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  1. With the DWars beta going out at the end of the month, it makes sense that they would be focused on releasing those models. Is like waiting for Christmas, but not having access to a calendar. :/
  2. The satellites are from a cheap kit. I've repainted the sections and added a wash to them for aging. The solar panels are painted white with a blue wash. They turned out quite well.
  3. Here are some photos of the player awards for this year:
  4. @Polaris, and anyone else: Send me a PM with your email address, and I'll forward over the spreadsheet that I had for your review. I'm not aware that Alex ever publicly posted his spreadsheet.
  5. Looks good. Are you using the gloss black on those? The picture is a bit hard to tell.
  6. Here are some recently completed Sorylian ships, along with a Fleet Admiral:
  7. Bumping the post...we're 32 days out, hoping to see some of you guys there. Grab a ticket, and come play some firestorm!
  8. @Warcradle Richard or @Warcradle Stuart...with respect to the classic models being produced from the old SG molds, do you know if any of those will be available for purchase at your booth at GenCon?
  9. @Warcradle Sam Any word on the new broadcast time?
  10. @Polaris Good catch, I did totally forget the WR Oppressor. Fixed now. And yes, this is what the spreadsheet thinks they should cost. It doesn't break down MAR costs (as that's a different discussion) but does take a look at weapon systems, DR/CR, HP, etc. to come up with a revised cost.
  11. Hi all. I turned the crank on the magic box to generate some rankings for the battlecruiser class. Here's what the black box came up with: 130 Points DZ Cataphract AQ Orca 110 Points DE Deterrent WR Oppressor RE Raptor 100 Points TE Marshal SY Spur 90 Points SO Hasta SO Amentum Thoughts?
  12. Good catch, @Polaris...I would lean towards restricted hangars for non CV craft. I would lean closer to fewer tokens being available to non CV craft, and many more to the fleet carriers. I also agree that SRS should have a presence on the board, and not just be a weapon system. They probably shouldn't be tied to a carrier command distance. I'm an advocate of cage free SRS.
  13. So very true. It shouldn't feel like you are suddenly playing a different game when dealing with the SRS. ----- Any change to SRS should consider getting rid of micro-dice. Having a variable strength wing sounds like a nice idea, but was anyone fielding a 1/2/3 strength wing? So really by default we either have a viable attack unit, or we don't, so let's just set an AD/PD value for the things and move on. I would argue that a carrier should have a bunch of multi-role spacecraft on board, and that they are outfitted with the ordnance suited for the mission they are assigned to. So, you wouldn't build a fleet with interceptors/bombers/fighters/whatever...you have SRS that get loaded to perform a specific mission. It gives the carrier much more flexibility (which it needs) in responding to battlefield conditions.
  14. Dindrenzi rail guns for the win! But yeah, that's why I say there should be some point limit...say 250 points, or 1 ship minimum. Or no more than one tier 1, etc.
  15. What if squadrons could be constructed of any kind of ships, up to a maximum point limit? Keep the tier limits as far as number of shop types, but create squadrons from a pool of ships. Just my $0.02 (or £0.01 depending on where you are)
  16. @Bessemer Yes, it is a magic formula. Trouble is, I'm not sure if it's just a parlor trick, or true reality-altering power of the universe stuff. Probably the former. So what I'm after is some way to assign cost these ships in a somewhat subjective manner. And in a way, it's not first or even last place that matters. It's trying to decide which is in 4th or 5th, and is 6th really better than those. So perhaps instead of ranking from best to worst, how about grouping them by cost. From my previous post: 70 Points AQ Isonade 60 Points TK Rulak PH Chaga DE Champion OR Defiler BK Hashvar 55 Points SO Falcata RS Shrike XE Hantari CO Brigand DZ Secutor 50 Points DE Abraxas OM Leverage RY Hokita RE Swarm HK Resolute TD Opportunity 45 Points TE Teuton KE Zai-Dan This is kind of where the 'magic' (that I've come up with) is suggesting that ships should cost.
  17. Yeah, I've never had much luck with the Sorylian cruisers. Another revision to the black box gives this result: AQ Isonade TK Rulak PH Chaga DE Champion OR Defiler BK Hashvar SO Falcata RS Shrike XE Hantari CO Brigand DZ Secutor DE Abraxas OM Leverage RY Hokita RE Swarm HK Resolute TD Opportunity TE Teuton KE Zai-Dan
  18. Great feedback guys. From best to worst, how does this order strike you? This is based on a rudimentary ranking score that I have generated in a spreadsheet. The line breaks indicate groupings by close scores. AQ Isonade SO Falcata RE Swarm RY Hokita PH Chaga RS Shrike BK Hashvar OM Leverage XE Hantari DE Champion OR Defiler TK Rulak HK Resolute CO Brigand DZ Secutor KE Zai-Dan DE Abraxas TD Opportunity TE Teuton
  19. Hi all: Got to looking at the Cruiser stats for some of the factions, and was wondering how people might rank the value of different ships. If we were to group cruisers into three groups based on combat value, where would you put them? Here is a list of the 'standard' cruisers currently available in 2nd Ed. Note that I've only listed one class name when multiple ships share the same stats. Aquan Isonade Aquan Ladon Terran Teuton Sorylian Skyhammer Hawker Resolute Ryushi Hokita Tarakian Rulak Xelocian Hantari Dindrenzi Secutor Dindrenzi Velites Directorate Abraxas Directorate Champion Relthoza Assassin RSN Shrike Ba'Kash Hashvar Kedorian Zai-Dan Traders Opportunity Omnidyne Leverage Corsairs Privateer Oroshan Defiler Pathogen Chaga Quite a few. Which are the best, middle-of-the-road, or just plain sad?
  20. You say that like it wasn't always part of the plan...
  21. The GenCon event catalog is live, and next week you can submit your wish-lists. Our game ID is NMN18129402 or you can just search for Firestorm Armada...we're the only listed event for FSA. https://www.gencon.com/events/129402 Hope to see you guys in August!
  22. No doubt, @Charistoph. The quick turnaround of the USS Yorktown prior to the battle of Midway is a great example of this. But without a time-scale, we don't have a frame of reference. If critical hits were less frequent, but more impactful, we might be able to do with fewer repairs. Of course, when I'm talking about fewer repairs, I'm talking about your ships...I want to be able to repair mine all day.
  23. Well, no captain, obviously. That doesn't mean that bad things don't happen though. I don't think we've ever had the time scale of a battle defined, but it is probably unlikely that many repairs could be made while the battle rages.
  24. I saw that, but what I want from that lot is the Omnidyne gunship. If anyone picks up that lot, I'd be interested in taking it off your hands.
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