cause of the Enlightened. Each of them had suffered setbacks at the hands of High Marshal Wyatt Earp and his Lawmen. Often, when a town was ripe for influencing, a sheriff, Infernal Investigator or even one of the legendary Earp clan, would descend upon the burg and wreak havoc with the Enlightened’s plans. Even the Countess and Eiffel had suffered setbacks in their forays beyond the Tonto Forest. Carpathian nodded in sympathy to their looks of frustrated agreement. “I know, my friends. We had not anticipated, back when we first began our hallowed struggle to bring enlightenment to humanity, that such a force for ignorance and inflexibility would arise amidst the benighted Union to foil us.” His smile returned, and his hands spread out before him, as if presenting some great offering. “However, I believe our relationship with the Lawmen might well evolve, solving more than one of our issues with a single blow.” The doctor pulled his watch from his vest pocket and consulted the red-glowing face. “In fact,” he muttered around his smile. “I believe someone who could shed further light on that very subject is due to arrive at any moment now.” He twisted around, addressing the woman beside him. “Miss Ratchet, if you would be so kind?” Without a word, Harmony Ratchet moved from her station beside Carpathian’s chair and went to the door, opening it silently. On the other side, revealed as the heavy slab of dark wood slid open, stood the dusty and battered figure of Virgil Earp. * * * Virgil’s skin crawled as the door swung silently open before him. He had almost managed to convince himself this inevitable moment would never come. But from the moment he had fled Tombstone and turned his back on his brother to beg Carpathian to repair his devastated arm, something in the shadows of his heart knew that he would return to Payson one day, as just another creature of the damned European. He could only hope the price he would be called upon to pay would not undo all the good Wyatt and the rest of the Lawmen had accomplished. As he stepped into the room, Virgil kept his back straight and his gaze steady. He recognized all of those present as antagonists from down through the grim years, and it became easier to maintain the slight sneer he decided was the most fitting expression for this darkest moment of his life. He had to maintain as much dignity as he could. Edeson, in particular, looked like someone had pissed into his beer. Smith looked nervous and distracted, as always. And the bloated form of Kyle Tanner, now called ‘Kyle the Black’, was almost comically wedged behind the table with grotesque mechanical claws waving over his head. Lady Hamilton, a Southern rich girl often was seen playing mad scientist in these parts and standing around the room he could spot all manner of Enlightened blowhards and sycophants, a wide range of expressions passing across their faces. The only faces that gave him pause were the Kauffman twins, violent Bavarian scum who had caused untold havoc as they rampaged across the territories. He knew they were each wanted for more murders than you could count on both hands... If it came to shooting, he would make sure he took those two out if nothing else. As the thought came through his mind, Virgil looked down at his right hand. The crude iron arm Carpathian had given him had served him well, despite the tension it had created between him and his brother. But it was not his, and a day never passed without a keen reminder of what he had lost, and what he had given up to replace it. “Marshal Earp, thank you for joining us.” The words snapped Virgil back to the dark present, and he looked to the head of the table, his gut twisting behind his gun belt. Carpathian was sitting in a chair that could easily have been confused for a throne. Given how grand the rest of the room was appointed, it was obviously the effect he was striking for. The self-styled Father of the Enlightened was sitting back casually, master of all he surveyed, chin propped on one metal-braced hand, elbow on the carved arm of the chair. His smile was almost enough for Virgil to draw his blaster and end the charade right there. If they hadn’t taken his grenade launcher at the front door, the massive weapon that Wyatt had laughingly named The Gift, he might have turned his back on this Faustian bargain then and there and blasted them all back to Hell. But more than his own pride was at stake. His family name, and the legacy Wyatt, Martha, Morgan, Warren and the rest had worked so hard to build, was on the line. Virgil could not afford to indulge himself in a suicidal purge, no matter how good it would have felt. “Marshal Earp, if you would care to take a seat?” Carpathian once again dragged Virgil’s mind back to the dark moment at hand, and he reluctantly dropped down between Lady Hamilton and Carpathian at the head of the table. The Lawman took his hat off as he sat, resting it on the gleaming wood of the table before him. “I came, Doctor. Say yer piece.” Virgil knew he had no room to negotiate or manoeuvre, but that did not mean that he would meekly bow down before the black destiny of the moment. Carpathian seemed amused by Virgil’s response, but a chill prickled down his old back, as he realized just how vulnerable he was here. “Marshal, please.” The smile warmed, but Virgil was not fooled. Carpathian could afford to appear magnanimous in the centre of his power. It carried no reassurance. If it came time to shoot or