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  1. Howdy all!

    EricT here. My stomping grounds are in the US just north of Chicago, IL.  I tend to go around that area if there is gaming to be had. My go to game by Warcradle is Wild West Exodus  and have been dug in since the 1st edition KS.

    I have have every faction for WWX, while not all together, and am filling them all out constantly. I mainly play my 1st love the Enlightened,  but also have been trying out others like The Hex and Outlaws.  I also plan to try the others, since I own them, to see how they all work for variety. 

    It's hard to pick 1 model as my favorite as I love them all. If I have to pick just one I think I have to go with Creation VII. He's from my favorite faction that has zombies that aren't zombies, let's call them breathing challenged, and he was a blast to assemble and paint.

    Anything else? Well I'll admit, I didn't really use the old forums that much. I flutter around the facebook groups for WWX much more and contribute to the great community there. Whether it's posting a picture or giving my 2 cents. I'm going to try real hard to be just as active hear as well. It comes down to the community and how great I know it is. The people I have met on FB is great and I'm sure there is more to be gained on the forums as well.

    Thanks for reading my jibber-jab. Take it easy ya'all. 


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