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  1. This October is set to be very exciting at Warcradle Studios, with some massive releases for the gunslinging world of Wild West Exodus. Including a brand new two-player starter set; Showdown at Retribution as well as a new Warcradle Scenics Terrain Set that can be used alongside the boxed set. Showdown at Retribution, the two-player starter set for Wild West Exodus includes both the Union and Enlightened forces inside - this will be a great starting point for any new players or a boxed set for collectors to acquire. Not only that, but this month also sees the release of terrain-based sets in the bustling town of Retribution. The Retribution Town set and the Retribution Town House by Warcradle Scenics can easily be paired with Showdown at Retribution. These can be used with multiple game systems, including Wild West Exodus and Malifaux. Make sure to get your pre-order in for these exciting new releases on October 15th at Wayland Games or your FLGS! Showdown at Retribution The Showdown at Retribution Two Player Starter Set serves not only as a great way for new players to start playing Wild West Exodus, but also as an appealing addition to any player's existing collection. The frontier of the Union of Federated States is a wild and often lawless place. Ideal for outlaws, renegades and zealots to prey on the locals. Now a force led by the morally bankrupt Enlightened scientist Gustave Eiffel has arrived in the town of Retribution. Enlightened Gustave Eiffel View fullsize Smash and Grab View fullsize Emily Nouguir View fullsize The mayor sends out a call for aid and is overjoyed to find that the hero of the Union, Nikolai Tesla is in the area. But as the Union forces pull into Retribution it becomes clear that this is no coincidence and all has unfolded to Eiffel’s plans for vengeance. The stage is set for an epic showdown in Retribution between these two rivals. Union Nikolai Tesla View fullsize Union Belle View fullsize Carl Fredrickson View fullsize Get into the new edition of Wild West Exodus with Showdown at Retribution – a two player starter set designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to the savage Wild West in the Dystopian Age. Containing dozens of fantastically detailed Warcradle miniatures, the full third edition rulebook, quick start guide to help you get going straight away and much more - this hefty boxed set is an easy way to explore the game and start your hobby adventure. Showdown at Retribution Box Contents 1 x Nikolai Tesla 1 x Union Belle 1 x Carl Fredrickson 9 x UR-31E Teslabot 2 x Iron Eagle 1 x Gustave Eiffel 1 x Smash & Grab 1 x Emily Nouguier 3 x Mono-Cav/Strider-Cav 2 x Iron Horse 1 x Rules 1 x Quickstart Guide 1 x Campaign Book 2 x Action Card Deck (48 cards each) 2 x Adventure Card Deck (60 cards each) 1 x Template Set 2 x Token & Counters Set 8 x Ten Sided Dice Warcradle Scenics Retribution Town Set Accompanying Showdown at Retribution, is the Retribution Town Set and Town House. With October's releases you can create and fight within your very own town of Retribution on the tabletop. Most frontier towns in the midwest are sparsely populated, largely lawless, dangerous places to live in or to visit. Retribution, however, is a different story. With the 7th Cavalry and 222nd Infantry Union regiments now based out Camp Soule a few miles to the west, the town has been transformed into an oasis of entertainment and civility in a desert of threats, violence and death. View fullsize View fullsize View fullsize Thanks to the Union dollars pouring in, the town has expanded to include a railroad station, a theater, new housing projects and many more amenities that are denied to most folk out West. View fullsize This MDF, pre-painted Town Set contains enough buildings to create the town of Retribution on your tabletop. Contents 1 x Theater 1 x Station 1 x Residence 1 x Barracks 1 x Windmill Retribution Town House As well as the Retribution Town Set, you can also pre-order the Retribution Town House. A modular building for Retribution that helps you populate your town with buildings that stand out from each other, depending on how you choose to build them. View fullsize This MDF, pre-painted, modular building allows you to build one of many different Town Houses. Contents 1 x Modular Town House So October is definitely looking to be a massive month for Wild West Exodus. It doesn’t stop there though. We also have something very special in the works for all those intending on picking up Showdown at Retribution, introducing… the Global Gunslinger League! The Global Gunslinger League is an exciting online hobby introduction from OnTableTop. Discover how to build, paint and play the Wild West Exodus two player starter set, Showdown at Retribution. Signup begins on the 15th October, so make sure to check this space for the link when it goes live! Activities start November 2021. Are you as excited as we are? Watch out at your FLGS or Wayland Games, these products are available to pre-order from October 15th 2021. Keep up to date with Warcradle Studios through our social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for new releases and spoiler alerts each month. View the full article The newest releases are now available to pre-order! Head over to the full blog article above to get your hands on the newest releases by Warcradle Studios, as well as sign up to the Global Gunslingers League from today.
  2. You may have heard the rumours of something big happening for Wild West Exodus and we’re excited to be able to reveal them to you. Make sure not to miss the release of this highly anticipated product as we finally show you a new trailer, going into detail of what exactly this next big thing is. Since the release of the Wild West Exodus: Gunfight at Red Oak Starter Set many people have been asking when the next Two Player Starter Set will be announced and we are happy to share with you the Wild West Exodus: Showdown at Retribution Two Player Starter Set! As the Enlightened force, led by the morally bankrupt scientist Gustave Eiffel, arrives in the town of Retribution the mayor is desperate for aid. However, who should answer the call but Nikolai Tesla, the hero of the Union! This meeting is far from a coincidence and as the stage is set for the epic showdown it is clear this is all part of Eiffel’s plans for vengeance. This town certainly ain’t big enough for the both of them… Ideal for new players and veterans to the game alike, the Showdown at Retribution Two Player Starter Set is a comprehensive introduction to the savage Wild West of the Dystopian Age. The Starter Set Contains two forces, the full third edition rulebook, a quick start guide and more. We hope you are as excited as we are here at Warcradle Studios to see these gunslingers duel. Coming October 2021 Want the latest updates about Showdown at Retribution and to be notified when it’s available to order? Make sure to sign up to our Mailing List. View the full article
  3. September brings with it even more Dystopian Wars miniatures to the tabletop and it doesn’t stop there as Warcradle Scenics has some very interesting Dunsmouth terrain in store for Mythos players too. Not only are we releasing an Enlightened fleet, the Hypatia Battlefleet Set, but we are also reinforcements for the Britannia Battlefleet Set with the Crown Frontline Squadrons. Dunsmouth town is expanding, bringing the Tillinghast Manor to life in this desolate and quiet town. An immense terrain asset to any tabletop that adorns Mythos and any other fantasy miniature or role-playing game. Dystopian Wars This month sees two exciting new releases for Dystopian Wars for The Enlightened and The Crown, namely the Hypatia Battlefleet set and the Crown Frontline Squadrons. Hypatia Battlefleet Set Seen within the Hunt for the Prometheus Two-player Starter Set, the Hypatia Class will now be available to purchase in its own Hypatia Battlefleet Set. Expanding the Enlightened faction further, the Hypatia joins the Descartes Battlefleet Set which is released in July of this year The theft of the Prometheus by the Commonwealth Agent Helsinki Markov sparked a desperate hunt to reclaim it. However, the Prometheus was never recovered. Despite this setback, Hypatia Class Generator ships were already in production by that point and the first production ship of the class, The Hypatia, was fitted out ready for service. Now, several years on from the Markov scandal, the Hypatia class has established itself as one of the most versatile ships available to the Enlightened. Not only does it carry significant firepower but the ultra efficient engines and superconductors allow it to also operate three specially overcharged generators. This gives the Generator Ship and its fleet a huge amount of options. Crown Frontline Squadrons Here come the reinforcements! Following the release of the first fleet for the Crown faction in Dystopian Wars, the Britannia Battlefleet Set, new additions have been called in to strengthen the frontlines and extend their dominion... Enter the Crown Frontline Squadrons! The most common vessel and backbone of the Crown fleet is the Albion Cruiser. This dependable ship is armed with heavy gun turrets, broadside and torpedoes. Several modifications have been made to the Albion Hull design over the years such as the intimidating Lancelot Heavy Cruiser, the fast Picton and the lightly armed Bedivere. With so much coast to cover, and such a large fleet, the creation of the Sabre Class Command Cruiser enabled high ranking Naval officers to command Battlefleets from more numerous, smaller ships. These Command Ships allow the crown greater reach without the need for so many Battleships. Warcradle Scenics Dunsmouth - Tillinghast Manor With the success of the