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  1. Pledge manager still hasn't closed and they guaranteed at least a week's notice on doing that, so we're getting real tight for a March shipping date now . . .
  2. It's taken me ages to get around to actually assembling my Yokai. Mainly due to having no gaming time but also due to how concerned I was about getting the clear plastic supports out of the frame. Colour me how surprised at how easy it was to free them without any damage whatsoever, just a little knife work and they popped free without even a scratch. Such a difference to the legs for the oil rigs that I managed to snap 4 out of 6 on. Either they've changed the brittleness of their clear plastic formula or they've cut them much better this time around. Thumbs up Spartan!
  3. I added the Egyptians to my tiny KS contribution before seeing them, now incredibly happy I did! Loving the hovercraft theme, but still hoping for at least a couple of Anubis heads on the large!
  4. I bought into this game way back when it started because the EotBS ships were based on trains. I see no problems with the Toyokawa Class from its looks! Just need a twin shinkansen hulled fleet carrier to go with it!
  5. Crossing the T has been known to happen in our games, but rarely was it actually planned for.
  6. From the shop entry for this box. It does include fleet action.
  7. Yes the little back end piece that hangs over the rear gun is not shown in the pictures I took. The stern is very low in the water. Very low. With the carrier deck on it is a very tall miniature as well. Easily one of the tallest naval models in the entire range. In fact it may well be the tallest naval model in the game now. The Eider is a beast. Not only bigger than the Emperor but quite a bit bigger than the Yokai in length and beam. I look forward to painting it, which with all the other things in the queue may be some time in 2025.
  8. 1. That SAS activate with their carrier (or some other mechanic to alleviate activation spam) 2. Generator rules overhauled. 3. More 'example of rules in use sidebars', and accurate ones this time please.
  9. Pictures of the Eider and Yokai compared to Emperor and Sokotsu and each other here. OK . . . loaded to gallery, linked . . . now how do I get them to show in this thread?
  10. Cassaralla

    Cassaralla's Pics

    The misadventures of an amateur painter.
  11. Got two of mine finally, stupid Xmas post delaying them. Going to have to be very, very careful in removing the acrylic pieces from their frames for the EotBS one. Also, got a mispack . . . . in my favour for once. An extra EotBS turret!
  12. Yes it was on ebay, but I messaged to ask when they were due to arrive and was told I 'would have them before xmas' . . . which I now won't. Oh well, they'll arrive eventually.
  13. TY Reacher, I would have said something but I'm never sure how far I can push the NDR so I usually err on the side of caution and say nothing. I am still waiting for my Battleships. Either the TrollTrader sent me a false despatch notice (which I highly doubt, he's always been right before) or my ships are lost in the xmas post.
  14. I had a shipping notice from TheTrollTrader on Monday 12th but as yet nothing has arrived at my house. I blame the UK xmas post for this travesty of denying me my resin birthday present.
  15. I have the shipping notification on these today (from the TrollTrader, not Spartan) so I hope to have them by Wednesday.
  16. I like the new Calico overall, quite a lot in fact, but those banners do make me think its in a fleet review rather than a battle.
  17. We're going to have to campaign for the 'Kiyohime Carrier (9) '17' platform.
  18. Medium robot squids was the final clincher to make me join the Kickstarter, despite my dislike of KS as a whole. Damn my weakness for beautifully detailed resin robot fiery death squids . . . .
  19. /adds another vote for a EotBS Naval Fleet Carrier of some kind.
  20. If the Yokai Mk II is our Carrier (6) then I cross my fingers for the Kiyohime to be elevated to Carrier (9).
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