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  1. @murphy'slawofcombat, GenCon is in Indianapolis, from Aug 2-5. No ranking is necessary, the event is open to everyone.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Back to the drawing board!
  3. Hey everyone. I need some feedback on a draft for this years event. Please review the attached scenario and let me know how it can be improved. Thanks! Urgent Relief 2018 Scenario.pdf
  4. Yeah, that's often the case isn't it? Lot's more going on behind the scenes than we realize.
  5. I've seen this game, or something like it, at Gencon. It looks really cool. If we ever get a working hologram system, I would be all in for converting FSA. Until then, 2D will have to serve.
  6. LOL, this is the best description of an explosion I'm going to hear all day.
  7. This is a good example of how game rules can be tailored to suit the fluff that will come along, while not at the expense of the skirmish game.
  8. I know I'm suggesting revisions out of turn, @Stoobert. You are correct, there are a lot of other things to be determined before a real re-stat can take place, mostly to unify fluff and crunch. But I've got to get them some relief now. Brighten a lizards day today. #NoMoreSadLizards Plus, I wanted to give @Warcradle Stuart a chance to make a Trump reference. From across the pond, FTW! Seriously though, I don't expect that these changes will go anywhere past my local game table. But I've got a whole faction that sees zero table time, and we're going to change that up a bit.
  9. Ah, good point, I'd totally forgotten that. The availability of shielding will need to be revisited.
  10. I HAVE HAD IT WITH MY SORYLIAN FLEET. Too many dead ships on the Sorylian side, and not even scratching the paint on the opposition. Having to rely on shunt rolls to have a chance. ENOUGH is ENOUGH. It's time to make the Sorylians Great Again. Okay, maybe they weren't all that great, but they shouldn't have to be perennially at the bottom of the heap. So, I'm going to make some stat changes. I'm going to be drawing inspiration from the old thread on re-stats when the V3 beta was underway. As part of the V3 beta, I drafted up some general faction guidelines for fleets. Here is what I had for the Sorylians: Direct Weapons: Extensive use of Scatter. Most weapons are shielded to maintain weapon integrity. Heavy attacks at short/medium ranges, with Maximum Firepower on many Primary Weapons. Some long range attacks, but generally at a disadvantage. Indirect Weapons: Medium to low dependence on torpedoes. Speed and maneuverability: Higher speeds to facilitate boarding, but maneuverability is standard. SRS Usage: Fewer SRS, mostly for supplementing PD. Boarding: Excellent boarding; Long Range Boarding Craft MAR on dedicated Assault ships. Frenzied Assault Troops MAR when their heavies get into boarding - these ships have large cadres of heavy infantry onboard. DR / CR: Higher DR/CR values across the fleet. Shield/Cloaks: Limited shielding technology available. No cloaks. Stealth is also rare. Point Defense: Average PD values General description, advantage/disadvantage: The Sorylian battle doctrine is to get in close and hit hard with scatter weapons, following up with boarding troops. Here's what I'm going with: Dreadnought: DR from 6 to 8. MV from 6 to 7. The Fore Fixed cannon switches to a Kinetic, 10-12-8-6 Battleshihp: DR from 6 to 8. MV from 7 to 8. The Fore Fixed cannon switched to High Energy Kinetic, 12-14-8-7 Battlecruiser: DR to 9, CR to 12, HP to 7. Main forward cannon to 8-11-6-6. Long range boarding craft MAR. Cruiser: DR to 5, CR to 8, HP to 5. Remove fore fixed arc, power to 6-9-5-3 Destroyer: Foreward cannon to 5-6-9-10. Port/Stbd cannon to 3-5-0-0. HP to 5. Frigate: HP to 3. Gunship: Primary weapon to 6-8-4-3 Assault Cruiser: Long range boarding craft. Carrier: WC to 8. DR to 6, CR to 10. I figure that'll give me something to playtest. Wish us luck!
  11. I'm in agreement with Stoobert here, @StorminWolf...that is a good intro for campaigns. Gives some good food for thought. A good campaign map that gives a sense of area lost or area controlled would be an important feature I think. How many players would be needed to have a feel for a galactic struggle? I suspect that it may be necessary to have some kind of 'AI' to handle random player interactions.
  12. Great idea @CoreHunter. I think there is some good potential in there.
  13. One of the feedback statements that I heard from @Stoobert amounted to something like, "ships should have value outside of the game." The campaign rules should reflect this. The skirmish rules should reward this. True, there would be a huge resource pool to draw from. Pretty quickly though, you end up with green troops just about everywhere if you are suffering those kinds of losses. Plus, who is going to want to join the Navy if you have a 1 in 5 chance of survival? Anyway, skirmish game rules for consideration: During the Movement segment of its activation, a ship may engage it's jump drive, immediately leaving the game. A ship is considered out the game when it reaches 0 HP. The ship model is removed from the game table and has no further effect on the game. A ship is considered Compromised when it takes damage equal to 1/2 of its original HP, rounded up(a 7 HP ship is Compromised at 3 HP). A Compromised ship has 1/2 CP, and attacks are made at 1/2 AD (both rounded up, minimum of 1). If a Compromised ship suffers a critical hit, or receives a disorder marker, it must make a Command check. On a failure, the ship makes an immediate emergency jump, exiting the game. Scoring: A ship that makes a voluntary jump scores 25% of it's point cost. A ship that makes an emergency jump scores 50% points. A ship that is destroyed scores full points. For campaign considerations: A ship is destroyed and removed from the fleet if it suffered a Reactor Overload, Reactor Leak, or Fold Space Drive Rupture critical effect during the skirmish game. (Or, Main Reactor Overload, Fuel Cells Ruptured, Life Support Failure, or Hyperspace Drive Rupture if you are using the FREE rules ). A ship that suffered a Main Drive Failure, Fire Control Offline, PD Network Disrupted, Hull Breach, or Shield Overload must return to space dock before it can return to full strength. (Or, Fire Control Offline, Launch Bays Offline, Hyperspace Drive Offline, or Main Drive Failure) A ship that suffered a Decompression, Fire or Security in Disarray critical effect can be returned to fleet action without penalty. (Or, Hull Breach, Communications Down, Defensive Systems Offline)
  14. @Ryjak & @Stoobert, you guys make good points. For a casual game, I don't think I would mind the random-draw method. But if we are looking for a game to have more of a convention/tournament presence, then alternating is the way to go. I think that random-draw would work fine if the game had 10+ rounds. Then, the randomness would tend to even out in a single game. With the few rounds FSA currently plays, each round is too important, and it's real easy to fall behind. Still, I look forward to others experiences with it. Might be a good 'optional' rule to include in an appendix.