drop iron, Virgil knew he was done for. “I have asked you here so that I could thank you for your most recent services.” Virgil looked away. He had been passing along harmless-seeming information on Union movements and the attitudes of townsfolk ever since the doctor had replaced his arm. The Union had denied him the medical help he needed despite all the work his family had done for them. He felt no guilt, passing along that information. But at some level, Virgil knew the information about the townsfolk, about their attitude toward the Union and Carpathian’s branch of the Enlightened, and their own plights here at the back end of nowhere, was more of a betrayal of his family’s legacy than all the rest combined. “I would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm that you have been asked to do nothing that worked against your family’s best interests?” The doctor’s hand waved before him, as if granting some boon upon a peasant. Virgil’s jaw tightened, but he nodded. There was nothing else he could do. Carpathian’s smile widened. “Excellent.” The man nodded to the rest of the table, and the assembly nodded mechanically in turn. Carpathian looked back to Virgil, leaning forward, his face realigning itself into a more reassuring configuration, his eyes softening. “Marshal, it is important that you believe what I am about to tell you. The future of the entire continent depends upon it.” Virgil’s stomach gave another sickening heave. He swallowed the sour bile down, and jerked his head in a single, violent nod. Out of the corner of his eye he could see that the monsters around the table were staring at the doctor, clearly eager to hear what the man had to say. Whatever was happening, Carpathian was being true to form, indulging in high drama, and his posse of twisted flannel mouths were learning about this scheme at the same time as Virgil himself. “You must understand our ultimate goal, Marshal, to understand why we do what we do.” The man’s face was severe, his hands splayed on the table before him. “We are concerned first and foremost, with the freedom and well-being of the common people of the land.” Virgil snorted before he could stop himself. The Enlightened, Carpathian and his minions especially, had killed just as many innocents as any of the other outfits tearing the territories apart between them. And none of the rest of the factions bothered to offer the devil’s bargain and enslave the poor pie-eaters on their deathbeds. Fixing them up and converting them into all manner of miserable looking henchmen and menials to then serve those same Lords and Ladies of the Enlightened that near murdered them to begin with. Carpathian raised a placating hand, nodding in rueful agreement. “I know, I know. Our work has often redounded to the detriment of the common people.” The man seemed genuinely sorry, and Virgil had to force himself to remember all the crimes that were laid at the doctor’s feet. There seemed to be less than universal agreement with the sentiment around the table. Some, like the strange, dark-skinned woman in white, smiled in genuine amusement. “Often, in our pursuit of the most enlightened path for humanity, we lose sight of the cost upon the common man.” Carpathian shrugged. “It is a fault not uncommon within the scientific community throughout history, I’m afraid. And yet, I assure you, our ultimate goal should not be doubted.” Virgil managed to repress his reaction this time, but he made no attempt to hide his scepticism. “Marshal, let me approach this from another angle, perhaps.” Carpathian looked up at the ceiling, his fingers drumming on the fine wood of the table. “Has the Union of Federated States been a good steward to the men and women of the territories?” The churning in his gut hardened to an icy anger. Even though he knew he was being manipulated, Virgil refused to deny his own convictions regarding the leadership in Washington. “You know it ain’t.” Carpathian nodded. “And do you truly believe that the men of the Union, specifically men like Odysseus Grant and President-in-perpetuity Johnson, have the best interests of the common people in their hearts?” Virgil had never met Grant or the president, but he had seen the results of their policies within the territories. They pursued their vicious, selfish agendas throughout the west, and spent no effort to help those wronged in that pursuit. Hell, it was like pulling hen’s teeth to get them to cough up a red cent for the Marshal’s Service. “You know I don’t.” Virgil’s anger with the Union government, raw and bloody in the aftermath of his maiming, had made him vulnerable to Carpathian’s manipulation during their negotiations for his replacement limb. “Do you believe that another party, perhaps outside of the traditional leadership of the Union, might better serve the common folk?” Virgil started to nod, and then stopped, caught by surprise by the laugh that rose up in his throat. “You mean ya’ll?” He gestured to the mismatched crew around the long table, each face a mixture of confusion and irritation. “Ya’ll are gonna be the new lords of creation? Rulin’ the rest of us poor sods from your mansion?” Carpathian was quick to shake his head, a look of annoyance flashing beneath the calm, kindly facade. “No. It is important for you to know that we do not seek to rule. We seek a stable environment from which to assist the growth and wellbeing of the people.” Virgil did not miss the looks of misgiving and rejection that flashed