Dunsmouth line of terrain created with Mythos in mind, Warcradle Studios have even more Dunsmouth terrain in store for September. The Tillinghast Manor and the Expansion Pack will be available to pre-order to take your tabletop scenery one step further, as there clearly isn’t enough of a constant state of tension and paranoia in Dunsmouth already... The dark and narrow streets of Dunsmouth, Rhode Island, is home to a small fishing community. Typically in communities like this everyone knows everyone else’s business, but not in Dunsmouth. Here people keep themselves to themselves and there is a constant state of tension and paranoia that hangs over the town like a cloying mist. Dunsmouth - Tillinghast Manor: Expansion Pack The Dunsmouth Tillinghast Manor: Expansion Pack swells with grandeur, adding everything a manor house needs. The walled grounds, garden features, and groundskeeper's house give Tillinghast Manor more of a stately presence. The well above average number of unexplained disappearances seem to go uninvestigated by the authorities and the inhabitants tend not to discuss such things with outsiders, if they take the time to talk to them at all. Dunsmouth is not a place to take a summer vacation, in fact you would do well to give the place a wide berth. Excited about Warcradle Studios September new releases? Make sure to pre-order from August 27th 2021 at your FLGS or Wayland Games online. These items will be arriving in stores, and in postboxes, from the end of September 2021. Make sure to keep up to date with Warcradle Studios’ socials, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for new releases and spoiler alerts. View the full article
  4. It’s time for another Step-by-Step here on the Warcradle Studios blog, and we are excited to reveal the first painting tutorial for the American faction - the Union! Daz has been busy painting, as usual, bringing us all another one of his Step-by-Step guides for Dystopian Wars. Have you got your hands on the Constitution Battlefleet Set? If you decide you need reinforcements, you can also pre-order the Union Frontline Squadrons now from your FLGS or Wayland Games online! Follow the steps below to get your vessels painted up, ready for the tabletop. Step 1 - The model was given a base coat of 50/50 blue/black (P3 Exile Blue/Thamar Black) over a black undercoat. I used an airbrush for speed but you can achieve the same effect with a heavy wet brushing. Step 2 - The first highlight is a 50/50 mix of blue/blue grey (P3 Greatcoat Grey/Exile Blue), applied from the side using an airbrush. A good solid dry brush will achieve a similar effect. Step 3 - The second highlight was applied with an airbrush from above using pure blue grey (P3 Greatcoat Grey). A light dry brush from above, brushing downward will achieve a similar result. Step 4 - The final highlight is applied directly downwards around the edges of the ship to catch any high points. I used a 50/50 mix of Blue Grey/White (P3 Greatcoat Grey/Morrow White). I carried on with the airbrush but once again, dry brushing will achieve a similar result. Step 5 - The model was given a coat of gloss varnish, then a medium density wash of 50/50 Blue Ink/Black Ink (Vallejo Game Ink), watered down a further 50% was applied over the entire model. Thanks to the gloss varnish, you can use a damp brush to wipe the mix from any flat areas, remove excess and guide it cleanly into any recessed detail before it dries. Step 6 - To counter the deep shade in the previous step, I edge highlighted the entire model with thinned down ivory (P3 Menoth White Highlight). This is very time consuming but strangely relaxing, and the end results are worth the effort, as the high level of detail on the model literally pops out. Step 7 - I blocked the decking in using an Orange Brown (P3 Bloodstone). At this point you might get some of the brown on the grey. Don’t worry, just grab a damp brush and wash it into any recesses to crest a nice rusty effect. This rust wash can be applied anywhere you feel needs some gentle weathering. Step 8 - I highlighted the planks using a mid orange ochre (P3 Bogrin Brown). Step 9 - I decided to use a mixture of True Metallic Metal (TMM) and Non Metallic Metal (NMM) techniques on the gold areas due to the scale of the model. Needing to knock the “glittery” effect of the TMM back a little, my base coat was a 50/50 mix of Gold and Orange Yellow (P3 Rhulic Gold/Meaty Ochre). To get a solid coat I repeated this process twice. Step 10 - I added a little pure yellow (P3 Cygnus Yellow) to the mix for the first highlight and applied this to the large flat areas of gold and the edges. Step 11 - I added a little bone (P3 Menoth White Base) to the previous mix and picked out any details (rivets etc). Step 12 - All edges and any flat areas facing upwards were given a highlight of pure bone (P3 Menoth White Base). Step 13 - I picked out any bronze detailing with P3 Molten Bronze mixed with a little dark green/blue (P3 Gnarls Green). I repeated this process twice to get a solid coat. Step 14 - I washed the bronze areas with thinned down Brown Ink (Vallejo Game Ink) to deepen the tone a little and further knock back the glittery effect of the metallic paint. Step 15 - I washed down the bronze areas again, this time with a 50/50 mix of blue/green ink watered down a further 50%. Step 16 - I made a mix of 50/50 Molten Bronze and P3 Cold Steel to highlight the bronze areas. I concentrated on the edges and large flat areas facing upwards. Step 17 - At this point I wanted to add some weathering to the metallics, so I applied some fine scratches and edge highlights across all the metallics with ivory (P3 Menoth White Highlight). Step 18 - The bronze areas were given a final shade of 60/40 black/green ink watered down a further 50%. Step 19 - To finish, I used the previous mix to apply some weathering across the model and picked out edges of important detail like the bridge, the prow and the weapons. And we’re done! I used this process to paint all the miniatures from this set and, after completing them, I must admit that I think I’ve found my fleet of choice... Did you like the paint scheme Daz chose for the Union fleet? Make sure to share your progress and painted fleets in the official community channel for Dystopian Wars, The Sturginium Lounge! You can keep up to date with recent releases and more on Warcradle Studios Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. View the full article
  5. The Ice Maiden Battlefleet set is now available for pre-order, with an entire Imperium fleet in a box - have you ordered yours yet? Being the biggest release for Dystopian Wars since Hunt for the Prometheus Two Player Starter Set, you can pre-order yours now at your FLGS or Wayland Games online. Now, onto the important part! Daz has enjoyed painting this mammoth of a ship to launch on the sea-mat after release day, which is the 28th August 2021. Follow the steps below to achieve the iceberg encrusted Ice Maiden: Step 1 - Over a black undercoat, I gave the iceberg areas a base coat of deep blue (P3 Exile Blue), using an airbrush to speed up the process (this mini is huge!). Step 2 - I used a mid turquoise (P3 Meridius Blue) for the first general highlight. I applied this over most of the icy areas with an airbrush leaving the previous colour in the deep recesses. Step 3 - I used a bright turquoise (P3 Arcane Blue) to provide a second highlight. This time I tilted the model to around 45 degrees before applying, ensuring that contrast is created between the recesses and projections. Step 4 - I wanted to vary the tone a little and add some depth to the cracks and crevices, so for this stage, I used a very deep blue/greenwash (GW Coelia Greenshade). I watered down five to one, which I then applied with a large brush before wiping away the excess. Step 5 - I gave the icy areas three coats of a very pale blue (P3 Frostbite) ensuring that I tilted the model further away from the airbrush with each pass. Step 6 - To bring everything together I repeated step 4 and gave the icy areas a wash of Coelia Greenshade. Step 7 - To add some dramatic shadows I tilted the model away and used the airbrush to apply a glaze of purple ink (Vallejo Violet Ink) which was watered down ten to one. Step 8 and 9 - To wrap up, for now, the ice was given a light drybrush of Frostbite. The runway was given a base coat of chocolate brown (P3 Umbral Umber). Step 10 - I stippled on a layer of mid-yellow-brown (P3 Bogrin Swamp) using a medium square dry brush. This allowed me to build my colours in the usual messy way but with a straight edge when surfaces meet. Step 11 - The runway was given three glazes of Sepia Ink (Vallejo) in streaks, conforming to the lines of the wood. At this point the runway is pretty much finished, however, I will be returning with more glazes later in the process. Step 12 - The ship parts were given a base coat of blue-grey (P3 Greatcoat Grey). I masked around these with Silly Putty and used an airbrush to speed up the process. Step 13 - All grey areas were given a very quick edge highlight with an ice blue (P3 Frostbite). Once I had completed all the highlights I gave the areas a very thin wash of black ink (Vallejo). Step 14 - At this point, I began to add some weathering effects. I began by using a piece of sponge to stipple on dark brown (P3 Umbral Umber) - on the edges of the ship areas and along the base of the ice. Step 15 - I repeated the above process with olive green (P3 Ordic Olive). Step 16 - The ship areas were weathered again with a wash of dark rust (50/50, P3 Thamar Black/Vallejo Fluro Orange). Step 17 - All steel areas were painted in with silver (P3 Cold Steel). Step 18 -The steel areas were given a 50/50 wash of blue/black ink (Vallejo). I also used this wash to add further definition to the runway. Step 19 - Steel and grey areas were given a glaze of orange-brown (P3 Bloodstone). I feathered this onto the ice around the areas to simulate the rust bleeding through. Step 20 - Key details were given a base coat of bronze (P3 Molten Bronze). Step 21 - A wash of brown ink (Vallejo) was applied to the bronze areas. Step 22 - All metallic areas were given an edge highlight of cold steel. Step 23 - I applied 8-10 glazes of Meridian Blue into the recessed sections of the engine housing, adding more white as I got to the centre point. Take your time with this stage and ensure each layer is dry before reapplying. Step 24 - I added a few more glazes of white before tidying up the metal cage with cold steel. That’s it! Make sure to get your hands on the brand new Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set for Dystopian Wars, available to pre-order now at your FLGS or online at Wayland Games. Make sure to head on over to The Sturginium Lounge, the Official Dystopian Wars Community Page, where you can discuss new releases with a like-minded community. You can keep up to date with new releases and more step-by-steps by following our socials, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. View the full article
