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  1. No, no harm in doing it. As the developer of the Firestorm Fleet Manager, I've sunk plenty of time into trying to help the game along. I personally wouldn't spend much time on the old system, but you are of course free to update as you see fit. I just don't think there is much demand for it, other than for completeness' sake.
  2. Hi @Paraxanthine. I think an update to the wiki is a good idea...just not quite yet. Until we have a beta draft of the new Firestorm in hand, we won't know the scope of changes to the game. Anything you update to the wiki has a good chance of needing to be changed again (maybe drastically) when the new edition hits. We have very little known about the future at this point, so I'd take a wait and see approach before diving into the wiki.
  3. Sorry, I should have been more clear in my post. I don't think boarding should allow for capture of ships.
  4. For my part, I would avoid including boarding rules that allow for capturing a ship. I don't think capture of ships fits in the realism scale for this era.
  5. It was good to see a discussion started on the beta. For boarding, it seems to come down to a question of how much realism is wanted. More realism = less boarding. I'm not a fan of boarding, necessarily, but alternate paths to victory are crucial for establishing a good game.
  6. To clarify on the Spartan models not counting as WC Firestorm models, Stuart was referring to the pricing. The prices shown for the Firestorm classics should not be taken as an indicator of what price range the new models will be set at. Which to me makes sense, in that the classics are limited short runs.
  7. Toxic_Rat

    RSN fleet

    Great looking ships and SRS.
  8. So, a nice surprise package arrived today. Three Ryushi Battle Carriers arrived in the mail today. Simple packaging, but all accounted for. Now to find time to get them painted up...
  9. So, I got notice this morning that my Ryushi have been shipped. So, a five month wait, but not forgotten.
  10. Describes most 2nd edition combats, don't you think?
  11. I've had Ryushi on order since December...so yeah, it's not part of the standard production. To their credit, Wayland has also contacted me to see if I want a refund. I'm okay to wait, but once the FSA beta hits the street, I'm going to want models on the table.
  12. I've got the same question, @Brimstone...I've opened a ticket with support.
  13. Take a look at here. On the waylandgames.co.uk website.
  14. Didn't you hear? Third edition RSN frigates will be four times as powerful as the ryushi battle carriers.
  15. And locally, we're just the opposite. The guys in the local wargame group don't really care about the fluff and background of the races. The gameplay trumps the fluff every time...there is just little interest in getting into the history of why the Dindrenzi and Terrans go at each other, etc. Two different approaches to the game, it's not a bad thing. I won't mind having more lore and history, but it's not at the top of our wish list here.
  16. This was posted in the Firestorm Armada Admirals League. FB Firestorm Armada Admirals League
  17. And a bit later, Stuart posted this as well :
  18. For those of you not using Facebook, Stuart posted the following earlier today:
  19. I would suspect it has to do with not having a way to manufacture the acrylic bases. I get that they want to ship a complete product, but I have plenty of bases already...if they simply sold the ships without a base, I wouldn't be complaining.
  20. Remember though, that only feedback given through the portal (not forums or FB) will be officially reviewed. So while we can discuss things here, you do need to respond so that WC gets your input.
  21. Still going through, but I'm liking what I see so far.
  22. For those of you not using Facebook, the beta rules are up: https://www.dystopianwars.co.uk/
  23. @RuleBritannia, @Jsiegel1983, et al, These were posted by Stuart: In the lead up to the Beta next week, I thought I'd throw out a few details to whet the appetite. Here's the first one: The Attributes for Units in DW is as follows: Move (Drift/Speed), Armour, Penetration, Hull, Fray and Defence (Aerial/Submerged). Some things will have clear equivalences to previous editions, but many work in new and exciting ways! Exciting times. ---------- Here's another little nugget from the forthcoming Beta. Outfitting Cards! Outfitting cards enable you to purchase upgrades for your units with all the necessary game information present on the card. There are all kinds of weapons and modifications available to Fleets as Outfitting Cards, including Generators. There are many types of Generator available such as the Shroud Generator, Atomic Generator, Null Generator, Portal Generator, Fury Generator, Storm Generator, Guardian Generator, Repulsion Field Generator, Shield Generator and more! Some units already come with inbuilt Generators, while any unit in the game can switch out a Heavy Gun Battery for one.
  24. Agreed. I'm hoping for some of the minor factions. I wouldn't mind a couple of Dindrenzi carriers either.
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