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  1. Thoughts on ship Classes

    I think that there are certainly more or less redundant choices, the biggest example I can think of being two Relthoza frigates, one with a fore weapon and one without for the same price point. The other might put out a few more dice on the broadside, but in terms of overall use id imagine the frigate with more arcs of fire is a more appealing choice. I'm sure every core race has a couple of these. WITH THAT SAID I'm a vocal opponent to homogenizing the game or getting rid of things for no reason. More variety of ships is a sentence that doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth.
  2. Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    We're going to have to agree to disagree here. I didn't find the cards that came with my blisters as useful as a printed battlescribe sheet, and having picked this game up during a stall in its life it wasn't easy for me I get my hands on everything all the old time players have. TAC cards and the like make me nervous because if you can't find them around you, it's off to the printer. If it doesn't sound like a big deal printing those off, that's why I don't see the need for cards. Rather than bother with another extraneous thing to ship with each pack, I'm CERTAIN you're all capable of keeping track of a battlescribe-esque sheet (I know you have concerns with battlescribe, there is a dedicated Firestorm program made by a community member). I don't see how that would be any more or less complicated than a card, BUT it keeps warcradle from printing something we could be printing out at home with more detailed information. I'll be using these 3rd party list maker programs purely because I like having all my MAR and cohesion rules in front of me, and I like changing the upgrades and hard points depend on on the fight, which was another thing the pre-printed cards suffer for.
  3. Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    Cards are totally unnecessary when services like battlescribe or even a notepad exist
  4. Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    There are two ethos to approach in this. Less rolls by less attacks an less rolls by less defence. A lot of players have trouble with critical hits which I don't understand but i fair on their tables, I just really think you're all approaching attacks wrong by being scared of them effecting your ships at all. If i were to slim this game down it wouldn't be by dulling all of your attacks
  5. Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    I don't think we gain anything by having a much more complicated set of rules and conditions around critical hits, at least not gaining as much as we're losing from the easy roll-the-dice and check the chart method we've been using. i don't like this trend against critical hits or protecting your ships from critical damage. Like I said before, there is no one-shot-KO on the crit table unless you can mess up their Fold Space Drive and they just so happen to careen into a planet. What at this does do is make massive attacks less of a threat to a ship, as @alextroysuggested. This idea I like least of all. A mountain of attack dice is still a mountain of attack dice and tha should always carry with it the danger of critical hits and further damage beyond one hull point. The worst part about all these suggestions to curb critical damages is that it really homogenizes your attacks until the endgame, where everything just cripples up twice as fast. If I throw 18 dice at a cruiser, I believe I should have every chance of double critting it and takin it out by sheer firepower, otherwise that 18 dice attack is a total waste. It's a crime to limit the firepower on the field in the hopes it'll keep your point defense up or another turn. @Xystophoroi I'm pretty certain repairs are already done a the end of the turn, not at the end of each squads activation
  6. Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    The ammunition explosion thankfully doesn't exist, but I have sent a battleship right into a planet with a Fold Drive Rupture, and that kind of one-hit-KO I think is rare and circumstantial enough. Knocking out ship systems and hazard markers are in a good spot I think, at least for the pace firestorm moves at. If we define a critical hit as doing more than one hull point of damage and a secondary effect, I'd say these kinds of effects are paramount for capital ship combat
  7. Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    Do we need cards or can we handle doing our own math and switching to a system like the 'Compromised' suggestion where you halve all your stats at half HP I want to say a quick word about critical strikes, I believe these should be more than a one-in-a-million rare occurrence. In fact, with kinetic weaponry I should be hoping to crit every smaller ship I shoot at. On top of that, my fleet makes big use out of targeted strikes which don't exactly mimic the crit table, but will take your point defense offline for me to send torpedoes at that ship every activation afterwards. If this is the kind of stuff players were worried about above, I'd have to disagree entirely and say tha crippling a ship over the course of a few turns is the bread and butter ofefficiently getting rid of capital ships, and your opponent has the exact same capabilities at their disposal. I think this kind of gameplay is fun, especially with the kinetic weapon coherence effect my kinetic weaponry is designed to critical hit.
  8. Less Dice Rolls, More Game

    Just my two cents, but I really don't like this idea. I feel like dice rolls are my other source of agency after movement and attack declarations, but more than anything it's just more fun throwing more dice. I find critical hits fun, I find it fun rolling point defense against torpedoes, I don't see the game improving by removing either BUT this is subjective opinion. I can understand why you might not like the amount of rolls per turn, and maybe it oughtta be a homebrew set f rules rather than an official set, because it sounds like the rest of the playerbase isn't crazy about losing dice rolls quick edit: this game has two tables you'll have to look up regularly, that's nothing compared to some other games. You can quit your complaining there
  9. Feb 2018 - Painting Challenge/Paint Along

    Perhaps a purple or teal for the engines? Something complimentary but wildly different to those red armour plates. As any fan of gold knows, everything compliments brass and gold. Everything. Fantastic work WestAussie! Knowing your other fleets, this will fit right in as an angry core
  10. What if you didn't halve dice when linking?

    Just a thought @Stoobert, and I might have glossed over it but does this scale as a ship takes damage? I'd love to hear your thoughts on damage scaling mechanics in another thread maybe, but I wonder if it could be elegantly fit into the combinator model. Two birds stoned at once, as it were
  11. What if you didn't halve dice when linking?

    Any drop in PD is a nice upgrade for carriers You are doing wonderful work Stoobert, keep it up. I'm sure a lot of us here would love to help with playtesting
  12. Firestorm Painting Group

    I'd like to present the recolor of my fleet, all laid out on my table in their space police splendor Carrier, the RNV Augur Battleship, the RNV IronBreaker Dreadnought, the RNV Unyielding Justice Cruiser Group Destroyer Group Frigate Groups (working with what I could get model-wise) And finally how it looks to play these beautiful ships
  13. Feb 2018 - Painting Challenge/Paint Along

    Love the space camo on the Nullifier, it looks incredible!
  14. What if you didn't halve dice when linking?

    I was commenting that at the end of some of my games, with hull damage effecting ship stats that it felt like it could really bog down the survivors' ability to finish each other off. It's alright if people don't share that sentiment, but not halving linked dice might certainly help! I'm going to give it a shot this weekend and see how it feels on the table. These discussions aren't off topic, and are discussed as a major reason for this change in OP's linked pdf
  15. What if you didn't halve dice when linking?

    This might have a lot more to do with the dread and heavy cruisers I face regularly than an endemic problem with the game, admittedly

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