across several of the faces around the table. Not everyone, it seemed, was completely convinced that they did not want to lead in this brave new world the doctor was conjuring up. “We seek only to usher in an age where our work can best benefit the innocents most adversely affected by Washington’s careless disregard and draconian, imperialist policies.” The doctor’s face was so sincere, Virgil forced himself to stifle the laughter again rising in his throat. “And you do this by pervertin’ the bodies of folks’ loved ones, slappin’ guns ‘n knives on ‘em, an’ drivin’ ‘em into fights to get shot up and burned down by anyone who don’t agree with you?” Carpathian’s eyes hardened. “Nothing we do is illegal, I assure you, Marshal. And would you rather the forces of chaos that run rampant through the territories, from the savage, to the road agents, to the minions of Washington, be allowed to do so with only the Federated States Marshal Service to stand between them and the innocents that call these dry, inhospitable lands their home?” Virgil stared at the doctor in silence, and then turned his eyes upon each of the scientists sitting across from him. Each of them looked as if they had swallowed something bitter. He sensed where this was going, and he thought they must as well. Their expressions, more than any words of Carpathians’, made him think there might be some truth to what the madman was spouting. “You saying you want to work with the Marshal Service?” The words were heavy with scorn and disbelief, but he was brought up short when Carpathian shook his head in sharp, immediate denial. “No, Marshal. We will not work directly with the Law, any more than I believe Wyatt Earp would be willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with me.” He tilted his head down as he continued. “But I suggest something of an alliance of convenience. You will assure your brothers that we mean no harm to the lawful status quo within the territories, that we work toward a stable nation where laws, the laws your brother is so enamoured of, will truly be upheld and affirmed; not the laws of Washington, but the laws civilized men have agreed to abide by for thousands of years. We will work in our way, and you shall work in yours.” Carpathian’s heavy gaze fell upon Virgil with the force of a sledgehammer. “You will convince High Marshal Wyatt Earp that we are not his enemy; that our agents moving through the western territories work with the same overall goals as the marshals themselves. You will convince your brothers and sister to stay out of our way.” Something within Virgil’s chest snapped, and a flood of ice melt rushed through his veins. There was no negotiation or compromise in those dark eyes. Virgil Earp had arrived, at long last, at the final destination of his ill-fated choice to accept the doctor’s assistance in that dark moment long ago. “They won’t listen.” The words sounded dead in his own ears. “Wyatt’ll disown me if I push it too hard. I can’t.” “You have no choice, Virgil.” The iron in the tone was clear. The faces across the table had settled into surprised, delighted excitement as the doctor’s intention became clear. “You will see to it that your brother and his deputies stay well clear of my forces from now on. I assure you, I have been nothing but honest with you today. But whether you believe my intentions to be pure or not, you have no choice. You will do everything in your power to further those intentions.” A cold, stony smile formed on the doctor’s face. “Unless you would like to relinquish your arm and languish in the mines of The Warcradle for the rest of your short, miserable life?” Virgil looked down at the clenched metal fingers of his right hand. The fine mechanisms of the joints squeaked slightly at the tension. He had been made whole again by Carpathian, but at what price? A sudden, stabbing pain flashed through his numb mind, and the arm twitched as he watched. “In addition, Marshal, I would greatly appreciate your further assistance in another endeavour.” The doctor’s voice was casual, but a certain roughness caught his attention, and Virgil cocked one bushy eyebrow at the madman. “A certain well-known person of interest is currently at large within the territories. A well-known outlaw of no small reputation...?” The old man shrugged. “Perhaps, if you could see that the Marshal Service Rangers made more than a casual effort in finding and apprehending Jesse James...” Virgil barked a quick, bitter laugh. “You lost your tame killer, doc?” He enjoyed the flash of annoyance that crossed the old man’s face. “You want we should do your dirty work for you?” Carpathian’s flat eyes turned cold. “Keep your eyes open, Marshal Earp. If you should find the man, bring him to me.” There was no soft negotiation or cajolery in the voice now. “And should thoughts of betrayal cross your mind Marshal, remember, please, that by accepting that shiny limb, you accepted my intrusion into your body and mind.” His dark eyes were burning over a cruel smile. “Any act of treachery will be met with the most terrible pain you have ever imagined.” Virgil’s eyes lost their focus, the arm and table blurring before him. The pain had subsided, but he would never forget its cold invasion, nor the man who had caused it. Deep within the frozen chill settling into his heart, a burning anger began to smoulder. He was Carpathian’s creature now, as surely as Wyatt had told him he would be. But nothing lasts forever...