  6. The Ice Maiden is the latest addition to the Imperium, coming out for pre-order in August. The release of this model seeks to expand the range of flagships available to Imperium players and is the first dreadnought in the game. I’m going to aim to keep this piece limited to how the model works, with a brief review of key stats and some things to think about if you want to incorporate the Ice Maiden into your fleet, with my own personal tabletop experience thrown in. Before we start though, I do have to just point out that the model itself just screams centrepiece (not just for a model collection but also a good place to put her into deployment, right in the middle!). She is an absolute beauty, and coming in at at least 12”, the model is a fantastic piece for anyone looking to get their painting teeth sunk into a bigger project. Let’s look first at the Maiden in the 1.04 revision of the Imperium ORBAT. When building a list in Dystopian Wars, it is important not only to know what ships you want to take but where they will fit in the Battlefleets available for your respective faction. For the Imperium Admirals wanting to take the Ice Maiden, players are limited (at the moment) to taking either the Ice Maiden Battlefleet or an Imperium Faction Battlefleet. I’ve built and played both options and I would say the Ice Maiden Fleet is the better choice - two command rolls are really helpful. And in larger games, adding a battleship gets you a further command roll; bringing the total to three. There are three entries in the ORBAT that have the Ice Maiden ship class trait. Two of these are named ships and thus can only be included once (although the point cost probably rules out taking more than one anyway). The named Ice Maiden variant builds are the SMS Eiskalte Schoenheit (which in my opinion wins in the name competition) and the SMS Prinzessin Wilhelmina. All three share the same stat-line with two notable exceptions, the Prinzessin Wilhelmina has one more ADV due to her being outfitted with the Freya Array. This change has already been added to the stat line in her profile, so if you are taking her: there is nothing you need to remember. The other is an extra Hull Point on both the Prinzessin Wilhelmina and the Eiskalte Schoenheit. Points wise; as with anything classed as a Dreadnought, you are going to expect a price tag that reflects the size of the model. These ships are not cheap, but for your money, you get a great combination of carrier/battleship/and assault barge (my thoughts on the last one later). Without any upgrades, the “basic” Ice Maiden unit comes in at 500 pts. At first glance, this will probably unnerve a few people, but considering a Templehof Carrier is 240 and a Kaiser is 280, when you start to compare the stats and special rules of the Ice Maiden against other models, you will see that 500 is a reason to take the Ice Maiden. For one it has the same carry capacity as the Fleet carrier (eight aircraft per turn) and can launch more special SRS a turn (four in total). It also brings more firepower than the Templehof Carrier and the Kaiser combined. The named Ice Maiden models are more expensive (at 530 for the Eiskalte Schoenheit and 600 for the Prinzessin Wilhelmina but this is offset with more firepower and (for me in respect of the Prinzessin Wilhelmina) a completely different role while also keeping the airpower complement. I would say that you are not going to take an Ice Maiden unit in a game of fewer than 1000 pts. At 1500 you are going to be essentially getting a cruiser squadron for free if you take an Ice Maiden unit. Now let’s go through the stat line: The first thing to note (and I think this is actually the most important) is the ship’s Mass: this comes in at an island-smashing 5. Why is this important? Drift! It means that with the size of the ship, coupled with its’ (at first glance) less than impressive speed of 3, the ship can actually move quite a bit faster than you would think. A total move of 8 inches is only one less than the Kaiser, and it has the same turn stat of 3. When I used this model on the tabletop, this turn of speed definitely caught my opponent by surprise. The distribution of movement between drift and active speed does mean that you need to carefully plan your movement and positioning at the start of each activation. However, knowing where it is and where you want it to be before you do anything else is the key to using such a large ship. An armour stat of 6 puts it on the low end of Flagship armour and with a Citadel of 10, watch out for those exploding hits! On the tabletop, I found concentrated torpedo attacks were incredibly effective against my Ice Maiden unit, mainly due to its low SDV and the absence of generators. This is offset by its’ high-end Hull Points, rocking a 12 at Battle Ready (the equivalent of 2 Battleships ) and a further 10 (that’s the same as 2 Hochmeisters) when crippled. This unit takes a lot of effort to hurt and sink. The two named Ice Maiden units are even more of a handful, with 13 Hull Points each (they share the same Hull as the basic Ice Maiden at Crippled). All three models pack a punch, with four Flak guns, three-volt gun batteries, and a variety of main armament options depending on which model you take. This is good if you can shoot first, but the unfortunate downside to having a large model with a lot of firepower is that your opponent then tends to spend the rest of their game (or turn if they roll well) trying to wipe the model off the table. As it was on the tabletop, the Ice Maiden did significant damage to my opponent’s heavy hitter unit early on in round one, but then didn’t survive past the start of round two, finding itself crippled and in the highest level of disorder by the end of my first turn. While this might sound like a disadvantage, it did mean that I was able to move most of the rest of my army freely, as my opponent spent almost all of their available firepower trying to remove the biggest model on the board. Cleverly played and well placed, the Ice Maiden can either be a heavy-hitting dreadnought, or a fantastic distraction. I used the Prinzessin Wilhelmina, and in hindsight, I think the Eiskalte Schoenheit might be a better option in many cases because it can hang back and use its’ long-range firepower (more on this later). Now let’s break down the ships one by one to see what roles they have and how they fit overall in a game. Ice Maiden: The basic unit comes in at 500 pts to start. It is armed with 4 Flak Vierlings, 3 Sturmbringer (in a fixed forward arc) and 3 Volt Gun Batteries. It is the only Ice Maiden unit that can buy upgrades - for 4pts each it can upgrade its Volt Gun Batteries to Sturmklaues. This might be tempting, especially since the profile for the Sturnklaue got an update in the new ORBAT. But be advised, they can not link with the Sturmbringer as it has the Sustained quality rule. With the new ORBAT the Sturmbringer has more Attack Dice in the closing range band than before. This, along with the Flak Vierlings means you get a lot of attack dice, most re-rolling due to the prolific amount of sustained weapons. Think of it as 3 Vulsung Cruisers strapped together (with more Hull Points) and you can see the potential for pain that this unit can bring. SMS Eiskalte Schoenheit: The first named Ice Maiden, SMS Eiskalte Schoenheit (which literally translates as “Ice Maiden”) comes in at 555 points. It comes with 4 flak guns, 3 bombards, and 3 volt gun batteries. Differently from the other two builds, this unit has the temperamental design rule, as this was the prototype for the other ships. This means it’s harder to repair than other models. It has however been given a boost in the new ORBAT with the spotter rule, giving its bombards the rule that helps them sustain quality. This version of the ship takes advantage of the lumbering rule which means it can go into full reverse, without receiving a level of disorder! This is where the main strength of this build lies - with three heavy bombards it can stay within extreme range for the whole game if needed. I personally think this is the ship with the best guns to points ratio, and what people will probably look to take in most games due to its survivability and formidable weaponry even at a distance. It does not need to get close - the main disadvantage of the basic Ice Maiden unit above. SMS Prinzessin Wilhelmina: At 600 points this is the most expensive of the Ice Maiden units. It has the same basic gunnery as the other two but exchanges its heavy weaponry for