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  1. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Russian Coalition Colour Scheme Database

    @GreenOakSteve Now those look properly imperial! Beautiful work with the wood decks, weathering and staining becomes a real automatic process as you work through naval models so I'm always happy when a deck jumps out at me
  2. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Warcradle Classics - Firestorm Wishlist/Wild Conjecture

    It was the 501st, In Dramos, With the Leviathan. Game won son
  3. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Warcradle Classics - Firestorm Wishlist/Wild Conjecture

    your leviathan is a beast of a ship, made out of resin it could be a murder weapon in Clue (off the table I mean )
  4. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Warcradle Classics - Firestorm Wishlist/Wild Conjecture

    Now thats a shame. Well lets face it, sci fi terrain looks better when you make it yourself!
  5. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Warcradle Classics - Firestorm Wishlist/Wild Conjecture

    I would really like that Terran vs Dindrenzi starter set. I'm burning to get some Dindrenzi anyway, but that was a sweet box with the shipyard.
  6. Wolfgang Jannesen

    GenCon 2018

    There are some model kits for larger space stationd that are great for hacking up into smaller bits! I think Tamiyama has a model of the ISS whose communications and solar arrays looked perfect for FSA terrain Been keeping up with the firestorm photos on FB and it looks like a blast. What a dream holiday, been a slow few months for space battles around here
  7. Wolfgang Jannesen

    For sale section?

    Heads up WC literally just asked you not to sell stuff on their forums
  8. Wolfgang Jannesen

    For sale section?

    It might be worth being cautious trying to sell a game thats about to have models in production again on the official forums of the company producing those models
  9. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Firestorm Painting Group

    In the priveleged position of commanding those vessels though? Damn. I had my first game against Directorate and I was being put to shame having systems shut down, being boarded and eventually missing the target station capture completely in the mayhem. @Skyhawk I tried out your table too but its been a chaotic month, Im sorry mate I'll let you know how it worked when I can turn notes into a little writeup
  10. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Firestorm Painting Group

    Alright cards on the table, who HASN'T made a shady deal with some directorate corp? Anyone? Buying a bobblehead from their giftshop took three pages of paperwork.
  11. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Firestorm Painting Group

    Still all over the idea of those being holographic representations. Makes me want to find a set and do them up in orange! Maybe (if we're real lucky) they might come up in a batch of classic releases.
  12. Wolfgang Jannesen

    2018 MBS Naval Painting Contest

    That Roma was beautifully done, great contest
  13. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Firestorm Painting Group

    Love the work on the engines, great work!
  14. Wolfgang Jannesen

    SRS rebalnace

    I have one more alternative to suggest that gives carriers a direct support role. Withing 18"+ Command Distance a carrier may attach wings to another squadron. So a full interceptor wing might add 3 PD to every model on the squadron, or a full fighter wing could add 2AD to an attack per activation and 2PD to the squad for example. These bonuses would only be usable on a single attack or PD defense per turn, but it would allow the carrier to use its SRS to augment other squadrons instead of being a torpedo system with two layers of defense to get around. Also wouldn't mind seeingnsome system for interceptors to scout out cloaked and stealthed ships
  15. Wolfgang Jannesen

    SRS rebalnace

    @Stoobert hey now thats not a bad idea, a lot of this gets solved by making each ship handle all of their own PD and finding a better battlefield role for interceptors

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