  4. Forces are Gathering in Wild West Exodus… Are you ready? We certainly are. With TWO new Posse sets and a drop-dead gorgeous terrain piece on the way, it’s time for us to showcase this months pre-orders and for you to tell us what you think of them. Without further ado… Next month sees the arrival of a third Posse for Warrior Nation and the first aerial sentries in Wild West Exodus. Lead by Alcon; the Tireless, Oath Keeper and Vengeful are all joining their father in the fight to save humanity, reaping Death from Above. You’ll find out how Alcons’ daughters got their nicknames later, for now, you need to know that they’re not the only ones soaring in from above, oh no. The Amber Alpha, Jocasta, will be returning to Earth too. Protected by bodyguard from the Vermilion Clade and myriad of Grey Elites, these extraterrestrials all belong to the new Posse set for the Watchers - Amber Clade. And finally, a drop-dead gorgeous terrain piece that will take your breath away, the Red Oak Crematorium! Some of you may have seen this building on display at our booth during Salute 2019 but what you didn’t know is that this is the first Red Oak building to include a fully detailed interior - oh yes, we listened. You can pre-order the new Posses, Death from Above and Amber Clade, and the Red Oak Crematorium online now and from your FLGS - to be released on the 29th June 2019. Death from Above Posse It is a long and taxing process for a Spirit Walker to physically transform their body. For those who have a capricious creature such as a hawk or snake for a companion spirit, the process is even more difficult. With their gift of flight, Alcon and his daughters are excellent scouts and a boon to the Warrior Nation. Shortly after his first Spirit Walk, Alcon would soar above the Union outposts that were scattered through the tribal lands. In his youthful exuberance, he became brash and began to taunt the troops by flying ever closer to them. That particular stunt was his undoing as Bernard Hopkins, a keen-eyed rifleman, clipped his wings and sent him plummeting earthwards into the heart of a Union camp. Alcon was captured and imprisoned, kept in chains so that even after his wound had healed he was unable to take flight. He was beaten, interrogated and treated as a little more than a bird-freak by the Union troops. Eventually, he simply longed for death, not even the possibility of returning to his wife, son and three young daughters was enough to keep hope alive in his heart. His rescue by his friend Cloud Runner after weeks of searching for him, forged a life debt he can never repay. Read the full description here. Price: £35.00 Amber Clade Posse When the Watcher Hegemony arrives at a world they watch and assess the native sentient species to ascertain their compatibility with the wider galaxy. The same was true when they arrived at Earth. During their examination of a city and its human subjects, they discovered the huge untapped potential in the mental abilities of the species with only a small fraction of their brains used to control their bodies and store memories. Though they were forced to destroy the city, known as Atlantea, due to contamination by the Order, one of the human subjects was kept for further study. In their subsequent studies, they discovered humans have the potential within them for huge psionic manipulation. Though these skills lay dormant for almost all of the population, a few genetic lines are able to unlock the potential of their capabilities and harness energies to form objects through telekinesis or even change their physical shape. Read the full description here. Price: £35.00 Red Oak Crematorium Over recent years the profession of Undertaker has seen a significant increase in Red Oak. With all the conflicts in and around the town, the body count is rising steeply and the Crematorium furnace is ever lit. This building is a fine addition to your Red Oak terrain collection and the first Wild West Exodus building to include a fully detailed interior. Price: £30.00 Back to top NEW WILD WEST EXODUS WALLPAPERS AVAILABLE View the full article
  5. Introducing the first hobby storage sets to join the Warcradle Scenics range and new Deathmatch tokens! You can now pre-order a selection of MDF hobby storage sets including a Paint Rack, Paintbrush Rack, Water Pot Rack and Paint Rack storage set (for when the racks fill up). Combining all of the sets will create the ultimate paint station which holds everything you need to assemble and paint miniatures, as well as store your paints, brushes, and other equipment You can find all of these miniature painting tools and the Deathmatch Tokens available to pre-order at Wayland Games and with your FLGS now - due for release at the end of June 2019. Paint Rack The Warcradle Scenics range of tools provides hobbyists with everything they need to assist assembling and