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  1. Great rundown Daz. It's fantastic to have all these things gone over, I think most players would miss a rule here or there as there's so much with this guy. Dark Council especially. When I first used Francis Tumblety to give some Gatling Brutes an extra shoot action my opponent was not best pleased. Just one thing, I think the Attuned on Tenebrous Shroud is only on the crit sadly (unless you know something I don't, which is more than likely). Already ordered a couple of boxes of Hex Beasts and Juiced Hex Beasts in preparation for the Absolute Power posse box with some Gunmen/Cutthroats on my painting table as we speak. Can't wait to see your thoughts on the rest of the box. Roll on Kreechur!
  2. Aww hex yeah! The Absolute Power posse can't come soon enough. I want ALL the hexaliths! Mwahahaha!
  3. As an Enlightened player myself, I fully support this. Can't wait to see how Creation VII turns out. All that NMM will look amazing. Got him (them?) on my desk waiting for paint but I'm pretty intimidated (and not just by the awesome array of weaponry). Also really looking forward to hearing your tactical thoughts as you go along. I think it's an area of WWX people are only just tapping into and there's a few things I'm curious about. How to keep Ratchet within 3" of as many units as possible while covering objectives? How to get Kyle into melee range? Best way to use Carpathogen (unless you're me where you forget to keep that fortune around or straight up not be in range)? All in all, hope too see more soon, it's looking awesome so far!
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