six heavy volt gun batteries (yes, six). It also has the elite crew and the Freya array as extras. This, in my opinion, turns this unit into a slow but very powerful assault barge. It already has a base fray value of 11, but add nine guns with the volt trait and you can boost the fray stat to a whopping 20 when battle-ready. Coupled with the elite quality of crew, it can get where it needs to go and finish off multiple ships with concentrated assaults. A special mention has to be made of the unit’s six-volt gun batteries, which is equivalent to a full squadron of Blucher cruisers. In the ORBAT, these have been greatly improved at point-blank range, which as we have already seen is where you want to be with this ship. However at 600 points plus, you do need to write a list around it more than the other two ships. Even though I said the Eiskalte Schoenheit is where the best balance of points and firepower is, I personally will be making mine the Prinzessin Wilhelmina. It suits my play style and theme for the army, being a hard-charging line breaker army. 600 points might be a lot, but it does free up the need for a Blucher Cruiser Squadron. With all the ships listed above, one thing always sticks out: the size on the battlefield. While being impressive and just lovely looking, as well as putting the fear of God into the opponent, it is a massive target. With low-end ADV and very low SDV, as we have said before, it suffers from torpedo attacks. Additionally, the points listed above are a base value, not what you will end up spending, as you will need to factor in escorts. I personally take corvettes as this helps with the fray status as well. In conclusion, the Ice Maiden is a fantastic addition to any Imperium list - it is hard-hitting, surprisingly fast and (most importantly) it looks great. However, it is not a game-breaker, and can’t be thrown in as a sledgehammer unit in an existing list. The Ice Maiden works best when the rest of your army is designed around having an Ice Maiden flagship and requires some finesse, and a lot of planning to get the best out of it. Be patient, know your mission, and you will be rewarded. Excited about Warcradle Studios August new releases? Make sure to pre-order at your FLGS stores or Wayland Games online. Get ready to deploy the Ice Maiden this August! Head on over to The Sturginium Lounge, the Official social channel for Dystopian Wars. Make sure to keep up to date with Warcradle Studios’ socials, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for new releases and spoiler alerts. View the full article
  7. August is an incredibly exciting month at Warcradle Studios, especially for Dystopian Wars and Mythos players. New releases for Dystopian Wars will be arriving at FLGS stores this upcoming month. And if you hadn’t seen the previous announcements this month, Warcradle Studios are ecstatic to bring the Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set to your tabletop. That is certainly not all this month for Dystopian Wars in August. Along with the Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set, the first terrain set for Dystopian Wars, entitled the Island and Archipelagos Terrain Set, is also heading for release. Providing more depth to your naval warfare table, taking your games further into the Dystopian Age from just a blue table cloth. The faction many of you have been waiting for, The Crown are finally joining the battle too this August. With the Britannia Battlefleet Set, the highly anticipated British were announced on St George's Day. For centuries they were the greatest power across the world, now players can reassert this dominance using The Crown to keep other factions under her Majesty's control. For those who have now received their Constitution Battlefleet from last month’s releases, you can now receive some reinforcements for the Union. The Union Frontline Squadrons are making their way onto the rough seas, ready to bolster up your faction with some serious American Spirit fuelling the journey. Want to harness the power of Mythos in a new location? After the incredible success of the Dunsmouth line of terrain, the Augusta Terrain Set became the newest destination to fight for. Hang on to your seats, as August is going to be a huge month. So keep your eyes peeled below for more detail on these upcoming products. Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set is the largest release for Dystopian Wars since the Hunt the Prometheus Two-Player Starter Set released earlier this year. The Ice Maiden has undergone refinements, as the ship is now customisable. Players can choose from multiple options including guns and turrets for the Ice Maiden, as well as access to the Battlefleet Set. It was the invention of Pycrete, acquired by the Knight-Luminary Herman Mark, that enabled the first Ice Maiden ever built. The concept of a ship constructed out of a hollowed out iceberg was initially greeted with some scepticism but after the initial tests, it was deemed worth further exploration. The initial prototype vessel was named the Eiskalte Schoenheit, and, being the very first ever constructed, lacked some of the later technologies of her sisters. Her unique size and strength at sea ensured she dominated any naval engagement. With a displacement in excess of 100,000 tonnes and a crew of over 6,000, the Ice Maiden Dreadnought Super-Carriers are the largest vessels in the Imperium’s navy. They each boast a complement of sixty Messer strike fighters, a dozen Blitzen Bombers and enough supplies to ensure its squadrons can carry out a range of sorties wherever needed. The SMS Prinzessin Wilhelmina was the Flagship of the First Atlantic Fleet and pride of the Königlich Preußische Marine. Named after the Kaiser’s eldest daughter and heir to the Imperial Throne, this immense vessel gives an especially deadly version of the infamous ‘Kaiser Salute’ with her six Heavy Volt Gun Batteries. Whenever one of these mighty constructions are committed to a naval action they are invariably accompanied by a multitude of smaller support vessels and frontline cruisers to defend the behemoth from smaller, faster enemy craft. The weapons mounted in the bow of the Ice Maiden can easily and quickly be swapped out to fit the mission at hand much like almost all other ships in the Imperium Navy. The Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set is a fleet for the Imperium, with a large number of points in a box, this will be a great place to start the faction. This set will also pique the interest of hobbyists who love to collect naval ships and the Dystopian Wars ranges. Contents: 1 x Ice Maiden Super-Carrier 6 Blucher Cruisers Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as either Augustus, Schaumberg, Reiter, Volsung or Konrad Class depending on the build you choose for the Ice Maiden 6 x Arminius Frigates 6 x Sigimer Destroyers Each Destroyer can alternatively be built as a Toten 6 x SRS Tokens (3 SRS & 3 Special SRS) Islands Set The Islands and Archipelagos Set is one of the few naval themed terrain sets on the market, and the first set of terrain for Dystopian Wars. When negotiations between the Factions of the Dystopian Age break down or when only conflict will settle a dispute fleets clash. This can happen anywhere across the globe and in the heat of battle many a Captain has been caught out by a sandbank or tidal Island. Some larger islands even have modest fortresses and gun emplacements built on them to add protection to the secrets and supplies that lie within. Contents: 9 x Resin Islands Britannia Battlefleet Set Here comes the British! The Crown is here to make their entrance, after anticipation from St. George’s Day - the Britannia Battlefleet Set finally here! Warcradle Studios have been busy bringing this fleet up to speed with the Enlightened and the Commonwealth, with even more to come for The Crown very soon, so make sure to keep those eyes peeled. The Britannia class Heavy Battleship is a testament to the might of the Crown and symbol of power in defence of her Dominions. Rumour of her mere presence in local waters has quelled uprisings and deterred piracy. Bristling with armaments and protected by thick steel armour and Guardian Generators these powerful vessels are the pride of the Royal Navy. The Britannia Class Battleship was ahead of her time when the first vessel was launched over three decades ago and has been in service ever since. Many of the latest battleships are now catching up with the engines, armour and weaponry equipped by the Britannia but she can still hold her own against any other Battleship on the water. Over the last century Crown engineering technology has been ahead of the rest of the world and their naval superiority has earned them control of the seas. That control has been slipping for some time now and while her fleets are still numerous the Crown’s international dominance is no longer assured. The fleets still continue to have a presence across the globe and alongside the Britannia Class Battleships numerous Cruisers and Frigates can be found. The most common Cruiser in the fleet is the Albion Cruiser. Armed with heavy gun turrets, broadside and torpedoes, this ship is the backbone of the Crown Fleet. Several modifications have been made to the Albion Hull design over the years such as the intimidating Lancelot Heavy Cruiser, the fast Picton and the lightly armed Bedivere. With so much coast to cover and such a large fleet the creation of the Sabre Class Command Cruiser enabled high ranking Naval officers to command Battlefleets from more numerous, smaller ships. These Command Ships allow the crown greater reach without the need for so many Battleships. Contents: 1 x Britannia Battleship 2 x Albion Cruisers Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as