painting your miniatures as well as storing your paints, brushes, and other equipment. This MDF Hobby Tool kit contains 1x Paint Rack 6x Row inserts 3 x Inserts for Citadel/P3 sized paints - holds five per row 3 x Inserts for Vallejo/Army Painter sized Paints - holds six per row Alternatively, the inserts do not have to be used to keep the tray open. Please note: Assembly instructions can be found online and by scanning the QR printed on the packaging. Price: £8.00 Paintbrush Rack The Warcradle Scenics range of tools provides hobbyists with everything they need to assist assembling and painting your miniatures as well as storing your paints, brushes, and other equipment. This MDF Hobby Tool kit contains 1x Paintbrush Rack Please note: Assembly instructions can be found online and by scanning the QR printed on the packaging. Price: £8.00 Water Pot Rack The Warcradle Scenics range of tools provides hobbyists with everything they need to assist assembling and painting your miniatures as well as storing your paints, brushes, and other equipment. This MDF Hobby Tool kit contains 1x Water Pot Rack Please note: Assembly instructions can be found online and by scanning the QR printed on the packaging. Paintbrush Rack and Paint Rack are for display purposes only and are not included, these items can be purchased separately. Price: £8.00 Paint Rack Storage The Warcradle Scenics range of tools provides hobbyists with everything they need to assist assembling and painting your miniatures as well as storing your paints, brushes, and other equipment. This MDF Hobby Tool kit contains 1x Paint Rack Storage Please note: Assembly instructions can be found online and by scanning the QR printed on the packaging. Paint Rack is for display purposes only and are not included, these items can be purchased separately. Price: £14.00 Deathmatch Token Set This set of tokens are ideal for use in your Killteam games. Cut from 2 ply acrylic these tokens are very high quality and can be used to track order, wounds, command points and much more. The Deathmatch Token set contains; 76 Hardwearing Acrylic Tokens 10x Advance 10x Charge 10x Fallback 10x Move 10x Ready 10x Shaken 10x Shoot 6x Objective, numbered 1 to 6 Please note: Tokens are cast in 2 ply pre-coloured acrylic. Price: £20.00 View the full article
  6. Warcradle Studios announces the upcoming release of “Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time” board game. We at Warcradle Studios are incredibly excited to announce that we are developing an official board game based off of the “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” film franchise in partnership with Creative Licensing. This new adventure is titled Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time. It will follow the iconic duo as they set off on another triumphant quest through time after the events of “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.” Meeting old friends and a whole bunch of new ones, Bill, Ted, Elizabeth, Joanna and Rufus must work together to put things right and ensure the future is most excellent! Whether you are a seasoned veteran board game player or a newcomer, Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time brings together a mix of awesomely detailed miniatures plus engaging and intuitive rules to ensure a bodacious time for players of all ages. Players will take a nostalgic trip to 1990’s San Dimas and of course to time periods such as the Wild West, Napoleonic France, Ancient Greece and many more. There’s lots of work going on to make the Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time board game really special, but as a taste of things to come, we are proud to present Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted Theodore Logan in all their triumphant miniature glory. We’ll be showing off the rest of the "Wyld Stallyns" alongside other iconic characters soon, as well as plenty of information on the game itself. Stay tuned for updates by following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and joining the conversation online using hashtags; #BillAndTed #RiffInTime #WarcradleStudios! View the full article
  7. Meet Neil Googe, the newest member of the Warcradle Studios team. Now, we’re sure you have a lot of burning questions so, to help answer a few, we’ve asked Neil to officially introduce himself. We’re all super excited at Warcradle Studios to have Neil on board as we develop the Dystopian Age, among other world creations we have in the pipeline... View the full article
