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  1. Does anybody else suffer when their favourite part of a model is sitting there hidden under the flightpeg? I guess I'll just play on a mirror from now on...
  2. They just keep dripping poison honey in my ears, and I strip the paint off of some old models to keep myself busy in the meantime.
  3. @northerndragons Age of Sigmar does something like this and on top of adding new abilities for everyone (always a plus) it seemed like it gave new players a clear template of 'Here are probablythe next boxes you should pick up' You can certainly run into problems of fleetbuilding becoming completely standardized, and I think few fleets currently suffer for options in a 800-1200 point game. On the flip side maybe a relthozan force can have a very heavy shunt cruiser setups and an ability to burn that can help with the shunt entry table, or allow for a squad's precision use of a shunt matrix. A fleet built like this has a lot less overall choice for ships and would benefit greatly from a couple TAC like rules
  4. @Merlin I mean sure, announce a nonexistent new ruleset and line of currently unsculpted new models. Try to realize where in the process warcradle is right now
  5. You can always proxy! I'd be disappointed if Warcradle didn't push their own Firestorm, from a perspective of rules, fluff, and aesthetic (which is personally the hardest for me to let go of). There are a lot of things that marry me to this game, but I've also been using homebrew rules off the forum for almost every game after my first, so I don't know if its the 2.0 ruleset. There is a strong point that the forums are an echo chamber, but there are definitely very passionate and intelligent players on here and their ideas can and should make an impact on the future of firestorm rules
  6. The Terrans get two battleships AND their homeworld, its kind of a 'did you bring enough for the rest of the class' scenario
  7. If you're a tabletop gamer by now I'd hope you're used to reading a rule and thinking 'man I hope this makes more sense when we hit the table' I'd define a rule more by how much sense ot makes in use rather than in description
  8. @Kaptyn Krys that's another interesting idea, limit explosions by making that roll a lower chance by using a larger dice. Subjectively for sure, but even if Im rolling d8's I would still love to roll ten of them.
  9. One idea from this thread that I was testing was limiting the exploding dice to one success. This was judt throwing dice idly, using 12 dice for my battleship's kinetic fore weapon because its my favourite. Counting one success per 6 rolled tends to push your hit range around 6-9 fairly often, and a little above or below of course. The highest amount of hits in thirty rolls was 11. Counting two successes, I got as high as 16 hits and found my hits in the double digits quite a bit more than counting a single success. In terms of eyeing stats and deciding whether or not to link a shot, in my head I'd be looking to overpower my enemy's DR about 2:1 to comfortably make an attack and score a hit. A critical hit against another battleship would be rare but I could certainly crit a cruiser no problem.
  10. You know, after doing the math it turns out not a lot in terms of raw paper probability. Assuming a hit chance works on 50:50 principle like it does now, when you compare a d6 with a +1 to hit modifier and a d8 with a +1 to hit modifier, the difference is 2/3 and 5/8 chances for success. Or 0.666 vs 0.625 in decimal value. I made the assumption it would make more of a difference
  11. Don't be afraid to make bold decisions about dice! One of tabletop's longest running franchises has ten different dice for different weapons. This is a fascinating thread, I can think of a lot of potential for weapon mechanics that would certainly need a smarter head than mine to determine if it was a smart change. For example, what if d8's got involved for indirect fire weapons and they didnt explode? Like I said before I can't speculate yet on a lot of ideas in here yet but I see a lot of potential in changing the RNG parameters. One of the most interesting points was brought up in page one of this thread. In Stoobert's post he mentioned that the most common result of a massive dice explosion was an apology from the attacker and that rung very true in my own firestorm experience. It kind of sucks to completely annihalate an enemy's tier one choices with a couple great rolls. I think we inherently desire more of an even game than that. With that in mind, I absolutely agree that some limiting effects could be put on the exploding mechanic by changing how we calculate and weigh those rolls.
  12. The best thing that other fiction has given me for firestorm is an idea of what ship interiors might look and function like. Now when we have some official art so I know what a Ryushi or the Relthozan castes look like... For now I can only speculate
  13. What does 2.0 do identically, or more or less the same as either Dropfleet or BFG?
  14. There is a firestorm armada shipyards facebook group that is a great place to look
  15. That's beautiful. I'm interested in how your team will end up making Firestorm its own narratively. You can bet myself and probably others have been watching your WWE and DW model releases to speculate at what your sculptors could do with spaceships as well
  16. @Stoobert Just doing some idle rolling this morning, based off the RSN dread's crew rating. In eight rolls, counting successes on 5's and 6's I rolled 3, 3, 1, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 4, 3 (<- This is total successes per roll of seven dice) It got me thinking about how to nebulously define the acceptable parameters of a different repair system. I guess now its experimenting to see what feels like an appropriate crew repair efficiency versus keeping all of the critical effects above that we were trying not to lose to a 50/50 roll At the very least its an incentive to take down the crew as a first step to finishing a large capital ship in a couple turns. A lot like taking down the PD before you spend the rest of the turn unloading torpedoes into it
  17. While we're celebrating designs, the entire Ryushi and Hawker fleets are gorgeous models. The Ryushi have an impeccable aesthetic and the Hawker Excelsior Battleship just had that Star Destroyer look to it. Sinister, well angled, just gorgeous. Also big shoutout to the RSN Spectre Battleship and the pathogen infected Relthoza battleship, of which I've been keeping one secret as a gift for my regular relthozan opponent. That sculpt is INSANE up close!
  18. Late into april but I have my RSN fleet complete (minus one frigate squad but its on the way) Here's what a month and a half of binged documentaries and coffee has produced EDIT: Wow these are really blurry. Sorry folks I'll retake and reupload them when I can
  19. Fair enough! I think being able to repair is an important feature, and I don't see the 50/50 removal of an effect as a bad thing overall, but I also face Relthoza regularly so I can have three or four markers to repair a turn on a large capital ship
  20. @Hive Perhaps repairs are rolled as a pool of dice, equal to crew rating? That way crew directly represent personnel ancillary to the bare minimum skeleton crew for combat duties. As they die, your ship's ability to maintain itself also dies. I'm also no game designer but I'd bump repair successes up to rolls of 5 and 6 only as well. Feels like it rounds things out.
  21. Definitely remain hopeful and excited! Warcradle has recognized our rabid desire for new resin and all waiting on our part is a result of the reality of miniatures production. I haven't been lucky enough to see the IceMaiden in person but I have looked at every single one posted in the DW forum and it makes me excited for Warcradle to release some original fleets in the future
  22. I'll reiterate what I said before but a game should be designed as a game first. Tourbament communities already modify rules to suit themselves, I think any focus on making tournament rules is nuts until a core ruleset is set in stone
  23. Sorry mate but they literally stated above that we would know these details around the end of may . Kind of set us all off on being excited. From othee Warcradle responses we know that any low quality molds will not be produced, so newer spartan sculpta are what we can expect to see. We know Warcradle will be updating molds as it sees fit and will certainly be adding new models, as they've done with dystopian wars. Chances are thats all 2019 at the earliest. Right now the focus is on getting the best of spartan's models printing again until work begins in earnest on Warcradle's Firestorm 3.0
  24. @Toxic_Rat Honestly it fits more in line with 2.0 ship deterioration than the way I was doing it, but still keeping it simpler than counting down by hull point lost. You've tackled a difficult subject to balance
  25. '...and as one, a thousand heads turned towards the cosmos to hear the ethereal voice of Warcradle Richard resounding through the collective psyche. As one they raised their hands to their Heralds and chanted "NEW MODELS WOOOOOOOOO!"'
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