either Lancelot, Picton, Bedivere or Sabre Class 4 x Caliburn Frigates Union Frontline Squadrons With the release of the Constitution Battlefleet Set last month, players will be thrilled to know that the Union are getting reinforcements - the Union Frontline Squadrons. The Union is expanding steadily, and players will be able to expand upon their fleet quickly. Almost always found in support of large carriers and battleships are squadrons of frontline cruisers built to withstand direct engagement with enemy fleets. The Yorktown, Intrepid, Reliant and Lexington Class Cruisers all boast powerful paddle wheels allowing them to remain agile under fire all the while raining shells upon their enemies. These ships are in turn supported by the ever vigilant Akron Observers. These rotors watch both the skies and the waves for signs of threats to their squadrons as well as acting as long range observers for the gun crews onboard the ships. Farragut Frigates are also a common addition to any Union fleet. These small but manoeuvrable vessels are able to make fast raids against enemy squadrons or in even greater numbers, larger vessels such as Battleships. Being good value for money, this terrain is the right amount for the tabletop sea map - which is used for battle. Contents: 2x Yorktown Class Cruisers Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as either Intrepid, Lexington or Reliant Class 4x Farragut Class Frigates 2x Akron Observation Rotor Augusta Industrial Set The newest terrain release for Warcradle Scenics is here, and designed for Mythos in mind, however adaptable for any 28-35mm skirmish game. The Augusta Industrial Set incorporates MDF, and is detailed with design to come straight out of assembly and onto the tabletop. Themed around a dark industrial area in Augusta, where the Brotherhood of Belial originates. The Brotherhood are Officers who have been cursed to exist as things shifting in form after they slaughtered all the God Belials followers. On the edge of town sits the industrial district of Augusta. This collection of small factories, warehouses and depots are busy by day and all but abandoned by night. When the sun goes down the dark alleyways and abandoned lots are rife with illicit activity, squatters, and criminal elements. But it doesn’t end there, things move in the shadows, shapes flow just out of the corner of your eye and if you stand very still you can hear a slow rhythmic thrumming of a vast machine beneath your feet… Contents: Warehouse Abandoned Station Factory Water Tower Demolished Warehouse Also included in the Augusta Industrial Set are train tracks, train carriages and much more. Excited about Warcradle Studios August new releases? Make sure to pre-order from July 30th 2021 at your FLGS stores or Wayland Games online. Get ready to deploy the Ice Maiden this August! Make sure to keep up to date with Warcradle Studios’ socials, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for new releases and spoiler alerts. View the full article
  8. With the recent exciting announcement for Dystopian Wars, Warcradle Studios has a brand new step-by-step painting tutorial this time for the Islands & Archipelagos set - so players can get their August releases painted and on the tabletop as soon as they arrive. Release day is the 28th August 2021 for everyone anticipating their pre-orders. Daz has kept himself very busy to bring us how he has painted the first terrain set to hit the waters for Dystopian Wars, the Islands & Archipelagos Set. Read on to find out how he has achieved realistic Islands to use on the sea-mat: Step 1 - After an undercoat of black spray (GW Chaos Black) I used an airbrush to lay a base coat of mid orange-brown (P3 Bloodstone) Step 2 - I gave the islands a first highlight of a lighter brown (P3 Bogrin Brown) using an airbrush. You can stipple or over brush this coat, but I prefer an airbrush for speed. I applied the highlight generously and only avoided the deepest recesses and the runway. Step 3 - (The Jamaican patty stage) I used an Ochre (P3 Meaty Ochre) to highlight around 90% of the sandy areas, focusing on pushing the volumes of the dunes and rises. Step 4 - I used a mid sand (P3 Rucksack Tan) to apply a thin glaze across any sanded areas to tie everything together. Step 5 - I dry brushed a very soft highlight of bone (P3 Menoth White Highlight) across any detailed area of the model. I repeated this process three times to get some crisp definition. Step 6 - I dry brushed a very light highlight of pure white over the highest points. Step 7 - I airbrushed a heavy coat of gloss varnish (Vallejo) and then applied a glaze of flesh wash (Vallejo). Step 8 - I applied a glaze of Sepia Ink (Vallejo) followed by a very thin glaze of red and brown ink (Vallejo). Step 9 - I added some deeper tones with watered-down chocolate brown (P3 Umbral Umber), paying attention to the recesses around details and the trail of the crashed plane. Step 10 - All fortifications were given a base coat of Blue Grey (P3 Greatcoat Grey). I chose a blue-grey to contrast well against the orangey-yellow sand. Step 11 - I applied a majority highlight by adding a spot of white to the grey. Step 12 - An edge highlight was applied with bone (P3 Menoth White Highlight). Step 13 - Key elements like rocks and ridges were repainted with Menoth White Base and then highlighted with Menoth White Highlight to add some visual interest. Step 14 - The crashed plane was base coated in flat grey (P3 Ironhull Grey) leaving a little of the dark brown showing. Step 15 - I added a little white to the grey and highlighted the parts that looked undamaged. Step 16 - I stippled on watered-down black ink, on and around the plane to add more burn damage, as well as adding a lot of disturbance to the sand around it (including some tiny footprints heading to the base). And we’re done! You can pre-order the Islands & Archipelagos Set from your FLGS stores or at Wayland Games online, where they will be released to set sail at the end of August 2021. Keep an eye out for more step-by-step tutorials for the August releases here on the Warcradle Studios blog. Make sure to head on over to The Sturginium Lounge, the Official social channel for Dystopian Wars. Make sure to keep up with our social channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for spoilers and new releases. View the full article
  9. We here at Warcradle Studios have been holding on to our excitement for too long. With a brand new trailer outlining the next biggest product heading to Dystopian Wars. Keep your eyes peeled for the newest highly detailed, mammoth unit making its way onto the rough seas. After a tweak and a transformation, the Ice Maiden is back and better than ever. Players will now have the option to build their Ice Maiden in several different forms. Whether players want to create the Ice Maiden, the SMS Eiskalte Schoenheit or SMS Prinzessin Wilhelmina. New customisable features, such as weapon options and an alternate aircraft lift have been added to the refined model. Ice Maiden has enlisted reinforcements this time around, not just deploying as a single unit but as an entire Battlefleet Set. Including the infamous Ice Maiden, Cruisers, Frigates and Destroyers all within the box. These units are also customisable, enabling players to customise the weaponry across all units. The excitement is not over. Warcradle Studios are overjoyed to announce the first-ever terrain set heading to the tabletop for Dystopian Wars, with the Islands and Archipelagos Set available late August 2021. The Islands and Archipelagos set has the ability to enhance the naval wargamer experience on the tabletop, taking the game further than just the simplicity of a playmat on the table. Allowing players to customise the Islands to their gaming needs and immersing the game into more detail and atmosphere, players will be able to incorporate turrets and weaponry using magnetization into the terrain pieces available in the set. Want to take a closer look at the Ice Maiden’s abilities and more information on the SMS Eiskalte Schoenheit or SMS Prinzessin Wilhelmina? Be sure to head on over to the ORBATS to take a closer look at the technical. There will be some more announcements coming from us this month, including a new terrain line for Mythos, more releases for Dystopian Wars and the release of a faction you have all been waiting for. We’d love to know what you think of the Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set and the Islands and Archipelagos Set coming this August. Make sure you head over to the Sturginium Lounge to chat amongst the official community regarding these upcoming releases. View the full article