  15. This is probably something that should be looked at. We don't have enough data to know whether random-draw or alternating is the best choice, but it's easy enough to stipulate that a squadron can't activate "twice in a row" so to speak, across turns. I know that for Relthoza, I look to do this when I can, dropping the cloak as the ending activation, and hoping to be able to raise them by going first next turn. So yeah, it can be frustrating to deal with that. You guys have homework for this weekend. Get in a game with random-draw and post your results. Hop to it.
  16. No, I wouldn't say that every ship has an ECM capability. The difficulty in damaging any ship would be represented in the DR/CR ratings. I would say that only dedicated Escort ships would represent this kind of additional impact. To be fair, there are a bunch of other rules being tested out at the same time as this ECM/Screening idea, so I didn't think much of adding another +1 to-hit penalty to the mix. For example, the base to-hit is being playtested at 3+, terrain is either blocking LOS or giving a +1/+2 to-hit, there are modifiers for the range band a target is in, and other stuff. So there are some other things happening in my testing that make a +1 ECM penalty make some sense. To the extent possible, my hope is that a new ruleset would not exclude specific play-styles (heavy use of targeted strikes, Relthoza shunting, etc).
  17. This option (as I had detailed it in the original post) was also tried out in last nights game. A lot more attention was paid to ship positioning, which as predicted, slowed the game way down. It added another layer of consideration to movement, when things can tend to drag anyway. So, the idea isn't really workable. @Charistoph I do like the idea of ships having some kind of ECM to interfere with opposing targeting systems. Seems like it could be a semi-duplication of cloaking or shields, though. I think it's an idea to keep on the shelf for review once a beta test gets rolling. Giving escorts another role to perform would be a good thing, and this could fit that bill.
  18. So in last nights game, we tried out the 'activation draws' instead of rolling for initiative. The starting count of squadrons was 5 for side A, and 4 for side B, so 9 dice went into the bag. The first turn, side A had 3 activations in a row. If I did my math right, that's about a 12% chance of happening. Not bad for turn 1 where everyone is still out of range. This same thing happened to side B in turn 3. So probability really does even things out. The effect on game play was interesting. There's a bit more anticipation as the dice gets drawn to see who goes. YMMV on whether that is good or not. One interesting side-effect is that drawing 3 in a row can create a situation where you are required to move a squadron that you might otherwise want to wait and see what the opponent does. We found it was sometimes advantageous, sometimes not. It was a different experience...not worse, not better, just different. It's just one game, so not enough to make a decision on, but I'd encourage people to give it a try and see what you think of it. It might be best listed as an optional rule, or something that is part of a scenario. "Sub-space interference hinders communication, resulting in less coordinated movements" or something like that.
  19. I am working on the scenario for this years GenCon event. Currently, I'm planning on a scenario wherein one side must escort a number of cargo ships across the board. In taking a look at the Line-of-Sight (LOS) rules, I've been pondering whether there is a different way to deal with LOS, and if it would be too much of a hassle. Recognizing that the rulebook states that ships are tiny in real-scale on the board, and that ships do not block LOS, what if they did? What if the LOS for an attack was drawn from center post to the target center post, but if it passes across an intervening ship, then LOS is either blocked or impeded? This would give Escorts and Small craft something to actually escort. This doesn't make a lot of sense when you consider that space is 3D, but until we all get holo-tables, we're stuck playing on a 2D surface. Maybe the level of impedance is based on ship size (Small, Medium, Large). Or gives a +1 or +2 to the to-hit target. Perhaps only Direct weapons are blocked, and Indirect weapons are not. What do you think?
  20. Knowing the damage effects also come into play when we start talking about making repairs and removing critical effects. Which also gets in to the question of how long does a battle last. If the damage scale goes from fully functioning to cloud of debris, then it's unlikely that a critical effect marker can be repaired. If the scale measures the ability to of a ship to contribute to the battle, then maybe the marker could be repaired in time to matter.
  21. We really do need some kind of a campaign system. Something 'official' and sanctioned. I recognize this is pretty big thinking for now, but hopefully it'll happen someday. For the question at hand, what if a ship with 0 HP is out of commission, but is left to drift on the board? Capturing it scores points, and so does doing additional damage past 0. You knocked the dreadnought out of the battle, but it'll be back. Get it to -5 HP and it really is destroyed. So do you go after a dead ship for the points/salvage value/revenge, or for the ships still firing at you?
  22. Would we want to follow a model where ships/squadrons have a commander attached to them? Someone who gives a specific bonus to that squadron? ie, re-roll a command check, additional AD in an attack, better defense, etc? I don't really want to get into a 'collectible' game with card or ship rarities, but such a system does have some good points.
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