  8. Perfection Exists in Wild West Exodus It goes without saying that Elita Nura fights with passion against any foe - those who have been tainted by the Hex may get some special treatment though. Pre-order Elita Nura and her Portal Vanguard Posse from today! The other members of the Spica Astraea have been hand picked by Nura; Aeron Bran who ascended through the ranks of the Spica in just a few years, Janna Salto is a fellow devotee of portal technology and has been working alongside Nura for many years, and Venatici Helios is utterly devoted to Nura. Along with Noth and Khaatan, two of Makara’s skilled Cor Caroli, the Portal Vanguard Posse truly is a deadly Order posse to wield on the battlefield. Want to add a bit more bite to your Portal Vanguard Posse? You can order Legendary Elita Nura, available now, and have an even deadlier leader... Not interested in the perfect comprehension of the universe yet? We have new Enlightened and Watchers on pre-order now, with a release date of 25th May 2019. View the full article
  9. Base up and keep your troops in order! Compatible with almost every miniature game on the market, you’ll find the Warcradle Scenics movement trays are the perfect gaming accessory when managing your troops and they make getting around the battlefield much faster. Want more? They’re not the only tabletop gaming accessories we’re releasing this month! You can now pre-order new Blank Bases, in various sizes, so you can create completely custom perches for your miniatures. You can find the Blank Bases, Skirmish Movement Trays, and Formation Movement Trays available to pre-order at Wayland Games and with your FLGS - due for release at the end of May 2019. View the full article
  10. We attended Salute this year and, boy, was it a busy day! We’ve compiled a nice little gallery blog for those of you who couldn’t attend and for those of you who attended but wanted to relive the magic. Head to the blog to see what the booth looked like, the miniatures, terrain and demo tables we had on the day, and take a peek at Roberto's Sketchbook… View the full article
  11. Available to pre-order this month, and released on 27th April 2019, is The Bloody Espinosas and Tainted Biology! Two new posses filled with both familiar and unfamiliar faces, one for Hex and one for Outlaws, we do like to treat you after all. Oh wait, there’s more. Did you think you’d seen the last of the Doctor? Legendary Carpathian is certainly not dead… anymore. Caym may have tried to rid the world of one of the most influential figures in the Covenant of the Enlightened but we’re happy to have Burson Carpathian in his new incarnation. Are you? We can't leave the Union out now, can we? The Union Fire Team is here to support the good men and women fighting on your tabletop. Comprised of soldiers whose strength and skill at arms have been proven both in training and in the field, they’re sure to give you the weaponry you need. Want to add some extra flavour to your town? Pre-order the Red Oak Bridge Set and travel easier around between upper-level balconies, and decorate your streets with lampposts and other scatter terrain. View the original article here
  12. We’ve got some treats for you… From sci-fi buildings to scenic MDF bases for your miniatures, to deck boxes with ample space for gaming accessories and tokens, there are plenty of new Warcradle Scenics tabletop goodies to explore! You can find Tech City, Arcane and Scenic bases available to pre-order at Wayland Games and soon to be on pre-order with your FLGS - due for release at the end of April 2019. ARCANE TOKEN SET Arcane Tokens Ideal for use with Keyforge, this token set contains all of the tokens needed to play the game, in laser cut two-colour acrylic. This token set contains: 18 damage tokens (10 x 1 damage, 5 x 3 damage, 3 x 5 damage) 6 x shield tokens 6 x +1 tokens 6 x stun tokens 16 Amber tokens 3 keys (1 x Blue, 1 x Yellow, 1 x Red). Please note: Tokens are manufactured in coloured acrylic. Price: £6.00 ARCANE DECK BOX Ideal for storing your Keyforge decks, this deck box holds 5 card decks of 60 unsleeved cards or 37 sleeved cards. There is also ample space for tokens, dice or other items needed to play. This item contains: 1 x Arcane Deck Box 5 x Box inserts 1 x Archive. Please note: Deck Box is manufactured in Medium Density Fibre Board (MDF). Deck Box is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required. Price: £12.00 TECH CITY This series of sci-fi buildings are ideal for use with any 25mm - 32mm skirmish wargames. With modular buildings and walkways that can all be fitted together, you can build your city the way you want it. All doors open and the walls and ceilings are all removable so the action can continue inside each building - no matter how many levels or how large your structure is! Please note: All sets sold individually. Tech City is manufactured in Medium Density Fibre Board (MDF). Tech City is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required. Objective Markers are Medium Density Fibre Board (MDF).and Acrylic. Price: from £10.00 SCI-FI LABYRINTH BASES This intricately detailed set of scenic MDF bases are ideal for all 25mm - 35mm Sci-Fi miniatures. These are perfect for use with Blackstone Fortress as the set contains the correctly sized bases for every miniature in the core set. This item contains 44 bases: 24 x 25mm bases 19 x 32mm bases 1 x 40mm base. Please note: Bases are manufactured in Medium Density Fibreboard. Bases are supplied unpainted. Price: £15.00 View the full article