  10. This August release will debut the biggest set since the Hunt for the Prometheus Two-Player Starter Set, entitled the Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set. Included in the box is 1 x Ice Maiden that can also be made as an SMS Eiskalte Schoenheit or SMS Prinzessin Wilhelmina, 6 sprues - 3 x Imperium Frontline squadrons and 3 x Imperium Support Squadrons. Accumulating to a total of 6 Cruisers, 6 Frigates & 6 Destroyers. The Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set provides aspiring players with a new opportunity to get started in Dystopian Wars, containing an entire Imperium fleet in one box - worthy of a high amount of points in-game. “The Ice Maiden is a real centre-piece model and something to build a truly powerful Force around.” says Chris Pond, Assistant at Warcradle Studios. Dystopian Wars has built on the spectacular launch of the game at the start of the year with a strong release schedule, proving popular with the community and growing steadily. Connecting with other games titles, such as Wild West Exodus, within the Dystopian Age. This is an incredible month for Dystopian Wars as the greatly anticipated Crown faction makes its way onto the tabletop. With enthusiasm building online for the upcoming release of the Britannia Battlefleet Set, the first product for the fan-favourite faction. “We are all really excited for the Crown release. I can’t wait to get my hands on those ships!” Chris Pond, Assistant Studio Manager This Battlefleet Set Includes the mighty Britannia Battleship and two cruiser sprues each one allowing players to build one of five Crown Frontline Cruisers plus two Frigates. The Crown faction was teased earlier this year on St. George’s Day, providing players with an insight into the upcoming fleet joining Dystopian Wars. August is truly an incredible month for Warcradle Studios as a team and an exhilarating month for Dystopian Wars as a game system. With the release of the Ice Maiden, a new faction, and official in-game terrain adding further depth to the tabletop. The 'Islands and Archipelagos Set' provides enough terrain for a 2 feet x4 feet play area, making it easy to combine several sets for your games or add to your existing terrain collections. Creating a Dystopian Age environment that takes the game past a sea-themed playmat for players of Dystopian Wars. The set of islands have been designed with in-game strategy in mind. Allowing players to add additional turrets on the placements with ease with glue and magnetization, for perfect placement in play. Dystopian Wars is available to purchase from Wayland Games and a vast range of stores worldwide. Customers can pre-order their Ice Maiden Battlefleet Set, Britannia Battlefleet Set and Islands and Archipelagos Set from the 30th July 2021, ready for the retail release on the 28th August. All retailers are encouraged to contact Warcradle Distribution at tradesupport@warcradle.com for trade information. To celebrate the release of these three exciting products, players will be provided with a wealth of content to support the release. Including wallpapers, interviews, future spoilers, teasers and much more. This content will be shared within the Sturginium Lounge, the Official Dystopian Wars Community Channel, where players are encouraged to share their engagement with the game with a like-minded community. View the full article
  11. Whether you are looking for new terrain for your tabletop sci-fi adventures or expanding your Dystopian Wars fleets, July sees brand new releases for both Warcradle Scenics and Dystopian Wars. With a huge number of releases this month, be sure to head over to Wayland Games and your FLGS stores to get your pre-orders in throughout July. DYSTOPIAN WARS There are three new releases this month for Dystopian Wars, spanning across all three factions. Covenant of the Enlightened, The Imperium and The Union. With two new Battlefleets for the Union and the Enlightened, with the Descartes Battlefleet Set and the Constitution Battlefleet Set, the Imperium prepares for more reinforcements with the Imperium Support Squadrons. DESCARTES BATTLEFLEET SET After the previous releases for the Covenant of the Enlightened, with their involvement in the Two Player Starter Set and the Enlightened Frontline Squadrons. The Descartes Battlefleet Set heads to the sea with the first battlefleet release for the faction since Dystopian Wars Third Edition launched earlier this year. Discoveries in bionics have enabled peers in that field to influence the behaviour of a number of intelligent animals such as apes, birds, whales and dolphins. The creation of Physeter constructs from sperm whales is by far the largest of these undertakings. Usually they are employed as scouts or observers, bringing advanced warning of approaching enemies. Alternatively, once suitably equipped with a variety of weaponry they can be encouraged to make coordinated ambushes against agreed targets. During a battle, the Physeter Constructs are maintained and deployed from Control Ships such as the Descartes Class. These large, battleship-sized vessels boast advanced weaponry and are crewed by dedicated nautical engineers to further the cause of science. Even with the Physeter Constructs and batteries of Particle Beamers, the Descartes still need the support of smaller, faster ships. The Enlightened most commonly deploy Lovelace Class cruisers, but also outfit a number of different specifications. The Antarctica Class Superiority Cruiser, not only has a pair of Particle Beamers but also a devastating Heavy Particle Cannon. The Chatelet Class and the Ulysses Class are equipped with a small number of Scythe class fighters for reconnaissance and support, while the Stiletto Class relies on speed to get them in and out of engagements fast. The armed forces of the Covenant of the Enlightened are entirely composed of paid volunteers and are therefore few in number. The technological superiority of the Enlightened makes up for this with automation. Many of the smaller vessels in the Enlightened fleet are virtually crewless automatons loaded with sophisticated routines and reactions. This significantly cuts down on the crew needed for the navy as a whole. The Germain Class Zebek and Merian Class Frigate are two such vessels that are seen in squadrons alongside the larger vessels. CONSTITUTION BATTLEFLEET SET The Union are joining Dystopian Wars with their release, first making their way onto the water. The Constitution Battlefleet Set brings their American Spirit in tow, ready to stand up in their military might on both air and sea. During the Ore War the Union was forced to evolve into a nation that heavily industrialised the manufacture of weapons and engines of war to produce them at an unmatched rate. As conflict was largely on land, the Union fleets remained significantly underpowered compared to their rivals. With a belief in manifest destiny, the Union began to look beyond their own borders. It was easy to imagine the greedy faces of the other power blocs and the Union’s age old nemesis, The Crown, regarding this upstart American colony with avaricious eyes. To establish their rightful place, the Union focused on developing and constructing a fleet of ships to defend their shores and support their troops as they consolidated their positions around the globe. The Constitution Class Battleship is now the mainstay of the Union Fleet, the first twelve of these impressive vessels built in the closing years of the Ore War. Their main purpose was traversing the many wide rivers of the nation and rain fire on Confederate defences, or to assist in troop movement, their powerful paddlewheels are equally suited to the open seas. Now they, and many more like them, ensure that the Federated States can achieve their manifest destiny. Supporting the Constitution Class Battleships are squadrons of frontline cruisers built to withstand direct engagement with enemy fleets. The Yorktown, Intrepid, Reliant and Lexington Class Cruisers all boast powerful paddle wheels allowing them to remain agile under fire all the while raining shells upon their enemies. These ships are in turn supported by the ever-vigilant Akron Observers. These rotors watch both the skies and the waves for sign of threats to their squadrons as well as acting as long-range observers for the gun crews onboard the ships. Farragut Frigates are also a common addition to any Union fleet. These small but manoeuvrable vessels are able to make fast raids against enemy squadrons or in even greater numbers, larger vessels such as Battleships. IMPERIUM SUPPORT SQUADRONS Gain some extra support for the Imperium this month, as the Tempelhof Battlefleet has now set sail, the Imperium Support Squadrons are ready to take the heat off of the flagship in some full-fledged back-up. Commonly found in support of larger vessels of the Imperium’s Navy are a number of specialised cruiser variants. Built on the ubiquitous Blucher Class hull, these ships can be refitted as fast as any other frontline ship. The Konrad Class Support Carrier bears a flight deck with supply for a small number of Messer class fighters, providing air power where needed. Reiter Class Flak Cruisers are equipped with an impressive array of Vierling cannons, deadly multiple barreled weapons that launch scores of flak rockets into the air. These two vessels ensure that Blitzen Bomber squadrons can safely reach their targets without interception. Finally the Volsung Class deploys the formidable Sturmbringer Cannons on their decks that can char flesh and rupture enemy armour with terrible voltaic energy. The Imperium operates a large number of destroyer squadrons. Superior to the smaller frigates and escorts, Sigimer Class are longer, more heavily armoured and boast additional firepower. Toten Class, are heavier still and are equipped with two Sturmklaue cannons to cast bolts of lightning into the enemy. All of the new releases for Dystopian Wars are available to be pre-ordered at Wayland Games, online and lots of FLGS stores worldwide. OMEGA DEFENCE LINE - INDIVIDUAL SETS The popular terrain range from Warcradle Scenics is back, and this time you can get your hands on each individual piece within the set, without buying in to the whole range. Ideal for all your Sci-fi, Gothic and Industrial tabletop games. Upgrade your sci-fi terrain with the pre-painted, high-quality Omega Defence Line. With nine new products from the range joining the Warcradle Scenics library of terrain, there will be no need to break the bank before heading out into your sci-fi escapades. Starting at £8.00, your miniatures will have hard-cover, that will come straight out of the packaging, assembled and straight onto the tabletop. If you like the look of next month's releases, be sure to pre-order from your FLGS stores or online at Wayland Games this Friday. Due to be released at the end of July 2021.
