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  1. While I like the idea of going to a 10 mm scale (I like the Axis and Allies miniatures in 10 mm scale), almost all of the existing miniatures I have are going to look wrong. The body of the Antarctica walker tokens is only 3 mm so these could only become small walker drones. The gun barrels on the land ships look to average about 5 mm (about 1 m in scale) making them more the size of a rifle barrel instead of a tank barrel. The medium tanks would be cramped for 1 person and nearly impossible for for tank crew. It seems a better scale would be 5 mm but that makes individual soldiers too small. I am stuck for a good solution. I could see making all the small tokens and small tanks drones, which seems too advanced for 1800's, and medium and large tanks are kind of okay, but land ships and mobile airfields just no longer seem like they can work. Compare these in size to a 10 mm scale Stug or Cromwell and they just look wrong. I only have two mobile airfields (FSA and CoA) but neither seems possible to exist in a 10 mm scale.
  2. I do like the Uncharted Seas too and I found that game recently and was able to pick up quite a few ships. I admin to not being a very good painter but these miniatures are simple enough for my skills and I look forward to many more. I especially like the imperial humans.
  3. Hello Everyone I am new to this forum and I admit to really enjoying the models. I started buying Halo Fleet battles (both factions) and then Uncharted seas (imperial humans). I then moved to Dystopian Wars (mainly FSA and Prussian but a little from each major faction) and Firestorm Armada + Planetfall (Aquan and Relthoza because I liked the models).
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