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  1. Hi, there are references to friendly and enemy models. Is there a definition in the rulebook when something is declared as friendly or enemy? Reason is models with insignificant are not friendly models, does that make them enemy models? thanks! Martin
  2. Hi, while browsing some of the rules I read the Cerulian choices of the Watchers. I found a rules interaction where I see the intention of the rules but think the written rules differ frim that. The Mimic ability allow the model to be fielded as some Outlaw models. The duplicated model is as the Outlaw choice except it gets the Watcher and Celurian trait. The Synaptic Shock states that if the model is hit or gets a negative condition it has to pass a mind check or change back to its cerulian form. As the intend, it is clear if the mimiced model is hit, it changes back but if the card of the cerulian is replaced with the Outlaw card and only the traits (Cerualian, Watchers) are added the outlaw does not have the Mimic and Synaptic Shock Ability to trigger these two. I just wanted to ask if I am missing something in the interaction there or if the rule needs some further clarification (as the game is still in Beta) Greetz Martin
  3. Da hab ich gestern meine Puppen geholt und bin Member, also öfters da
  4. Nice! Thanks for the quick response.
  5. Hello guys, one rule interaction I don't get and want to ask for clarification. When a K9 Automata Unit activates within 3 of a Unit with Sic' em they get Teamwork but don't the need teamwork before activating to use a triggered activation? I mean if they have to activate to get the rule they have to be able to do so and can't benefit from it? What am I missing? Thanks for helping a rookie
  6. Hi, my names Martin and I am located in Bonn Germany. Just got myself some Confederate Rebellion Units and wait to get the first rounds in.
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