  13. The curtains are pulled back, the fog has cleared, and the eight Great Powers of the Dystopian Age have sent expeditions to the distant shores of Antarctica. What will they find? It’s time to explore the Lost World! The icy wilderness of Antarctica holds a centuries-old secret buried in its frozen depths. This alien structure, known only as the Vault, contains marvels beyond human understanding. Now the Vault has been breached and an inexplicable transformation has created a Lost World of dense jungles, vast labyrinthine chasms and fiery volcanoes. Fuelled by rumour alone, the mighty empires of the Dystopian Age have sent expeditions to the distant shores of Antarctica. Traversing the exterior’s miles of ice and rock, these expeditions have finally reached the wild and wondrous interior of the Lost World. Scattered throughout this rich and varied landscape are seams of fabulous minerals, hyper-evolved megaflora and the menacing roar of new and terrifying beasts that call this Lost World home. What is Lost World Exodus? Lost World Exodus is a 35mm scale skirmish wargame set in the awe-inspiring but deadly lands of a transformed Antarctica. In this alternate history, might makes right as the eight Great Powers of the world desperately seek any advantage so that they may rise supreme in this Dystopian Age. Lead your force of fantastically detailed and evocative miniatures to explore the Lost World and seize its wealth for your people. But foolhardy commanders should beware, your enemies and even the very land itself are just as intent on keeping these secrets to themselves. There are eight Factions battling for control of the Lost World. Each Faction represents one of the Great Powers of the Dystopian Age. They are: The Latin Alliance The Commonwealth The Celestian Empire The Prussian Imperium The British Crown The Covenant of the Enlightened The Union of Federated States The Ottoman Sultanate While Lost World Exodus shares the ‘Exodus’ core rules, it brings a number of unique unit types and special rules that make these eight Factions play very differently from those found in Wild West Exodus. In Lost World we see Commander units leading Detachments. These Detachments include Specialists that may be combined with Troop units to enhance their abilities and performance in game. In this manner the Enlightened and Union, while already seen in Wild West Exodus, have a different structure and behaviour to reflect the different aspects of those factions found in the Lost World. Narratively, Lost World Exodus presents a self-contained theatre of conflict, in the same way that Wild West Exodus does. The nefarious Frontier Outlaw Jessie James is no more concerned about the aerial exploits of Sky-Captain Betty Parkhurst above Antarctica than she is of his latest audacious robbery in Red Oak. This allows players to fully immerse themselves the rich narrative and setting of their chosen Exodus without concern that the wider conflicts of the world make their efforts insignificant. Of course as Lost World Exodus and Wild West Exodus share core rules, players of both can take part in exciting and challenging competitive tournaments and casual games! With fourteen distinct factions spread over two games, there really has never been a better time to jump into the Dystopian Age in 35mm scale. Lost World Exodus is due for release in late 2019 after the launch of Dystopian Wars - a thrilling game of 1/1200 scale naval combat in the Dystopian Age We’re proud to introduce the first miniature for Lost World Exodus, and the 2019 promotional miniature for Warcradle Studios, Jadzia Kosciuszko - Winged Hussar Captain! Jadzia will be available to purchase from booth (404) and those attending AdeptiCon will see the new miniature in all her glory. She’ll also be available to purchase from our online store between 3:30pm on the 28th March until 9pm on the 31st March (UK time) while we are at AdeptiCon. View the full article