  12. Have your Tempelhof Battlefleet from Dystopian Wars pre-ordered, and are looking forward for your fleet embarking in battle on the rough seas? Daz has spent some time this week painting up the Imperial SRS Tokens included in the set. Follow the steps below to achieve this effect on your Imperium SRS Tokens: Step 1 - I applied three coats of white using an airbrush held at a forty-five-degree angle to the token. I also ensured that the direction of the spray came from behind the waves as you can see in picture two. This will give us a solid foundation to create the illusion of water. View fullsize View fullsize Step 2 - The token was given a coat of dark green (P3 Gnarls Green) from directly in front. Step 3 - The token was given a coat of turquoise (P3 Meridian Blue) from directly behind View fullsize View fullsize Step 4 - I gave the token a dry brush of pale green (P3 Sickly Skin) and once again ensured that my brush strokes were focused away from the front. Step 5 - The token was given a five to one ratio glaze of green ink (Vallejo) Step 6 - The token was given a five to one ratio glaze of blue ink (Vallejo) Step 7 - Using a size 00 brush I applied dots and dabs of white across the tops of the waves Step 8 - The water was given a heavy coat of gloss varnish (Vallejo) Step 9 - The planes were given a base coat of P3 Ordic Olive. Step 10 - I applied a mass highlight of two to one ratio Ordic Olive mixed with a deep yellow (P3 Heartfire) across most of the token Step 11 - The engine housings and rear body were given a base coat of mid grey (P3 Ironhull Grey) and the cockpits were based with a bright turquoise (P3 Arcane Blue) Step 12 - Engine parts and weapons were given a coat of P3 Cold Steel Step 13 - I applied an edge highlight of Heartfire to the forward edges of the wings. Once dry the planes were given a wash of thinned down black ink. Step 14 - The stripes on the wing edge were painted with P3 Heartfire. Step 15 - To finish the planes the yellow stripes were given an edge highlight of bone (P3 Menoth White Base) View fullsize View fullsize Pre-Order the Templehof Battlefleet today at Wayland Games and a vast majority of FLGS Stores. We would love to see how you have painted your miniatures from Dystopian Wars. Be sure to show the staff here at Warcradle Studios, and the Official Dystopian Wars Community on Facebook your paintworks, along with gaining inspiration from fellow seadogs! View the full article
  13. The Tempelhof Battlefleet from Dystopian Wars has now leapt into action, and can now be pre-ordered at Wayland Games and a vast majority of FLGS Stores. Daz has spent some time taking us through how he achieves glow effects and details on the newest ship belonging to The Imperium. Follow the steps below to achieve this effect on your newest fleet: Step 1 I made a thin wash of turquoise (P3 Arcane Blue) and applied this sparingly to the areas I wanted to have a slight glow effect. Step 2 I repeated the process four times to get a significant depth of colour. Step 3 I made a very thin glaze of white and ran this into the centre of the coils, to suggest a pure light fading to blue. Step 4 I made a glaze of mid-blue (P3 Cygnar Blue Highlight) and applied this to the ends of the coils as they meet the base of the structure. Step 5 All military symbols were given a base coat of blue-grey (P3 Greatcoat Grey) Step 6 I added one part white to three parts grey and applied some rough highlights. Step 7 I added more white to around a fifty/fifty mix and applied a more controlled highlight around the edges of the symbol. Step 8 I added some weathering and outlined the symbol in pure white. Step 9 I applied two very thin (ten to one) glazes of Cygnar Blue Highlight to tie everything together. Step 10 To finish off I reapplied the edge highlight of pure white. That’s it for this week, want to show us how you have painted your recent fleets from Dystopian Wars? Or share how this technique worked for you? Head on over to The Sturginium Lounge to share your progress in the Official Dystopian Wars community. Be sure to keep an eye on our social pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be kept up to date with new products, competitions, more painting tutorials and much more from Warcradle Studios. View the full article
  14. June is a big month at Warcradle Studios, with not just an abundance of new Dystopian Wars products, but an expansion to the popular Gloomburg terrain range from Warcradle Scenics. With five new releases in total, June releases are certainly ones to not be missed. So be sure to head over to Wayland Games and your FLGS stores to get your pre-orders in. DYSTOPIAN WARS Tempelhof Battlefleet Set The Prussian Imperium are getting reinforcements, as the Tempelhof Battlefleet Set is making its way into Dystopian Wars. With not just support by sea, but by air too. Air support is essential for the operation of an efficient fleet and as efficiency is the watchword of the Imperium Navy, Air Support is found in all sections of the Prussian Forces. At the heart of this is the Tempelhof Fleet Carrier. Its main role is to get its contingent of aircraft to within striking range of the enemy and provide anti-air support to them. They can often be equipped with the deadly Blitzen Bombers; heavy aircraft armed with devastating bombs to rain down on the enemy decks, coastal defences or even targets further inland. Enemy Admirals who have encountered these large bombers will never forget the deep throaty roar of their engines, if they ever survive the encounter that is. In support of the Tempelhof Fleet Carriers are assigned a number of specialised cruiser variants. Based on the ubiquitous Blucher Class Hull, but with a specialised bridge section, these ships can be refitted as fast as their frontline counterparts. The Konrad Class Support Carrier bears a short flight deck with supply for a small number of fighters allowing it to add to the squadrons of aircraft the fleet can put in the air. The Reiter Class Veirling Cruiser is equipped with an impressive array of flak cannons, ensuring the Blitzen Bombers can reach their targets without interception. Finally the Volsung Class Cruisers bear large Arc Cannons on their decks that can turn enemy armour into so much molten slag. Added to this array of impressive naval firepower are the Imperium Destroyers. The Sigimer Class Destroyers look similar to the Arminus Frigates, but are longer, more heavily armoured and boast an extra cannon. The alternative loadout to the Sigimer is the Toten Class that is equipped with two Volt Gun Batteries. Many an Admiral has underestimated these smaller vessels, much to their dismay as they watch their fleet sinking below the waves. Borodino Battlefleet Set Players who picked up the Hunt for the Prometheus Two Player Starter Set will be familiar with this upcoming fleet, the Borodino Battlefleet Set is now available to be pre-ordered individually without buying into the whole set. The main warhorse of the Commonwealth Naval warmachine is the Borodino Class Battleship. These vessels are of solid construction and the first of them to come out of the shipyards are still going strong after almost three decades of service. Bearing a comparable loadout of cannon to Battleships of other nations, and equipped with thick ablative armour the Borodino is able to give much more than it gets in a stand up firefight. As a result the Borodino Class Battleships are often found in the thick of the fighting. The Battleships are typically accompanied by the frontline cruisers, who’s equally durable armour and heavy gun turrets make them solid opponents for any enemy fleet. The Norilsk Heavy Cruiser has a distinctive long & sleek silhouette and it’s extra turret gives it that little extra firepower needed to hit at larger targets. The mainstay of the frontline cruisers are the Kutsov Class; solid and dependable they can be utilised in any number of operations. The Oleg Class Monitors and Sineus Class Fast Cruisers act as rapid response when speed is more sedated than firepower. In and amongst these larger ships are scattered squadrons of Rurik Frigates, their captains are adroit hunters and enjoy finishing off damaged larger targets. Commonwealth Support Squadrons The Russians have more than one release this month, providing reinforcements with The Commonwealth Support Squadrons going on to pre-order this month too. Typically accompanying the Flagships