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  1. Hello, my name is Dawn, but y’all more likely know my better half, Paul Plunge. I have been playing, painting, devouring fluff of WWX since the first KS was announced. I jumped all in when I saw Outlaws with power weapons. We have a thing for alternate history, and this has a wildly amazing timeline. We own every faction, some in duplicate, but my favourites are Union, Lawmen and Confederates (bit of a Civil War nut). My oldest has Outlaws, which I’ve started painting, so guess I’m playing those too! We mostly play at home, but are exploring opening up the scene here in central NC. My favorite model, though there are many, has to be Abe Lincoln with his shotgun axe. It looks so epic, and I’ve done some devastating things in game with it! Some day when I find the time, I may repost my painted Union models. Maybe I’ll even get my Lawmen painted...once those Outlaws are finished!
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