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  1. I was unsure how Beacon works as well. Normally when a model comes in from Reserves it is placed 6" from the rear edge of my deployment zone. They also can not be place within 6" of an enemy model. If my Reserves unit takes advantage of Beacon, do they still come in from a table edge, or can they be placed right on the table as close to the Beaconed enemy unit as possible (staying outside of 6" of them)?
  2. Correct. If the model is hit, they get the condition. What was confusing me was the timing,; when does the model actually get the condition? Ok, found it . In the FAQ (and in the new rule book), conditions are given to the model after the Grit check for a successful hit. pg 25, Rate of Fire - "Apply any effects (such as conditions or qualities) after each Grit check as they occur until all remaining Grit checks have been resolved...." So timing is: enemy targets my model. Figure out dice and mods to the roll. Enemy rolls to hit. The attack hits. My model determines any mods to Grit. Make Grit check. My model gains condition (like Stun). So, if I am hit with 2 successful hits with a weapon with Stun, the Grit check from the first hit does not get the -1 attribute penalty from Stun because the Stun condition is applied after the Grit check. But when resolving the second hit, the second hit becomes Lethal, because I gained the Stunned condition from the first hit.
  3. When you get hit from a weapon that provides conditions (like Stun) when does the target gain the condition? Before the Grit check for the hit, or after the Grit check?
  4. One model in a Hands unit of multiple models has a Heavy weapon, and the unit is given a Move Action. Heavy weapons cannot be used in the same activation that the unit moved. If the single model in the unit does not move but the others do, can he Shoot during this activation? Or since the unit activates as a whole, since the unit was given a Move action the model with the Heavy weapon will not be able to shoot? Thanks!
  5. When shooting, hits are resolved one at a time. That being the case, when resolving multiple successful hits in a Shoot action from a weapon that causes conditions/mods when hit, do the conditions/mods stack? The specific instance was Slayn choosing to use Stun ammo and getting two successful hits on one model (RoF is 2). Since you resolve hits one at a time, we played it that the first hit caused my guy to be Stunned, then when resolving the next hit, since he was already Stunned, the second hit became Lethal. This made sense to us. Thanks@
  6. Can friendly units auto-fail checks? To be more specific, when using Dark Council to target one of your own friendly units, can you choose to fail the Mind check (without rolling) and Compell them? Thanks!
  7. Well, morning and a Merry Christmas to all! The name's Shawn Galligan, saying hello from either Chicago, IL or Door County, WI (depending on what time of year it is! I work winters in Chicago and summers in Door County) I'm a new player in the Warcradle sandbox. Just started playing Wild West Exodus. I'm currently part of the Warrior Nation, but will probably have many Outlaw posses as well as I want to pick up the Conquistadors and the Wayward 8. Eyeing up Dystopian Wars; the ships caught my eye years ago. See you across the table!
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