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  1. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Spartan old rules!

    Ah I gotcha, just didnt understand the wording. I can certainly agree with that, the wall of Point Defense makes me happy to give torps a buff like that.
  2. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Spartan old rules!

    Can you clarify what you mean in points 2 and 3? I thought thats how torpedoes work already, and I dont see an obvious reason why different ship classes wouldn't have different movement speeds The all ships move, all ships fire concept is more realistic I suppose, maybe harder to keep track of than gettig everything done by activation. I'd have to tey it out. Not sure I like the idea of firing before moving. Great! Now next turn I'll be in my optimal range as long as they sit perfectly still until next turn! I might need to be sold on using Primary, Secondary and Tertiary attacks, is this more conplicated for fun or more complicated for the sake of being more conplicated? I strobgly disagree with points that you just move ships straight at each other and try to overwhelm each other with dice. Positioning and arcs definitely make an important difference, as does terrain. Are you playing with the battlelog or not? There's strong incentive to FSD damaged ships to safety
  3. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Firestorm Painting Group

    @Hive I'm curious about the same thing. Beautiful choice of colours
  4. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Firestorm Painting Group

    @Skyhawk Thanks mate! Its the best I could come up with short of jeweling. Here is the completed fleet
  5. Wolfgang Jannesen

    May 4th Q&A discussion

    It could also be a more tubular new look for the Terrans as well, but I don't know if it necessarily has their aesthetic over the Hawkers. I'm definitely with you there
  6. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Firestorm Painting Group

    Hey is this a convincing forcefield? I'm on the fence about them, wondering if you folks could suggest a more convincing approach.
  7. Wolfgang Jannesen

    May 4th Q&A discussion

    I'm desperate to see more concept art. Was that Terran or Hawker? At least the second piece they showed looks like aquans with some neat architecture. I thought it was hard being patient when I joined the forums a few months ago!
  8. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Model availability

    Don't worry, WC said old fleets will still be usable in the future
  9. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Model availability

    I would love to see stuff like a whole new front plate for sorylian battleships that choose to keep primaries or upgrade to scatter. Dont want to get too greedy with it but Id never say no to sprue-city
  10. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Model availability

    One thing I see in WarCradle's DW releases that I'm hopeful carries over to firestorm is a lot of modularity and magnetization options. A lot of fleets had cruiser to heavy cruiser variants that were very easy, Relthoza comes to mind in an instant. It would be very cool to see it taken further
  11. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Firestorm fluff

    I thought the Tarakians were all but wiped out in their eternal vigil against the Loc-Nar
  12. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Prussian Imperium future

    This ship is giving me a serious urge to start collecting a fleet
  13. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Firestorm fluff

    @Spenetrator I'd like to clarify a bit. Take pre Age of Sigmar Warhammer, before the forces were divided between Order and Chaos (granted Firestorm still has a lot more restrictions in terms of what you can pair with what.) When you approach a match with a narrative focus, just about anyone has a framework to fight anyone. There is a broader spectrum of interior politics and factions within each empire that make many more narratives possible, if you understand what I mean. In some Firestorm Fleets this is an open concept, such as the Directorate or Kedorians, who have plotted against allies and been known to usurp resources covertly. In player fleet stories in this thread I see people pushing and changing the mould for what their fleets mean within their respective factions. In battle reports I see an overwhelming desire to fight anything against anything. Breaking the two main alliances doesnt mean getting rid of lore, it means giving the Terrans several different megacorporations, some of which might have a much looser oath to the charter than others. Or opening the door for some Ryushi to become exile mercenaries in the outer reach rather than newly armed traders. Not that these cant be written by players for their own canon, just that right now the official lore can be a little restrictive
  14. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Firestorm fluff

    Hell, I'd get rid of the Kurak Alliance and Zenian League completely and give each faction a natural ally and a natural enemy. For Sorylians this could be Terrans and Relthoza. For the Terrans this could be Hawker Industries and the Dindrenzi, for example. I remember this being debated hotly pages ago and I may have switched sides from enjoying the two major alliances to feeling like they are totally unnecessary for the narrative of the game.
  15. Wolfgang Jannesen

    May 4th Q&A discussion

    I just found I didnt like the bulbous flightbases such as you'd get with Rawcliffe Star Trek models. Full honesty man I've been playing with markers and dice since day one and I think you're exaggerating how much trouble dice are. This is fully a subjective opinion, I just like those big clear bases.

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