of the Commonwealth are support squadrons of cruisers and Stoletov Ekranoplans. The Pravda Support Carriers are equipped with short flight decks and limited aircraft capacity compared to the Mozhayski, but can launch a supporting screen of fighters or bombers to assist in attack runs. The Morosko Heavy Cryo Cruiser builds on the Norilsk hull design with the integration of an advanced cryo generator capable of forming deadly icebergs in their enemy’s path. The Khatanga Cryo Assault Cruiser is favoured by northern commanders as it takes this art of war one stage further with the addition of the ferocious Semyenov pattern assault bore in the prow. WARCRADLE SCENICS Gloomburg - Castle Set The ever-popular Gloomburg terrain pieces are back under the spotlight, with stunning new pre-coloured scenery available to pre-order now: Castle Set and Siege Engines & Scatter. The Gloomburg Castle perfectly fits both fantasy and historical tabletop settings, with functional doors and a portcullis that raises and lowers. Complete with arrowslits and battlements, your units will find safe-haven behind these walls for all types of tabletop gamer. Gloomburg - Siege Engines & Scatter To complement the detailed modular scenery set: the Siege Engines & Scatter Set. Offering the perfect add-ons to the Gloomburg Castle, with lookout posts, a catapult, drawbridge, battering ram and ladders. The mists curl and eddy around the dark village as a gentle breeze disturbs the deserted streets. The only sounds are the crows who gather on several roofs. Shadowed figures move in the darkness, hollow-eyed inhabitants of a once-thriving market town. What evil could have wrought this change? What will you find lurking in the gatehouse at the edge of town? If you like the look of next month's releases, be sure to pre-order from your FLGS or online at Wayland Games today. Due to be released at the end of June 2021. View the full article
  15. May releases have now been announced, head on over to Wayland Games and your FLGS stores to get your pre-orders in. We have three fantastic releases upcoming, so keep on scrolling to feast your eyes on these new and exciting releases coming to both Dystopian Wars and Wild West Exodus. DYSTOPIAN WARS The first release coming this May, is for Dystopian Wars. Bringing reinforcements and a new battlefleet for the Russian Commonwealth, the Mozhayski Battlefleet Set is gearing up to head the rough seas. The colossus that is the Commonwealth is able to draw on the massive resources available to mother Russia in order to build, not only its railways, industrial centres and power plants; but also battleships, airships, tanks and other machines of war in great numbers. The vast New Admiralty Shipyard in Saint Petersburg stretches for almost a mile along the banks of the River Neva, and the forges and factories are constantly producing vessels of all classes. The newer yard located on Vasilyevsky Island, at the mouth of the Neva is almost as industrious, but this newer facility is focused on the most modern of the Commonwealth’s designs. Less than 20 miles west of Saint Petersburg is the Kronstadt Naval Plant. Further south, on the Black Sea sits Sevastopol, a city founded for the sole purpose of building ships for the Commonwealth. All of these industrial centres, along with a myriad of smaller ones, are able to produce significant numbers of warships every year. This is how the might of the Commonwealth has been growing so rapidly of late. The ships of the Commonwealth are constructed of thick hulls and heavy armour, while advanced engines ensure they are still able to keep pace with ships of other nations. Commonwealth naval engineers specialise in the latest ablative armour, and have retro-fitted it to almost all of their legacy fleet. Though the Commonwealth places less emphasis on air support than the other Great Powers, they still appreciate its uses in achieving victory. The Mozhayski Fleet Carriers are integral to this combined arms doctrine and the expansive internal spaces for officers make them preferred command ships for Commodores. Typically accompanying these large carriers are support squadrons of cruisers and Stoletov Ekranoplans. The Pravda Support Carriers are equipped with short flight decks and limited aircraft capacity compared to the Mozhayski, but can launch a supporting screen of fighters or bombers to assist in attack runs. The Morosko Heavy Cryo Cruiser builds on the Norilsk hull design with the integration of an advanced cryo generator capable of forming deadly icebergs in their enemy’s path. The Khatanga Cryo Assault Cruiser is favoured by northern commanders as it takes this art of war one stage further with addition of the ferocious Semyenov pattern assault bore in the prow. The initial releases for the Commonwealth have seen the Borodino Class Battleship, Kutsov Class Cruisers with alternative builds, and Rurik Class Frigates which were all included in the Hunt for the Prometheus - Two Player Starter Set, along with the Commonwealth Frontline Squadrons - perfect to boster up your Commonwealth fleets. Long live Mother Russia, long live the Commonwealth, long live her People, long live the Tsar! Empire fans will be delighted to know that there are new Frontline Squadron’s heading your way after the newly released Ning Jing Battlefleet Set has had it’s time at sea, perfect to bolster your Empire Army with new Chinese reinforcements. The Navy of the Celestian Empire is the brainchild of Empress Shinzua, who as Speaker of the fleets quickly moved to control all aspects of nautical warfare in addition to her originally more prosaic areas of responsibility. The Empire is considered a global naval power, especially after their victories at Tsushima and Myeongnyang during the Anglo-Russian Korean Expedition. All of the coastal nations of the Empire design, build and crew their own sea-going vessels, but all ultimately serve the Blazing Sun. Warships are a source of great pride within the Empire, and the expansion of their borders necessitates deploying them more visibly, something that has been welcomed by the Empire’s Admiralty. The warships of China are the most numerous in the Empire’s navy. Their prow mounted chemical flame cannons, known as Huoqiang, make them formidable in any conflict and Chinese ships form the core of most of the Empire’s Battlefleets. The cruisers of the Chinese mount the deadly Huoqiang along with a mix of heavy guns and rockets. The crews of the Shanghai frigates are extensively drilled in working in large squadrons and can coordinate attacks with devastating effect. With the glut of manpower at its command, China’s shipyards are capable of churning out large numbers of cruisers and frigates giving it dominance in naval affairs countered only by the elite vessels of Japan. If you are eyeing up the newest frontline squadron, now is the perfect time to get stuck in. With both the Ning Jing Battlefleet and Empire Frontline Squadrons, your Empire army will soon become a wrath to not be contended with. WILD WEST EXODUS/LOST WORLD EXODUS The final release coming out in May will bring joy to those who found love in the Pride of Nekomata Detachment. Legendary Ichiko Kuga is joining the fray, mounted on her beasty companion Akarui. Ichiko Kuga is a member of the Japanese spirit walkers known as the Nekomata. She acts as their leader, Komanu Rayon’s adviser and close companion. A deeply spiritual fighter, Kuga has the closest connection to other Kami than her kin. After travelling to the Lost World in Antarctica, Kuga used this spiritual empathy to form a connection with one of the exotic species she encountered there. Akarui is a small, timid feline that, when imbued with the spirit of the Kami, increases in his size and ferocity. Akarui permits Kuga to ride him into battle when he has assumed this larger form and the pair make a formidable fighting team. You can pick up the Pride of Nekomata along with several other Lost World Exodus releases to play on the American Frontier. Each Lost World Exodus miniature released has been optimised to play in Wild West Exodus. Meaning the Legendary Ichiko Kuga would make a roaring addition to your Warrior Nation Faction. If you like the look of next month's releases, be sure to pre-order from your FLGS or online at Wayland Games today. Due to be released at the end of May 2021. View the full article
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