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  1. DevilSquid

    Sell me on your favorite faction!

    As someone who served in the US military for 13 years, and is a northern boy, the Union is my top pick. They have a strong aesthetic, good solid rules, and the ROLLING THUNDAH. That, and if I so choose, I could field a Union force in WWX, Dystopian Wars, and Armored Clash. I like me some uniformity.
  2. DevilSquid

    Greetings traveler's

    Is this where the rabble-rousers check in? Yann on the Dark Council FB page, though folks here wisely didn't give me any authority over the common folk. New to WWX, though familiar with all the games Warcradle rounded up. Ready to skin some iron against the enemies of the Union, foreign and domestic.
  3. DevilSquid

    Guns a-blazing!

    Howdy all, I'm impressed with the word Warcradle has done so far with the IPs it picked up, and none more so than Wild West Exodus. Having red the rules and reviewed the model line, it looks to have the potential for being a strong favorite with me. Great aesthetics, smooth rules, easy mechanics and just a bit of quirky humor. Union with be my faction of choice, at least to start. For those of you who played S1, what are your thoughts on S2? I don't have a basis for comparison between the two, but with years of WM/H and Guild Ball, not to mention GW, the 'new' rules for WWX seem really rounded. Thoughts? Catch you all in the sunset.
  4. DevilSquid

    Introduce Yourself

    Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste. I become aware of WWX with the Kickstarter, but was disappointed with how it's parent company was treating it. Warcradle looks to be doing strong things with it, so I feel it's time to saddle up and ride the range. Located in Maryland, USA, near Baltimore. No models yet, but some are on their way, and as a New Yorker by birth and living near the Mason Dixon line, I'm planning to pilot the Union to victory on behalf of these United State.

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