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  1. On one side it was nice that the game died, but I don't know if the changes will ruin Dystopian Wars entirely. Mostly the change of size for landgames. It was the best part of the game that land, sea and air battles could be played on the same table (I played multiple times 4.500 Point games mixed land, sea, air on a 96x48 Inch table). Played the game since version 1.0 and have every grand colition and imperial bond faction that was released unil dezember 2016. Now I have the feeling everything that Dystopian Wars stands for is ripped a part. I think the best news was, that the Rulebook 2,5 is downloadable. Edit: to downsize the game. Perhaps it could be 3.500 Points instead of 4.500. (the game today was about 7-8 hours).
  2. Skimmer are Ships not tanks and this is really ugly for a landgame and the should cound to the noncore of the army because of this point. So the Hisar is the only Ottoman landmodel. (It's like taking a nuclearbomb into a knifefight.) Spartan shouldn't be lazy creating free nation landunits after making this much for the other alliances.
  3. Sorry for doublepost. Wrote it by Smartphone and wanted to edit instead of writing the same post again and could't delete it.
  4. Should be a typo in his post and he mean "impassable"
  5. Ahm, if there wasn't an Errata I missed, difficult terrain collision gains 2x starting HP as AD. (and Hazardous 4x)
  6. It is definitly Delayed because the download was first dated for the 8. December.
  7. Its sad that there isn't a landunitbox in the february delivery. During the last weeks we often play armoured core games. I have nearly the entire grand coalition and imperial bond model range (because of a lack of players in my gaminggroup) and my opponent has free nations and mercenaries. The mainproblem is that coa is the only free nation that has armoured models and so my only opponent army is coa, if I don't give him one of mine. I'm really wondering why there are so many armoured forces in grand coalition and imperial bond but only one in free nations.
  8. There are the models of my Planetfall Directorate Army.
  9. Is "You Look Like a Nail" still alive? I really hope it. I miss the designed Statcards for the new models, and there are many typos since august, which had to be fixed. By the Way, The External Teleport (Tiny, 16") Generator is missing on the Janus Infantry Portal Walker Statcard.
  10. I have found some changes for the russians Forces. 1.) The Dudinka costs 145 Points now and his Crew Update to Stoic +15 Points 2.) The Rostov Fore Cannon has a 90° Arc 3.) Dive Bombers has only 1 AA left. 4.) I don't check all, but most Heavy Infantry Bunker have a CR of 12 now (other Nations too). And please don't forget the Changes Posted on Page 56. I hope will will hear a peep from you, after 2 month. The problem is, more month without changing will become more work with coming changes. And I like your Statcards much more than the loveless ones Spartan Games have in there Downloadpage (because I need to print less pages).
  11. Hi YLLAN, it's sad seeing no progress neighter to the new models nor for correction of typos. At last I found another thing, I think it is a copy & paste mistake. On the Statcard of the Emperor und the Königsberg in the Kingdom of Denmark army is the Rugged Construction (1) rule missing. I think this is copy & paste because in the prussian Fleet this rule is a nation rule (thats because the rule isn't printed on the prussian vessels).
  12. Interesting Point that this nations gets Ships now (okay they are Skimmer), after they couldn't get a naval Force in Storm of Steel. The only really stupid point in the naval Fleet is the propeller at the Frigates rear. They look like blimps, not ships. Are you kidding me, you can't even kill a small model with one flamethrowerattack, because it only makes one damage, like Rafaellon has written here: And after the Flamethrowerrules are written like a munitiontype it can't even make doublecrits or more to make more damage. You must make 2-3 Flameattacks to kill one small Model, 4-6 Flameattacks to kill a Medium and about 8-12 Flameattacks to kill a large or massive. This is ridiculous, as a mainweapon for a Nation (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Chinese Federation) The only way, flamethrowers would be useful, if they would make normal damage, but only Raging Fire as effect, if they would make a crit (And the Rule would be a little shorter).
  13. I think, you mean the different weaponary and MARs the two nations has (Energy Turrets and Invitive Scientists on Free Australian Ships or Regular Devastating Turrets and Engineers on Royal Australian Ships). I was a little disappointed when I read the Ottoman Empire rules and saw, that both nations were exactly the same excepting the different name. Both nations need some differences (Weapons, MARs, Models), or you don't need two names for them if they are exactly the same (And the point, which allies they can use is not a real difference).
  14. The example with 3 large Models was in 1.1. (This was against Royal Australiens), The first Battleship was blown up and make a doublecrit on the second one. At the end of the same round my large Flyer was shot down. And this was in a game about 1.250 Points. And I had seen how a single BW Battlecruiser had destroyed mostly alone 3 Danish Cruisers in one Turn (two with a single Turret each and the Third with Broadside and Rockets (the last one had already lost 2 HP). This Point with the 6 count as 4 Hits, I must prove by myself. Perhaps I had the old 1.1 Rules in my mind, because there was a 6 still 2 Hits. If I remind correktly the Case with High Payload and Shields didn't exist because the rule was Mines only. Oh, in your oppinion designers are infallible and don't have to prove rules by using rulequotes, so a designer could bend the rules how he likes it. If he had made quotes, he had seen the point Lostaris said und I tried to show with my post. SG should make perhaps an errata for Typos and Bugs appearing the last month. And to you know the proverb, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you." Did you see my signature. The Points I post there are perhaps highter than this. Spartangames earned about 3.500 to 4.000 € ( 2.750 to 3.140 British Pound) for Dystopian Wars only. Its guys like me, that keeps the company alive.
  15. You should read the rules again, there is a difference between Hits and Successes. High Payload makes one Hit but counts as two Successes (A natural 6 in red or blue counts as two Hits equals 2 Successes). Shield Generators cancels Hits. How many successes one Hit makes isn't necessary when rolling Shield Dice against them. On the other hand with Devastating Ordance there were often about 18+ Hits generated with 10-12 Initial Dice because in many cases there are about 3 sixes which generated 6 new Dice. And I see 3 Times how Black Wolf win his game in 1. Round by killing 3 Large models or about 7-8 Medium Models in this round. I newer saw something like this with High Payload.
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