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  1. Here's a link to my conversion of Wyatt on an interceptor https://imgur.com/gallery/RB1mI really was a pain repositioning his coat but i think i did a good job.
  2. How easy do you think it is to convert models to be mounted? I'm thinking it'd be easy to snip the model at the waste and put it on the legs of the rider that comes with the mount maby?
  3. So I've played a few games against my mate who has gone enlightened, and I have to say, not having tasked on any of my guys is great. Stun em with Morgan and revolver fan them with the law bots. And the gun dogs... moving and firing the chain gun is great fun. Not too impressed with the HLB kinda wish he could have weapon options but he's great at soaking up shots. I just can't wait to get Epic Morgan soon as he looks even more fun! Thanks for reading
  4. I may be stupid, but I can't seem to find the answer to my question in the book or on line but... When you're selecting units to put in your posse, can you have more than 6 units and can a unit be used for more than 1 slot? So if you have slot 1 say a Face and/or support unit and 2 says Doc Holiday and/or a support. Does this mean I can have up to 4 units, and does Doc count as both slot 1 and 2 as he is both a Face and a named slot? Thanks for reading guys
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