  14. Test your wit in Lost World Exodus... Your wait is over, Jadzia Kosciuszko - Winged Hussar Captain, our new 2019 promotional miniature, has been announced and she’s here to stay (along with her trusty treadbike)... A career in the military was always expected of Jadzia. As the daughter of a military family, from a very early age, she was encouraged to follow the path of her great, great, grandfather; the legendary Tadeusz Kosciuszko. Jadzia joined the Polish Army, first as a courier and eventually joining the ranks of the Hussars. Demonstrating quick wits and a sharp mind, she was quickly singled out for solo reconnaissance missions. Mounted on her trusty treadbike and wielding a cryo-lance, Jadzia is able to destroy armoured targets with impunity, striking out boldly and then withdrawing beyond the reach of any reprisal. This distinguished role has allowed Jadzia to travel extensively in service to the Commonwealth and she has been found on battlefields as far-flung as the Union badlands and the wilds of Antarctica. You’ll be able to find the rules to play Jadzia in Wild West Exodus online now, so you can get her on your tabletop before Lost World Exodus is released! Released at AdeptiCon 2019, at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center, Jadzia will be available to purchase from our booth (404) for £17.00. After this, she will be available to purchase at every event attended by Warcradle Studios - check the Warcradle Studios community calendar to find out when, exactly, you can get your mitts on this brand new promotional miniature. Not planning to attend events? Don't worry. We will be making Jadzia Kosciuszko available to purchase online during events attended by Warcradle Studios too - initially, she will be available from our online store from 3:30pm on the 28th March until 9pm on the 31st March (UK time) while we are at AdeptiCon. Her next appearance online will be during Salute 2019 on the 6th of April! Jadzia Kosciuszko is our promotional miniature until 2020 when she will become part of our regular catalogue of fantastic miniatures - available to all. The time has arrived to welcome the Emissary of the Blazing Sun! Nakano Gozen served 2018 as our very special event promotional miniature and it’s her time to become part of our regular Wild West Exodus listings. Currently available to pre-order, released on 30th March 2019, you can find out more about Nakano Gozen here . View the full article
  15. The time has arrived to welcome the Emissary of the Blazing Sun! Nakano Gozen has served a full year as our very special event promotional miniature and now it’s her time to become part of our regular Wild West Exodus listings. Who is she? Nakano Gozen has lived her entire life in service to the Blazing Sun - the Immortal Empress Shinzua. As a direct descendant of the Empress with a startling likeness, Gozen has been trained extensively in both the martial and diplomatic arts. While her adventurous nature made her unsuitable for a role at court, Gozen was trusted instead with a secret mission to the American Frontier. As Emissary of the Blazing Sun, Nakano Gozen's mission has brought her into contact with both the Lawmen and Outlaws in the Wild West. While she is treated with suspicion by the authorities, her skill with the blade and silver tongue make her a valued ally to the Outlaws. Her interest in the activities of Doctor Carpathian has not gone unnoticed by the Enlightened or Union agents either… How does she play? Although an expensive FACE to add to your posse at a cost of 175 points, Nakano Gozen comes with plenty of Special Rules for those looking for an interesting character to add. Not only is she beneficial to have for both TREASURE HUNTER, allowing you to add +1 to your hand of Adventure Cards while she is in play, and SHREWD STRATEGIST, giving you the ability to spend an Action Point to take a look at the top card from either your Adventure or Action Deck and discard or return it to its rightful place, she is also a killer on the tabletop. Along with a Fight of 7, and a pair of Revenant Katanas with -3 pierce and decapitate, she has the STONE COLD KILLER Special Rule giving her the ability to gain extra Action Points during her turn if she destroys a model. She also has COMBAT MASTER, making her second Combat Action in an Activation only 1 Action Point. This combination makes her lethal in close combat. You can find Nakano Gozen’s full unit card here under: FACES. Strategies The Lawmen have a good selection of faces but the vast majority of them are armed with ranged weapons. While they almost all have an Iron Asp baton, very few are expert close combat fighters. This makes Nakano Gozen a very tempting choice for a Lawman Player. She also has TREASURE HUNTER and SHREWD STRATEGIST (see above) which add some very useful card based abilities to the Posse. Like all close combat specialists, the trick is to get her up close and personal. Once she’s toe to toe with the enemy she will earn every single point you’ve paid for her. Get yours today! Nakano Gozen is up for pre-order now and is released 30th March 2019, you can order her from our online store and your FLGS - prepare yourself for the Emissary’s arrival. What’s this? A little cliffhanger, you say… With Nakano Gozen being released for the public on 30th March, this means one thing - we have a new promotional event miniature incoming in time for AdeptiCon 2019! View the full article

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