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  1. Imagine a Zulu army mechanised! Fearsome
  2. EIMC Blimp may have lost a turret but it does have the external generator you can add in its place
  3. Trust in the balancing. All these changes must be right. All other nations are good and well balanced now
  4. Had my first 3k match RC VS PRU, wiped him out but I felt the absence of YLLAN cards. Can't wait for full fleet stats to arrive, spartan do a good enough job but these cards are just better
  5. I am curious if the mercenaries are going to be posted with the alliance nations Apologies for double post please delete
  6. I am curious if the mercenaries are going to be posted with the alliance nations
  7. I do hope that's not the case, I want the best rule book and the new ships
  8. Delboy, which is the better quality rule book. Commodore or admiral? I was ordering the rule book alone but decided that I wanted the new EotBS ships so swapped to the shadow hunter set, but I'm worried I'm getting the poorer quality book now
  9. How about torpedo launchers from the air over sea. Eg the EIMC large flyer. That still allowed?
  10. So a few nations have had their original cruiser changed to a light cruiser by no longer being capital. Which is great with hitting smalls who used the protection of 5,6 to hit, but what about us , our cruiser has remained a cruiser ( let's be honest it is a awesome ship) but do we gain anything to hunt smalls that's in iur medium size ship
  11. I have complete faith all these tactics were tried out by beta testers. Mans if allowed to remain then there must be a strategic way to deal with it. It just needs to be found. Remember we as the public don't know the new rules so should not jump to conclusions on how things can be done by one nation
  12. I do wander what will happen to my beloved Dreadnaught in 2.0. We already know our BB is now a heavy BB. So will we be getting a new BB OR our icebreaker get toned down?
  13. Would seem cruisers dropped to a 2-3 unit size if boxs come with full squadron sizes
  14. The reply in play tester forum Azriall, on 05 May 2014 - 9:50 PM, said: I see in the Russian starter set that we just have a regular battleship. Are we the only nation without a heavy bb? Leaving us with just a BB & DN? No, the Borodino got an upgrade to Heavy Battleship to reflect its previous HP 9! The fleet has ANOTHER Heavy Battleship too.....the one with a Big Drill on the Front! d Can't argue with that our BB was a excellent ship and very powerful
  15. We do seem to of gone without a heavy Battleship in the box set, which other nations got. I've asked the beta testers why this is. I'm speculating some changes to our dread perhaps. I'd hate to be left with just a BB & DN to everyone else BB HBB & DN
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