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  1. Wolfgang Jannesen

    The Beta Lives!

    @Jorgen_CAB does that translate to more FUN gameplay or just more realistic? I agree with your assessment but I also don't think very many hard realism naval wargames are popular for a reason.
  2. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Notes from Stuart, part 2

    Getting rid of the two major alliances is a good thing fir freeing up narratives and storylines, don't throw out blind paranoia just because things are changing. Vast cosmic empires do not operate like hive minds. The changes Warcradle are making push towards real stories in the Firestorm universe rather than some background fluff on each major faction and a blank template otherwise for players to fill in. The opposition acts like without two rule-enforced alliances there is no political structure to the galaxy which is of course totally false. I like what I see here for teasers.
  3. Wolfgang Jannesen

    smack talk

    Sincerely, the self awareness and long term memory of some Terrans makes their entire space force a miracle to behold when it all shows up at the right place at the right time.
  4. Wolfgang Jannesen

    smack talk

    The dindrenzi aren't actually that bitter about their planet, its just every time Terran Intelligence asks 'Why is this happening?' The whole faction points at an overtaxed and subjugated husk of a planet and thinks 'REMEMBER?!'
  5. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Too Easy to Sink Ships.....

    I'm just going to chime with what the homegroup found playing FSA and debating about the realistic semantics for pages and pages. Forcing ships to retreat or become at risk of retreating didn't turn out to be that much more fun, even if it made more sense logistically. From a purely gameplay perspective you want models being removed off the table on both sides and you want any model thats still on the table to have some agency. I agree with the discussion but in my experience trying to be realistic makes for bogged down and frustrating gameplay
  6. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Future FA rules

    @Spenetrator Just me but I think you're digging into little details like they spell out your own little death sentence. Its clear you might be a directorate player and the interviewee definitely not one.
  7. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Future FA rules

    So its safe to say we've been OVERREADING THE DETAILS?! HAH (If I'm the first to make this pun at you I'm going to be disappointed)
  8. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Future FA rules

    I would like to see the culture of the drenzi and RSN move away from bitterness and militias towards a more pioneer attitude in official media for sure
  9. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Firestorm Painting Group

    I have seen it printed with a label device on bases and it looks alright. Speaking of which, the RNV 'Fields of a Thousand Dead' is pretty well through being repainted. Any tips or criticisms on glows? (My ships earn their names. Such as this thing wiping out a relthozan battlecruiser one turn and crippling a carrier beyond reasonable use the next)
  10. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Future FA rules

    I don't see the necessity for interstellar empires to have set alliances like the cookie cut way this game was originally written. We know from pur pwn history that different groups of humans disagree and pursue different agendas. We know the sorylians fought civil wars. With the scale of the populations we're dealing with hpw does it make sense for only humans to be so politically diverse? I like the idea in the post above. Different relthozan queens should operate differently and form allegiances within their localized space. Different megacorporations in the Terran Charter should have different views and ways of dealing with other races. Just makes more sense than 'Half humans bad, half humans good, also their alien friends'
  11. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Future FA rules

    I remember being a diehard defender of our two alliances and their existing factions but you know, I've warmed up to the idea of changing them around. We know all is not always well in the Kurak Alliance, I'd be shocked if the terran charter were any different in practice. Keep an open mind folks, WC put out some quality fiction for WWX and as with any WC release, I've been watching attentively to see what the new owners of my favorite resin obsession can do. I think a rework of Firestorms lore might be a good thing. There were great lore concepts never fully explored in the FSA 2.0 that don't have to get lost with a new galactic order
  12. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Future FA rules

    Ohhhhhhhhhh how the tables have turned from a few months ago
  13. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Russian Coalition Colour Scheme Database

    @GreenOakSteve Now those look properly imperial! Beautiful work with the wood decks, weathering and staining becomes a real automatic process as you work through naval models so I'm always happy when a deck jumps out at me
  14. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Warcradle Classics - Firestorm Wishlist/Wild Conjecture

    It was the 501st, In Dramos, With the Leviathan. Game won son
  15. Wolfgang Jannesen

    Warcradle Classics - Firestorm Wishlist/Wild Conjecture

    your leviathan is a beast of a ship, made out of resin it could be a murder weapon in Clue (off the table I mean )

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